Hot Springs in Santa Fe


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    Santa Fe is known for its beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, and diversified reserve of art and culture lovers, it also offers visitors the to spend some hours in its most gorgeous and unreeling hot springs.

    This, at the end of everything, makes it a good idea of moving to New Mexico

    So, plan your holiday in the capital city of New Mexico along with a mandatory soak in a hot spring in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    Are there natural Hot Springs in Santa Fe New Mexico?

    Spence Hot Springs are the natural Hot Springs situated within the Santa Fe National Forest of New Mexico. This warm naturally occurring hot spring is located via a short hike. 

    9 Best Hot Springs in Santa FE, NM 

    The hot springs in Santa Fe are among one the many destinations in New Mexico to relax and rejuvenate in the City Different.


    Check out the list of the 9 best Hot Springs in Santa Fe, New Mexico for your next trip which are just a few kilometers away.

    1. Black Rock Hot Springs

    The Black Rock Hot Springs is a small arrangement of thermal springs made of rough rock-bottomed thermal pools situated west of the Arroyo Hondo, alongside the Rio Grande of New Mexico.

    Black Rock provides two big pools nestled below the trail and a unique landscape making it perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers who need hot and cold soaks along with a hiking experience, just similar to Toas Hot Springs

    How do you get to Black Rock Desert Hot Springs?

    Black Rock Desert hot springs are located along the edge of Playa.  

    Is Black Rock Desert worth visiting?

    The Black Rock Desert is worth visiting because it offers a picturesque landscape, speaks history, hiking trails, and the Burning Man festival. 

    Where is Black Rock Hot Springs?

    Black Rock Hot Springs are situated west of Arroyo Hondo town, New Mexico.

    Temperature85-105o F
    HikingSeveral hiking trails
    CampingNo designated campsites
    History of the placeNative American spiritual site turned popular 1800s destination for settlers and miners seeking healing properties of the water.
    Distance233 km, 3 hours and 15 minutes.
    PoolsSeveral pools
    DirectionsTo get to Black Rock Hot Springs, take I-25 to the town of Truth or Consequences, then head north on NM-181 for about 16 km. Turn left onto County Road B002 and continue for 16 km to reach the hot springs.
    TrailBlack Rock Canyon Trail offers stunning views of the canyon and the surrounding mountains.
    Services availableNo service is available. Visitors should come prepared with food, water, and necessary supplies.

    2. Manby (Stagecoach) Hot Springs

    Manby Hot Springs, also known as stagecoach hot springs, is a famous natural hot spring present at the bottom of the Rio Grande Gorge.


    The hot springs are known for their picturesque location, situated in a narrow canyon with the Rio Grande River running nearby.

    Manby has 4 rustic rock-walled pools with 2 main pools with water temperatures ranging from 98-105°F and other 2 small pools with colder water like the river. 

    Why is Manby Hot Springs closed?

    Manby Hot Springs is closed because the hot springs will undergo a planned restoration project in the near future.

    How to get to Manby Hot Springs?

    Manby Hot Springs are located southeast of Arroyo Hondo, east of Rio Grande, long away South from the Black Rock Desert, and west of HWY 522 north.

    So, the only way to get there is to take a hiking trip from the John Dunn Bridge or go boating on the Rio Grande River.

    HikingSeveral hiking trails, like the Manby Hot Springs Trail and the Rio Grande Gorge Trail
    CampingCamping not allowed
    History of the placeInitially used by Native American tribes for their healing properties, the hot springs have a rich history and offer visitors the opportunity to soak in several pools of varying temperatures.
    Distance153 km, 2 hours and 15 minutes
    PoolsSeveral pools
    DirectionsTake US-84 north from Santa Fe and continue onto NM-68. Turn right onto NM-75 and continue for about 5 km until you reach the parking area.
    TrailThe Manby Hot Springs Trail is a famous 5 km round trip.
    Services availableNo service. Visitors should come prepared with food, water, and necessary supplies.

    3. Montezuma Hot Springs

    Montezuma Hot Springs, also called Las Vegas Hot Springs is a privately owned hot spring with access to public and locales option in Santa Fe Springs, NM.

    It has three geothermal soaking spots managed by the Montezuma embodied community of San Miguel County, Las Vegas. 

    In addition to soaking, visitors can enjoy hiking on nearby trails and exploring the area’s rich cultural history.

    Who owns Montezuma Hot Springs?

    The Montezuma Hot Springs is owned by United World College, USA.

    How hot is Montezuma Hot Springs?

    The temperature in Montezuma Hot Springs varies from 60°C and 138°C.

    Is Montezuma Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

    No, clothing (swimsuit) is mandatory in Montezuma Hot Springs.

