Moving to Illinois

Moving to Illinois

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    Illinois is one of the prominent places in the US which is safer, beautiful, and better places to live. This place is well-developed with many of the industries that flourished here. Several educational institutes are of excellent quality. If you are planning to moving to Illinois then the below guide can help you properly.

    Moving to Illinois

    Whether you are going to Illinois for a job, education, living, business, or any personal work, this is a nice place. Here, you will get better information about the different aspects before going to the city. You can make up your mind better before going here. You can do several more hassle-free aspects in a more efficient way. When you go to Illinois, you can achieve cost-effectiveness to a lot of extents.

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    Quick Facts About Illinois

    Living in Illinois:

    The three major regions in Illinois are the Shawnee Hills, The Central Plains, the Gulf Coastal Plain. There are many big cities as well as small towns here.

    Some better places to take the house in Illinois are:

    • Clinton
    • Hoopeston
    • Dixon
    • Mount
    • Hillsboro
    • Salem
    • Du Quoin
    • Pana
    • Lincoln
    • Litchfield

    Taxes in Illinois:

    The tax of Illinois is 4.5% of the income earned. Everyone is charged with the same tax who lives in Illinois. 

    The other bifurcations of the taxes are listed below:

    • Sales tax – State sales tax in Illinois is 6.25%. The other local taxes range from 6.25% to 11%.
    • Property Tax – The property tax in Illinois is 2.32%.
    • Income Tax – As mentioned earlier, the flat income tax in Illinois is 4.5%.

    Salary in Illinois:

    The approximate average salary in Illinois is listed below:

    • Project Manager – $51k – $112k
    • Software Engineer – $66k – $114k
    • Operations Manager – $43k – $105k
    • Mechanical Engineer – $55k – $96k
    • Account Manager – $40k – $81k


    Illinois is one of the better places to live in the US. It is safer to live, quality of life is good and better healthcare facilities. The amazing restaurants here offer a variety of dishes. People living here are crazy about sports. There are some of the amazing places that you can visit here. You can make a better lifestyle when living in a place like Illinois.

    Cost of living in Illinois

    The cost of living in Illinois is comparatively low as per the US.

    Here is a short bifurcation:

    Housing Cost (Median 2-bedroom apartment rent)$2,210
    Gas (per gallon)$3.42
    Cost of a doctor’s visit$105.00
    Cost of the dentist visit$102.00
    Average food cost for adult$2000

    Pros & Cons

    The pros and cons of living in Illinois are listed here will help you to make up your mind while living here. 

    1. The cost of living in Illinois is comparatively low with respect to other places in the US1. The traffic to some extent is experienced during the office hours to some extent
    2. The job opportunities are good here2. The winter season is a little intense
    3. You can find a variety of restaurants for food with different dishes3. Taxes of Illinois is higher compared to other places in the US
    4. There are some of the picturesque beautiful places here4. Some laws are very strict here
    5. You can find a variety of events about the music here.

    Is Illinois a good place to live? Yes. Illinois is one of the better places to live. This place is safe, has a nice healthcare facility, and has a better quality of life to live. You can comfortably afford education, job, business, or simply live here calmly.

    How much does it cost to live in Illinois per month? The average cost for living a proper life in Illinois is $4000. With this salary, you can meet your basic expenses of housing, food, and other requirements.

    Is living in Illinois expensive? The cost of different aspects in Illinois is a little higher. However, the living cost here is low when compared to the average living cost in the US. The cost of living in Illinois needs to be checked with proper bifurcation. If you have a satisfactory income then living in Illinois can be a better experience.

    Taxes in Illinois

    Taxes in Illinois are very friendly for the people here. A short categorization of the taxes will give a better view of the taxes in Illinois.

