Cost of Living in Illinois


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    Whether you’re looking for affordable tax rates, housing, or healthcare, Illinois is an excellent place for achieving a cost-effective lifestyle. 

    The National Average living costs are 8% higher than the cost of living in Illinois, making it an affordable place to reside.

    In addition, housing costs and utilities in Illinois are also lower, with percentages below the national average at 20% and 7% respectively. 

    With favorable tax rates and accessible healthcare options, Illinois attracts many individuals who are seeking to embark on a new way of life.

    These factors contribute to the happiness of over 12 million people who call this beautiful state their home.

    However, determining the average cost of living in Illinois can be a challenging and arduous task.


    To provide you with accurate information, we have gathered the latest estimated costs from recent surveys, which are discussed in detail in the given article. .

    Is Maine expensive to Illinois?

    Yes! Living in Illinois is 6% cheaper than living in Maine, making it a more affordable option.

    In Maine, you would need to spend 15.7% more on groceries and 25.3% more on public transportation compared to Illinois.

    Additionally, housing prices in Maine are 19.1% higher than in Illinois. Consequently, it is clear that living in Illinois is more cost-effective than living in Maine.

    Cost of Living in Illinois

    Before considering a move to the beautiful state of Illinois, it is crucial to research and estimate your expenses by understanding what is the cost of living in Illinois

    To provide you with accurate information, we have compiled recent data on various cost segments.

    This will help you make an informed decision and better estimate your expenses in Illinois.

    1. Groceries Prices in Illinois

    The grocery prices in Illinois are lower than the US national average.  Presently, the grocery rate in Illinois is 6% less expensive compared to the US national average.


    Due to the lower grocery prices in Illinois, some people prefer dining out at the best restaurants in Illinois which is pretty affordable and enjoyable. 

    Thus, we have provided a table below to give you the actual grocery rates for your convenience.

    However, it’s worth noting that prices can fluctuate, and it’s always wise to be prepared for potential increases.

    Essential GroceriesPrices
    Milk (1 Ltr.)$0.99
    Rice (1 Kg)$2.78
    Eggs (Regular 12)$3.81
    Chicken Breast (1 Kg)$11.1
    Fruits (Apples & Bananas)$4.46 kg & $1.59 kg
    Veggies (Tomato, Potato, & Onions)$8.55,


    How much does food cost in Illinois?

    If you are a couple dining in Illinois, you can expect to spend approximately $576 per month on food.

    However, these costs double when you have a family of four, as you would then need to allocate $1,152 per month towards food expenses.

    How much does a loaf of bread cost in Illinois?

    According to LivingCost, you must pay 2.78 dollars to buy a loaf of bread from grocery stores in Illinois.

    2. Price of Utilities in Illinois

    The utility prices in Illinois are 2.3% lower than the US national average. At present, the utility rate in Illinois stands at 97.7%, which is below the US national average of 100.

    The table below showcases some essential utility prices to consider when calculating the Illinois cost of living.

    Cable & Internet Service$111 per month
    Gas$97 per month
    Regular Fuel(Avg. per gallon)$1.11
    Heating Oil(January, 23)$3.066


    How much is an electric bill in Illinois?

    The  average monthly electricity bill is  $137 in Illinois. This amount is calculated based on the average monthly consumption of residents and the electric rate that Illinois charges its residents.

    How much do utilities cost in Illinois?

    The average utilities cost  $330 per month in Illinois. However, the cost can fluctuate depending on several factors, such as transportation, oil usage, energy, etc.

    3. Cost For Healthcare in Illinois

    Healthcare costs in Illinois are 3% less than the national average. 

    Selecting one of the best places to live in Illinois can be a smart move when it comes to accessing affordable essential healthcare for you and your family.


    Below, you will find a table mentioning  essential healthcare prices in Chicago, Illinois.

    Essential HealthcarePrices
    Optometrist Visit$127.43
    RX Drug$498.43
    Home Doctors Visit$135.65
    Dentist Visit$116.71
    Veterinary Visit$53.94


    How much does Obamacare cost in Illinois?

    The average cost of Obamacare plans starts from Bronze: $337, Silver: $415, Benchmark: $423, and Gold: $478.

    What is the average cost of health per month in Illinois?

    On average, Illinois residents pay $620.75 per month for health or healthcare. However, these prices can vary depending on the specific area or zip code.

    How much is health insurance for a family of 4 in Illinois?

    If you are a family of four residing in Illinois, you can expect to pay $1,793 for health insurance.

    4. Illinois Home Prices

    The housing costs in Illinois are 19.2% lower than the US national average. 

    While considering the Illinois cost of living, talking about rent is equally important if you want to get a house on rent. 

    According to recent data available on Zillow in May, the median rent price in Illinois is $1,830.

    Are house prices dropping in Illinois?

    Yes! According to experts, there is a possibility of home prices in Illinois experiencing a drop of 5% to 10% due to higher interest rates.

    How is the housing market right now in Illinois?

    March was a favorable month in Illinois, with home prices decreasing by 2.2%. As a result, a total of 11,549 homes were sold during that month.

