Cost of living in Michigan

Cost of living in michigan

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    Michigan is a blend of the natural environment lakes and ranked number 28 for the “The 50 Friendliest States in America.” Also, a famous science magazine said that Michigan will be America’s best place to live in 2100. Today, Michigan’s official theme is natural peace, jobs with better payings, and better-quality education for everyone.

    Cost of living in michigan

    The above things attract people to come and live a happy life in Michigan with peace. It also offers the cheapest places to live like Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Iron Mountain, and more. But, what about – “Michigan cost of living?” Is it expensive to live in Michigan?

    If you want to know about the cost of living in Michigan, you are on the right platform. This article will give you enough knowledge on Michigan’s cost of living. So, read the following questions before your journey starts.

    Is living in Michigan expensive?

    Most people have misunderstandings about Michigan’s cost of living. A few believe that this is an expensive state to live in in the US. But, the fact is that Michigan is not a costly state to live, work, and learn. Most people come and enjoy four seasons in a day.

    Also, these people consist of travelers, backpackers, tourists and enjoy their traveling experience in various places of Michigan at a low cost. Besides that, the income tax rate was 4.25, and the state tax rate was 6% in October 2020. Therefore, one can easily live a happy life in Michigan with a low cost of living compared to the US.

    How much do I need to live in Michigan?

    Michigan offers a lot! Therefore, you cannot avoid the fact that Michigan is one of the best parts of the US to live in. Your child can take better education and free space of learning with its schools and universities. Also, you as a professional worker can get a better place to work and earn.

    Therefore, you can make your decision to live in Michigan. A family of four needs an estimated amount of $3,398 to live in Detroit, Michigan. However, an individual needs $986 monthly to live in Detroit, Michigan.

    Remember one thing that a cost does not include rent because it changes as per the areas and other factors.

    So, if you have decided to move, see our moving to Michigan blog to get information about how you can move to Michigan. Now is the time to get back on the topic – “Cost of living in Michigan.”

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    Michigan Cost of Living

    Michigan is widespread as the automotive industry center of the United States and created an economic force in the early 20th century. Three massive automotive companies belong to Michigan.

    As a result, most get jobs as per their experience and qualifications, which helps their cost of living. See how they spend on the following major points.

    1. How Much Does Groceries Cost in Michigan?

    It involves many items like bakery and bread, meat and seafood, pasta and rice, etc. Though, sometimes it becomes costlier to get all these. But, not so in Michigan! The following table will show you why?


    It compares groceries in the top ten cities of Michigan by population. Also, the data is based on the US average of 100. If the amount is below 100, the cities are cheaper than the US average.

    CitiesAverage groceries rates
    Grand Rapids95.2
    Sterling Heights96.9
    Ann Arbor102.6

    How much does the average person spend on groceries in Michigan?

    An average person working in an organization can spend between $238 to $364 per month on groceries in Michigan. The prices may vary as per the localities, areas, and local rates.

    How much should groceries cost per week?

    You know what, it is impossible to spend all the earnings on groceries only. Therefore, an average person can spend between $59 to $91 per week on groceries in Michigan.

    2. Michigan Food Cost

    Michigan offers mouth lingering food dishes like Mackinac island fudge, Detroit-style pizza, and more. Therefore, you may think that the cost is relatively higher. Right?


    Well, the cost is not higher than you think. See the following average cost of food per day in the top ten cities by population in Michigan.

    CitiesAverage food prices
    Grand Rapids20
    Sterling Heights10.38
    Ann Arbor5.28

    How much is bread in Michigan?

    Food items are generally available at low prices in Michigan. So, if you want to buy bread, it will cost you 0.88 dollars, and it means you can buy your bread from the nearer store at less than a dollar in Michigan.

    How much does food cost in Detroit?

    Detroit is amongst the best places to live in Michigan. So if you think that food will cost you more in this beautiful city, you are wrong. You have to spend only $36 in Detroit towards food per day. Also, the dining can be available at $15 per person on average. Also, despite food, what are the other things you can do in Michigan?

    There are other exciting things to do in Michigan, which you can see in our blog. You can make a family trip and enjoy these things in Michigan. So, let’s move back to the next point of “Cost of living Michigan.”

    3. Are Utilities Expensive in Michigan?

    Therefore, the average electricity rate is 16.26¢ per kWh, water is $28, and gas is $3.37 per gallon in Michigan.