    Tax Rate
    Top Individual Income Tax Rate4.95%
    State and Local Tax Burden11%
    Top Corporate Income Tax Rate9.5%
    State Sales Tax Rate6.25%
    Average Local Sales Tax Rate2.49%
    Combined State and Average Local Tax Rate8.74%
    State and Local Generate Sales Tax Collection per Capita$888
    State Cigarette Tax (dollars per 20 pack)$1.98
    Property Tax Paid1.95%
    State and Local Property Tax Collections per capita$2120

    How to calculate sales tax in Illinois? The general sales tax rate of the state of Illinois is 6.3% and municipalities here have their own sales tax rate which is 2.75% sales tax. Depending on the type of purchase done the sales tax rate may change. Some common types of taxes in Illinois are rental tax, Consumers use tax, sales tax, lodgings tax, sellers use, and several other taxes are there.

    What is average tax rate in Illinois? The average tax rate of Illinois is flat 4.95% of the income earned. Depending on the type of categories the tax rate may change a little. The taxes are bifurcated in different categories that need to be calculated properly. 

    Is Illinois a tax-friendly state? Compared to the other regions in the US, Illinois is a tax-friendly state. 4.5% is the flat income tax rate here. However, some categories like the retired individual defense individual, etc. have some exemptions on the taxes. When compared to the other states in the US then Illinois is certainly a tax-friendly state.

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    Illinois is certainly a better place to live that has a safer, good quality of life, and better healthcare facility. There are different types of restaurants here, where you can find several types of dishes.

    How to get residency in Illinois? For getting the residency of Illinois, it is important to purchase a rent an apartment, home, etc. If you are a student then it is important to prove a physical residency for 12 months before starting the academic. Apart from that, you need to provide some basic documents for getting the residency here. You can even take the help of any third-party agency to guide you for getting the proper residency for you as per your requirement. There are some important details too that you need to provide for getting the residency in Illinois.

    Illinois residency requirements

    Documents required for getting the residency in Illinois are:

    • Proper federal tax return or state tax return
    • ID card of Illinois
    • Illinois voter id registration
    • Any utility or rent bills
    • An auto registration card of Illinois
    • Property tax bill
    • Taxes and wages statement

    Some of the other requirements for getting the residency of Illinois are:

    • Be a legal permanent resident of the US for at least five years. If you have married a US citizen then you need to have stayed here for three years with permanent residency.
    • Have completed 18 years of age.
    • Be morally a good character

    How long does it take to become a citizen of Illinois? After getting the work permit for working in the US, you then become eligible to be a Green Cardholder. Depending on the criteria, you can become a citizen after 6 or more months.

    What is considered proof of residency in Illinois? There are various aspects of proof to become an Illinois residency. Below are considered as proof of residency in Illinois:

    • Rental Agreement
    • Lease Agreement
    • A school letterhead
    • Statement of the benefit of medical from the insurance company.


    One of the important things that every expat must understand while going to Illinois is the laws here. This can help the expats to live efficiently along with following proper rules and regulations. 

    Laws in Illinois

    The laws in Illinois are based mostly on a human rights basis. The laws are drafted here considering individual freedom, basic rights, national respect, and several other nice conditions. It is difficult to list down all the laws in Illinois here.

    Below is the list of some of the laws in Illinois:

    • You cannot drive a car without a steering wheel.
    • If you are entering the city in an automobile then you must contact the police initially.
    • Unless you have a soap-making license, you cannot make soap here.
    • If you live within a mile of the downtown square, you cannot feed the birds. 
    • You must not own a handgun if you are in Morton grove.
    • The bicyclist cannot have a fancy ride on the streets.
    • Between the months June to August, it is prohibited to skate.
    • While driving, you should not hang any obstructions to the rearview mirror.
    • You cannot change the clothes in the car when you are in Evanston.

    Weird laws in Illinois:

    There are some of the weird laws in Illinois that can stun you and wonder about the reason for having this law.

    Here is the list of the weird laws in Illinois:

    • It is not allowed to keep a smelly pet dog
    • If you beat the rats with baseball bats in Galesburg then you have to pay $1000 as a fine.
    • You cannot sit on the giraffe neck and do fishing in Chicago.
    • After 6 pm or weekends, you cannot have the meat.
    • On Lake Shore drive, you cannot have pick-up trucks.
    • You cannot make funny faces at dogs
    • You are not allowed to hook an antenna above your house, however, you can hook a satellite dish.

