Best Time to Visit Colorado

Best time to visit Colorado

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    Plan your trip to Colorado, any month, any season in a year! The entire year is a great time to visit Colorado. However, knowing the best time to visit Colorado depends on the specific activities you have planned in Colorado. Spring and fall are fantastic for off-season travel deals, while winter is great for a range of snow sports.

    Best time to visit Colorado
    Best time to visit Colorado

    The greatest time to visit Colorado is therefore somewhat more individualized depending on where you are going and what your priorities are while you’re there. We are here to assist you to choose the ideal time for moving to Colorado.

    What is the best time to see the prettiest place in Colorado?

    Winter is the best time to visit fairytale scenery in Colorado. The trees are covered with snow making the environment look charming and beautiful. 

    What is the cheapest time to go to Colorado?

    Late spring i.e. April to May and early fall i.e. September to October is the cheapest time to visit Colorado. It is known as the shoulder season in Colorado. During this time, the tourism season reaches its peak, and the prices of everything reduce. 

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    Visit Colorado In Months

    Usually visiting Colorado in a particular month means you are most likely to explore temperate weather, and seasonal festivals and enjoy outdoor events. So let’s see what Colorado offers its visitors in its four different seasons.

    March To May – For Cheap Prices And Fewer Crowds

    In the Northeast, it’s challenging to find a better place for trekking! The season’s heaviest snowfall occurs in March, while the last regular snowfall occurs in May. The hiking season in Vermont doesn’t begin until after Memorial Day Weekend since mountain paths are restricted from late March to late May due to muck.

    March To May - For Cheap Prices And Fewer Crowds
    March To May – For Cheap Prices And Fewer Crowds

    Every March, maple sugaring and turning into maple syrup takes place. Trapp Family Lodge offers seasonal tours of the maple sugaring process. Typically May through August is the best time to visit Colorado for water rafting.

    Key Festivals:

    • Air Force Academy Graduation
    • Pikes Peak Birding And Nature Festival
    • St. Patrick’s Day Festival
    • Territory Days

    Is it still cold in Colorado in March?

    Colorado’s weather in March remains very cold with temperatures between 25°F and 50°F. So, warm garments and hot drinks are a must. You might also expect rain for 2-5 days during this month. 

    Is March a good time to go to Colorado?

    March to May is the best time to visit Colorado. That’s the time when you will feel a bit colder, have bargain prices, and fewer crowds along with foliage fall.

    Is Colorado Nice in May?

    May is considered the cheapest month in Colorado. Probably, this is the best time to visit Colorado for water rafting. During this time, the weather changes from cooler to mild warmer temperatures most days.

    September To October – To See Fall 

    Early September to mid-October in Vermont constitutes the whole fall foliage season.  You run the risk of arriving too early to see the breathtaking fall colors in Vermont if you travel at the beginning or middle of September.

    September To October - To See Fall
    September To October – To See Fall

    Plan to visit between mid-September and mid-October for the greatest apples and leaf-peeping opportunities. Bring an umbrella because there will likely be some rain showers at this time. Pay attention to the weather prediction, and use this interactive map to watch how the fall foliage is changing around the region.

    Key Festivals

    • Colorado Springs Labor Day Liftoff
    • Emma Crawford Festival 

    What is the weather like in Colorado in September?

    The weather in September remains warmer in the first half of September with 75°F – 85°F and then reduces and remains between 60°F – 75°F in the second half of the month. 

    What is the weather like in Colorado in October?

    The month of October in Colorado starts with a warmer temperature of 70°F and gradually reduces and remains up to 58°F. 

    November To February – For Winter Sports 

    When visiting Stowe, plan your arrival between November and February if you want to hit the slopes. February is typically the best month for skiing in Colorado. There is still a ton of powder falling, and the snow on the mountains is at its deepest base. 

    November To February - For Winter Sports
    November To February – For Winter Sports

    There is a huge amount of ground to cover since the mountains are completely open by February. Purchase your lift tickets for Stowe Mountain Resort online before traveling to save some additional money.

