Cost of Living in Oklahoma


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    Oklahoma is one of the cheapest states to live in. Oklahoma is famous due to its landscapes, mountains, lakes with cabins and affordable living.

    If you are planning to move to Oklahoma, you must be curious about the cost of living in Oklahoma. 

    The cost of living in Oklahoma city is 12% lower than the national average. Oklahoma is ranked the eighth state due to its low costs of living.

    However, the average living cost in Oklahoma per month is $2,878 for a single person. Muskogee is the city with the lowest cost of living in Oklahoma. 

    cost of living

    Oklahoma is an inexpensive state with the low costs of utilities, groceries, and healthcare.

    Childcare and all basic essentials for a comfortable lifestyle are also cheaper in Oklahoma. Let’s break down all the costs in detail.

    Is Oklahoma expensive to live in? 

    No, Oklahoma is not expensive at all. Oklahoma is the 8th cheapest state in the US. The living costs in Oklahoma are less than the national average.

    The basic life expenses are also cheaper in Oklahoma. Less living costs are a good reason for people moving to Oklahoma

    How much do you need to live comfortably in Oklahoma?

    For a comfortable life in Oklahoma, you need to make $60,000 per year. In this income, you can fulfill all your needs and also enjoy the luxuries you want. 

    Cost of living in Oklahoma 

    Oklahoma has low costs when compared to the other states and is one of the most affordable states to reside in.

    The living costs can vary from one city to another. Living in an urban metropolitan area with all its amenities costs more than a rural or abandoned place in Tahlequah Oklahoma

    The average cost of living in Oklahoma is $38,650 per year. Moreover, a rough estimation of living costs in Oklahoma are discussed below in detail. 

    1. Utilities Prices in Oklahoma

    Utility prices in Oklahoma are 3% less than the national level. The average utility costs in Oklahoma makes $382 per month. The utilities include water, electricity, gas and cable bills. 


    The average gas costs $131 per month and cable,internet costs $107 per month. The costs vary according to the location and usage of utilities. 

    How much is the average electric bill in Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma residents pay $202 per month for electricity. Electricity costs in Oklahoma 13¢ kWh. 

    Why is Oklahoma’s electric bill so high?

    Electricity bills are high in Oklahoma due to the increased rates of natural gas. Oklahoma produces its electricity by using natural gas so, when the gas prices increase the electricity bills also increase. 

    How much is the water bill in Oklahoma?

    The average monthly bill in Oklahoma is $35. 

    2. Groceries Price in Oklahoma

    Groceries in Oklahoma are 8% lower than the national average. Groceries play a vital role in our daily expenses.


    Oklahoma is one of the cheapest states in groceries and foods. The costs vary according to the location of your house. 

    How much are groceries in Oklahoma?

    Groceries in OklahomaGrocery Prices in Oklahoma
    Bread    $2.99
    Rice    $4.34
    Chicken     $8.92
    Cheese     $10.6
    Steak    $12.6
    Apples    $5.09
    Tomato    $4.99
    Potato    $4.94
    Onion     $2.09
    Water    $1.6

    How much is a dozen eggs in Oklahoma?

    A dozen eggs costs $4.85 in Oklahoma. 

    How much does milk cost in Oklahoma?

    One litre of milk costs $1.08 in Oklahoma. 

    3. Oklahoma Housing Market

    Housing market in Oklahoma is 26% lower than the national average. Renting a house in Oklahoma is also cheaper than other states.


    However, housing costs vary across the state due to amenities and location. 

    Housing in OKMedian Housing costs in Oklahoma
    Mortgage costs$1,234
    1-Bedroom rent $641
    2-Bedroom rent $793
    3-Bedroom rent $980
    4-Bedroom rent $1,170
    Studio rent $607
    Gross rent $810


    How is the housing market right now in Oklahoma?

    According to the recent data by Realtors, The housing price in Oklahoma in 2023 is $285,000. The median listing home price per square footage is $157. However, the median home sold price is $237,000. 

    Are home prices dropping in Oklahoma?

    No, housing prices are not dropping in Oklahoma. Infact, the prices were 6.3% up in January 2023. But, still these prices are less than the national average. 

    Why is Oklahoma housing so cheap?

    According to a mortgage analyst, Oklahoma housing is cheap due to some factors. These factors include The large amount of undeveloped flat land and the real estate market is the supply and demand, so they take care of the supply. 

    Is rent expensive in Oklahoma?

    No, rent prices are not expensive in Oklahoma.However, these rent costs  increase each year but are less than the national average. 

    4. Tax rates in Oklahoma

    According to the Tax foundation, tax rates for a graduated individual ranges between 0.25% to 4.75 %.


    The corporate income tax in Oklahoma is 4.00% and the state sales tax is 4.50%. However, the local sales tax in Oklahoma is 7%. 

    Taxable IncomeBut not overYour tax income 
    $0$10,000$0 – $310
    $10,000$20,000$313 – $810
    $20,000$30,000$813 – $1,310
    $30,000$40,000$1,310 – $1,810
    $40,000$50,000$1,813 – $2,310
    $50,000$60,000$2,313 – $2,810
    $60,000$70,000$2,813 – $3,310
    $70,000$80,000$3,313 – $3,810
    $80,000$90,000$3,813 – $4,310
    $90,000$100,000$4,313 – $4,810
    $100,000$4,812 + 0.05% 0f the excess of $100,000. 