    What is illegal in Illinois?  There are many things illegal in Illinois. It is difficult to list down all the illegal things in the list.

    Here is the list of some illegal things in Illinois:

    • If you give cigarettes to the pets
    • Making funny faces at the pets
    • Doing fishing on your pajamas
    • When you pronounce Joliet as “Jolly-ette.”
    • In Eureka, a moustache man kissing a woman
    • Keeping a smelly pet dog

    Is sleeping in your car illegal in Illinois? Yes. Amidst several weird laws in Illinois, it is fine if you are sleeping in your car here. However, your car must be parked at the proper place.


    The housing market in Illinois is quite affordable when compared with the other places in the US. The affordable places in Illinois can bring down your cost of living in Illinois. 

    Housing market in Illinois

    Chicago is a better city where you can get better housing with low rates. On average, the median house cost will be around $181,000. The Median Rental Expense will range between $913 (1 BR) and $1,096 (2 BR). 

    Some of the cheap and best places to live in Illinois are Clinton, Hoopeston, Dixon, Mount, Hillsboro, Salem, Pana, Du Quoin, Litchfield, Lincoln, etc.

    Average house price in Illinois

    The below table shows the average house price in Illinois:

    Dear Park$645K
    Bedford Park$429.9K

    Are house prices dropping in Illinois? There was an increase in the housing prices in Illinois previously. However, in the recent few months, there has been a decrease in housing prices. It is also predicted that in the coming months, housing prices may drop more.

    Job Market

    There are some of the better job opportunities in Illinois for skilled individuals. The growth in the economy has made many job options available for candidates in Illinois. Some of the places where you can explore various jobs are Northbrook village, Libertyville village, Western Springs village, Campton Hills village, Elmhurst, St. Charles, etc. Going through the proper channel for getting the job will help you to get the desired job.

    Jobs in demand in Illinois

    There are some common jobs in demand in place like Illinois. 

    The table below lists down the jobs in demand along with their average salaries:

    Jobs Average Salaries
    Web Developer$74,960
    Operations Analyst$87,020
    Software Developer$97,930
    Home Health Aid$23,840
    Veterinary Technician$33,530
    Nurse Practitioner$98,300
    Business Analyst$89,630
    Occupational Therapy Assistant$61,590
    Software Engineer$104,310
    Pipe Insulator$76,590
    Physical Therapist Assistant$56,220
    Physician Assistant$98,670
    Physical Therapy Aide$41,020
    Interpreter And Translator$45,350
    Management Consultant$89,770

    How to get a state job in Illinois? You can easily get a job in Illinois when you are a qualified individual. There are several job portals where you can find new job openings in Illinois. Your resume must quickly create an enthusiasm for the employer which can encourage you to proceed further for the job. It is important that you have all the necessary documents at hand that can help you to get the job quickly.

    How old to get a job in Illinois? If you want to get a job in Illinois then you must have completed 14 years of age. A person below 14 years is considered as a minor and you are not permitted to do the job.

    Does Illinois have a high unemployment rate? Yes. Illinois has a high unemployment rate when compared to the other parts of the country. The lack of required skills is one of the main reasons behind the high unemployment rate here.


    The healthcare system in Illinois is very good and can ensure better healthcare facilities for the patients when needed. The government provides healthcare facilities for the public under the national health care systems. Under public healthcare services, the health care services are given free. There are charges when you take public health care services.

    Public vs Private Health Insurance

    The insurance can help the patients in Illinois to take the necessary treatment without any shortage of money. The two types of insurance in Illinois are Public and Private health insurance. Public health insurance is aided by the government to a considerable level. It can help the desired people to a great extent. Private health insurance is not aided by the government. Here the individual needs to opt for proper health insurance that can be helpful for them.