    Key Festivals

    • Cripple Creek Ice Festival 
    • Winter X games
    • National Western Stock Show

    Is it good to visit Colorado in November?

    Yes, November is known as the Autumn month and is the ideal time for travelers to visit Colorado. It is the perfect time to have a low-cost vacation, and enjoy winter events, and fall foliage in fewer crowds. 

    What part of Colorado should I visit in February?

    February is the best time to visit Colorado for skiing. So, you will have a great time at beaver creek. 

    How cold is it in Colorado in February?

    February in Colorado is really chilly and windy. Humidity is less and nights are hardly freezy. Warm garments are a must. The average high temperature remains at 6°C and daily lows drop down to -7°C. 

    Is it good to visit Colorado in December?

    December brings you Christmas and New year’s Eve celebrations in Colorado. Therefore it is the best time for travelers who want to spend year-end vacations in the state. Besides that skiing, snowboarding, hot springs, and ice skating can be enjoyed in the rocky mountains of Colorado during this

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    June To August – For Hiking And Water Sports 

    In the summer, New Englanders adore visiting Stowe. With highs in the 40s to the 70s on average, this peak season offers wonderful weather and a variety of gourmet festivals. The best months to visit Colorado for hiking are in July and August.

    June To August - For Hiking And Water Sports
    June To August – For Hiking And Water Sports

    Colorado boasts some of the most beautiful hiking paths, with stunning rocky terrain and mind-blowing wildflowers. However, this time of year is an expensive one, so booking flights and rooms far in advance is strongly advised. Avoid staying between the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends if you’re looking for a deal.

    Key festivals

    • Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
    • El Paso County Fair
    • Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival
    • Manitou Springs Colorado Wine Festival
    • Busy Rodeo 
    • Five Points Jazz Festival
    • Farmer’s Market Colorado State Fair
    • Crested Butte Wildflowers Festival
    • Bolder Boulder 10k Race

    Popular Times to Visit Vermont By Season

    Vermont offers countless chances for excitement throughout the year. There is always something to do in Vermont. Are you interested in learning about some of Vermont’s top seasonal activities? Find out more below! 

    Winter in Colorado

    Vermont’s renowned mountains attract skiers and snowboarders. Winter lasts for almost half the year. Before the genuine spring arrives, the snow melts into the mud season. Summer days are warmer and more humid than you might anticipate. One of the most stunning locations in Vermont for enjoying winter is Stowe.

    Winter in Colorado
    Winter in Colorado

    Stay the night at the Trapp Family Lodge and go skiing there. Travelers can also visit a Vermont ski resort and go skiing! Stratton Mountain Resort, Okemo Resort, and Jay Peak Resort are a few of the well-known ones. Visit a nearby Christmas tree farm to find the ideal tree for your home! 

    Is it worth going to Colorado in winter?

    Winter is the best time to visit Colorado to enjoy an exciting year-end vacation. Snow sports, hot springs, tubing, skiing, hot drinks, and ice skating are all things you can explore across the state’s Rockies. 

    How do people survive winter in Colorado?

    To survive winter in Colorado, all you can have to do is:

    • Dress in a lot of warm layers.
    • Get yourself a pair of good insulated and waterproof boots. 
    • Drive your car in second gear in the snow.
    • Replace your windshield wiper fluid.
    • Switch to snow tires on your car to avoid skidding.

    Spring in Colorado

    During spring maple sap runs from trees and eventually ends up on pancakes in Vermont. After a period of muddiness, you can still ski, but you’ll also start to notice signs of green in the landscape. Many people ask, when does it snow in Colorado? Springs typically experience the most snow in March, with an average of 8.1 inches.

    Spring in Colorado
    Spring in Colorado

    Depending on the latitude of your Vermont destination, you should dress for cool or even frigid weather. For visiting, take a boat excursion on Lake Champlain, one of Vermont’s top lakes. Think about making a reservation with Sail Vermont LLC or Captain Mike’s Sailing! 

