Moving To Nevada


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    If you are looking to move away from the high cost and congestion of California, moving to Nevada can prove to be the right decision. Nevada is less populated with a mere population of 3.15 million as compared to California, which has an estimated population of 45 million. The major reason for people moving from California is the high taxes and cost of homes.

    Most people cannot afford it, and so they become decisive to move. Moving to Nevada can offer a lot of benefits, like a less dense area to live in. Here you can save on utilities which are much cheaper than in California.

    California and Nevada are both big states, but California is far more populated than Nevada and hence has a lot more opportunities for growth in terms of job opportunities.

    Is Nevada a good state to move to?

    Nevada is definitely a very good place to move to with a lot more space for different things. It boasts an affordable and good lifestyle, more job opportunities, and a lot more to explore.

    Is Nevada a good state to move to?

    The state doesn’t disappoint in liveability. With bright and sunny weather year-round, the state also offers an affordable environment to stay in.

    Where in Nevada should I live?

    The best places to live in Nevada include Boulder City, Elko, Henderson, Inclined village, and Las Vegas. Beyond the casinos, Nevada has a lot of beautiful natural areas such as Lake Mead, Cathedral Gorge State Park, and Lake Tahoe.

    How much does it cost to move to Nevada?

    Depending on the site, time, and route of the move, the average moving cost from California to Nevada varies between $2,300 – $3,800.

    If you book a professional moving company, it will cost you more, rather, rent a moving container or truck, which will save you from expensive costs.

    ThingsMoving CompanyMoving Container
    Studio/ 1 BedroomAround $1890Around $1440
    2-3 BedroomsAround $ 3500Around $2000
    4 + BedroomsAround $4500Around $3000

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    Living Costs in Nevada

    Is Nevada cheap to live in?

    The state of Nevada is universally known for its gambling capital, but the desert state has a lot more than that!

    • It boasts a reasonable cost of living, good job opportunities, and no state income tax.
    • While the cost of living in Nevada is higher than that of the national average but still more reasonable than in California.

    How much does it cost to live comfortably in Nevada?

    In Nevada, to live alone in two-bedroom housing, around $18.24 an hour is needed.

    Although the living cost in Nevada is more than the average residential cost, affordability comes to a count when rent and utilities do not exceed 30% of the total house income.

    • The reports say Nevadans working a job at $8.25 per hour would need to work for71 hours per week “to afford a modest 1-bedroom apartment at fair market rent.

    Good Place to Start Business?

    Nevada Business opportunities

    Is Nevada a good place to start a business?

    While wondering about a place to start a business, one surprising choice can be Nevada. Once known for its casinos and deserts, only the state is now making a name for itself as the place to be establishing many companies.

    Reasons why Nevada is good for starting a business:

    • Lower cost of living: The overall cost of living in Nevada is comparatively lower than in many other countries, which brings a fall in expenditure on living.
    • Less competition: Across the country companies are vying for the best opportunities, here the competition is less.
    • Human Resource: In the great demand for best of best people to work if you need to leg up to the competition, you need to go where the talent is.

    How much does it cost to start a business in Nevada?

    The LLCs are very popular in Nevada. Limited Liability Company is a business structure for private companies in the US, one that combines all the aspects of partnerships.

    The cost to start a Nevada limited liability company online is about $425. This is the primary fee that is paid to the Nevada Secretary of State when filing the LLC’s articles of Organisation.

    For most people, the cost to form a Nevada Corporation is $725, inclusive of Articles of incorporation, State business license, and Initial List of Officers and Directors.

    What is required for business in Nevada?

    • Nevada State Business License: Every business (including sole proprietorships and general partnerships) must have a license.
    • Industry-Specific Licences and Permits in Nevada: Depending on the locations and availability of resources, the state also requires certain permits for start-ups in specific areas.
    • Establish necessary tax accounts: Staying in compliance with all the taxes being paid on time is really very necessary.
    • Marketing and Networking: Marketing is something that is required not only in Nevada but also in other places to establish the business.

    Job Market – Trends and Major Jobs

    What jobs are in demand in Nevada?

