Las Vegas Vs Phoenix


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    Do you want to visit Las Vegas or Phoenix? Are you looking for activities that go above the norm? If so, welcome! In Las Vegas vs. Phoenix, we can compare and contrast their differences and similarities. If you consider living in Las Vegas vs Phoenix, actually both are fantastic places to visit or live. Both alternatives have interesting scenery for trekking and traveling. However, the crime rate in Las Vegas vs Phoenix, neither city is particularly safe, although Las Vegas has a lower crime rate than Phoenix. Undoubtedly, there is a lot to do in both cities! Let’s compare Las Vegas and Phoenix and see which one best suits your vacation demands.

    Is Las Vegas bigger than Phoenix?

    Phoenix has a population of 1.66 million people, whereas Las Vegas has a population of 645,000. More than 4.7 million people call Phoenix home, making it the 11th-largest metropolitan region in the United States. The Las Vegas metropolitan region, on the other hand, has a population of just 2.2 million. Las Vegas city has a total area of 351.9 km2, whereas, as the capital of Arizona, Phoenix is also the country’s fifth-largest city having an area of 1338 km2, with a vast and growing population.

    Is Las Vegas or Phoenix better to live in?

    Active adults and retirees go to Phoenix, but Las Vegas has grown in popularity in recent years as well. Temperatures in both sites are reasonably mild, and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activity as well as tourist attractions. Living costs in Phoenix and Las Vegas are comparable. The standard of living in Phoenix and Las Vegas is significantly higher than the national average, making them nearly indistinguishable. So, whether Las Vegas or Phoenix is better to live in depends largely on your choice.

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    Living in Las Vegas VS Living in Phoenix

    If you ever ask why to move to Nevada, it has beautiful deserts and mountain ranges, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Nevada’s Las Vegas and Arizona’s Phoenix are two of the West’s most populated and lively cities. To assist you to pick between Phoenix and Las Vegas, let’s compare and contrast them in essential areas.

    1. Las Vegas vs. Phoenix: Compare population

    There’s no arguing that Phoenix has a significantly larger population than Las Vegas. Phoenix has a population of 1.66 million people, whereas Las Vegas has a population of 645,000. More than 4.7 million people call Phoenix home, making it the 11th-largest metropolitan region in the United States. In contrast, only 2.2 million people are living in the Las Vegas metropolitan region.


    What city is the most densely populated Las Vegas or Phoenix?

    Phoenix, AZ is the most densely populated state having a population of 1708127 people than Las Vegas, NV which has 662,368 people residing in the state. Phoenix has 38.7% more population than Las Vegas. It is the fifth most populous state in the US whereas las Vegas lies in 26th position in the country.

    2. Climate Difference between Las Vegas and Pheonix

    They both have dry, sunny climates, making them attractive retirement locations. Phoenix is slightly more humid than Southern Nevada, but not as humid as Florida or other Southeastern states in the summer. In the middle of the summer, Las Vegas averages 101-105°, whereas Phoenix averages 104-106°. Both cities have mild winters. Phoenix’s typical winter low is 44°-48°, whereas Las Vegas’ is 38°-42°.

    Climate Change

    Who has better weather Phoenix or Vegas?

    Las Vegas has 1.4% better weather in terms of people’s comfort zone than Phoenix as Phoenix receives 84% more monsoon days than Las Vegas and 2% hotter days than Las Vegas which makes people intolerable and uncomfortable. Otherwise, both cities receive very tolerable cold temperatures during winters.

    Who gets more rain Vegas or Phoenix?

    Las Vegas, NV gets 46% fewer monsoon days than Phoenix AZ.

    3. Las Vegas and Pheonix: Compare Entertainment

    Las Vegas is a terrific place to live if you’re looking to have a great time on a tight budget. You’ll never run out of things to do in your new city. Even if you avoid the famous Las Vegas Strip, you’ll quickly learn why the people adore the city. With the Smith Center, sports events, music festivals, and touring acts all taking place in Las Vegas, there’s always something to do.