    Is March a good time to go to Colorado Springs?

    March is a good time to go to Colorado to witness fall and less crowd. You might predict a few feet of snow or sunny mornings, as it is the snowiest month in Colorado.

    What is Colorado known for in the spring?

    Spring in Colorado is known for its delightful festive season. Many festivals and events are celebrated in different parts of the state throughout the season that includes food, art, shopping, music, concerts, and more. 

    Summer in Colorado

    In Vermont, the temperature begins to rise once the school year ends in June. Vermont is a hilly state in the north, but if you want to spend time outdoors hiking and climbing, don’t be deceived. In the summer, when the sun is strong, the air is thin, and the days are long.

    Summer in Colorado
    Summer in Colorado

    On most summer days, the high temperature will be in the 80s, but be aware that it occasionally gets hotter. Discover the magnificent state parks in Vermont, including Mount Ascutney, Kingsland Bay, and Camp Plymouth. Travelers can spend a weekend on Grand Isle, a New England island that is home to Snow Farm Vineyard.

    Which Colorado mountain town is best in the summer?

    Frisco is Colorado’s best mountain town to live in in the summer. It offers base camps, fishing, hiking, affordable hotels, a city market, a bookstore, mountain biking, charming restaurants, adventure stores, and more to explore and enjoy vacation days. 

    Is Colorado good to visit in the summer?

    Summer in Colorado is a great time to spend vacations for children and families. There are a lot of outdoor activities for families and kids around the state. The weather remains pleasing for rafting, horse riding, skiing, and hiking.

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    Fall in Colorado

    The best fall foliage in the world is found in Vermont. Due to lower temperatures and shorter days, the color shift starts in the north and at the highest elevations. The best time to see the show is usually from the last week of September to the middle of October.

    Fall in Colorado
    Fall in Colorado

    When snow and vibrant leaves are visible in the same frame, fascinating photo opportunities are in store. Enjoy yourself in a corn maze in Vermont, such as those at Peck Farm Orchard in Montpelier and Hathaway Farm in Rutland. While you’re there, be sure to try some apple cider doughnuts!

    Is Colorado a good place to visit in the fall?

    Fall is a glorious time of the year to visit Colorado. Summer crowds have vanished, the weather remains chilly, and leaves change their color giving a mesmerizing backdrop to the environment.

    What is the best time to see fall colors in Colorado?

    September and the first half of October is the best time to witness fall colors in Colorado.

    Best time to visit colorado FAQs

    What is the best month to see snow in Colorado?

    March is the best month to see the most snow in Colorado averaging 11.3 inches of snow. 

    What is the best month to visit Denver?

    April – May, and September – October are the best time to visit Denver as it is the shoulder season in the state. The city is characterized by freezy temperatures, fewer accommodation costs, and fewer tourists than in the high season. 

    Where should I go in Colorado for the first time?

    If you are moving to Colorado for the first time and exploring the best places in Colorado, here is a list of #5 places:

    • Telluride
    • Rocky Mountain National park
    • Denver
    • Aspen
    • Breckenridge 


    Never seen leaf-peeping – Colorado will make you witness it! Dislike outdoor activities – Colorado will make you love every recreation it has! Never seen mountain ranges and great scenery – Colorado will show you its beautiful nature. That’s what the colorful state offers! Best out of everything. Its residents know it all.

    Next will be you. Visit this stunning state and make it yours forever by fulfilling Colorado residency requirements. Nothing wrong to say that Colorado is one of the best destinations in the US for those who love nature, scenery, and the outdoors. 

    From the wealthy scenery of summer to the plentiful back bowls of winter, each season witnesses special attention across the entire state. You will definitely sideline its cons like Colorado cost of living and enjoy sightseeing and exploring in layers, being your best bets for fitting in with the locals. 

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