How much to build a house in Michigan?

Cost to build a house in michigan

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    Michigan is mostly known for its stunning automobiles, fishing, and forestry. Therefore, most retired people and others love to build their dream home in Michigan. And, do you know what makes it more exciting? The residents of Michigan can enjoy four seasons in a day which means you can feel like you are on cloud nine.

    Cost to build a house in michigan

    Besides that, it has a coastline of 3,288 miles, the longest in the US. Along with that, Michigan offers a natural environment with high-quality education and jobs with better playings. All these factors excite people to build a home in Michigan. But, how much would it cost to build in Michigan?

    This entire article will talk about the aspects of making a house in Michigan and the cost. But, before that, we would like you to read the following necessary questions and then continue to your topic.

    How to save money by building a house in Michigan?

    Building a house may reduce your savings, or we can say that it will make your pocket empty. So what to do to save your money by building a house in Michigan?

    First, you should maintain at least a good credit score, and it will help you get a loan at the best interest rates possible. Pay the credit account bills on time as much as possible to control your credit score.

    After that, you should research the local vendors. It’s vital to bring out the best local vendors in providing material, furnishing, landscaping, architecture, interior designing, and more. When you pick the best one, he will try to use even a single penny to build your home in the best possible manner. At the same time, it will reduce your cost to build a house in Michigan.

    At last, we would like to remind you about the resale value. Consider the measures to maximize its resale value by adding solar panels, window coatings, and radiant barriers facilities to your home. This will help you save the cost of building a house in Michigan.

    Is it cheaper to buy or build a house in Michigan?

    As per the estimates, the average cost of building a house in Michigan is about $300,000. The average cost to buy a single-family home is nearly $230,000, as per the recent data. It indicates that choosing a pre-existing house is better than erecting a home for your family.

    However, there is an issue to find a buyer who wants to buy a house. Also, those who want to make their dream house that they have dreamed of in their lives can build a house in Michigan without any problem.

    In addition to this, if you want to know more fun things to do in Michigan, you can go with our article on it. This article will introduce the best and most fun things, including fishing and others.

    After this, let’s go and see how much to build a house in Michigan from below.

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    Cost to Build a Home in Michigan

    Michigan is a beautiful city to live in or build your dream home. People can stay here with facilities like better education, better-paying jobs, hospitality, and others.

    So, if you want to build your house in Michigan, you must know the cost to build. The average cost of building a house in Michigan ranges between $100 to $155 per sq. ft. The price depends on the location, designs, and other factors. See the different city’s costs in the below table.

    Table House Cost by Cities

    The cost of building a home depends on several factors like material, land, labor, and others. Therefore, the price of building a home varies in different cities in Michigan. So, do you want to know per square foot (sq. ft.) house building cost in Michigan cities? 

    The table shows the average cost of making houses in the various cities of Michigan. 

    CitiesCosts (Per Square Foot)
    Grand Rapids City$166
    Warren City$116
    Sterling Heights$144.33
    Ann Arbor City$120
    Lansing City$125

    Land price in Michigan

    Whenever you want to make a home, first, you decide on a place or land. A few people erect their homes at their existing addresses. But, most people want to change their location and build their houses in new locations.

    Land Price

    The cost of building a house for such people depends on the land they choose. Therefore, you must consider essential things that you will need to make your dream home, including the land prices. Also, most cities have different real estate values. So, make sure that the city and land you choose suit your taste. The land in Michigan costs up to $23,765 per acre on average, hanging on the different locations.


    Materials are also amongst the essential factors while making your dream home with all the amenities. People need two types of material : construction material and finishing material.

    These construction materials include bricks, sand, cement, and others. On the other hand, finishing materials include furniture and fixtures, appliances, finishings, and others. Therefore, it is difficult to get the estimated cost of materials because it depends on the choice, preference, and designs.

    Labor costs

    Labor cost includes the payments of engineers, architects, plumbers, builders, electricians, laborers, and professionals. Therefore, considering a labor cost is another important thing in building your home.

    Most people choose to estimate labor cost percentage between 20 to 40% of the total cost.

    You can pay this amount either in advance or after your work is done. Thus, there are fewer chances of delays in payments and disputes between homeowners and laborers. Also, it will help you to make your relationship with labor harmonious and make your home as soon as possible.

    Major systems

    While making a home, most of us feel that the new home should have all the necessary amenities and a few advanced ones. Therefore, they count money and keep it aside for major systems like electricity, HVAC, plumbing, sewage, solar energy systems, and the list is quite long.

    These systems help you provide enough light, better water solutions, water waste solutions, etc. Plus, we believe that these basic major systems should be installed at your new home to avoid future bother.

    Hidden cost

    Hidden costs are commonly charged by the construction manager for rendering their services in the making of your home. It is indirectly related to charges of taking permission for a garage.

    House Building

    Below is the list of a few hidden costs.

    • Various testings & analyses – You may have to pay for soil testing, contour testing, site preparation, demolition, and other work.
    • Site requirements – The builder wants toilets, fencing, and other materials, which can be taken off after building a house but are needed in the project.
    • Designs Updates – When you plan for a house to build, you ask for designs from your architecture or engineer. Also, you have to decide on a final one after a few changes to make those changes.

    So, before you make a house, discuss these points with your contractors, engineers, and architects. Also, if you want to build your home and work in Michigan, our move to Michigan program blog will help you there.

