10 Best Hot Springs in Arizona

10 Best Hot Springs Arizona

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    The state of Arizona in the southwest region of the United States is best known for hilly landscapes, high desert, dry weather, and hot springs. This state has some treasured and ancient mountain ranges and hot springs that you should enjoy; if you are moving to Arizona or going there for a vacation.

    Most of the hot springs located in Arizona are not much far from the major cities like; Tucson, Phoenix, and Stafford. Thus, these are probably the best places to live in the state, as the marvelous hot springs in Arizona are easily accessible from these locations, and you enjoy them whenever you want. 

    10 Best Hot Springs Arizona

    Hot springs are the best places to find peace and rejuvenation. The warm water in the pools has the power to reduce stress, boost up blood circulation, and give ease in body pain. 

    Are you a new resident in Arizona and looking for a guide about the best hot springs in the state? Well, congratulations, you have landed at the right place as here in this article we will be telling about the ten best natural hot springs in Arizona that are worth visiting. 

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    1. El Dorado Hot Springs 

    El Dorado Hot Springs is an oasis in the desert. This place is a rustic jewel in the deserted area that boasts odorless & sulfur-free mineral water because it is heated naturally from underground. Thus, it is a natural hot spring in Arizona, located after an hour’s drive towards the west of Phoenix in the town of Tonopah. 

    The hot spring has an average temperature of 107 degrees Fahrenheit with a PH of 8.2. The temperature of the water varies from warm to hot according to the season. 

    This place gives a rustic experience to the visitors as the grounds here have overgrown vegetation, dirt-filled and sandy pathways, wood-framed structures over hot springs, stony pools, and clawfoot bathtubs. 

    It is indeed one of the best camping places in Arizona with designated areas for public and private soaking, camping areas, and arrangements for overnight accommodations. This hot spring in Arizona has Desert Pete, which is a communal soaking area where you are allowed to leave your swimsuit outside the pool.

    El Dorado Hot Springs

    Desert Saloon is a one-person area where you can enjoy yourself peacefully while reading a book. There are also Sunset Pools and Dessert View Pools which you can book beforehand. These pools can occupy 4-6 people at a time and as the name suggests you can either enjoy in these pools looking at the sunset while dipping of all your stress or look at the exclusive and magnificent view of the Arizona Dessert and Saddle Mountain ranges. You can also stay overnight at the Desert Pete’s Bunkhouse, Mariposa, or in one of the several camping sites. 

    Thus, El Dorado hot Springs in Arizona is a perfect place for people to calm, relax, and enjoy a serene environment. 

    How much does it cost to go to El Dorado Hot Springs?

    This natural spring in Arizona charges $15 per person per hour, with overnight camping and accommodation charged separately. Children of 15 and under can enter free of cost. 

    2. Castle Hot Springs

    Castle Hot Springs is known to be the world’s hottest non-volcanic hot spring. The hot springs are a part of the luxury resort located in the Bradshaw Mountains. This resort offers visitors wide-open places to enjoy the serene environment and an opportunity to relax in the several hot spring pools. 

    This hot spring is called a natural gem, as early tribal people and natives use the water of this hot spring for medicinal purposes, then it remained untouched for 40 years. Until an Arizonan entrepreneur purchased the property and converted it into a beautiful wellness resort with hot springs. The resort is located 50 miles away from northwest of downtown Phoenix and near Scottsdale in the Sonoran desert. 

    The water of this hot spring in Arizona has therapeutic properties which will make you feel rejuvenated and flow over patina-covered rocks with an average temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from magical hot springs, this place also offers spectacular views of the night sky, massage service, luxurious night stay options with various amenities.

    Castle Hot Springs

    You can stay in Spring Bungalows, Sky View Cabins, Lodge Rooms, or Historic Cottages. All these rooms have various facilities and luxuries along with excellent dining and culinary experience at the Harvest restaurant located opposite the on-site farm which produces 150 varieties of rare fruits and vegetables. 