    The top 10 demanding jobs in Nevada are as follows:

    • Electrical Assembler
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Line Leader
    • Inspector
    • Cement Mason
    • Assembler
    • Machinist
    • Mason
    • Production engineer or operator
    • Electrician

    What are the highest-paid jobs in Nevada?

    Some of the highest-paid jobs in Nevada are mentioned below:

    RankJob TitleAverage income
    1General Internal Medicine Physicians$179000

    What is the highest salary in Nevada?

    In Nevada, an hourly wage of $30 is considered to be a very good income. In fact, those who earn $30 per hour are among the top earners in the state.

    Income and Property Tax Rates

    What is the income tax rate in Nevada?

    In Nevada, the tax rate is 6.85%, whereas the property tax is $830 per $100,000, which is quite average compared to the national average.

    Is Nevada a tax-friendly state?

    Definitely, yes, Nevada is a tax-friendly state. In the state, you do not have to pay any of the following taxes:

    • Personal income tax
    • Corporate tax
    • Franchise tax
    • Inventory tax
    • Estate tax

    Nevada has no state income tax, which clearly means after retirement, all your income is tax-free.

    Also, the state offers comparatively low property taxes.

    Are property taxes high in Nevada?

    No. Nevada’s property taxes are one of the lowest in the US. The state’s average property tax rate is just 0.53% which is enough lesser than the national average of 1.07%.

    Economy Trends and Stats

    Moving to Nevada - Economy in Nevada

    Is Nevada’s economy good?

    Nevada is ranked 7th in the US for its economic outlook. The job market is increased by 3.5% over the last year. Graphs predict that future job growth in the next ten years will be 41.4% which is higher than the US average rate.

    Along with growth, the taxes are relatively lower in Nevada, which clearly reflects that it has a remarkable economic condition.

    What is Nevada’s main source of income?

    Nevada’s main source of income includes:

    • Gambling: Being the main source of income, gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931.
    • Casinos: Nevada is famous for its casinos, so casinos contribute to its income on a very large scale.
    • Tourism: Since Nevada is known for its casinos, many spectators come here to take a glance at these casinos.
    • Resort Industries: Many people come to the state to visit the casinos, which also gives a boost to the income of resort industries.

    Is Nevada a rich state?

    Yes. Since Nevada ranks 16th among the richest states in the USA, it is a rich state.

    The per capita income of Nevada ranges up to $31,000, which makes it a fabulous place to move to.

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    Education Rank

    How good is Nevada’s education?

    Nevada is among the least educated states in the nation since it ranks 30th in terms of quality of education.

    The major causes of the state being less educated are:

    • Insufficient funding in the schools
    • Government schools deprioritize the interests of students.
    • A monopoly system also harms effective teachers.

    Does Nevada have good schools?

    Top school districts in Nevada are:

    Douglas County School DistrictMinden  
    Nye County School DistrictTonopah
    Storey County School DistrictVirginia City
    Humboldt County School DistrictWinnemucca
    Lander County School DistrictBattle Mountain
    Churchill County School DistrictFallon
    Pershing County School DistrictLovelock

    Health System

    Does Nevada have good healthcare?

    In terms of healthcare, Nevada ranks nearly last. Moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, can be beneficial as there are a lot of the best healthcare facilities available.

    The best healthcare in Nevada may be found in the following hospitals:

    Hospital nameCity  
    Mountain View HospitalLas Vegas
    Renown Regional Medical CenterReno
    Sunrise Hospital and Medical CenterLas Vegas
    St. Rose Dominican HospitalsHenderson
    Desert Springs Hospital Medical CenterLas Vegas
    Valley Hospital Medical CenterLas Vegas
    Spring Valley Hospital Medical CenterLas Vegas

    Does Nevada have free health insurance?

    The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services provides medical aid to children and adults, some of this coverage is free, and some is not.

    The services provided may include doctor visits, prescriptions, dental care, eye check-ups, etc.

    How does Nevada rank in healthcare?

