Taos Hot Springs


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    Hot springs in New Mexico are found in natural, unaltered forms, serving as pools of warm, calming water surrounded by the stunning scenery of the state of New Mexico.

    Soaking in one of the hot springs at any time of the year gives a surreal feeling along with relishing the surrounding beauty under the massive sky. 


    So, What are you waiting for? Pack your bathing suits and get ready for the ultimate pampering in some Taos Hot Springs

    Does Taos have hot springs?

    Taos city is home of twelve hot springs with different mineral healing capabilities and warmness ranging from 80°F-106°F.

    While some are found surrounded by trees, rocks, and mud, others offer a private and luxurious hot spring feel along with services like massages, therapies, spa packages, dining, lodging, and more. 

    3 Best Natural Hot Springs Near Taos 

    Hot springs in Taos are a blend of both natural and manmade springs. In some cases of man-made hot springs,


    visitors can combine a relaxing bath with other spa services, such as a massage or a hotel stay.

    You may select from a wide variety of natural hot springs near Taos in NM, whether you want to go on a trek before soaking in a hot spring, or just want to rest after a long day.

    These are the top three best hot springs in Santa Fe New Mexico, where you may relax in a soothing dip.


    Manby Hot Springs, often called Stagecoach Hot Springs, is located in New Mexico north of the Taos region along the Rio Grande.


    This natural treasure is ideal for sturdy hot spring enthusiasts for having a peaceful and relaxed soak.

    The best part of this hot spring is it has a river nearby to cool off or have a nice swim after sufficiently soaking up in the springs.

    Manby Hot Springs Statistics

    EnvironmentThe pool is surrounded by rocks providing full privacy to the soakers and you can stare out at the mountain views. 
    Optional ClothingOptional
    Opening SeasonAny time of the year
    Coordinates36.5083° N, 105.7243° W
    Best Time To VisitIn the spring or early fall,
    Dogs Or Pets Pet-friendly

    Seasonal Information

    Best time to visit Manby hot springs is during the late summers or early autumn.   The pools can take up to 6 soakers at a time.

    Usually, the area remains crowd-free but not during spring and usual times. So, it’s recommended to make an advanced reservation by placing a call at 877-977-8212.


    From Taos, New Mexico, the distance is 13 miles and will take around 25 minutes.


    4 pools including river, 2 main pools


    From Taos, New Mexico at mile 5.3 on Highway 522 N, turn west onto County Road B007.

    Turn left into another dirt road about 2.5 kilometers before B007 makes a hard right. Use a high-clearance vehicle and drive slowly.

    Take the left fork after the “Dobson House” sign. Keep right until you reach Manby Hot Springs’ enormous parking lots.

    Park your car on the left and take the unpaved path to the spring/river which is a 15-20 minute walk. 


    The Black Rock Hot Springs is a prehistoric pool with a rocky bottom near the River Grande that flows underneath the John Dunn bridge.


    These springs usually remain cool so that you can jump over straight into the river’s spring edge and enjoy the beauty of the valley.

    Where is Black Rock Hot Springs?

    Black Rock hot springs are located west of Arroyo Hondo town and north of Taos New Mexico.

    Black Rock Hot Springs Statistics

    EnvironmentIt has a beautiful shadowed spot near a side stream having some crystal clear warm pools with a stunning vegetation-less landscape. 
    Optional ClothingOptional
    Opening SeasonThroughout the year 
    Coordinates36.5307° N, 105.7123° W
    Best Time To VisitMorning 
    Dogs Or Pets Pet-friendly

    Seasonal Information

    Best time to visit Black Rock hot springs is during the late summers or early autumn.

    Sometimes it snows in New Mexico during late summer but you can avoid going to the area during that time.

    The spot remains crowded during weekends and holidays, so it is advised to make a visit early in the morning. This hot spring doesn’t require any reservations and is free of cost. 


    The distance from Taos, New Mexico is 12 miles and will take around 25 minutes.


    2 pools 


    From the New Mexico town of Taos take NM-522 N to Acequia Madre del Llano Road in El Prado 14 min (9.8 mi) (9.8 mi) Take Acequia Madre del Llano Road to Co Rd B-007 11 min (3.1 mi) (3.1 mi). 

    After 2.5 miles follow the right road going downhill to meet the one-way bridge and cross the Hondo river.

    After passing the next bridge, John Dunn and park your vehicle nearby. Then take a 7-10 minutes walk from the main roads to the pools.


    Ponce de Leon is a long-abandoned hot spring  located in the Carson National Forest in northwest New Mexico. It is also known as Taos Pueblo Tribal Hot Springs. 


    The Ponce has 3 distinct cement-walled hot spring pools with gravel bottoms and crystal-clear water.

    The land is owned by the US tribe-the Pueblos who grant access to people who use this sacred place. So, it is advised to respect their customs and pools. 

    Ponce De Leon Hot Springs Statistics

    Temperature80- 95°F
    EnvironmentIt’s a great place for migrating birds and wildlife and offers a lot of outdoors like swimming, snorkeling, and more. 
    Optional ClothingOptional
    Opening SeasonAll-year-round
    Coordinates34.6544° N, 92.8952° W
    Best Time To VisitBetween mid-March and mid-May and mid-October and late November.
    Dogs Or Pets No

    Seasonal Information

    Best time to visit Ponce de Leon hot springs is during early March or mid-October to late November.

    This small nice area gets crowded during summer, so you are advised to visit early in the morning.

    Avoid visiting the spot during winter and spring due to muddy roads. Access hot springs for free and during day time only. 


    The distance from Taos, New Mexico to the hot springs is 7 miles and around half an hour. 


    3 pools 


    Take Route 66 west from Taos, New Mexico. NM-68 S/Paseo Del Puebsso Sur Continue reading NM-68 S Around 2.2 miles after turning left onto State Road 382, make a little left onto Miranda Canyon Road.

    Turn right to continue on Miranda Canyon Road for 0.7 miles to reach Ponche’s parking lot. Walk 1.5 mi from the parking area to reach the hot springs.

    Things you should carry- Visitor tips

    • Carry a trash bag to pack your trash while moving out of the place.
    • Check the present road status and weather before moving out. 
    • Don’t play music or keep any noise up at the spot.
    • Keep chemical things and eateries away from the pools.
    • Don’t pee or make the pools dirty.
    • Be friendly and allow others to soak along with you, if you have space.

    Where are clothing-optional hot springs in Mexico?

    The 5 top clothing-optional hot springs in Mexico are:

    • Manby Hot springs
    • Black rock hot springs
    • Indian springs
    • Blackstone hot springs

    Tao’s Hot Springs FAQs

    What is the best month to visit Taos?

    The best month to visit towns is during May and September. 

    Are there free hot springs in New Mexico?

    Admission to all hot springs in New Mexico is absolutely free.


    Taos is an ultimate destination buzzing with natural diversity. Though there might be various Moving to New Mexico pros and cons,

    still people love to spend their vacations indulging in various outdoors on the snow-capped mountains and then leaning back in these warm hot springs.

    The city is a phenomenal blend of adventure and serenity and the hot springs are just a part of absorbing the history, tradition, and landscape of Taos. 

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