Moving To Michigan


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    Planning on moving to Michigan? Knowing how life in Michigan is essential and what challenges you can face is important!

    Read on as we discuss everything from weather, pros and cons, and fun things to do in Michigan!

    Is Michigan a good state to live in?

    If you’re relocating to Michigan, then you must know The Great Lake State is famous for its role in the auto industry, but it is one of the best states to live in.

    If you live here for a while, you may start to see the glass is half full, despite the long, harsh winters. Michigan has an abundance of natural beauty that is hard to match.

    In addition to its 3,000 miles of freshwater shorelines, Michigan boasts a number of family-friendly attractions designed to promote an active, outdoor lifestyle.

    Nearly everyone here lives near a stream or a lake, but this shouldn’t be surprising since the state has more than 11,000 inland lakes.

    Michigan has forested areas of millions of acres, trails of thousands of miles, golf courses and ski resorts, less than a hundred parks and recreational areas, and close to ten million acres of public land.

    By 2100, Popular Science magazine described this non-community property state as the best place to live in the United States!

    Is it worth moving to Michigan?

    Michigan is undoubtedly worth moving to since it offers more than natural beauty. It is no secret that jobs with good wages and education of high quality are prevalent in Michigan.

    Michigan has the 13th largest economy by GDP, with the University of Michigan, the fourth-best public university in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report.

    As a result, there are many good-paying jobs in this state, including those in technology, professional services, trade, utilities, construction, and transportation.

    Aside from its low cost of living, Michigan is known to be a hot destination for tourists and those interested in relocating.

    Doesn’t matter whether you are moving to Flint Michigan or moving to Detroit; Michigan having every detail pinned somewhere is always going to help you.

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    What is the average cost of moving to Michigan?

    Once you move to Michigan, you’ll discover its low cost of living as compared to Argentina. Michigan scores 89 out of 100 for the cost of living. Consequently, their grocery, health, housing, and utility spending is lower than the national average.

    Cost of Moving

    The median home costs in Michigan are $151,000, compared with the median American home cost of $231,200.

    Michigan is a great place to live for people looking for a place with a lot of appeals without having to spend a lot on necessities.

    Is Michigan expensive to live in?

    A value below 100 indicates that Michigan is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 indicates Michigan, Michigan is more expensive.

    Given below is a table enunciating the cost of multiple amenities in Michigan and its comparison to the U.S:

    Cost of LivingMichiganU.SDifference
    Overall89.610011% less
    Grocery93.41006.8% less
    Health8610015% less
    Housing65.510042% less
    Median Home Cost$207,800$291,700$83,900 less
    Utilities100.11001% more
    Transportation115.110014% more
    Miscellaneous96.71003.4% less

    How much do you need to make to live in Michigan?

    According to the report, households with two working parents need $4,722 because of child-care costs, while a single parent with two children under five requires $3,943.

    A childless single adult in Michigan requires, on average, $1,923 in income to meet their basic needs.

    You can refer to the cost of the living chart given above to draw a firm conclusion.

    Is Michigan a cheap state to live in?

    Michigan is a much cheaper state to live in compared to the US average.

    Business opportunities – A good state to start a business?

    Reports show Michigan is one of the best places for small and medium businesses to start. Thus, if you are thinking of starting a business in Michigan, yes, it is a good state.


    Do you need a license to own a business in Michigan?

    While Michigan does not have a general business license that every business must possess, it does license dozens of professions and occupations.

    How much does it cost to open a business in Michigan?

    To open a business in Michigan, you must file Articles of Incorporation (for profit) with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, which costs $25.

    Job Market – High Demand Jobs

    What jobs are in high demand in Michigan?

    The ten fastest-growing jobs in the state of Michigan right now are:-

    1. Credit Counsellor
    2. Operations Analyst
    3. Interpreter and Translator
    4. Computer Numerical Controller Machinist
    5. Dental Laboratory Technician
    6. Computer Numerical Controller Supervisor
    7. Physical Therapist Assistant
    8. Industrial Mechanic
    9. Home Health Aid
    10. Occupational Therapy Assistant
    Jobs market

    What kind of jobs are in Michigan?

