Best Restaurants in Illinois


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    It’s hard to believe! But the fact is that you will definitely find the beautiful ambience along with the international drinks and unlimited food courses at the best restaurants in Illinois.

    And if you don’t have any idea about where to eat, trust us and try out our suggestions of the coolest restaurants in Illinois to treat yourself to your favourite dishes in one place.

    Illinois is famous for its Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Both tourists and locals go crazy for it.

    Besides the iconic pizza, there are other popular foods you must try while you’re here, such as Italian beef sandwiches, pierogi, popcorn, horseshoe sandwiches, and Chicago-style hot dogs.

    Illinois is home to restaurants providing all kinds of foods including Asian, European, French, Latin American, Michelin and others.

    A few of the best restaurants you must try in Illinois are Stir Crazy, Aurelio’s Pizza, Brasserie Jo, Frontera Grill, and Alinea. 

    10 Best Restaurants in Illinois

    Let’s explore the top 10 best restaurants in Illinois, offering exquisite dining experiences that won’t break the bank.


    Also, if you are about to make your move to Illinois, you must go through the average cost of living in Illinois

    1. Bien Trucha Geneva, IL – Mexican Recipes 

    This restaurant welcomes people with disabilities to enjoy a fine dining experience with their friends or loved ones. 

    Bien Trucha in Geneva, IL is the perfect place to explore locally-inspired dishes with a blend of Mexican recipes.

    Their unique cooking techniques, signature shaken cocktails, and cool atmosphere make it a must-visit restaurant. 

    The menu of Bien Trucha Geneva features delicious items such as Elote Dip with roasted corn,

    Cecina Tacos with pinto beans, and an extensive selection of cocktails to complement your meal, making it among the best restaurants in Illinois outside of Chicago.

    Location:  W State Street, you can contact them at (630) 232-2665.

    Does Bien Trucha offer takeout?

    Yes! Bein Trucha has takeout services for their guests.

    What days are Bien Trucha open?

    Bien Trucha stays open from Tuesdays to Sundays and closed on Mondays.

    2. Gene and Jude’s – Best Chicago-style Hot Dogs 

    Looking for a delicious hot dog destination in Illinois? Look no further than this restaurant, which has been serving since 1946.


    One of the best restaurants in Illinois outside of Chicago, it’s known for its hot dogs and toppings like onions.

    It is worth noting that ketchup is not offered as a topping on Chicago-style hot dogs. However, you can customize your hot dog with various other toppings.

    Additionally, Gene and Jade’s restaurant provides event planning services for those looking to host an event at their location.

    The exciting menu of Gene & Jade’s includes hot dogs, double dogs, fries, and corn roll tamales. 

    Location:  River Grove, Illinois 

    Contact:  708–452-7634

    What kind of hot dogs do Gene and Jude use?

    Gene and Jude use a specific kind of hot dog called a “natural casing” hot dog, which is made with a sheep’s casing. They serve this with mustard, sports peppers, relish, fries, and a slice of tomato.

    What days are Gene and Jude open?

    Gene and Jade’s stays open from Sunday to Wednesday: 10:30 am to 1 am and Friday to Saturday: 10:30 am to 2 am.

    3. Chicago Culinary Kitchen – Best Barbecues

    One of the greatest benefits of moving to Illinois is experiencing the extraordinary dishes that leave a lingering taste in your mouth.

    Chicago Culinary is the perfect place to satisfy your taste buds with its daily specials, ranging from exotic BBQ to internationally-inspired dishes.

    If you’re in the mood for Texas-style dishes and iconic cocktails,Remember to visit Chicago Culinary Kitchen. Be sure to try their must-try barbeque items.

    Chicago Culinary Kitchen offers a delicious menu that includes Mutela Cheesecake Brownie, Buffalo Shrimp, Smoked Rib Tips,

    The Big Buffalo Chicken, Creamy Dreamy Potato Salad, and more. And to complement your meal, they also serve sinful desserts. 

    Location:  Palatine. Illinois

    Contact:  847-701-8243

    Is Chicago Culinary Kitchen good for kids?

    Yes! They are good for kids. So you can bring your kids here anytime you want.

    Does Chicago Culinary Kitchen offer takeout?

    Yes! Chicago Culinary Kitchen offers takeout services for its customers.

    4. Buffalo Joe’s Clark – Mouthwatering Buffalo wings 

    It is a wheelchair-accessible restaurant that serves meals, lunch, and dinner with spicy ingredients.