    Is Castle Hot Springs open to the public?

    Yes, of course, this wellness and beauty resort with natural hot springs in Arizona, welcomes visitors from far and wide.  

    How much does it cost to stay at Castle Hot Springs?

    The cost of accommodation ranges from $1750-$2700 for Spring Bungalows, Sky View Cabins, and The Cottage.

    3. The Essence of Tranquility

    This is an amazingly beautiful hot spring in south-eastern Arizona along with an unsophisticated commercial resort to relax and stay. The Essence of Tranquility is a low-key hot springs destination with six soaking pools and accommodation areas. It is located in Stafford which is approximately a two-hour drive northeast of Tucson and three-hour drive southeast of Phoneix. 

    The resort has a relaxing ambiance where you can calmly spend your night either on the on-site camping grounds or in one of the many available casitas. Visitors are also provided with facilities such as a patio, communal kitchen, and various massages & treatments. Visitors have to bring in their drinks and towels as those are not available here.

    The Essence of Tranquility

    This resort is also pet-friendly and each room here is equipped with a bed, heating & air conditioners, refrigerators, coffee makers, and microwaves, however, there are is a common restroom for all the visitors. Well, for the daytime this place offers 6 hot-spring tubs as mentioned before, out of which 5 are private pools where clothing is optional and 1 is a communal pool in which you are required to cover the major parts of your body.

    The temperatures of all the pools are different, that is a great feature as you can choose the pool which suits your body type and your bearance level of hotness of water. But, the average temperature of the pools ranges from 98-105 degrees Fahrenheit. The fees for entering this hot spring in Arizona are charged per hour; $8 for 1 hour and $15 for 3 hours. 

    Each of the water tubs has a separate plumbing system with clean waters continuously flowing in & out of the tubs.

    4. Gold Strike Hot Springs Arizona 

    Gold Strike Hot spring in Arizona, is situated on the Arizona-Nevada border. Some other names of this hot spring are; Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs, and Nevada Hot Springs. It is a hot mineral water spring located near the Hoover Dam on the border of the two cities. 

    This is a natural hot spring in Arizona with awesome hiking trails that goes through dessert washes. The actual location of this hot spring lies in Boulder City of Nevada in a place called Gold Strike. 

    For reaching this place you have to take up an intermediate hike, which requires hiking in the gravel and lots of mobility on large boulders. You may also need tight ropes to get up and down the trail. 

    Gold Strike Hot Springs Arizona 

    In this area, there are few dispersed hot springs, which may either form or vanish depending on the seasons and flash floods. The temperature of this hot spring in northern Arizona ranges from 101 degrees to 106 degrees. We would not suggest you visit this place in the summer season as it is extremely hot.

    While coming here for hiking, always carry extra drinking water along, wear good and sturdy hiking shoes, and do not forget to take a quick dip in the Colorado River. You have to pay a certain entrance fee for enjoying this beautiful hot spring, if you are coming by car you have to pay $25, through a motorcycle $20, and through a bicycle $15.

    On the way to the hot spring, you can also make a stop at the Lake Mead Visitor Center and enjoy the small exhibition displayed there. There is also a camping ground where you can enjoy camping, and you will also be given various amenities. 

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    Can you swim in Gold Strike Hot Springs?

    The river water is high and is quite cold, and you can swim in them from the point near the tree to the bypass bridge.

    5. Kaiser Hot Springs 

    This natural hot spring in Arizona is one of the best places to visit Arizona if you want to take a quick hot dip. Kaiser Hot Springs is a popular adventure sport is located in the Kaiser Spring Canyon near Wikieup. This is indeed one of the best places to escape to release toxins from the body in the hot mineral water among the beautiful & natural setting. 

    There are two natural pools to soak into and both of them are divided by a natural rock wall with a constant temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. The hike to the Kaiser hot spring is easy as the ground is coarse and uneven, so we advise you to wear your hiking shoes.

