Moving to Denver CO


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    Living in Denver is worth it! Being the Capital of Colorado with a growing population of 699,288 is an amazing place to live in. 

    Denver offers all the modern amenities, picturesque landscapes, a welcoming community, a bustling downtown area, fancy restaurants, ski resorts, recreational places and art galleries for families, kids and adults as well.

    Furthermore, The thriving economy makes you less worried if you are moving to Denver without a job. The city provides excellent opportunities for young professionals and job seekers in all industries. 

    So, if you are moving to Denver, Colorado, You won’t regret it at all. The affordable suburbs of Denver offer excellent schools, amenities and the best neighbourhoods for singles and families.  

    Let’s discuss in detail the things you must need to know before relocating to Denver. 

    1. Is Denver a Good Place to Live?

    Yes, without any doubt, Denver is a great place to call home.

    The city offers high quality of life, a wide range of recreational places for residents & tourists, and great entertainment options with a comfortable lifestyle. 

    2. Things to Know Before Moving to Denver


    Keep reading below for the things about Denver you must know: 

    3. Cost of living in Denver

    Living costs in Denver are pretty affordable as compared to the neighbouring states.

    The average living cost in Denver is 5% higher than the state average and 10% higher than the national average. 

    So, to maintain the standard of living you must need to earn $78,177 annually for a comfortable lifestyle.

    According to the number, the monthly estimated living cost for a single person is $1,247 and a family of four costs $$4,509 without rent. 

    Living  in Denver Living costs in Denver
    Housing $639,886 
    House rent $2,000
    Energy $137.8
    Phone $190.8
    Doctor visit $106.0
    Dentist visit $118.0
    Gasoline (1 gallon)$3.72
    Median Income $78,177


    4. Denver Public Transportation 

    Public Transit in Denver is well-developed and friendly. The easy and inexpensive transportation system in Denver is operated by the Regional Transportation District.

    They offer buses, light rail and commuter trains for the residents.

    Moreover, a car is not necessary to live in Denver, you can still get around the city by various options like rideshare, taxi, biking, car rentals, and most convenient public transport. 

    The great benefit of public transport is that it is free of cost because of the Zero Fare for better air program recently initiated in Denver. 

    5. Weather in Denver

    Keeping in view the weather conditions, Denver is a great place to live as it experiences all four seasons with a semi-arid climate and less humidity. 


    Winters in Denver are cold and snowy. The coldest month is December, having the lowest temperature of 23 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest 46 degrees Fahrenheit in Denver.

    The city also experiences snowfall during December making it a perfect tourist destination for snow activities. 

    Summers in Denver are hot with cooler evenings lowering the heat.

    July is the hottest month in Denver with the average lowest temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest 88 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    However, the best time to visit Denver is during the months of the spring season when the flowers bloom and the beauty of the landscapes.

    Other months are from Mid-June to September to enjoy various outdoor activities in mild temperatures. Know the best time of year to visit Colorado

    6. Taxes in Denver

    Denver is a tax-friendly city in Colorado. Colorado has a flat 4.4% state income tax. However, the state sales tax is 2.90%.

    The maximum local sales tax in Colorado is 8.30 % making a combined tax of 7. 78%. 

    Denver does not levy any personal income tax to the residents and you have to pay the average 4.4 per cent of tax in Denver as other residents of the state. 

    7. Attractions and Fun things to do in Denver

    Denver offers a wide variety of fun activities and outdoor adventures for tourists and residents alike.


    Denver is famous for its Botanical Gardens, Museums, Iconic landmarks, historic places and state parks. 

    To spend quality time with your family and friends you can visit famous attractions like the Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Meow Wolf Denver, Denver Botanic Gardens, Downtown Aquarium and International Church of Cannabis. 

    The museums display the rich history and culture of Denver, scientific discoveries, the natural world, dinosaur fossils and Egyptian mummies.

    For space enthusiasts, Wings over the Rockies Air & Space Museum is a must-go place. 

    For outdoor recreation you can visit historic landmarks like Denver Union Station, previously a transportation hub,  offering shops, restaurants and a vibrant place for gathering.

    Larimer Square, and Molly Brown House Museum, are other historic places worth visiting. 

    For nature enthusiasts and hikers, the Red Rock Park and Amphitheatre is a world-popular outdoor place to enjoy concerts, hikes and nature.

    Cherry Creek State Park is another great place for hiking, biking, boating and fishing. Curious, does it snow in Colorado?

    8. Education Facilities in Denver

    The education system in Denver is diverse. Denver Public Schools are the largest school district in Colorado.

    The city has 205 schools including preschools, elementary, middle and high schools. 

    Denver also has Charter schools and Magnet schools offering educational systems based on the interest and talents of the students.

    The schools in Denver provide quality education and enhance the learning abilities of students by using modern technology. 

    Besides Denver, Colorado also offers great educational facilities in various fields of engineering, research and sciences.

    The higher education institutes in Colorado including the popular universities and community colleges provide high-quality education to the local and international students alike. 

    9. Healthcare in Denver

    Denver has an excellent healthcare system providing great medical services to the residents.

    The talented and professional medical staff of Denver also treats patients in specialized centres like cancer treatment, cardiovascular diseases, neuro disorders, orthopaedics and gastroenterology. 

    UC Health University of Colorado Hospital is the largest hospital in Denver.

    Other hospitals include Denver Health Medical Center, National Jewish Health, and Children’s Hospital Colorado. 

