Abandoned Places in Oklahoma

Abandoned places in Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma is home to many interesting ghost stories filled with murder, suicide, and even the odd cryptid. Many people love to hunt for treasure. Some meet their needs through the practice of geocaching, while others like to visit abandoned buildings. There’s something poignant about remembering the things that have been lost to time and neglect. The most well-known abandoned places in Oklahoma are listed here, so visit these creepy ghost towns in Oklahoma at your risk; you don’t know what you might stumble upon while exploring.

    Abandoned places in Oklahoma

    Are there any abandoned towns in Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma has more than 2000+ abandoned or haunted places that till now, terrify the bravest explorers who visit these locations to discover the past. These places have a lot of stories- creepy incidents, ghost appearances, and disappearing events, which is why this state’s name is listed among one of the cons from the pros and cons of Moving to Oklahoma

    Is it illegal to explore abandoned buildings in Oklahoma?

    It is illegal to visit and explore abandoned buildings in Oklahoma because they have been inevitably still owned by locals, and peeping into someone’s property is trespassing, unlawful, and generally a civil offense.

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    5 Ghost Towns in Oklahoma

    We can tell you’re here for it since the term “ghost” appears to have a particular magnetic pull. What is the Oklahoma Ghost Towns, to begin with? Well, Oklahoma is home to several well-known tourist attractions. Several of its parts were replaced by roads, resulting in the abandonment of several communities along its path. Visiting abandoned places in Oklahoma is highly recommendGandini’sed since it seems like time travel. In light of this, here are 5 best Ghost Towns in Oklahoma you shouldn’t miss:

    List of ghost townsReason of abandonment
    Eastern State HospitalNot financially competent
    Gandini’s Circus, EdmondCircus members vanished after their last show
    The Town Of Skedee, OklahomaA Rapid drop in population
    Camp Scott, Locust GroveHaunted (death of girl scout camp)
    Riviera Drive-In, Oklahoma CityDamaged by storm and closed permanently

    1. Eastern State Hospital – Not Financially Competent

    The abandoned place in Tulsa Oklahoma, Eastern state hospital was established by the State Legislature for the Insane in 1909. It is located at Vinita, Craig County. This 160-acre tract of land was given to the State by the City of Vinita for this purpose. S.S. Cobb owns this hospital land. Eastern State Hospital has been a major factor in the economy of Craig County since 1913.

    eastern state hospital

    Its influence on mental health matters has extended well beyond its service area. When Oklahoma became a state in 1907, the mentally ill first were cared for through contracts with private sanitariums.

    In 1947, the Hospital was renamed Eastern State Hospital.

    When did Eastern State Hospital in Vinita Oklahoma close?

    Eastern State Mental Hospital of Vinita Oklahoma was planned to close in 1885 but the final shutdown happened in 2008. The hospital moved all its last patients out of the facilities and made the hospital empty in that year itself.

    Where do the criminally insane go in Oklahoma?

    Criminally insane patients in Oklahoma are adopted and treated in the eastern state hospital, Patton State Hospital, and the Government of Oklahoma, Department Of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Hospitals.

    2. Gandini’s Circus, Edmond – Circus Members Vanished after their last show

    Gandini’s Circus, Edmond is an abandoned place in Edmond Oklahoma. It began in the early 1900s and folded during the Great Depression. In 1943, a man named Howard Suez bought the remaining assets of Gandini’s Circus and used them to start the Clyde Bros. Gandini’s Circus is an indoor circus that performed in stadiums and arenas and did a lot of work for the Shriners. It is on private property, but you can still see it from the rusty gates.

    Gandini’s Circus, Edmond

    The whole property has a very eerie feeling. There have been numerous reports of ghost sightings on the property. Many people think of past circus performers, and animals haunt it. From animal cages to popcorn machines to drink cups, circus memorabilia can be found all over the property.