    While out and about, satisfy your hunger at Buffalo Joe’s Clark restaurant where you can enjoy crispy fried chicken, buttery sauces, and much more. 

    Buffalo Joe’s Clark is the perfect spot to catch up with an old friend or host a gathering. Don’t miss their famous American cuisine.

    Moreover, Buffalo Joe’s Clark offers a diverse menu for travellers from all over the world, featuring local specialities such as Jumbo Burgers, beef sandwiches, and tasty party platters. 

    Locations:  Evanston and Howard so stop by or Contact them at 847-328-5525 to place an order.

    What days are Buffalo Joe’s open?

    Buffalo Joe’s Clark stays open every day from 11 am to midnight. So you are free to decide when to go. 

    Does Buffalo Joe’s offer takeout?

    Yes! Buffalo Joe’s Clark has takeout services to offer every visitor.

    5. Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana -Best Napoletana Style pizzas

    Must try the Italian Craft Beer menu of Forno Rosso Pizzeria, including Birra Baladin – Leon dark ale, which has chocolate notes with dried fruits and toffee.

    Nick Nitti is the owner of this beautiful place, which is one of the best 5-star restaurants in Illinois, according to TripAdvisor. 

    Forno Rosso Pizzeria is famous for its lunch and dinner menus featuring Italian cuisine, including Burrata, Panzanella, Gnocchi Sorrentina, Pizza Marinara, Calzone Al Forno, and Mickey or Nemo for kids.

     Forno Rosso Pizzeria has two restaurants located in Illinois, one on Harlem Ave and the other on West Randolph in Chicago.

    Make reservations or place delivery orders by contacting Forno Rosso Pizzeria at Harlem on 773-293-5697 or Randolph on 312-243-6000.

    Is Forno Rosso Pizzeria – West Loop currently accepting reservations?

    Yes, Forno Rosso Pizzeria offers reservations. However, it’s important to make sure to book a table with the appropriate time and party size for your special dinner or lunch dates.

    Does Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana offer drinks?

    Yes! Forno Rosso Pizzeria has a fully decorative bar to offer you the ideal taste of your favorite wines, craft beers, domestic bottled beer, and imported bottled beer, along with its signature cocktail menu.

    What days are Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana open?

    Forno Rosso Pizzeria Napoletana stays open from Mon-Thur: 3 pm to 9 pm & Fri-Sun: 12 pm to 9 pm.

    6. Midway Duck Inn – Best ambience 

    Midway Duck Inn offers a reservation facility if you want to book a table for your special nights. It’s the perfect place to taste authentic wines or beers in Illinois. 


    Note that Midway Duck Inn is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Casual dining, outdoor seating, and comfort food alongside a kids’ tasty menu, everything you get under one roof, which is Midway Duck Inn. 

    Midway Duck Inn is famous for its Buttermilk Brined Pan-Fried Chicken. Besides, you can explore the most scenic hiking trails in Illinois, just a few minutes away from this restaurant.

    The menu features mouth-watering seafood, sandwiches, soups, steaks, chicken, and American cuisine.

    Additionally, you will find comfortable seating arrangements for undisturbed dinner evenings.

    For bookings or orders, you can contact them at 309-246-8441 or visit Lowpoint to experience the best dining service with friendly staff.

    Does Midway Duck Inn offer takeout?

    Yes! You can order online to get takeout services from Midway Duck Inn place.

    What days are Midway Duck Inn open?

    Midway Duck Inn is available from Wed-Thu: 4 pm to 8 pm and Friday: 4 pm to 9 pm. Also, they serve from the afternoon to 9 pm on Saturdays and Noon to 8 pm on Sundays.

    7. The Norwegian Rockford IL – Traditional dishes

    Enjoy live music while dining at Norwegian Rockford. Please note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and holidays.

    However, it stays open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 7:30 am to 2 pm, so you can visit it during working hours.

    Rockford is a highly preferable destination for the best business schools undergrad.

    But the taste of cultural dishes and spices straight from Norway will blow your mind when it comes to Scandinavian food, alongside American and European cuisines.

    The daily menu of Rockford features fascinating dishes such as Al Green 9 drinks, Scandi Tabbouleh, Chicken Pita, and more, along with a dessert option after every meal, lunch, or dinner.

