Does It Snow in New Mexico?

Does it snow in New Mexico

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    New Mexico, is the fifth-largest state in the nation. Geographically this is a diverse state, whose topography includes natural features such as; mesas, high plateaus, canyons, numerous mountain ranges, valleys, and dry arroyos. The average elevation of the place is responsible for its weather.

    Overall, the state of New Mexico has a mild, continental, arid, and semiarid type of climate that is characterized usually by abundant sunshine, light precipitation, and an overall relatively large annual & diurnal temperature range. The pleasant climate of the state is one of the greatest attractions of the place.

    Overall the climate of the place is dry and there are only rare conditions of weather going to extreme levels. If you are planning of relocation to New Mexico, then you would surely be interested in knowing, does it snow in New Mexico or not.

    Well, here in this descriptive article, we will be sharing all the necessary details with you, related to the climate and snowfall in New Mexico. So, without any further delays let’s get started. 

    Does New Mexico get a lot of snow?  

    The state of New Mexico is located in the southwest part of the US and generally has scorching summers. But there are areas of the state that receive snow upto about 40 inches per season. 

    When was the last snow in New Mexico?

    The last snow showers in the state were witnessed on the 17th and 18th of March 2022.

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    The Climate in New Mexico  

    The climate of New Mexico, is usually dry, with about 280 average sunny days in a year. This state ranks in the second position in terms of sunny days after Arizona. New Mexico, is one of the varied elevated states, that is responsible for the climate of the place. The latitudinal & longitudinal positions of the state are responsible for its climate.

    The Climate in New Mexico
    The Climate in New Mexico

    The neighboring places of the state are also responsible for the 4 seasons prevailing in the state. During the summer season, the average temperature of the state usually exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas in winter, the temperature drops down to about 25 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

    You might be wondering, does it snow in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or not, then the answer to this is yes. On average Albuquerque experiences about 11 inches of snowfall. 

    What type of climate is in New Mexico?

    The state of New Mexico has mild, arid, semi-arid, or continental type of climate, that is usually characterized by abundant sunshine, light precipitation totals, low relative humidity, and a relatively large diurnal & annual temperature range. 

    What’s the weather like in New Mexico year-round?

    Throughout the year, the average annual temperature of the state is about 12 degrees Celcius and the extremes can range from 48 degrees Celcius to about -46 degrees Celcius.

    How cold is New Mexico in the winter?

    January is one of the coldest months of the year when the average temperature at the midnight reaches about 23.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Freezing Days in New Mexico

    Are you thinking, is New Mexico, better to live in? Well, Albuquerque is one of the best cities to live in the state, where the average temperature of the state during nighttime falls below the freezing point. The average temperature ranges from about 32 degrees Fahrenheit to about 18 degrees Fahrenheit for about 113.3 days annually.

    Freezing days in New Mexico
    Freezing days in New Mexico

    The freezing temperature in the state of New Mexico lasts from December to May. During these freezing months, New Mexico only experiences 8 hours of sunshine in a day, and during the night the temperatures at some places can even reach about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    What is the coldest month in New Mexico?

    December and January are considered the coldest months in the state.

    What was the coldest day ever in New Mexico?

    February 1, 1951, is remembered as the coldest day in the history of New Mexico to date. That day the observing stations noted the temperature to be -50 degrees Fahrenheit at Gavilan. Another coldest day was recorded on January 13, 1963, when the temperature was -57 degrees Fahrenheit at Cinzia.

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    Extremely Clouds Days in New Mexico

    New Mexico, experiences sunny days 365 days a year. There are days when the sky is totally clear and about only 30% of the sky is covered with clouds during the daylight hours. Also, the state has partly sunny days, during which about 40% to 70% of the sky is covered with scattered or dense clouds during day time.

    Extremely clouds days in New Mexico
    Extremely clouds days in New Mexico

    On the rest of the days of the year, 80% of the sky over the state is overcast with clouds. 

    How many cloudy days does New Mexico have?

    On average the state of New Mexico has 280 days of sun and clouds in the sky. The rest of the time, you either witness rainfall or snowfall.

    Why is it always cloudy in New Mexico?

     The latitudinal and longitudinal position of the state and its surrounding water bodies are responsible for the clouds above the New Mexico state. 

    Snowfall in New Mexico

    Are you thinking, does it snow in Roswell, New Mexico, or not? Well, the state experiences a considerable amount of snow due to its southwestern geographic location, in the nation. The state experiences snow from November to March. The northern and central regions receive the maximum snowfall and also the temperatures drop upto -16 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Snowfall in New Mexico
    Snowfall in New Mexico

    The state is also home to various ski resorts and other snow activities for people to enjoy.

    What part of New Mexico has snow?

    The northern part of New Mexico is the most elevated region of the state and it receives the maximum amount of snowfall annually. Also, the Red River region of New Mexico is considered to be the snowiest place in the state.

    Does New Mexico get much snow?

    The average snowfall in the northern hilly area is about 100 inches annually, whereas the average snow in the southern part of the state is about 3 inches every year.

    What months does it snow in New Mexico?

    November to March is traditionally considered the snowy month in the state of New Mexico.

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    Snow On The Ground in New Mexico

    January is the coldest month in the state, where the average daytime temperatures range from the middle 50s in the central and southern parts of the state and about 30s in highly elevated areas of the north. The minimum temperature is below-freezing points at the places where snow falls the most.

    Snow on the ground in New Mexico
    Snow on the ground in New Mexico

    There are only less than 80 days in the northern portion of New Mexico where the temperatures are freeze-free. The rest of the time, the ground is covered with snow layers at a considerable height of inches.

    Are you wondering about what are the free things to do in Carlsbad, New Mexico? Well, the town hosts some of the remarkable snow sporting activities that you can enjoy due to about an average of 3 inches of snow falling here every year. 

    Is there snow on the ground in New Mexico Beach?

    Yeah, some of the New Mexico beaches receive snowfall annually.

    Does it Snow in New Mexico FAQs?  

    Is snow common in New Mexico?

    Yes, the snow is quite common in the safest cities in New Mexico, and also the other parts of the state. According to the reports of Weather.NMSU.Edu, the average snowfall in the state ranges from about 3 inches in the plains to about 100 inches in the mountain regions.

    Some of the highest mountains of the state located in the north experience over 300 inches of snowfall.  

    Does it snow in New Mexico in January?

    Well, yes January is the snowiest and the coldest month in the state. When the temperatures can fall to -16 degrees Fahrenheit and snowfall occur upto 8 inches. 

    How many days does it snow in New Mexico?

    Red River is known to be the snowiest place in the state and experiences about 40 inches of constant snowfall every year for an average of 62 days.

    Also, if you are wondering, does it snow in Santa Fe, New Mexico, then the place experiences about 22 inches of snow every year for about 36 days a year on average.


    Now, we hope that you must have got the answer to your question, does it snow in New Mexico, or not? The geographical position of the state is responsible for the snow. December and January are the snowiest months in the state.

    So, if you want to witness an abundance of snow in New Mexico, then plan your itinerary to the Red River, New Mexico today for the upcoming month of January, to witness mesmerizing and breathtaking white snowy view. 

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