    Does Illinois have state health insurance? According to the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the US, all citizens must have a minimum level of health insurance. Different ways through which Illinois is promoting health insurance are through the different programs of Medicaid. 

    Does Illinois have free healthcare? Illinois directly gives free healthcare to only its citizens who get the treatment from public hospitals. Illinois also gives assistance to its residents to enroll in healthcare insurance coverage. This relieves the Illinois resident from the burden of providing healthcare costs.


    The education system in Illinois is very nice and provides quality education. The locally elected superintendents and school board operate the Illinois public school system. As per the 2013 census, the graduation rate of the state is 83.2%. The public education system of the state of Illinois is administered by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). With the consent of the Senate, the Governor appoints the members of the State Board. The board decides on all the guidelines and policies for the public and private schools. 

    Educational Facts

    Although there has been a lot of support from the government for education in Illinois, it is still struggling to make a mark in education compared to other states. Some of the important facts of education in Illinois can provide a deeper view of this.

    According to ‘’, here are some important education facts about Illinois:

    1. In the year 2000, the poor school districts get funding of almost 90% from the General State Aid funding. However, the funding is reduced to only 50% for these schools now.
    2. From the year 1993 to 2012, the funding for Illinois education has seen a tremendous increase for all types of schools.
    3. The average salary of the teachers is $74,990, in the Chicago Public Schools system.
    4. Almost 47% of the high schools in Illinois are not able to do grade-level work in reading and math.
    5. Almost 20% of the elementary schools in Chicago are very low in giving a grade-level reading or short stories.
    6. Almost 50% of the students in the worst high schools are not able to do simple algebra equations that put them behind the grades.

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    Top Schools & Colleges in Illinois

    Tops Schools in Illinois:

    • New Trier Township High School District No. 203 (Northfield)
    • Community High School District No. 128 (Vernon Hills)
    • Naperville Community Unit School District No. 203 (Naperville)
    • Barrington Community Unit School District No. 220 (Barrington)
    • Glenbrook High Schools District 225 (Glenview)
    • Indian Prairie Community Unit School District No. 204 (Aurora)
    • Community Unit School District No. 200 (Wheaton)
    • Hinsdale Township High School District No. 86 (Hinsdale)
    • Elmhurst School District No. 205 (Elmhurst)
    • Township High School District No. 113 (Highland Park)

    Tops Colleges of Illinois:

    • Northwestern University
    • University of Chicago
    • University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign
    • Loyola University of Chicago
    • DePaul University
    • Illinois Institute of Technology
    • Illinois State University
    • University of Illinois – Chicago
    • Benedictine University
    • Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

    How good is education in Illinois? The education system is neither good nor too bad in Illinois. There are some of the new schools started here that seem to improve the education level in Illinois.

    What is Illinois ranked in education? Illinois ranks at number 11 in terms of education. Compared to other states, the education system is behind which needs to be improved further.

    Is education free in Illinois? The students in Illinois have the right to get a basic school education free. However, the students have to pay the cost under the different student activities.

    Transportation System

    The transportation system of Illinois is very nice where you can travel to other neighboring important places easily. There are 63 public transit providers in Illinois. The 2nd biggest public transportation system in the US is found here, named Chicago Transit Authority (CTA).

    Some of the major highways in Illinois are I-39, I-24, I-41, I-55, I-64, I-57, I-72, I-70, I-74, I-80, etc.

    Major Medium of Transportation in Illinois

    Buses and railways are the major medium of transportation in Illinois. Both are operated by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). 

    Public transportation in Illinois

    There are 63 public transit operators in Illinois that provide transportation. Railways and buses are the two main public transportation systems here.

    Is public transit free in Illinois? Public transit is not free for all of them in Illinois, it is free only for the selective. For getting free public transit, you need to enroll and qualify for the Illinois Benefit Access program.

    How much does it cost to ride the subway in Chicago? The free transits are between all ‘L’ routes to some destinations. Otherwise, the basic cost is $2.50 to ride the subway in Chicago.