    You can contact them at 815-329-6191 during their operating hours or visit the restaurant located on N. Main Street in Rockford, Illinois.

    Is The Norwegian currently accepting reservations?

    Yes! You can book a reservation table for your gang by contacting them before your day of dining.

    8. Goosefoot Food and Wine – Season-Inspired menu 

    There are many options for casual dining in 5-star restaurants in Illinois, but Goosefoot stands out with its complete 5-star menu, including soups and salads.


    They also offer ice cream and wines with unmatchable tastes.

    Their 5-course menu features dishes like Corn Soup, Shrimp, Pan Roasted Angus Beef Filet, Cheese Course, and Madagascar Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, all served by friendly staff.

     If you’re located in Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, be sure to visit this restaurant to satisfy your hunger, or call them at 773-93-7522 to make a booking.

    If you wish to cancel your reservation, please notify them within 72 hours before the event date.

    Please note that they do charge a cancellation fee for reservations that are canceled with less than 72 hours notice.

    Is Goosefoot Food and Wine currently accepting reservations?

    Yes! They are accepting reservations for private parties.

    What forms of payment are accepted at Goosefoot Food and Wine?

    Goosefoot accepts payments through credit cards or Apple Pay.

    What days are Goosefoot Food and Wine open?

    They are open from Wednesdays to Saturdays with only 3 seatings for dinner from 5:45 pm, 7:30 pm, and 8:30 pm.

    9. Molly’s Kitchen & Bar – lively atmosphere

    This restaurant and bar is owned by Chef Molly McDonough, who blends fresh-squeezed juices and top-quality spirits to create delicious cocktails at the bar.

    Located in Mount Carroll, Molly’s Kitchen & Bar has been established since 2014 and is considered one of the coolest restaurants in Illinois.

    The restaurant is known for its high-quality ingredients, wonderful ambience, and unique hand-made cocktails.

    The menu starts with Ben’s Bread and Twice Cooked Fries and ends with world-class cocktails that are not available anywhere else in Illinois.

    To make a reservation or for more information, you can contact them at 815-906-0052.

    Is Molly’s Kitchen & Bar currently accepting reservations?

    Yes! Just choose the date, size, and timings for the party.

    10. Jeong – Modern & Traditional blended food

    You can walk in and get a table to enjoy your meal and feel comfortable. However, this place is not suitable for children, so make sure to visit with your partner or friends only.


    Jeong is one of the best restaurants in Illinois that offers Asian and Korean cuisines under one roof.

    This restaurant has a mouth-watering menu that includes Beef Broth, Doenjang, Spinach, Trout Roe, Five Spice Granola, Australian Wagyu, and much more. 

    So, whether you’re craving for a fantastic menu for a night or have queries, visit W. Chicago Ave or contact them at 312-877-5016 for reservations.

    Is Jeong currently accepting reservations?

    Yes! You can book a table at Jeong according to your comfort and avoid the last-minute hustle.

    What days is Jeong open?

    They are open from Wednesdays to Saturdays from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm only and closed on Sundays to Tuesdays.

    Does Jeong take reservations?

    Yes! They have limited space to offer, which is why they have reservation facilities for their guests.

    Best Restaurants in Illinois FAQs

    What city in Illinois has the most restaurants?

    It’s Chicago! This city can be considered the home to the most fascinating restaurants in Illinois. Starting from Chicago Culinary Kitchen, it has over 7,300 restaurants. alongside 7 AAA diamond-rated restaurants. 

    What is the most famous restaurant?

    Despite the above list of restaurants in Illinois, you can visit 7th Street BBQ, the most famous restaurant. Food Network Magazine mentioned this restaurant multiple times for its food and ambiance.

    Which town has the most restaurants in Illinois?

    According to a data report by Nielsen, Bloomington-Normal has the most restaurants in Illinois. With the third-highest restaurant growth index, it is the perfect town in Illinois to indulge in fine dining or to explore the best options to eat.


    When you’re exploring a new town, city, or state, hunger can strike at any time. It is best to fill up yourself with healthy and delicious options from the best restaurants in town.

    The friendly staff are happy to book a table for your special night out, or even help you throw a private party with limited guests.

    These restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines, from American and Mexican to Italian and Asian, all paired with world-class wines and cocktails to satisfy any craving.

    Best of all, many of them offer takeout and online ordering for your convenience. So next time you’re in Illinois and need a quick bite to eat, give one of these restaurants a try.