Best Places To Live in Colorado

Best places to live in Colorado

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    Considering Colorado your next home? Well, it’s a nice decision you have made as the state will never disappoint you in any manner. It definitely offers something for everyone. Colorful Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking natural beauty and daring outdoor adventures in the whole nation.

    Best places to live in Colorado
    Best places to live in Colorado

    The world-class dining, entertainment, and retail options may be exceptional reasons to move to Colorado. So, if you are looking for a good place to raise your family in Colorado, you will definitely get one as per your choice. But which city or town is ideal for you? That’s what you need to think about before relocating to the state. 

    To help you find “the one” place, let’s take a tour of the 6 best places to live in Colorado. 

    Is Colorado Worth Living in?

    Colorado is much hyped and one of the amazing places to live in the US. Home to more than 5 lakh people it ranks as the 21st most populated state in the US.

    Its unlimited access to the outdoors, health-centric lifestyle, picturesque nature, and mountain ranges, less crime, the standard cost of living, and endless job opportunities attract new residents to make their move to the city and fulfill Colorado state residency requirements.

    This makes their lives easier to stay in the state for a lifetime. 

    What Part Of Colorado is The Best To Live in?

    Cities close to mountain ranges are the best part of living in Colorado. 5 best places with mountain views in Colorado are:

    • Fort Collins
    • Denver
    • Boulder
    • Castle Rock
    • Colorado springs

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    6 Great Cities To live in Colorado

    There are many greatest cities, towns, and rural settlements in colorado from which picking a suitable place to live can be quite challenging. So, without thinking much take a tour of our top 6 choices of Colorado’s greatest cities to live in for a lifetime.

    1. Denver – For Young Professionals

    One of the most sought-after cities for people moving to Colorado is Denver. The city serves as the hub of the state’s largest metro area. It is renowned for its assortment of top-tier breweries, world-class museums, and historical sites. 

    Denver - For Young Professionals
    Denver – For Young Professionals

    The Mile High City frequently receives praise for being a fantastic place for job seekers, which is wonderful news for everyone in Denver who wants to further their careers. It combines natural beauty with a thriving industry to give a unique blend of attractive qualities.

    Retail sales made online to Denver customers have a 4.81% sales tax which is almost similar to the average Colorado sales tax online. Although there are certain higher risks of auto theft and property crime, Denver is typically a safe place to go.

    Is Denver expensive to live in?

    Denver ranks #7 as the most expensive city among the top 50 cities to live in the US. Globally it ranks among the top 4% of the world’s costliest cities. The housing expenses and utility costs in Denver are 38% and 20% more than the national average respectively.

    Although not much expensive, the overall cost of living in Denver is cheaper than the national average.

    Should I move to Colorado without a job?

    Don’t make the mistake of moving to Colorado without having a job. The cost of living in the top cities of Colorado is pretty much higher which might not meet your daily expenses. Also getting a job quickly in Colorado is very difficult and Colorado doesn’t have many well-paid jobs.

    Therefore, it’s necessary to have a good job position with a high-paid salary before moving to Colorado. 

    2. Colorado Springs – For Families

    Many people choose to migrate to Colorado Springs rather than Denver because of its stunning scenery, low cost of living, and lower crime rate. Colorado is renowned for the diversity of activities it provides, including canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, skiing, and just relaxing in the great outdoors.

    Colorado Springs - For Families
    Colorado Springs – For Families

    Compared to metro areas of comparable size, Colorado Springs’ job market is stronger, and its labor force participation rate of 69.5 percent ranks second nationally.

    Is Colorado Springs expensive to live in?

    Colorado Springs is an affordable city to live in Colorado. Its cost of living is 6% less than the national average. The average housing and utility bill in Colorado Springs is 26% and 2% lower than the national average respectively. 

    Is there anything fun to do in Colorado Springs?

    Colorado Springs has more than 50 adventurous things to do and view when you want to spend some time outdoors. These include- exciting whitewater rapids, stunning parks, and trails, historic museums, zoos, festivals, and attractions that deliver memorable experiences for all age groups. 

    Is Colorado Springs nicer than Denver?

    Colorado Springs is a cheaper, smaller, and more conservative place than Denver. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and want a slower pace of lifestyle, great quality of life, and cheaper cost of living, then Colorado springs are best for you. 

    3. Fort Collins – For Young Professionals

    Fort Collins boasts a promising economy and a good quality of life for both families and young professionals. It is considered one of the best places to live in Colorado because of having budding tech industry and the excellent job market. 

    Fort Collins - For young professionals
    Fort Collins – For young professionals

    Fort Collins is home to 20 award-winning craft brewers, from the King of Beers to Fat Tire, as well as Anheuser-Busch, one of the most well-known multinational breweries. It is one of the few locations on earth where Advanced Energy Industries, Broadcom, HP-E, and Intel have operations. 

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    Is Fort Collins a nice place to live?