    The average utility rates of the top ten cities are mentioned in the following table. The below rates are based on the US average.

    CitiesAverage utility rates
    Grand Rapids99.9
    Sterling Heights99.9
    Ann Arbor99.3

    What is the average utility bill in Michigan?

    As per the energy information administration report from 2017, Michigan’s average energy bill was $97.41. Also, it was lower than the US average rate of $111.67.

    What is the average water bill in Michigan?

    It is said that Water is life because it can add days to life. So, the average rate of a water bill in Michigan costs $28, which is the recent average rate of the water bill in this state.

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    4. Healthcare System in Michigan

    Michigan has a few best ingress in the field of Healthcare in the nation. However, in overall personal health, Michigan stands on the low level.


    Below is a piece of information that compares the top ten cities in Michigan by population.

    Grand Rapids83.4
    Sterling Heights82.1
    Ann Arbor86

    How much is health insurance in Michigan per month?

    The health insurance cost varies as per the size of the family in Michigan. Therefore, an individual plus child family needs $655, whereas a couple above age 40 needs $819 for their insurance issues. Likewise, a family of four and a family of three needs to pay the amount of $1,310 and $1,065, respectively.

    Does Michigan have free healthcare?

    There are some needy people in a few parts of Michigan. Therefore, the free or low-cost health coverages are provided by Medicaid to them.

    5. Is Michigan Housing Expensive?

    In Michigan, almost 70% of people own their homes, which helps make a place in the top level of the United States. Also, the markets of entire Michigan have extremely median home values. If you see Ann Arbor, the median home price is about $416,498.

    Grand Rapids71.3
    Sterling Heights90.7
    Ann Arbor164.2

    What is the average cost of a house in Michigan?

    Commonly the value of homes in Michigan is $222.659, which is regularly adjusted. Also, it comes with the middle price tier of dwellings. In the last year, the home prices of Michigan have increased by 16.1%.

    Why are houses so expensive in Michigan?

    According to the Michigan Realtors President and Real Estate agent E’toile Libbett, the increasing demand for small homes has raised the prices. Also, it has become a worse situation because of construction costs, problems in the supply chain, and financial hardship during the pandemic.

    Besides that, if you want to build a house in Michigan, how much to build a house in Michigan will help you there. It will guide you on a few essential things and the cost of making a home in Michigan.

    6. Average rent by Bedroom

    Michigan stands in 39th rank for the highest rent in the country. The rent of a studio or efficiency is $1,029 for a month and $1,892 monthly for a four-bedroom house or apartment.


    The following table will introduce you to the average rent of apartments in the top ten cities by population in Michigan.

    CitiesAverage rents ($)
    Grand Rapids1,287
    Sterling Heights1,080
    Ann Arbor1.749

    How much can you charge for rent in Michigan?

    First, consider that when you charge an amount of rent to your tenants, it should be a percentage of your home value. Commonly, the rent prices range between 0.8% to 1.1% for you to charge on tenants.

    For example, if your house value is $250,000, you can only collect a charge between $2,000 to $2,750 for a month.

    How many people rent in Michigan?

    It is tough to tell you the exact amount of people. However, in unknown research, almost 1,100,000 rental households exist in Michigan, which is 29% of the total households.

    7. Tax System in Michigan

    What will be your tax if you are in Michigan? Is it your question too? So, we would like to inform you that the state comes with a flat income tax rate of 4.25%. In addition to this, the cities charge their tax rates besides the state.

    Tax System

    The statewide income tax rate is imposed on each city, but their rates are different. As a result, the following table will show you the different rates from the different cities in Michigan.

    CitiesCity wise tax ratesTotal of Tax rates (State 4.25% + City)
    Grand Rapids1.50%5.25%
    Sterling Heights4.3%8.55%
    Ann Arbor4.3%8.55%

    Are taxes high in Michigan?

    The sales taxes are not higher in Michigan, and the sales taxes does not go out of the national average, and only 6% sales tax is implied on the purchases from Michigan.

    What is a Michigan Tax exemption?

    The tax exemption means a cash rejection, which reduces the burden of taxable income, and it simply means you can reduce the taxes, or taxes are applied on a few parts of income only.

    For the 2021 tax year, the personal exemption was $4,900, and the special exemption was $2,800. Also, $400 was exempted for the qualified disabled veteran’s exemption.