    How much are home prices up in Illinois?

    Presently, the average price of a home is $236.049 in Illinois. It has increased by 3.95%  from the last year, 2022.

    5. Education in Illinois

    According to the results found by World Population Review, the literacy rate in Illinois is 87.1%. Education system in Illinois ranks #12 in the United States.


    Moreover, According to the US News,  it is worth noting that the state ranks #31 for higher education and #5 for Pre-K to 12 education. 

    How much does public school cost in Illinois?

    The average expenditure of the Illinois government on state public schools is $17,293  per year.

    How much does college cost for 4 years in Illinois?

    Studying a 4-year degree program in Illinois will cost $9,349 for in-state students and $14,455 for out-of-state students, as per data provided by National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

    Is the public school in Illinois free?

    Yes! Traditional public schools in Illinois provide free education as they receive contributions from the federal, state, and local governments each year.

    How much does Illinois University cost?

    The University of Illinois charges $17,138 for in-state students and $35,110 for out-of-state students.

    6. Illinois Tax Rates

    With a combined state and local sales tax rate of only 8.82%, Illinois ranks 36th in the United States tax rankings by the Tax Foundation.

    If you are moving to Illinois, you will have to pay 9.50% towards corporate income tax, along with a 6.25% state sales tax rate and 4.75% local sales tax.

    Taxes in PennsylvaniaAverage Tax Rates
    Property Tax2.08%
    Income Tax4.95%
    Sales tax6.25%
    Local sales tax4.75%
    Combine tax9.50%


    What are the income taxes in Illinois?

    Illinoisians pay 4.95% towards income tax.

    What is the sales tax in Illinois?

    Normally, the state charges 6.25% to its people for sales tax.

    What are the property taxes in Illinois?

    On average, a property tax rate of 2.08% was imposed in 2021. However, the specific percentage for property taxes in Illinois is not fixed and can vary.

    7. Illinois Public Transportation

    A variety of public transportation options are available in Illinois, including Amtrak, Burlington Trailways, Miller Transportation, Lakefront Trailways, PCC, buses, and many other services. 


    These options cover statewide, intercity, and regional routes, providing convenient transportation for every resident in Illinois.

    The best part is that you can easily visit the most captivating tourist attractions, including the best hiking in Illinois, using one of these public transportation options, as they cover the entire state.

    How much is a bus pass in Illinois?

    A Metro Bus Fare for adults is only two dollars, whereas seniors, children, and disabled people can get a bus pass at only one dollar.

    How much does public transportation cost per month in Illinois?

    In Chicago, the monthly cost of traveling by bus or train is only $75. However, it can vary according to the city or area you travel the most.

    8. Average Cost For Energy & Fuels in Illinois

    The weekly average price for regular gas is only $4.048, while premium gas is available at $4.941. Similarly, the monthly average price for regular gas is only $3.831, while premium gas will cost you $4.941.

    It is essential to consider the monthly average cost of living in Illinois before making a decision to move to this state.

    Two crucial factors to consider are energy and fuel prices. In 2022, the highest average price for regular gas was recorded at $5.562, while diesel reached $5.816.

    What is the current gas price in Illinois?

    The current average price of regular gas is only $3.998, whereas premiums are available at $4.902.

    What is the average heating bill in Illinois?

    The average heating bill in Illinois will cost you $280, according to the data found by Illinois Country Living Magazine.

    9. Miscellaneous Things in Illinois

    The cost of living in Illinois includes miscellaneous expenses, such as movie tickets, clothing, branded sneakers, gym membership, and a simple haircut.


    Please find the details below.

    Miscellaneous thingsAverage Prices
    Movie Ticket(For one person)$12.5
    Clothing(Pair of branded jeans) $49.05
    Branded sneakers$82.8
    Gym Membership(One month)$46.8
    Simple haircut$20.4


    10. Living things with their average costs

    What is the cost of living in Illinois? If this is your question too, we have created a table of living things to give you a rough estimation. 

    Living things Average costs
    Groceries$576 to $1,152 monthly
    Utilities(energy)$11.18 ¢/kWh
    Education$17,138 to 35,110  annually
    Combine tax rate9.50%

    Cost of Living in Illinois FAQs

    What is the cheapest rent in Illinois?

    Waukegan is known as the most affordable place in Illinois, where you can rent a two-bedroom apartment for $1,226 per month.

    What factors are included in estimating your cost of living in Illinois?

    The calculation of the cost of living in Illinois takes into account various factors, including taxes, transportation, energy, groceries, education, housing, utilities, and healthcare.

    What is the minimum wage in Illinois?

    The minimum wage rate in Illinois is $13.00 per hour, which came into effect on January 1st, 2023. With this rate, workers can earn approximately $455 per month.


    Cost of living in Illinois is pretty affordable and includes groceries, utilities, education, transportation and healthcare insurance.

    The average cost of living in Illinois is 8% less than the national average. 

     We have curated this blog,  providing the most updated prices for everything from groceries to healthcare and other miscellaneous expenses.

    It’s important to note that these prices can fluctuate, so it’s recommended to stay updated with it.