Best Places To Live In Nevada

Best Places To Live In Nevada

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    The state of Nevada is a land of extremes. We find a sharp contrast buried away in what you might expect to be a tranquil part of this western region despite the state’s huge expanse of desert. While looking for the best places to live in Nevada, many individuals find the prospect of living near Las Vegas, the world’s party capital, terrifying, but you should not allow this to deter you from coming to Nevada.

    You probably hear that Nevada is the best place to live for retirees if they want to stay active and have fun. If you are searching for the best places to live in Nevada for families, you are at the right place because we will reveal to you 7 of Nevada’s top places to live.

    What is the best area to live in Nevada?

    It is not easy to rank one city to the top in Nevada among many as it varies among individuals based on their desire. So, before moving to Nevada pros and cons especially based on the city, should be compared. Boulder City, located 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

    It is the safest city in Nevada. As it is one of only two cities in Nevada that does not allow gambling, which may contribute to the lower crime rate. Moapa Valley has the finest weather in Nevada with 292 sunny days. Caliente is the cheapest town in Nevada. Caliente has only 1,124 residents, however, its home price to income ratio is 2.

    Best Places To Live In Nevada

    What is the prettiest place in Nevada?

    Las Vegas may be famed for its mystery, but Nevada boasts many beautiful natural vistas. You may not know that Nevada possesses the country’s largest alpine lake, Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe’s blue water and snow-capped mountains attract over two million visitors annually. Imagine a mysterious land surrounded by scorching red rocks. Valley of Fire State Park Valley of Fire features 40,000 acres of Jurassic Aztec sandstone, petrified trees, and 2,000-year-old petroglyphs.

    Tonopah is a peaceful town remote from the city. That’s why Tonopah’s night sky is so dark. Some other prettiest places in Nevada are Great Basin National Park, Cathedral Gorge State Park and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area etc. Besides that Hiking, riding, and motocross are popular activities that make Nevada the best places to live for young adults.

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    7 Best Cities to live in Nevada

    Looking for 300+ days of sun? Consider Nevada. Nevada’s vibrant nightlife, festivals, national parks, and outdoor activities appeal to all ages. Nevada never sleeps and its lack of a state income tax also makes it appealing. Are you confused about where to go? Come home to one of Nevada’s 7 best cities this year.

    1. Henderson

    Henderson, a city half the size of Las Vegas, is about 24 minutes southeast. It’s not as huge as Las Vegas, but it’s not small either. Living in Henderson may cost a little more than living in Las Vegas, but at an average rent of $1,200, you may find it worthwhile. Good news for families with young children considering moving to Nevada but wary of Las Vegas. Forbes Magazine called Henderson one of America’s safest cities. Henderson’s Lake Mead is a wonderful body of water nestled in a lovely rocky terrain.

    Henderson NV - Best Places To Live In Nevada

    Is Henderson NV a good place to live?

    As per the ranks given by money magazine Henderson is known to be one of the top 50 best places to stay and the second safest city in the US. Henderson’s residents get a deep sub-urban feeling, 300 days of sunshine each year, above-average public schools, lots of parks and amusements, and moderate political views, which is why living life in Henderson can be the greatest decision of people’s lives.  

    Is Henderson safe?

    Henderson ranks #2 as the safest city in the country by the research group Advisorsmith and Forbes. Thanks to its low poverty rate, low car fatality, and low crime rates. The review suggests that the violent crime rate in Henderson is 10.7 and the property crime rate scores 14.3 per 1000 residents.

    2. Incline Village

    For those who want to enjoy an active lifestyle in an idyllic area of the state, this is the place for you! Make Incline Village your next home. This gorgeous hamlet on the shores of Lake Tahoe is a wonderful haven for Nevadans. This ski village is located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, surrounded by the iconic Nevada pines.

    Incline Village

    Incline Village’s average home value is a startling $712,500, and you’ll seldom find anything less than a million dollars. The homes here are wooden coated and surrounded by evergreens. Although Incline Village has only 8,700 residents, it has many advantages, including some of the best public schools in the state.

    Is Incline Village rich?

    The shoreline of Incline Village, Nevada is occupied by the highest number of billionaires, which is why it is considered the billionaires’ row or rich village. The reason behind the world’s richest individuals buying properties along the lake is because of Nevada’s tax benefits. Perhaps it’s simply due to their liking for that area, wanting a favorable getaway that is nearer to the silicon valley and capturing adjacent lots to secure their privacy.

    Is Incline Village a good place to live?

    Incline Village is a town in Washoe County that is termed one of the best places to live in Nevada. With a population of 8669 people, Incline Village is a permanent home to many wealthiest individuals, young professionals, and retirees who tend to live a conservative life with an intense Suburban feel. With gorgeous lake Tahoe spreading right along the northeast edge, it offers breathtaking views, elegant restaurants, family homes, exciting outdoor options, fascinating culture and history, and a distinctly upscale atmosphere.

    Is it safe to go to Incline Village?

    Incline Village ranks #33 for safety and has been ranked c-grade which means the violent crime rate is slightly higher than the national average. This means that the rate of crime is 33.33 per 1000 people during a typical year.

    3. Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

    Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas! Las Vegas is a must-have on any list of the greatest locations to live in Nevada. The city has a population of 605,000, yet the typical household income is slightly lower than the national average of $50,200. While the cost of living in Las Vegas is high and the average monthly income is $4,100; the typical monthly rent is $975. In light of the demographics of Las Vegas, it should come as no surprise that the city is ranked 15th best in the United States to retire. One of the best affordable places for retirees’ to live in Nevada is Las Vegas’s glitz.

    Is it safe to live in Las Vegas, Nevada?