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    3. The town of Skedee, Oklahoma – A Rapid drop in Population

    The town was established in 1893. It was originally called Lemert. The name was too similar to a neighboring town, so it was changed to Skedee in 1902 when the town built a post office.


    The structure was built in 1926 to depict the friendship and business dealings between “Colonel” Walters and the Chief of the Osage Nation, Baconrind. Millions of dollars flowed through town during the oil boom and at one point in history.

    The Osage were considered the wealthiest people in the world per capita. Then, in 1957, a flood washed out the railroad that went through town. These events caused Skedee to dwindle, eventually becoming a ghost town. Skedee is located six miles northeast of the county seat of Pawnee and with a population of just 50 residents.

    Can you drive through Skedee Oklahoma?

    Yes, you can drive to Skedee town, Oklahoma but have to avoid driving during the nighttime. Some shortcut routes and side roads are now closed due to road defects and other causes but the main road still runs to the abandoned town.

    4. Camp Scott, Locust Grove – Haunted

    Camp Scott opened as a Girl Scout Camp in 1928. It is located in the Cookson Hills, a few miles south of Locust Grove. The Scott family donated the property for the camp. Camp Scott was operated by the Magic Empire Council of Girl Scouts, headquartered in Tulsa.

    Camp Scott

    The Magic Empire Council covered a six-county area including Tulsa, Mayes, Rogers, Payne, Creek, and Osage Counties, with most girls coming from the Tulsa metro area. After the murders on June 13th, 1977, Camp Scott was closed, and the Girl Scouts never reopened it. The property was eventually sold off to a local family.

    Is Camp Scott in Oklahoma still open?

    Camp Scott, Oklahoma is now abandoned and has not reopened since closed on 13 June 1977.

    Who owns Camp Scott now?

    Camp Scott Oklahoma is now owned privately by a local family named Robert Ian Taylor. He is a retired Canadian ice hockey goaltender who is now working as a commentator on a television broadcast channel.

    5. Riviera Drive-In, Oklahoma City – Damaged by Storm and Closed Permanently

    The Riviera Drive-In was opened on August 24, 1967, with a triple bill program “They Came From Beyond Space,” “The Terrornauts,” & “The Projected Man.” The screen was severely damaged in a storm in 1999. The theater closed after that. The rest of the drive remained intact, although shabby until it was eventually demolished. It was a single screen with a 700 intake capacity. Gandini’s

    Riviera Drive-In

    The Riviera Drive-In closed in 1999 after a thunderstorm in which the screen was blown down. The fallen screen, ticket booth, speaker poles, projection booth, concession stand, and marquee remained vacant and seemingly forgotten for years. Riviera Drive-In, the abandoned place in Tahlequah Oklahoma, currently remains the concession stand and projection building.

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    Abandoned places in Oklahoma FAQ’s

    How do you find abandoned places in Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma not only has abandoned towns and cities but also includes hospitals, buildings, hotels, schools, churches, disappearing towns, theaters, jails, railroads, government organizations, etc that are known to be haunted and creepy places. These places are declared “restricted regions” by the city of Oklahoma City council.

    How many abandoned towns are in Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma has approximately 300+ abandoned towns that are rumored as haunted, neglected, or restricted regions. These places don’t have any imprints of civilization and have returned to empty regions and pasture lands.


    In this article, we have listed 5 ghost towns that are the most well-known abandoned places in Oklahoma. Other than this, there are many more haunted places in the state. Due to the fear of ghosts or some untoward happeningGandini’ss in those areas, humans are not allowed to visit and stay. 

    Many times, people living in Oklahoma think about how much it costs to build a 2000 sq. ft house in Oklahoma. This is because Oklahoma has a lot to offer. There are many lake views, camping sites, historical destinations, and outdoor recreation spots to visit and explore, which is why most people love this state, move in, buy houses and stay until their last breath.

    So, all in all, this article is a way to tell people that despite having many haunted places, Oklahoma, the sooner state, is worth visiting and staying in; except for those haunted and abandoned areas. 

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