    Best Place to Live in Illinois

    Illinois has some amazing places to live where you can experience great comfort. 

    Here is the list of best places to live in Illinois:

    1. Chicago

    Chicago is the largest city in Illinois that has very high skyscrapers buildings. This place is popular for some of the bold architecture. You can get better facilities while living here. The multi-cultural environment of Chicago will give an enjoyable experience.

    2. Springfield

    Springfield is the capital of the state of Illinois. There are some of the historical figures here that constantly attract the people here. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is one of the main attractions here. 

    3. Naperville

    Naperville lies in the western part of Chicago, which is a very nice place to live. Some of the well-known places here are Naper Settlement, Naperville Riverwalk, DuPage River, Centennial Beach, etc.

    4. Clarendon Hills

    Clarendon Hills is a small town that has a very nice lifestyle. This place is clean, safe, and a very friendly place to live. The variety of coffee shops and restaurants can make your day better.

    5. Bloomington

    Bloomington has a comparatively lower population and clean places. There are some of the well-known companies here which can give better job opportunities. There are some of the highly-rated public high schools here where you can expect quality education.

    6. Belleville

    Belleville lies in the southern part of Illinois which is a very clean and safe place. The population here is quite diverse and that can bring a good essence of living. There are numerous clubs here where you can rejuvenate nicely.

    7. Carbondale

    Carbondale is also known as the ‘Little Egypt’ which has some of the most natural and beautiful places. The city is comparatively smaller and the housing rates are a little higher too. However, you can have a nice experience staying here.

    8. Glenview

    Glenview is a very beautiful place with some picturesque spots. This place is cleaner, safer, and has all the necessary facilities available. This place has a nice transportation network to reach other destinations.

    9. Park Ridge

    Park Ridge is well-known as the birthplace of Han Solo and has a comparatively lower population. This place has a comparatively higher cost of living in Illinois. 

    10. Oak Park

    Oak Park is one of the clean places in Illinois that has ample amenities around. This place is safer and has very good connectivity for transportation purposes.

    Culture & Climate


    Illinois has a nice culture with different private and public libraries being the remarkable aspect here. The Hollywood film industry has prospered nicely from this place. The theatrical community is also fantastic in Illinois. The blues and jazz music here are famous all over. The private and commercial buildings have a very nice architecture that is appreciated worldwide.


    You can experience a continental type of climate in Illinois. The summers are warm, winters are cold. You can also experience cloudiness, humidity, and fluctuations in wind directions. The temperature here is moderate. At large, the climate is more suitable with moderate rainfall.

    What are some traditions in Illinois? There are several traditions in Illinois. However, we will list a few of them. Here is the list of some traditions in Illinois:

    • Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Lights
    • Christkindlmarket
    • Chicago’s Christmas tree Lighting
    • Magnificent Mile Lights Festival
    • Turkey Trot Chicago.
    • The Turkey Crawl

    Does Illinois have all 4 seasons? Yes. There are 4 seasons experienced in Illinois. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall are the 4 main seasons Illinois experiences.

    What is the coldest month in Illinois? The winter season is experienced here between December to March. However, January is the coldest month in Illinois.


    The below list shows the ranking of Illinois: (As per ‘’)

    Health Care23


    Illinois is certainly a nice state with some of the awesome places here. There are several best places to live in Illinois that can make your living smooth. The wonderful people here are always welcoming the expats warmly. The authorities here are always there to help you to their fullest. The thrilling picturesque places here will rob your heart. There are different types of restaurants where you can find various types of world dishes. The cost of living in Illinois is lesser when compared to the other states in the US.

    The expats here have ample opportunities in education, jobs and business. The most developed place like Chicago is easily reachable from different locations of Illinois. The amazing transportation can make your movability easy in different places in Illinois and outside. If you are thinking to move to Illinois then do not overthink, this can be the best place for you to live. Come unhesitant to Illinois to where you can experience more comfort like your own home country.

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