    HikingSeveral hiking trails are present
    CampingCamping is not allowed
    History of the placeThe hot spring is in a narrow canyon near Montezuma, New Mexico. Its fascinating history dates back to the Native American tribes who first used the springs for their healing properties.
    Distance113 km, 1 hour and 40 minutes.
    PoolsSeveral pools
    DirectionsTo get to the hot springs, take I-25 north from Santa Fe, and exit in Las Vegas. Follow the signs to Montezuma Hot Springs, located just outside of town.
    TrailThe Montezuma Castle Trail (4.2 km)
    Services availableNo service. Visitors should come prepared with food, water, and necessary supplies.

    4. Ojo Caliente Resort

    Ojo Caliente Resort is a luxurious wellness retreat and spa with all services present in northern New Mexico.


    This Santa Fe Hot Springs Resort is one of the ancient natural health resorts in the nation that offers a range of hot mineral pools, mud pools, soaking tubs, and spa treatments along with other amenities like camping, a restaurant, and a hotel within it.

    Ojo Caliente has 7 well-maintained soaking pools and a mud pool.

    These include the soda spring, lithium pool, arsenic pool, iron spring, and others with warm and cold water options.

    How far is Ojo from Santa Fe?

    Oho is 80 kilometers (20 minutes) away from Santa Fe.

    Does Ojo Caliente allow kids?

    Ojo Caliente doesn’t allow kids below the age of 13 to access spas, soaking, and pool areas. However, they can access dining and lodging areas. 

    What should I wear to Caliente?

    You can wear formal, casual, swimsuits or go nude to Ojo Caliente. 

    What are the soaking rates at Ojo Caliente?

    The soaking rates at Ojo Caliente are as follows:

    Communal soaking: 

    • Monday-Thursday-$45
    • Friday-Sunday-$65
    • Lockers, towels, and robe rentals are available on holidays – $18

    Private soaking

    • 50 minutes for two people:$75
    • Additional person: $25
    • Lockers, towels, and robe rentals – $18
    HikingSeveral hiking trails are available.
    CampingCamping is allowed.
    History of the placeEarlier, the area was inhabited by the Tewa people and later by the Spanish explorers who arrived in the 1500s.
    Distance80 km, 1 hour and 30 minutes
    Pools11 pools
    DirectionsYou can take US-84/285 North for about 80 km until you reach the town of Ojo Caliente. Then, turn left onto NM-414 West and follow the signs to the resort.
    TrailOjo Caliente Trail and the Posi-Ouinge Ruins Trail.
    Services availableFull-service spa, restaurant, gift shop, yoga classes, etc

    5. San Antonio Hot Springs

    San Antonio Hot Springs is a natural hot spring that emerges from different sources but settles down in Jemez Mountain, flowing into various rock-lined warm pools of varied temperatures.

    It requires a short hike from the parking lot along the forest SR,376 via Thompson Ridge.

    San Antonio offers a primitive paradise for a relaxing and peaceful soak along with other attractions like horseback riding, rock climbing, picnicking, and more. 

    Does San Antonio have Hot Springs?

    San Antonio hot springs are made from several water emerging sources of hillside and flow to different rocky-walled soaking pools of different water temperatures.

    Hiking2.4 km long hike
    CampingCamping is not allowed
    History of the placeIt was used by Native American tribes and later by settlers and ranchers. In the early 1900s, the hot springs were developed into a resort, which operated until the 1950s.
    Distance80km, 1 hour and 30 minutes
    PoolsSeveral pools
    DirectionsTake I-25 North from Albuquerque to exit 242. Follow US-550 West for 53 km until you reach San Ysidro. Then, turn right onto NM-4 and follow the signs to the trailhead.
    TrailThe trail is 2.4 km long.
    Services availableNo services are available. Visitors should bring their food, water, and supplies.

    6. McCauley Warm Springs

    McCauley Warm Springs is a series of natural hot springs located in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.


    The springs offer warm, crystal-clear waters for a perfect soak while taking New Mexico’s picturesque landscape views.

    McCauley is one of the most visited hot springs in the country because of its short hiking paths, warm spring pools ( as the water temperature remains less than a human’s average body temperature), and mass soaking provisions (20-30 person in one pool).

    What is McCauley Hot Springs’s temperature?

    The temperature of McCauley Hot Springs is a constant of about 99°F. 

    HikingA moderate 2.5-mile trail leads to the springs.
    CampingCamping is available at nearby sites.
    History of the placeThe area around McCauley Warm Springs has been used for centuries by the Jemez Pueblo people for spiritual and healing purposes.
    Distance100 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes
    PoolsSeveral pools
    DirectionsTo get to McCauley Warm Springs, take NM State Road 4 to Forest Road 10, then drive about 2 miles to reach the trailhead.
    TrailThe trail is 2.5 miles long.
    Services availableNo services are available at the springs, so visitors should bring their supplies and pack out all trash.