    Las Vegas Vs Pheonix

    What kind of entertainment do they have in Las Vegas & Phoenix?

    Las Vegas is way ahead of other cities in terms of recreation and entertainment options. It has endless shopping stops, hotels, restaurants, casinos, and entertainment spots. Residents and tourists get easy access to top-class recreation, unbeatable nightlife, and entertainment options of all kinds.

    Las Vegas is home to major sports leagues including hockey, baseball, football, and basketball, and have three professional teams: the Golden Knights’ hockey team The Last Vegas riders, and the women’s WNBA The Last Vegas aces.

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    4. Cost of Living Comparison between Las Vegas and Pheonix

    The cost of living in Phoenix and Las Vegas are pretty similar, despite Las Vegas’s higher restaurant costs Phoenix’s grocery prices are up. Las Vegas has a somewhat higher cost of living, with a typical home price of $367,000 vs $311,000 in Phoenix. Nevada has no state income tax, although Las Vegas has an 8.25 per cent sales tax. To meet all expenses, 3,154$ without rent is the monthly cost of living in Las Vegas whereas a family of four may expect to pay $3,429 per month in Phoenix.

    Cost of living

    Is it cheaper to live in Phoenix or Las Vegas?

    The cost of living in both Las Vegas and Phoenix are quite reasonable but Phoenix’s cost of living is slightly cheaper than Las Vegas, with no state income tax in Las Vegas compared to around 2.6% to 4.54% in phoenix. Besides that the median home price in Las Vegas cost around $367,000 as compared to phoenix around $311,000.

    Is Phoenix more expensive than Las Vegas?

    Phoenix is 7.1% cheaper than Last Vegas. The median home costs in Phoenix are 12.4% cheaper than in Las Vegas whereas health expenses in Las Vegas are 0.1% more expensive than in phoenix.

    Which is hotter in the summer, Las Vegas or Phoenix?

    Phoenix is hotter during summers than Las Vegas as it had recorded average highs about 104°-106° than that of Las Vegas i.e. 101°-105°.

    5. Safe outdoor activities comparison between Las Vegas and Pheonix

    Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area provide breathtaking hikes just minutes from town. Escape the valley’s summer heat by mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, or skiing at Mt. Charleston. Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area is a popular hiking spot near Phoenix. The Echo Canyon Trail and the Cholla Trail are the two main paths. But both hikes offer stunning city and desert views.


    Which city has the most outdoor activities?

    While comparing Las Vegas vs. Phoenix in terms of the city having the most outdoor activities, Phoenix turns out to be the clear winner. While Phoenix has over 189 parks, and 200 golf courses covering the city, Las Vegas has more than 100 parks and 59 golf courses within the city. Both cities offer great nightlife, stunning mountain ranges, and serene deserts making them a heaven for those who love the outdoors.

    Where is the best place to live for outdoor activities?

    Boulder City and Summerlin offer most outdoor activities options in Las Vegas whereas Chandler and Glendale provide many outdoors and recreation options in phoenix.

    6. How To Compare Traffic: Las Vegas and Pheonix

    Everyone hates traffic, and it can reduce one’s quality of life. How do Phoenix and Las Vegas compare in terms of traffic? Due to Phoenix’s vast urban sprawl, travelling from Gilbert to Buckeye can take 60-90 minutes even without traffic. In Phoenix, traffic can make getting anywhere difficult. In comparison, traffic on the Strip and the highway is terrible on weekends and during rush hour, but not too awful otherwise.

    Traffic Change

    What time is rush hour in Las Vegas vs Phoenix?

    The rush hour time in urban areas of  Las Vegas is from 7 to 9 am and 4-6 pm and in phoenix is from  7 to 9 am and 5-6 pm.