    From common jobs like Light truck and delivery service drivers to rare options like Therapy assistants, you’ll find all kinds of jobs in Michigan.

    What is the best job in Michigan?

    Among the most high-paying jobs in Michigan, Anesthesiologists, Airline Pilots, Copilots, Flight Engineers, and Psychiatrists are some of them there.

    Tax Rates – How much to Pay in Taxes?

    How much tax do you pay in Michigan?

    Income earners of all levels in Michigan pay the same income tax rate of 4.25%. It’s one of the lowest rates for states with a flat tax.

    How much is sales tax in Michigan?

    The table below shows the sales tax rate in the state of Michigan

    Tax Rates
    Tax TypeMarginal Tax RateEffective Tax Rate2020 Taxes
    Total Income Taxes 20.19%$10,285
    Income After Taxes  $40,645
    Retirement Contributions  $0
    Take-Home Pay  $40,645

    These are the taxes owed for the 2020 – 2021 filing season.

    Is Michigan a high-tax state?

    No, Michigan has the lowest rates for state tax. Hence, it’s not a high-tax state.

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    Economy Trends

    What is the economy of Michigan?

    In the production of asparagus, black and cranberry beans, cucumbers, tart cherries, Niagara grapes, and squash, Michigan leads the nation.

    Moving to Michigan - Economy

    Agriculture in Michigan contributes more than $104.7 billion to the state’s economy each year, second only to California in terms of diversity.

    Is Michigan’s economy good?

    Though there definitely are worries about inflation, Michigan’s economy is undoubtedly strong. According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, Michigan is ranked 16th for its economic prospect.

    What is the main industry in Michigan?

    Agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing are Michigan’s major industries. The total number of workers in Michigan is 4.9 million.

    Education System and Ranking

    Michigan’s public school system (kindergarten through grade 12) is organized into districts governed by locally elected school boards and superintendents.

    Education System

    There were 1,555,370 students enrolled in Michigan’s 3,550 schools, spread across 891 districts. There were 86,154 teachers, or about one teacher for every 18 students, compared to a national average of 1:16.

    A school administrator supervised roughly 235 students, while the national average was one administrator per 295 students.

    According to Michigan’s 2013 school funding statistics, per-student spending ranked 24th highest in the nation. In 2013, 77 percent of graduates in the state graduated. The state is also home to one of the best business schools.

    Where is Michigan ranked in education?

    36 in K-12 education analysis. Among major rankings of student achievement, a study by the Cato Institute ranked Michigan 36th for its public K-12 education system.

    Is Michigan Good for Education?

    There’s no doubt Michigan’s good in matters of Education.

    Healthcare System

    Does Michigan have free HealthCare?

    It isn’t completely free but Medicaid provides free or low-cost health care coverage to eligible needy individuals.

    Michigan’s Medicare program is available to people who are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents who have lived in the country for five years or more and meet one or more requirements following applies to you.

    That you are older than 65 and have been on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for more than two years.


    How much is health insurance in Michigan monthly?

    According to the most recent data, the cost of health insurance in Michigan is $6,8075 per person.

    This amounts to $24,312 for a family of four. Compared to the national average for health insurance coverage, this is $106 lower per person.

    Is HealthCare good in Michigan?

    Michigan ranks 35 in healthcare and it has some of the best access to healthcare in the nation.

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    Housing Market

    Is there a housing shortage in Michigan?

    Affordable housing is a serious problem in Michigan – and the situation may worsen soon.

    National Low Income Housing Coalition report released this month examines the gulf between rent and wages among American renters.


    How do I qualify for low-income housing in Michigan?

    Applicants for subsidized housing must either be citizens of the United States or eligible immigrants.

    Households with non-immigrant members may qualify for assistance on a “prorated” basis. As long as at least one member qualifies, this is true.

    Weather in Michigan

    Weather Hazards In Michigan

    Here’s a list of natural hazards common in Michigan:

    • Disease Outbreaks.
    • Earthquakes.
    • Extreme Heat.
    • Floods.
    • Thunderstorms.
    • Tornadoes.
    • Wildfires.
    • Winter Weather.

    What kind of weather is in Michigan?

    Michigan has a Humid Continental Climate with distinct summers and winters with an even distribution of precipitation throughout the year.