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    8. Michigan Transportation System

    The state has a sizable and manifold transportation system, including all modes of transportation. Whether it is a bicycle, aviation, pedestrian, highways, public transportations, or rail, you will not be disappointed by their services.


    In case you forgot, let us remember one thing, the below results are based on the US national average of 100.

    CitiesAverage Transportation Cost
    Grand Rapids95.1
    Sterling Heights132.3
    Ann Arbor100.1

    Is there public transportation in Michigan?

    Most cities in Michigan have only limited public modes of transportation, and the subway or trams systems are missing in these cities. Also, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids offer bus services with wheelchair systems or rideshare apps, with a few limitations.

    Does Michigan have easy transportation?

    The traveling buses are the cheapest modes of travel in Michigan. Most of them travel between southern shores to the Upper Peninsula only to drop passengers. As a result, buses can be said to be the easy form of transportation in Michigan.

    9. Energy and Fuel Consumption

    Michigan stands on 15th number to create wind-powered electricity. In recent years, Michigan used natural gas, around 33% of the state’s net generation. Also, the usage of coal decreased by 27%.

    Energy and Fuel Consumption
    CitiesAverage cost of Energy and Fuel
    Grand Rapids$4.24
    Sterling Heights$4.00
    Ann Arbor$4.27

    How much does 1 kWh cost in Michigan?

    In Michigan, the average cost for residential electricity rate is $16.26 per kWh, and it is the highest average rate in the United States.

    What is the average heating bill in Michigan?

    Most Michigan houses use natural gas for their comfort. Therefore, the average residential heating bill before a few years ago was $39 during the regular weather and increased in the winter to $154.

    10. Miscellaneous Cost of Living in Michigan

    The Michigan area is full of miscellaneous activities for baseball, art, and outdoor enthusiasts. So, they can get tickets for these activities and enjoy their holidays.


    For the last, this data is based on the United States national average.

    CitiesMiscellaneous Cost
    Grand Rapids98.7
    Sterling Heights100.3
    Ann Arbor95.4

    What are some examples of miscellaneous expenses?

    The exact amount of miscellaneous expenses depends on the people. It is because a few people spend a lot on clothing, computers, tools, accessories, traveling, boots, and more. These are examples of miscellaneous expenses of a single person.

    So, in this way, we have provided the average cost of living in Michigan information. Therefore, you don’t need to go anywhere to get any information.

    But, if you doubt about “Is Michigan a community property state,” then we have a blog on this. You will get accurate information on that.

    Cost of living in Michigan FAQs

    Is Michigan a cheap state to live in?

    Michigan is one of the best places to visit in the western US. Also, people can plan to make a dream home in Michigan because it offers the lowest cost of living and stands on number fourth for the same. In addition to this, regions like Grand Rapids and Detroit are among the best regions for international housing availability and affordability.

    How much does it cost per month to live in Michigan?

    The national average for a renter is about $1,023. But, Michigan offers relief to renters in terms of monthly rents, and they have to spend about $850 for monthly rent in Michigan.


    Michigan is an exciting place to roam with places like Rock National Lakeshore, Windmill Island Gardens, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, and more. Therefore, a person can easily plan a trip to Michigan with his family and friends. But, if you think it is not suitable for living, this may be your bad.

    It offers the best living at a low cost. Therefore, we have researched and collected a few points on the cost of living in Michigan, and these are stated as per below.

    • An introductory part will give information on living in Michigan and the amount you should carry to live in Michigan.
    • After that, the groceries will give you information about the cost of groceries in Michigan.
    • Most food lovers can get food at a low cost which is mentioned in the Food section.
    • After, you will meet the necessities like Utility costs, Healthcare costs, and Housing costs.
    • People looking for apartment rent will get the average rent of apartments by bedroom in Michigan.
    • The most crucial portion while moving to any country is taxation. Therefore, we have included the tax information in this blog.
    • Working professionals need transportation for their daily traveling from their residence to the office. Therefore, you will meet with a few affordable transportation services in the transportation section.
    • You can get information about the energy and fuel and miscellaneous costs on the random spendings.

    At last, we have two vital questions in the FAQs section, which will help you complete the cost of living Michigan blog. So, in this way, the blog is created for your help and comfort. We hope you will get the information you are searching for.

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