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    7. Activities & Attractions: Las Vegas and Pheonix

    Living in Phoenix has always been something to do! Phoenix is home to various sports teams, including the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals. Small clubs and lounges to concert halls and arenas like The Van Buren and Ak-Chin Pavilion host live music events. However, you’ll love Las Vegas if you like fantastic entertainment on a budget. Just stay off the Strip and you’ll see why locals enjoy Las Vegas. The Smith Center, the NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights, music festivals, and touring acts abound in the world’s Entertainment Capital.

    Activates and Attractions
    Shot of a young couple hiking through the mountains

    What attractions are near Las Vegas & Phoenix?

    The top-rated attractions near Las Vegas and Phoenix are as follows:

    Las VegasPhoenix
    Grand Canyon Hoover Dam Red Rock Canyon Death Valley National Park Fire State Park Valley Zion National Park Lake Mead National Recreation Area Joshua Tree National Park Mount Charleston Ski Resort Leave Early Sky ResortDesert Botanical Garden Musical Instrument Museum Taliesin West Hiking Trails Heard Museum Old Town Scottsdale South Mountain Park Flame Fire Museum Hall Papago Park Phoenix Art Museum

    What can you not miss on the Las Vegas & Phoenix?

    Things you cannot miss and have to do while you are in Last Vegas and phoenix are:

    Las VegasPhoenix
    Sign Of “Welcome To Las Vegas” Riding High Roller Visiting Foreign Cities Venetian’s Gondola Ride  Fremont Street Bellagio Gardens And Fountain Strat’s Adventure Rides Visiting Hoover Dam Enjoying Ski Resorts Taking A Look Around The Mob MuseumGo Golfing Hiking Phoenix Mountain Parks Hot Air Balloon Rides Self-Guided Tours And Rentals Wrigley Mansion Goldfield Ghost Town Japanese Friendship Garden Lost Dutchman State Park Roosewell Road District Camelback Mountain

    8. Crime Rate & Statistics: Las Vegas and Pheonix

    As you choose which city to call your home, safety is a key issue. Neither city scores extremely high in terms of safety but Las Vegas has a little lower crime rate than Phoenix.

    Crime Rate

    Where does Phoenix & Las Vegas rank for safety?

    On a scale of 1 to 100 phoenix ranks, 37.5 and Last Vegas ranks 40.9 in terms of violent crime whereas phoenix ranks 52.8 and Last Vegas ranks 43.4 in terms of property crime.

    Las Vegas Vs Phoenix FAQs

    Should I move to Las Vegas or Phoenix?

    Confused between Las Vegas or Phoenix, where to make a move to? Without any doubt, select phoenix as it has a lower living cost as compared to Las Vegas. Neither Las Vegas vs Phoenix ranks superior in terms of safety. If you are a retiree then relocate to Las Vegas since it’s a tax-friendly state for retirees. The current job market is better in Las Vegas than in Phoenix. Phoenix has better outdoor recreation access, Las Vegas has better coastal access. Both Las Vegas vs. phoenix air quality has an average rating as “good” as per US AQI ratings stating that people can breathe fresh air without any health risk. 

    What are the benefits of living in Las Vegas?

    8 honest benefits of living in Las Vegas, NV you should know before relocating to the city are:

    • Low cost of living than the US average.
    • 24×7 hours access to every place.
    • Mild weather conditions.
    • Incredible food scenes.
    • No state income tax.
    • Access to outdoor activities and coastal areas.
    • 6 airports, including the 7th busiest airport in the US, McCarran international airport.
    • Traffic is not so congested.


    Moving to Las Vegas, Nevada or Phoenix and thinking about which is better? Nevada is a community property state, which implies that any income and assets generated by either spouse during the marriage belong to both equally. Las Vegas is one of America’s fastest expanding cities, and it’s a terrific location to live. The best places to live in Nevada for retirees is either Lare Vegas’s glitz or the northern Nevada region near Sparks. Where, the low cost of living, plentiful employment possibilities, and quickly expanding infrastructure make the Phoenix-Metro area a desirable destination to live, work, and play.

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