    In Detroit, the mean temperature varies from 24.5 degrees in January to 73.5 degrees in July.

    Does Michigan have snow?

    Yes, there is usually snow in Michigan in the month of April.

    What month is the coldest in Michigan?

    Detroit’s coldest month is January, when the overnight temperature averages 17.8°F. July is the warmest month, with an average daytime temperature of 83.4°F.

    Famous Foods and Restaurants

    What is Michigan’s most known food?

    Detroit Pizza is the most known food in Michigan.

    What food is Detroit, Michigan famous for?

    Here are some of the food Detroit Michigan is famous for

    1. Vernors
    2. Detroit Pizza
    3. Chipati
    4. Better Made Potato Chips
    5. Pasty
    6. Hummer Cocktail
    7. Mackinac Island fudge
    8. Biggby Coffee
    9. Coney Dog
    10. Traverse City cherries
    Moving to Michigan - Food

    Top Restaurants in Michigan

    Some of the top restaurants in Michigan are:-

    1. Bill’s Steak House, Bronson, MI
    2. Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Ann Arbor, MI
    3. Pasty Central, Calumet, MI
    4. Union Woodshop, Clarkston, MI
    5. Cafe Meli, Portage, MI
    6. Polish Village Café, Hamtramck, MI
    7. Tio’s Mexican Café, Ann Arbor, MI
    8. Trattoria Stella, Traverse City, MI
    9. Grove, Grand Rapids, MI
    10. Food Dance, Kalamazoo, MI

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    Pros and Cons – Why or Why Not to Move!

    The Pros of living in the state of Michigan are:

    1.      Michigan offers small-town living at its best.

    2.      Michigan offers urban living options.

    3.      Michigan’s economy is recovering strongly since 2009.

    4.      Living in Michigan offers very affordable housing.

    5.      People in Michigan are creative and feisty.

    6.      The state of Michigan is one of the most beautiful in America.

    7.      Michigan has remarkably low living costs.

    8.      There will be tasty donuts and Mackinac Island Fudge.

    9.      Michigan hosts a number of fun festivals every year.

    10.   There is a season for everything in Michigan.


    The Cons of living in the state of Michigan are:

    1.      It snows a bit every year because of the lake effect.

    2.      Michigan’s beaches are packed with tourists every summer.

    3.      A lot of snow does not guarantee a snow day.

    4.      If you don’t like Michigan’s weather, wait 15 minutes and you’ll be able to change it.

    5.      The weather conditions in Michigan affect the structure of the transportation system.

    6.      Michigan vs. Ohio is another rivalry to consider.

    7.      Getting to the Upper Peninsula isn’t easy.

    8.      You’re going to get a heaping dose of the famous Michigan accent.

    9.      Practice taking the left turn in Michigan.

    10.   Michigan has somewhat high educational costs.

    Moving To Michigan FAQs

    What should I know before moving to Michigan?

    After knowing the pros and cons of moving to Michigan, you need to know one thing. Michigan’s great if you want to start your own business there.

    The tax rates are relatively low and the state offers a lot of prospects to emerging entrepreneurs.

    Why would people want to move to Michigan?

    To answer your question, there are three things. 1) The high ease of doing business rate. 2) Comparatively low tax rates 3) The living cost is lower than in other states in the U.S. On the negative aisle, the snow is a factor to deal with.

    Where should I not live in Michigan?

    The worst place to live in Michigan is Highland Park. It’s the ninth most dangerous place to live in Michigan.

    What is the nicest city in Michigan?

    Mackinac Island is the nicest city in Michigan. Also on this list are Holland, Saugatuck, Ann Arbor, and Muskegon.

    Moving to Michigan – The Bottom Line

    The state of Michigan offers many opportunities and is an incredible place to live. Despite all the news about Flint and the job situation in Detroit, you will also find plenty of small towns, big houses, and beautiful destinations waiting for you.

    When thinking about pursuing a particular career in Michigan, having employment lined up before moving can prove helpful, there are a plethora of positive experiences waiting for you in a positive environment if your goal is to find opportunities.

    It can be challenging to live anywhere. Michigan is not immune to that. There are lakes, forests, and historic communities along the way that can make life enjoyable.

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