    7. Spence Hot Springs

    Spence Hot Spring is breathtaking, surrounded by towering pine trees and natural rock formations.

    Just a short hike away from the parking lot, Spence Hot Springs offers the warmest and clearest water in the form of small tubs maintaining a water temperature of around 100°F.

    Along with soaking, you can witness beautiful views of the Jemez Mountains and the lush forested landscape. 

    Where is Spence Hot Springs NM?

    Spence Hot Springs is situated 0.4 kilometers from New Mexico SH 4. To go to the spring take Highway 4 about 11 kilometers north of Jemez Spring’s village. 

    Is Spencer Hot Springs Clothing Optional?

    Yes, Spencer Hot Springs is clothing optional. 

    HikingThere is a short hiking trail.
    CampingNo camping is allowed.
    History of the placeThe hot spring has been used for centuries by Native Americans for its healing properties.
    Distance80 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes
    PoolsOne main pool
    DirectionsYou can take NM-4 West towards Los Alamos. Continue on NM-4 West for about 97 km, then turn left onto Forest Road 376. Follow the forest road for about 9 km until you reach the parking area.
    TrailThe trail is 2.4 km long and takes 30-45 minutes to hike.
    Services availableNo services are available, so visitors should bring their supplies.

    8. Jemez Springs Bath House

    Jemez Springs Bath House is a historic bathhouse in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, offering a variety of mineral baths and spa services.


    The bathhouse has operated since the early 1800s and owns 8 primitive oversized cemented bathtubs with therapeutic water properties.

    The bathhouse can be accessed for free and is owned and supervised by the Jemez Springs villagers. 

    When is Jemez Springs Bath House open?

    Jemez Spring Bath House remains open from Friday to Tuesday from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. It remains closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

    HikingNo specific hiking place
    CampingCamping is allowed at nearby sites.
    History of the placeThe bath house has operated since the 1800s, offering therapeutic mineral baths to visitors.
    Distance64 km, 1 hour and 15 minutes
    PoolsSeveral pools
    DirectionsYou can take US-84 W/US-285 S to NM-502 W in Los Alamos County. Then, take NM-4 W and NM-126 W to Jemez Springs. The drive takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions.
    TrailThe Jemez Mountains offer various hiking trails nearby
    Services availableTherapeutic mineral baths and spa

    9. Jemez (Giggling) Hot Springs

    The Jemez Hot Springs, or Giggling Hot Springs, is a natural geothermal hot Springs in the Jemez Mountains.

    The hot spring features several pools with varying temperatures along with stunning views of nature for relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, soul, and body.

    The hot springs are sourced from an ancient volcano, Valles Caldera that ranges in water temperature from 142°F before coming to the pools.

    Are the Jemez Springs open?

    Jemez Springs remains open from Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. It remains closed on Tuesday.

    Can you swim in Jemez Springs?

    Yes, you can swim in Jemez Springs as it has a comfortable water temperature of 102-104 degrees.

    HikingThere are several hiking trails near the spring.
    CampingCamping is allowed at nearby sites.
    History of the placeIt has a rich history, being used by Native American tribes for centuries and later becoming a popular destination for settlers and visitors.
    Distance104 km, 1 hour and 30 minutes
    PoolsFour pools
    DirectionsTake US-84/285 North from Santa Fe and then NM-502 West until it intersects with NM-4. Follow NM-4 for approximately 64 km until you reach the hot springs.
    TrailJemez hot springs trail
    Services availableMassage treatment rooms, no reservations, bath tubs. 

    Hot Springs in Santa Fe FAQs

    Are there free Hot Springs in New Mexico?

    New Mexico has a lot of free natural Hot Springs. These include Manby Hot Springs, Spence Hot Springs, San Antonio hot springs, and Riverbend Hot Springs among others. 

    Does McCauley Warm Springs stink?

    No, the water of McCauley warm springs is clear, tasteless, and odorless. It maintains a constant water temperature of 99 degrees. 


    Whether you want to have a bath in a natural hot spring or a hot tub in a resort in Santa Fe, there are several options for relaxing and enjoying the mineral-rich therapeutic water in this region.

    New Mexico does receive snow in December in its northern and central regions an average of 40 inches per year.

    Soaking and relaxing in warm hot springs in New Mexico is one of the best things to do in the winter months.

    So, make a plan with your family and friends and consider one of the closest hot springs for your next itinerary.