    Despite many of the improvements in the number of insured adults and children, Nevada still ranks 48th in the nation for overall health care as per the scorecard released by the commonwealth fund on Wednesday.

    Housing Prices and Market Trends

    Nevada Housing Prices

    Does Nevada have low-income housing?

    Across Nevada, there is a shortage of affordable rental homes, but the utilities being cheap balance it out. Affordable rental homes are provided to extremely low-income households (ELI).

    Where is the cheapest rent in Nevada?

    In the entire state, the cheapest area is Schurz, Nevada. The town covers the postal code 89427, with a rent of $324 per month.

    Does Las Vegas have affordable housing?

    Affordable housing is available for the people who qualify; each community has different qualifying criteria. Affordable housing is provided to those who belong to the ELI community.

    Weather in Nevada

    What is the weather like in Nevada year-round?

    In Nevada, the summers are sweltering, and winters are cold; the weather I almost clear and dry year-round.

    What is the coldest month in Nevada?

    December is the coldest month in Nevada. The overnight temperature ranges 36.6-degree Fahrenheit.

    Does it snow in Nevada?

    Different areas show different conditions in terms of snowfall, as mentioned below:

    Southern Nevada

    Average annual snowfall

    Las Vegas0.80.2
    Red Rock Canyon State Park7.41.1
    Valley of Fire State Park1.00.3

    Reno Area

    Average annual snowfall

    Carson City26.25.4
    Virginia City131.151.6

    Central Nevada

    Average annual snowfall

    Spring Valley State Park67.612.0

    Northern Nevada

    Average annual snowfall

    Ruby Lake138.932.3
    Rye Patch Reservoir Dam14.03.8

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    Famous Food and Restaurants

    What is Nevada’s state food?

    Nevada does not have any official state food, nor does it have any special ingredient or dish.

    But Nevada is well known for its:

    • Thai Cuisine
    • Chicken Wings
    • Onion Rings
    • Prime Rib
    • Shrimp Cocktail

    Which is the most famous restaurant in Nevada?

    If you are a food lover, then you can opt to move to Reno, Nevada. There are a number of famous restaurants in Nevada. Some of them are mentioned below:

    Eiffel Tower RestaurantLas Vegas
    Ventana Italian Grill and SeafoodHenderson
    Southwest DinerBoulder City
    Boulder Dam Brewing CompanyBoulder City
    JT Basque Bar and Dining RoomGardnerville
    Top of the worldLas Vegas
    Tacos El GordoLas Vegas
    Red’s Old 395 GrillCarson City
    The Twisted ForkReno
    Little City GrilleBoulder City

    Is it Worth Moving? Pros and Cons:


    Low taxes:

    It is the primary advantage of living in Nevada; you do not have to bother about taxes, which brings the expenditure rate remarkably down. Being deducted from a person’s expenditure also lessens the average expenditure, which gives another reason to move to this place.

    Lots of suns:

    Nevada offers a beautiful sunny and clear climate all year round. Along with this, it also has snowfall benefits that offer lovely and scenic weather.

    Plenty of housing:

    A big reason behind plenty of properties being vacant is the tax advantages; there is no need to worry about county taxes and various other taxes, rendering the state a good area to live in less crowded.

    Nevada is a place where fewer people live; hence the state has a lot more space to live in. It gives you a less dense area to stay at.

    Rock Solid Economy and Growing Work Sector:

    Nevada has a great economy. It has some very exciting opportunities, like starting a business from a standpoint. Along with this, the state also has awesome job opportunities, which make it easier to survive in this place.

    Better access to outdoor activities:

    There is a lot more to explore and try since there is less competition and a larger scope; it gives better access to explore new things and perform new tasks. You can go skiing, and mountain biking and find a lot of more exciting activities to do.

    Try new things, some even illegal otherwise:

    If you want to try gambling, then this place is definitely a boon because it legalizes this work as the economy has a great dependence on casinos only.

    There are even areas where prostitution is legal. So, to try such things without being punished, Nevada is a wonderful place.

