Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together


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    Living together is a life-changing decision in every relationship.

    Be it friends, couples, roommates, or cousins, this exciting turning point comes up with a lot of challenges, promises, and commitments.

    So, it’s essential to ask questions to each other before moving in together, ensuring you both remain on the same page, make the right decisions, and lead happier lives. 

    To help you conclude everything, we have brought some important questions to ask before moving in together, for you and your partner, which will give you a comprehensive overview of how to live together in solidarity.

    Top 16 Questions Before Moving Together

    Decisions regarding lifestyle, finances, and utility bills, to getting into unnecessary randoms of cooking preferences and household chores, you should clarify every detail with your partner you are moving with for better companionship. 


    So, before packing your bags, go for the top 16 questions to ask before moving into a house listed below.

    1. Why are we moving in together in the first place?

    It might seem a weird question, as you have already thought of moving in together. But be confident enough to question the motivation behind it.

    The answer should be convincing, unbiased, real-time, and comfortable.

    Don’t forget that your commitment should be more important than a commitment to your parents, guardians, or landlord. 

    2. What will change for the better when we move in together?

    There will be no limitations or boundaries, you will both get to know each other, spend more time together, explore new things about each other, grow closer together, be there for each other in an instant, able to accept each other’s good and odds.

    These are certain things you both should feel once this question strikes in reality. 

    3. Do we plan to eat meals together?

    A couple who eats together stays together. Eating together helps in reducing stress, creates an excuse to talk about the day, increases togetherness, is enjoyable, strengthens bonding and reduces communication gap, saves time and money, and provides better nutrition.

    As copartners, you must find time to eat a meal together in a day.  

    4. What Is a Budget That Works for Both of Us?

    Money becomes a constraint in a partnership story, especially an important question to ask before moving in with roommates.


    How much do you both earn? Do we pay the rent, groceries, and utility bills equally? 

    When it’s to making budgets, you must conclude with a reasonable price for everything that works for both.

    It’s a great idea to keep transparency over personal and joint finances in every relationship. For this, you both need a certain level of trust, honesty, and consistency to make your relationship last long. 

    5. How do you handle your bills?

    Some partners are okay with the fact that one person should handle the finances while others go for dividing the responsibilities.

    Regardless of the decision you make it is important to make a financial plan before moving in.

    If your partner is taking charge of your bills you must make sure that you gain some basic knowledge regarding the financial status as a partner and where your money is getting invested to make decisions whenever needed. 

    6. Who pays for what?

    Before moving together you must require a clear budget by defining expenses that are single and joint. Budgeting can get convoluted due to differences in income.

    Should the joint expenses be divided equally or the higher-paid one will pay more for the joint expenses?

    7. How Will Utilities Be Split?

    Are we adding up all the utility bills and dividing them between two or will one pay for this month and another the next? Will both of us be on the lease? What if something urgent comes up? It’s definitely not an interesting topic to discuss but essential to clear everything out with your future partner to avoid conflict after moving in together.

    8. Who Will Buy New Furniture?

    Furniture needs an upgrade or alteration when you become one to two, despite both having enough furniture. Also, new assets and furniture get added up too. 

    So, it is important to decide how these are to be purchased. Are we both going for it together or is it okay if you spend the entire money? How to decide which one is important and what can be done later? Which moving container service should we consider for shifting our stuff? 

    9. Do you feel comfortable with each other’s friends?

    Friends and relatives are one important factor that creates conflict between partners when the situation gets over the top.


    What do your friends like? Will they visit us frequently? For how much time will they stay at our place, during festivals or vacations? What will you do if I don’t feel comfortable with your friends? – clear the air to these questions before moving in!

    10. Where Do We Want to Live?

    It’s an important question to ask before moving in together because the house, area, and community you choose to live in should be suitable for both.

    Size, number, and type of rooms, the floor of the house, distance from both offices, security, and services available near the house, etc are some important points regarding the questions that are needed to be discussed before moving in.

    11. What Type of Living Space Do We Want?

    The type of living space is a must question to ask before moving in with roommates. This is because mates usually require separate spaces to study or do official work.

    So, it is essential to discuss the living environment with your partner before moving in together.

    12. How Will Tackle Chores?

    Questions might seem silly, but chores are one of the reasons a fight occurs if you don’t plan it.

    but it’s easier to deal with, just split up and handle them together when they arise. It’s necessary to clear out your comfortability with each other i.e. who will do what.

    13. How Will We Handle Conflict?

    Misunderstandings and fights are common in every couple. But it’s necessary how you are dealing with it without escaping from the situation.

    Good communication, handling conflicts, and expressing regrets and apologies by keeping ego aside are the biggest indicators to make a relationship work, especially when living together.

    14. What Do You Consider a Successful Relationship?

    If your goal of moving in is a trial period to check whether you both are suitable as a married couple, then you should define success through this step.


    Even if you are not planning for a long time commitment, you must decide what is important for you both to keep your relationship on the right path.

    15. Are You Truly Excited About Moving in Together?

    This question might seem silly but it’s an important thing to talk about before moving in together. Don’t jump to conclusions and think repeatedly before taking this step.

    If you are feeling anxious, have mixed feelings, feel off,  or nervous, or find your partner to be non-commitment then take your time, or take a step back! Be sure enough for this partnership first then take the next step.

    16. What Happens If End Things?

    Nothing wrong to think about it during this happy moment, but if things went wrong then you must have a backup plan.

    Will you stick in the same place till the agreement ends or just walk out immediately? How will you deal with joint assets, accounts, and bills? Just gather an overall idea if in any case, things don’t work out.


    Living together with your significant other is a big decision to make when everything seems perfectly fine.

    But before that discussing expectations, finances, family, friends, and daily chores can help you get ready for the transition.

    Asking the right questions before moving in together will create a strong and durable relationship for the future. 

    Now figure out what questions to ask movers before moving your stuff to your new home. We wish you’d have a great life ahead together. Happy moving!