    Living in Las Vegas might be risky and unsafe since it has a higher crime rate than any other nation. Avoiding staying in many neighborhoods and walking especially at night is recommended. Yet you can consider settling down in one of the below areas in Las Vegas, as they are recommended by residents as a safe and affordable area.

    • Tule springs
    • Summerlin
    • Centennial hills
    • Lone Mountain
    • The lakes

    Is Vegas expensive to live?

    Las Vegas is an expensive city to live in as the cost of living is 11.6% higher than the US average.  However, when compared to other Nevada cities such as Boulder City and Henderson, it provides more affordable housing and lower living costs. 

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    4. Mogul

    A gorgeous suburban community awaits professionals, families, and retirees in Mogul, Nevada. Mogul has a strong sense of community, great public schools, and is conveniently located near Reno. 1,300 people call Mogul home, resulting in a strong sense of community, making it ideal for those who enjoy spending time outside. Overall, public schools in Nevada outperform the national average, and this is especially true in Mogul.


    5. Reno

    Reno, Nevada, has adopted the term ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’ as its official motto. Yosemite National Park’s Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest feeds into the city, so there’s plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation. With all that’s going on in Reno, it’s important to remember that property prices are relatively fair when you consider everything that this city has to offer.

    Reno Nevada

    The average cost of a family house is over $210,000, which is about $40,000 more than the national average. Public schools in the city of Reno offer a wide range of options for parents, many of which are performing above the national average.

    Is Reno cheaper than Las Vegas?

    Reno is 4% cheaper as well as smaller (in the area) than Las Vegas. The housing costs of Las Vegas are 26.3% cheaper than the housing costs of Reno. Also, the health expenses of Reno are 0.3% less than Las Vegas.

    Is Reno nicer than Las Vegas?

    Reno’s crime rates are subsequently lower than Las Vegas and also the US average which makes it a nicer and safer place to buy a home in Reno than Las Vegas. Other than this, if you sit down and compare both the places and choose a suitable one for vacation, Reno will win the case over Las Vegas. To enjoy a chill vacation, pleasant weather, play Gambling and pokies, and cheaper living costs, choose Reno over Las Vegas.

    Is Reno close to Las Vegas?

    Reno is 438 miles away from Las Vegas. Also, you might experience a bit of hauling and heavy traffic due to one-way driving for a long 7 hours. Therefore, you must consider taking a break meanwhile driving between Reno to Vegas.

    6. Sparks

    Sparks, Washoe County’s largest city, is home to 93,400 individuals who all agree that it is a beautiful place to live. In Sparks, the median house price is a huge plus point. When it comes to buying a home in Nevada, Sparks is one of the cheaper options at $184,100. Even if you’re only looking for a place to rent in Nevada, Sparks might be worth your consideration.


    Those who live in the region say that it’s safe and that there are plenty of places to meet new people. The city has several popular restaurants and pubs, parks, and top-rated schools. However, the northern Nevada region near Sparks is considered one of the best affordable places to live in Nevada for retirees’

    Is Sparks Nevada a nice place to live?

    Sparks, NV is a nice place to live in as it offers residents a solid suburban lifestyle and not being as congested as any other densely populated area in the state. Residents, mostly young professionals and retirees of sparks own their homes. You will find a lot of decent restaurants, parks, and bars around the city. The public schools and healthcare in sparks are above average.

    What’s it like living in Sparks, Nevada?

    Living in Sparks means you will get to explore the most popular attractions in sparks including the Marina, the vents at legends, and the nugget casino resort. Also, you can’t ignore visiting and enjoying the most visited sites in sparks for outdoor activities like public parks, picnics, bike riding, water sports, and volleyball.

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    7. Verdi

    As a place to raise a family, Verdi, Nevada, ranks right behind Las Vegas as the second-best option. Despite its suburban status, this town of 1,500 inhabitants has a strong sense of community and a village-like spirit. Residents say the only serious crime is the occasional DUI, which shouldn’t deter investors from buying property in Verdi. The area’s public schools are superb, with an A-rating for the top five. Verdi, unlike Incline Village, has a median household income of $66,429.

    Verdi NV

    Is Verdi NV a good place to live?

    According to reports from and Forbes, Verdi, NV has been ranked as the second-best city to settle down in Nevada. Thanks to the safe environment, strong neighborhood feel, excellent schools, and hi-fi healthcare services, Verdi has become an opinionated choice among Nevada residents.

    What is the elevation of Verdi Nevada?

    The elevation of Verdi, Nevada is 1495 m and its peak lies at an altitude of 3375 m high.

    Best places in Nevada FAQs

    Where should I not live in Nevada?

    The place where you should not consider living in or you can say the worst place to stay in Nevada in North Las Vegas as it has a higher violent crime rate, poverty, prostitution, thieving, drug overuse, and addiction.

    What is the safest city in Nevada?

    The safest or the top city to live in Nevada is Henderson and Sparks as they rank #1 and #2 respectively as per the data gathered from Safewise using FBI crime information.


    Aside from Las Vegas, Nevada has many other wonderful places to reside. If you ever think is Nevada a community property state? Yes, Nevada is one of eleven states that recognize communal property. Reno, Henderson, and Paradise are the greatest places to reside in Nevada. Lake Mead, Cathedral Gorge State Park, and Lake Tahoe are just a few of Nevada’s natural wonders. Choosing the “best place” to reside in Nevada is challenging.

    Why? They are all so unique. Those who adore Las Vegas may loathe Reno. In Las Vegas vs Phoenix crime rate, neither city is particularly safe, although Las Vegas has a lower crime rate than Phoenix. So, we’ll say, learn about all cities first, then decide. After a weekend in Las Vegas, you may discover that there is more to do than partying on The Strip.

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