    However, the Health Care in Denver is not free but the city offers various health programs to the residents with low income. 

    10. Pros and Cons of Living in Denver


    Like any other place, Denver also has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Lets. discuss in detail : 

    Pros of Living in Denver

    • Breathtaking Natural Beauty of Denver

    The natural beauty of Denver attracts a great number of tourists every year. The picturesque Rocky Mountains, scenic landscape and countless opportunities for outdoor activities.

    You can explore the great museums, historic landmarks and 16th Street Mall for shopping, dining or simply walking to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of Denver. 

    • Denver’s Job Market is Booming

    Denver is one of the best places for job seekers in Colorado.

    The fastest-growing economy of the city provides various job opportunities in industries like Healthcare, technology, finance, education, tourism, and aerospace. 

    Moreover, finding a job is not difficult at all. Besides, in these industrial jobs, you can start your own business, or join other small-scale and good-paying jobs as a start-up.

    • Denver is a Paradise for Beer lovers 

    Denver is popular worldwide due to its thriving beer industry and rich brewing history. Denver is home to a variety of Craft Breweries and Beer Bars and Pubs.

    These breweries offer a wide range of flavours and styles for beer lovers. 

    Furthermore, Denver also hosts the Great American Beer Festival, one of the largest beer festivals in the world displaying a huge number of beer samples from all across the world. 

    The city also offers guided  Brewery tours and tastings to the residents and visitors alike providing them the opportunity to know about the historic brewing process of Denver. 

    • Marijuana is Legal in Denver

    Great news for Marijuana lovers. Marijuana is legal in Denver and all across Colorado for recreational uses.

    But, still, there are particular laws about the usage of marijuana, that a person aged 21 or older can use it.

    However, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal and public consumption of marijuana is prohibited. 

    • Great spot for Ski 

    Denver provides exceptional opportunities for Ski lovers. There are several ski destinations in the surroundings of Denver making it a perfect place for skiing and snowboarding.

    The best-known ski resorts near Denver are Breckenridge Ski Resort, Vail Ski Resort, Keystone Resort, Copper Mountain, winter park resort, Loveland ski area, and Arapahoe Basin ski area. 

    These ski resorts offer luxurious amenities, picturesque scenery and a variety of skiing options for beginners and experts as well. 

    Cons of living in Denver 

    • Heavy Traffic Jam 

    Denver has severe traffic congestion due to the increasing population. You might have to wait for a long time, particularly during rush hours and on highways. 

    • Denver is a Crowded city 

    The growing population and tourist activities make Denver a crowded city. During the peak months and winters, the huge amount of tourists makes the condition worse. 

    • High Altitude

    Denver is known as the Mile High City which means its elevation height of 5,000 feet above sea level.

    The high altitude makes it difficult for people to adjust at the start, some people become a victim of altitude sickness but it goes after adjusting to the environment.   

    11. Best Neighborhoods in Denver

    Denver is surrounded by some outstanding neighbourhoods offering great amenities, attraction spots and a comfortable lifestyle best for families, singles and professionals.

    The best neighbourhoods in Denver are discussed below: 

    Washington Park 

    Located in the southern half of the city, Wash Park is popular due to its excellent residentials, peaceful atmosphere, and lowest crime rates.

    Washington Park offers a wide number of green spaces, bars, restaurants, biking trails, volleyball nets, and basketball courts. 

    Capitol Hill 

    This lively neighbourhood is popular due to its historic homes, condos and apartments. Capitol Hill offers a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

    Moreover, you can also visit the amazing Denver art museum, State Capitol and Centre of civic arts on Capitol Hill. read the cheapest places to live in Colorado

    Lower Downtown(LoDo)

    LoDo is the historic big-city neighbourhood of Denver famous for its vibrant nightlife, restaurants, luxurious apartments and condos.

    LoDo offers various popular attractions of Colorado including Union Station, Coors Field and Larimer Square. 

    Cherry Creek 

    Cherry Creek is the most expensive and worth-living neighbourhood in Denver.

    Cherry Creek is home to great public schools, top-notch shopping centres, best dining restaurants and luxurious houses.

    You can also visit the popular Cherry Creek shopping centre. 

    Sloan’s Lake 

    This neighbourhood in Denver offers stunning views of the lake and amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. Single-family houses and condo styles are common in Sloan’s Lake.

    You can easily access grocery stores, shopping centres, restaurants and breweries. Also, public transit is the most convenient to get around the city. 

    Moving to Denver FAQs

    How big is Denver Colorado?

    Denver is the largest city in Colorado with an area of 400.7 square kilometres. 

     What jobs are popular in Denver?

    Most popular jobs include Customer Service Representative, Cashier, Administrative assistant, Project Manager, Technician, Research Assistant, accountant and medical consultant. 

    What county is Denver in?

    It is Denver County Colorado. 

    Is Denver safe to live in?

    Yes, Denver is considered safe to live in. However, the crime rate is high in the city but there are many safest neighborhoods in Denver to live in. 


    Moving to Denver, Colorado is an excellent idea. The dream destination of so many people.

    Denver is a city with affordable living costs, an outstanding healthcare system, quality education, and most importantly stunning neighbourhoods. 

    Furthermore, Denver is home to amazing landscapes, iconic museums, historic landmarks and countless recreational places for kids and families.

    If you are considering a move, know about the residency requirements in Colorado.