    The distance to the hot spring is 1.5 miles, and the directions are not marked on the way. Do not worry, you won’t get lost. Park your car alongside the bridge road and start your hike from the way going down under the bridge. 

    Kaiser Hot Springs

    The hot spring is easy to spot as it is directly along the hiking trail. But, trust us all your tired muscles from the hike will be relaxed as soon as you enter this hot spring in Arizona, which has a bubbling pool of water along with enjoying the surrounding serene and picturesque view. 

    There are no entrance costs or on-spot amenities available, so you should carry all your necessities with you. 

    To reach the destination from Wickenburg

    Take Highway 93 towards the north, and continue till 5 miles till the Burro Creek bridge. You will see a sign of Kasper Spring Wash, and park your vehicle on the west side of Highway 93. 

    6. Verde Hot Springs 

    Verde Hot Springs is located in the ruins of a former resort in south Sedona situated in Yavapai County. The route to reach this hot spring is quite adventurous and steep. If you take a long route you would have to drive through rough forest roads, but if you take a smaller route, you would have to take a steep hike uphill, wading in the river. 

    The main attraction of this hot spring in Arizona is that they are surrounded by the spectacular views of the resort. The temperature of the water here ranges from 98 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from the hot water springs, this place also has camping areas, hiking & biking trails, horse-riding opportunities, beautiful looking spectacular rocks, and exotic wildlife. 

    Verde Hot Springs

    The camping here is free of cost and is only allowed for 5 days in the Childs Dispersed Camping Area. The place only has a vault toilet and no other amenities so you are advised to take all the necessary stuff with yourself. You are also allowed to light up the campfire here. 

    The map of this hot spring Arizona from Camp Verde is:- head upto the White Bridge and travel 6.8 miles towards the east of Highway 260. Take the right turn to Forest Road 708 continue for 15 miles and reach junction FR 502 and FR 708 after driving south to 6 miles. 

    Do you need a permit for Verde Hot Springs?

    To get into the Creek Permit area you need a pre-permit. But fortunately, this natural hot Spring in Arizona is located on its border so, you do need not any permit to enter. 

    7. Ringbolt Hot Springs 

    Ringbolt Hot Spring, also known as the Arizona Hot Springs is a secluded and secret hot spring in Arizona located at the border of Arizona-Nevada. Despite being a secluded one, it is the most famous hot spring in the state. It is a perfect place to calm down, relax, and unwind your super hectic or rough week. It is an hour hike to reach this hot spring as it is found along the Colorado River in the middle of the desert. 

    The Ringbolt hot spring in Arizona is only accessible from October to May. It has four pools that offer you great opportunities to enjoy yourself, spectate the Colorado river, and soak yourself in the warm waters. You will first see the first two pools and then climb up the ladder to view the remaining. The temperatures here may vary, but mostly they are measured between 100-106 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas, the pools at the tops are said to have a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Ringbolt Hot Springs 

    It is a lovely place to hike and camp at the base of the Colorado River, and you can also raft a boat at the weekends. But you have to bring in your stuff as there are no such amenities here. 

    For reaching this hot spring, go to Lake Mead Visitor Center, take highway 93, and turn east for 8 Kms, then you will see various signboards for Ringbolt Hot Springs, just follow them. You have to pay $25 as the parking fee but there are no options for overnight accommodations. 

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    8. Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs 

    If you are moving to Arizona and settling in the city of Safford then visiting this natural hot spring in Arizona is a must. If you are someone who loves adventures and exploration, then this Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs is calling you. It is a recreation site, located in the southern desert of Arizona on the BLM Land. 

    This is one of the best recreation gateways on weekends during the cooler months. It has an artesian well that produces 250 gallons of water/per minute for the two cemented hot springs tubs. These pumps are powered and controlled by solar panels. The temperature of water in the tubs varies according to the different seasons but the average temperature is 106 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs 

    If you love off-road driving then you will enjoy the way to this hot spring in Arizona, as it is full of twists, turns, and potholes. On reaching the destination you only have to pay $3 as parking fees and the rest of the services are free of cost.