    Finding places to chill:

    If you are someone who loves going to parties and roaming around, the state offers you the best of best opportunities to enjoy; you can always find a remarkable party being enjoy at one place or the other, to give you the chirpy moods back.

    Unlike that, if you are someone who likes nature and quiet places, the pace has very scenic and natural areas to calm yourself. This dual quality makes the state exceptionally special to find a residence in.

    Finding really good food:

    The state is also good for food lovers; your tongue gets to try something new every time. Nevada is known as a pizza town; along with being famous for its pizza, the state is famous for its “Thai cuisines.”

    Some incredible dishes like chicken are also mouth-watering here. If you love to eat, Nevada can always be a great place to visit.

    You can be able to find 24/7 open businesses:

    If you live here, you will find that almost every community has stores that are open overnight, which means that if you want something late at night, you can freely go for it without hesitation.

    Here the bars also have allowance to stay open the whole night, which is a good thing from a business point of view also.

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    What’s bad about Living in Nevada?

    Everything that happens in Vegas just stays in Vegas:

    This is a major drawback of the state; being a place that is visited by more than 40 million people makes it difficult to identify the crimes being carried out. Everything just stays a secret which is not a very good sign.

    More chances of accidents and crimes:

    The state is unsafe from this point of view because it legalizes a lot of things that are not always the appropriate ones. Many of the rural areas are free from violence; however, urban areas can be a little difficult to manage.

     Healthcare Issues:

    Since we have seen that Nevada does not stand good in terms of healthcare, there could be some healthcare issues, which can be managed well by studying the place and finding some good places for healthcare.

     Dropping your standard of living:

    You may observe a drop in your standard of living. There are ways you try to mitigate these costs like instead of shipping, going to the stores to buy groceries, and choosing a rural area to live instead of living in urban areas can also state a drop in living standards.

    Traffic is supposed to be a nightmare:

    Since we have been talking about the less dense areas, roads are empty most of the time. Sometimes you will find that you are the only one walking on the road for a very long time, and even while vehicle driving, you might not find someone from the other community for a very long distance.

    Expensive vehicles:

    It is a bit more expensive to own a car in Nevada because the car registration fee that has to be paid is based on the value of the car. The insurance rates are also relatively higher in Nevada.

    Education Policy:

    You may have to stick to private schools for your children’s education, and unfortunately, Nevada does not stand very good in terms of education; hence it will cost expensive to provide a good qualification to your child.

    Moving To Nevada – FAQs

    What do I need to know before moving to Nevada?

    Nevada is the Silver state, but one of the major producers of Gold.
    It is a tax-friendly state.
    “Nevada Day” is celebrated on the last Friday of October every year.
    Nevada possesses the hottest and the driest deserts in the world.
    Nevada is not only a desert landscape but many other beautiful natural areas can be seen here.
    Nevada has a number of hotels and resorts,
    The state has a growing economy.
    There is a lot to explore as an adventure in the state.
    One of the most spectacular sites is “The Hoover Dam”.

    What are the benefits of moving to Nevada?

    The first and foremost thing is that it is a tax-friendly state which boosts affordable survival in the state.
    There are a lot of outdoor activities to perform and explore.
    You can try new tastes in a lot of restaurants and resorts.
    Trying new things like gambling and prostitution as per your own choice.
    Welcoming and party culture.
    Offers a reasonable cost of living relatively
    Beautiful Nature.
    Plenty of vacant estates.

    When are the Oakland Raiders moving to Nevada Las Vegas?

    The main reason behind the Oakland Raiders moving to Nevada is finding an appropriate venue for home games.
    The Raiders have previously tried to relocate to Los Angeles, but NFL shut down that step and gave Oakland some time to manage their stadium issues.
    The Raiders officially opened Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on “Monday Night Football” in week 2, their first home game of the 2020 NFL Season 2.

    Moving to Nevada – The Bottom Line

    Moving to Nevada from California can be the right decision as it offers you much more than any other state can do. You can escape the rat race and obtain a slower pace of living with less pressure of competition. Since it boasts a reasonable cost of living, good job opportunities, and no state income tax, the state proves to be wonderful to stay at.

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