    Fort Collins ranked #4 best place to live in Colorado and #156 in the US. It offers its 175,974 residents a relatively lower living cost than Denver and Boulder, a low crime rate, good public schools, a high employment rate, and great quality of life.

    This is the reason why the city has been ranked #1 on livability’s top 100 best places to live and #4 on livability’s 10 best places to have a family in the US.

    Was Fort Collins a military base?

    Fort Collins was earlier a military fort in 1864 and was called Camp Collins. The military outpost was named in honor of Lt. Col. William O. 

    Is Fort Collins a party town?

    Fort Collins offers a lot of activities for the whole day. The town offers a great nightlife buzzing with a lively mix of art, entertainment, culture, dining, beverages, and local craft.

    4. Boulder – For Outdoor Recreations

    US’s Clark County contains the city of Boulder City. The city was named after Boulder Canyon. The city is rated on the labor market in more than 400 cities and metropolitan areas based on things like job and salary growth.

    Boulder - For outdoor recreations
    Boulder – For outdoor recreations

    With an overall crime rate of 11 per 1,000 residents, Boulder City is close to the national average for all American communities and towns. While people ask, does it snow in Colorado in December?

    The sliding 31-day snowfall average in Boulder remains fairly consistent during December, staying about 2.6 inches the entire time and infrequently going over 7.0 inches.

    Is Boulder Colorado a rich area?

    Boulder Colorado is an expensive city that not only has a higher cost of living than the national average but also rich history, and culture, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

    The housing costs are 150% higher than the US average. The city is affluent and full of highly educated people with high-paid jobs. 

    What is the racial makeup of Boulder Colorado?

    Boulder Colorado consists of 5.88% of Asians, 87.52% of white people, 4.95% of common races, and 1.65% of other races. 

    Do people like living in Boulder?

    People love to live in boulder Colorado because of its great job opportunities, highly rated public schools, low crime rate, strong economy, healthy lifestyle, and offer a great quality of life.

    5. Castle Rock – With mountain Views

    Castle Rock is one of Colorado’s fastest-growing cities, lying between Denver and Colorado Springs. The rhyolite stone discovery in the butte next to Plum Creek is what established Castle Rock as a significant station for north-south train traffic.

    Castle Rock - With mountain views
    Castle Rock – With mountain views

    Castle Rock is home to a variety of major employers, including IMI Global, a provider of livestock and meat verification services, and Aluwind, a manufacturer of parts for wind turbines. Castle Rock is considered the safest small city in Colorado by MoneyGeek in 2022.

    Is Castle Rock CO closer to Denver or Colorado Springs?

    Castle Rock is situated 48 kilometers south of Denver and 58 kilometers north of Colorado springs. 

    Is Castle Rock CO worth visiting?

    Castle Rock Colorado has stunning views, outdoor recreation, shopping malls, dining options, and many more things to explore making it a worthy place to visit. It provides easy access to two main cities of Colorado – Denver and Colorado springs. 

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    6. Grand Junction

    The largest city in Western Colorado is Grand Junction. The city acts as a transportation and trade hub between Denver and Salt Lake City. Colorado’s Wine Country, Grand Junction has red wine varietals that thrive in the environment because of the warm days and cool nights. The job economy in the city is highly robust.

    Grand Junction
    Grand Junction

    Grand Junction is one of the most beautiful places to live in Colorado with two Rivers Winery & Chateau Perfectly positioned within the Colorado National Monuments. It has been rated as one of the safest cities in America and offers large city facilities as well as a small-town vibe.

    Is it safe to visit Grand Junction Colorado?

    Despite a higher crime rate than the US average, Grand junction Colorado is a safe place to visit as most crimes are nothing to do with the visitors. About one-third of the total violent crimes are faced by tourists that are not taken into consideration. 

    What is the racial makeup of Grand Junction Colorado?

    The demographics of Grand Junction, Colorado consist of 91.16% of white people, 3.98% of common races, 1.55% of Asians, and 1.82% of other races.

    Best Places To Live in Colorado FAQ’s

    What is the most affordable place to live in Colorado?

    Lamar is the most affordable, smallest, and safest place to live in Colorado. The city offers a slower pace of life, top-notch public schools, hospitals, and affordable houses and amenities.

    What is the prettiest place to live in Colorado?

    Breckenridge is the prettiest place to live in Colorado. This stunning mountain town is situated in the rocky mountains surrounded by picturesque nature and has deep roots in mining. 

    Where is the best climate in Colorado?

    Canon City has the best climate in Colorado. It generally has the mildest winter and receives less snow than any other big city in Colorado. 


    Whether you are moving to Colorado for a season or a lifetime, it is undoubtedly one of the best states to call home in the US. Before you move there, get your priorities set first as every city has something to offer. Some cities have the best mountain views, while some have good schools, more job opportunities, and more.

    Once you know your purpose for relocation, you will learn the best place to live in Colorado from our guide. Let us know your experience of finding the best place to stay in the colorful state in the comment section below. 

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