    This area of sand, sun, and water has various activities to offer to the visitors such as; spectating at the beautiful sand dunes spread across 200 acres of land enjoy fishing at the cattail-lined ponds, and relax at the hot springs. You can even spend your night in one of the ten tents or RV sites which also gives you facilities of fire grills and toilets. You can also bring in your pets but put them on a leash and out of the hot spring tub. 

    9. Sheep Bridge Hot Springs 

    This is a secret hot spring in Arizona, found behind the reeds on the western side of the Sheep Bridge located in Yavapai County. This hot spring tub is the best place to enjoy for a nature lover, and the best apart about is; it is open on all days of the year, so you can also enjoy many other natural attractions available in this area. The Sheep Bridge is located above the Verde River and is a popular destination for tourists and visitors. 

    Sheep Bridge Hot Spring is a perfect place for you if you have done a long and hectic drive upto the sheep bridge. You can get down and relax for a while in the small hot spring tub which has a temperature of 100 degrees.

    Sheep Bridge Hot Springs

    The tub is quite small in size, lined up with river rocks, and can hold 2-3 people at a time. Along with soaking in the tub, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing views of Arizona. You can also swim the Verde River, enjoy activities like rope swinging, or take a long walk at the Sheep Bridge to enjoy spectacular views of mountains & hills. 

    Visiting this place is free of cost, and you can also camp around here for upto 14 days. We are sure that you will get a primitive camping experience but the only drawback is there are no stores or restrooms around here, so you have to make all the necessary arrangements for yourself before planning to camp. 

    10. Roper Lake State Park Hot Springs 

    If you have a plan to move to Arizona, to the city of Tucson, then, you should visit this natural spring in Arizona. Roper Lake State Park has a hot tub has an average temperature of 99 degrees is a perfect spot to take a quick dip surrounded by serene Arizona’s nature. 

    Apart from that, you can also swim in Roper lake, take a boat ride, and enjoy fishing & other water activities. You can also enjoy bird watching in the area along with the panoramic view of Mt. Graham and 5-mile long hiking trails in the park. 

    The park authorities also offer camping facilities, where people can live and enjoy themselves to the fullest for a few days. They also have facilities such as; restrooms, showers, RV hookups, vending machines, public phones, grills, picnic tables, a visitor center, and eight well-maintained cabins for families to stay in. All these facilities make this hot spring in Arizona one of the best places for camping Arizona. 

    It is open all year round and is a perfect place for a family getaway as it offers various activities catering to the needs of people belonging to every age group. At the entrance of the park, you have to pay a fee of $10. 

    Can you swim in Roper Lake?

    Yes, of course, you can swim in Roper Lake and have fun. If the water of the hot spring does not suit you well, you can swim in the waters at your own risk as there are no lifeguards.

    How much does it cost to get into Roper Lake?

    The charge of the entrance of this park is $10, and the check-in time of this park is noon. The entrance park closes at 10 p.m so if you are here for camping, arrive before the closing time.


    That is it for the guide. These were the ten best hot springs in Arizona that you can enjoy during your vacations or if you live in the state. If you love outdoor sports such as hiking, trekking, and camping then you should visit Sheep Bridge, Hot Well Dunes, Kaiser Hot Springs, Gold Strike, Verde, and Ringbolt Hot Springs.

    If you want to enjoy your night in an affordable resort with basic facilities then you can choose The Essence of Tranquility and El Dorado Hot Springs. But, if you are looking for a premium hot spring experience on your lavish holiday then, visiting Castle Hot Springs will be the best for you. So, what are you waiting for now? If you are an Arizonan, then plan your trip now to one of the steaming hot springs to visit this weekend.

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