    Is Oklahoma a tax friendly state?

    Yes, Oklahoma is a tax friendly state.Social Security income is not taxed.Wages and other tax rates are also normal with 4.7% of marginal tax. 

    What are the tax brackets in Oklahoma? 

    Income tax brackets if you are single, married or registered domestic partner filing separately. 

    How much is 100k after taxes in Oklahoma?

    If you earn 100k in Oklahoma, then you will be taxed $26,678. So, your net income will be $73,322 per year and $6,110 monthly. 

    How much is 60k a year after taxes in Oklahoma?

    If your salary is 60k in Oklahoma, you will be taxed $12,918. So, your net income will be $47,082 per year and $3,924 per month. 

    5. Education Cost in Oklahoma

    Education cost in Oklahoma is lower than the national average. The average college tuition fees in Oklahoma for the year 2022-2023 is $4,824 for in-state and $12,340 for out-of-state students. 


    However, the University of Tulsa is the most expensive institute costing $47,211 for tuition and fees. The mid-America Technology Centre  is the cheapest one costing $1,000 tuition fees. 

    Does Oklahoma have free colleges?

    No, Oklahoma does not have free college. But, According to Oklahoma’s  Promise, colleges provide scholarships to the students with certain income requirements. 

    What is the average cost to educate a student in Oklahoma?

    The average cost to educate a student in 2023 in Oklahoma costs $6,576  per year for a private school tuition. 

    6. Oklahoma Child Care Cost


    Child Care costs in Oklahoma are much affordable.The average cost of a Child care provider is $12.59 per hour. The costs can vary according to the needs and type of responsibilities. 

    How much does daycare cost per week in Oklahoma?

    A daycare cost for children per week is $144 for infants, $108 for a 4-year old, $62 for a school age child. 

    How much is a daycare a month in Oklahoma?

    Daycare costs range between $550 – $715 per month depending upon the age of the child. 

    7. Cost for Healthcare in Oklahoma

    Healthcare insurance varies from county to county in Oklahoma. The average healthcare costs in Oklahoma is $540 per month. The costs vary according to the health package you choose. 


    Like many other US states, Oklahoma also offers health packages including gold, silver,bronze and platinum.

    These packages offer many facilities and are available in expensive to the most cheaper prices. 

    Healthcare costs for a couple of age 40 is $1,270 and a family of three is $1,650. 

    Does Oklahoma have low income health insurance?

    Yes, Oklahoma medicaid SoonerCare offers many healthcare programs funded by the federal and state government for the people with low income. 

    The program helps people to pay the medical bills for the people with low income. 

    8. Public Transportation costs in Oklahoma

    Transportation costs in Oklahoma are affordable. The average transport costs $5,477 – $15,530 per year.


    Transport costs are free for children under 6. However there are also reduced fares for the elderly people of age 60 plus. 

    Moreover, you have to buy bus passes in Oklahoma for travelling. These passes vary in costs according to the number of days mentioned on the pass. 

    • A 1-day unlimited pass costs $4 for adults and a reduced fare is $2. You can go anywhere in one pass for 24-hours.
    • A 7-day unlimited pass of $14 and a reduced cost $7 is valid for 7 days.So you can travel anywhere for 7 days using this pass. 
    • A 30-day unlimited pass costs $50 with reduced cost of $25 is a monthly pass to travel anywhere for 30-days. 

    How much is the bus fare in Oklahoma?

    The local bus fare is $1.75 reduced to 0.75 and express bus fare is $3 with reduced fare of $1.50 for a single trip. The bus fare is free for children under 6. 

    How much does it cost to ride a street car in Oklahoma city?

    A single trip by street car in Oklahoma city costs $1.0 with reduced fare of $0.50. 

    9. Miscellaneous Things in Oklahoma

    Miscellaneous things in OK Cost of Miscellaneous things in OK
    Gym membership $30.2
    Cigarette Pack$8.05
    Branded shoes $124
    Cinema Ticket $12
    Dinner in restaurant $52.8
    Beer in a Pub $3.01


    10. Living Costs in Oklahoma Table 

    Living In OK Living cost in OK 
    Utilities  cost$382
    Groceries cost$2,756
    Housing Market  cost$285,000
    Tax rates cost0.25 – 4.75%
    Education cost$4,824 for in-state students
    Childcare cost$12.59 per hour
    Healthcare cost$540 per month
    Public Transportation cost$5,477 – $15,530
    Miscellaneous  cost$1000 per month

     Cost of living in Oklahoma FAQs

    What part of Oklahoma is the cheapest to live in?

    Okmulgee is the cheapest city to live in Oklahoma. 

    What is a good hourly wage in Oklahoma?

    A good hourly wage is $25.56 in Oklahoma. This hourly wage annually makes $53,155. 

    What city has the best pay and the lowest cost of living in Oklahoma?

    Muskogee is the city in Oklahoma with lowest cost of living Muskogee has the lowest housing, childcare and healthcare costs. 


    Oklahoma is the 8th cheapest state with lowest cost of living. Living costs in Oklahoma are 12% lower than the national average.

    Moreover, Oklahoma is a tax-friendly state. The educational costs, healthcare, childcare,groceries, utilities and transportation costs are lower in Oklahoma.

    The above article might help you in understanding the living costs in Oklahoma. However, low living costs with all other amenities makes Oklahoma worth a place to live in.

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