    Cost of Construction Materials in Michigan

    By now, you may have an idea about the home building details and its construction cost. However, we would like to add that you may need the different costs for the different portions of the house.

    As a result, you should consider the cost of construction materials in Michigan while making your sweet home. You can see the following construction costs in Michigan for different portions of the house.


    Foundation is the lowest portion below the ground level that helps to give a base of the building. And, everyone knows that the foundation is made to receive the total load of the building. Therefore, to make your foundation robust, you will go with the best materials as per your budget. Right?

    So, if we talk about the cost of a concrete foundation, it will range from $4 to $7 per square foot. Also, the regular 4-inch strengthened slab on grade needs $5.75 per square foot.


    Framing of the house indicates the stick frames like the above picture, which will convert to your walls. But, the framing work depends on a budget of yours or house owners. It is another big expense that comes into your way of building a house as per your comfort.

    And the cost is not less than $3 per square foot, and it ranges from $3 to $6 per square foot. However, a few specific house buildings need more than this and come up with different prices, and they mainly depend on the basements ($4 sq.ft.), garage ($5 sq.ft.), and more.


    Can you imagine a home without a roof? Well, not possible because there are chances of rain, sun rays, and other things directly under the house. Therefore, roofing is an integral part of building a home nowadays. There are many advisors available in Michigan to provide the best roofing solutions. But, not like HomeAdvisor.

    They charge roof installation charges from $6,550 and $11,900. Also, their asphalt shingles range between $5,000 to 12,000 and slate roofing at $18,000 to $45,000 and more.

    In addition to this, we would like to tell you that the cost of other essential things like finishing, fixtures, etc., depends on owners’ choices. See the extra features that add to the cost of building the house.

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    Extra Features Adding costs

    If you have a home in Michigan but want to add extra living spaces like extra room, man cave, porches, driveways, garage, etc., you have to pay for two things only.

    First is the permissions, which depend on the difficulty of the add-up. For example – If you want to add the shed to your property, you have to take permission and pay the permit fees.

    The second is involved in the construction. You have to pay $2,000 for a 10X10 deck, including materials. Also, adding a basement can cost you up to $20,000 to $150,00. See the following costs.

    Design modification

    After the final house plan, if you want to make changes, you have to pay the architect’s cost. There is no matter whether it is a small change or big. But, if they spend time thinking about your changes, they will charge you as per their earnings.

    Saving in buying material

    While making a home, what do you want? We are sure that you want to make your house the best by adding the necessary facilities and at the same time reducing the cost. Therefore, we suggest not handing over the task to your project manager to buy material. He can take a lot of cash for the material.

    Building House

    Instead, you should suggest and purchase the entire material through online services. It saves your searching and transaction costs and becomes the cheapest way to build your house in Michigan. You can get discount offers and offer packages also through online services.

    Be aware of resale value in MI

    Building a home is like an investment plan because you can get the best return after selling. When building your home at the lowest costs, make sure that you have enough facilities in it and maximize the resale value.

    Solar panels, window coatings, radiant barriers, etc., can increase your cost of return in the future. Therefore, you should work with the best local real estate agent to get the best price in return on the home investment.

    And, if you have decided to make a home in Michigan, our “Michigan cost of the living” blog will prove helpful to you. It includes all the essential information you should consider before moving to Michigan.

    How much to build a house in Michigan FAQs

    What is the most expensive part of building a house in Michigan?

    As per the research survey, framing is the most expensive part of building a house in Michigan. Even though the costs can be challenging to count, regular terms can help you decide what will increase the price. Commonly, if your house size is large, you may need to pay more.

    Why are homes so cheap in Michigan?

    As per the average effective property tax rate, Michiganders pays the ninth-highest taxes in the country. The rate of average effective property tax is 1.71%. The state charges a 6% base sales tax excluding county or local taxes add-on. As a result, it becomes cheap to get a house in Michigan.

    How much would it be to build a 2000 sq. ft. house in Michigan?

    It ranges from $90 to $155 per sq. ft. ($225,000 – $260,000 as a whole) to construct a house in a 2000 square foot house. It includes the labor charges but excludes the finishing and landscaping charges.


    Michigan is known for ample water! Along with that, Mackinac Island, Michigan science center, Detroit zoo, Belle isle park make it more beautiful. As a result, the beauty of Michigan attracts more people to get their dream home in this city of water. But, they stop when they don’t know how much to build a house in Michigan?

    Therefore, we have written this blog to provide information straight from Michigan. So, don’t forget to check the below list, which is explained in detail in this blog.

    • In the introduction section, you will see a few tips to save money by making a house in Michigan and more.
    • One needs to know the cost of building a home in Michigan.
    • A “Table house cost by cities” will show you the cost in different cities in Michigan.
    • See the land prices, materials, labor, and major systems costs after that.
    • You will get the details about the foundation, framing, and roofing cost in the cost of construction materials in the Michigan section.
    • Extra features adding costs section will introduce you with information on design sections and also savings in buying materials. Also, it will help you keep aware of the resale value in Michigan.

    Besides that, the FAQ section will tell you the answers to a few random questions. So, without waiting, read the entire blog and get the details of the cost of building a house in Michigan.

    At last, we hope that this blog will prove helpful to you and provide enough information that you need.

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