6 Best Moving Container Companies

6 Best Moving Container Companies

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    Moving container businesses are a more cost-effective alternative to typical full-service movers in many cases. Should you pack and move on your own, or should you hire a professional moving company? Making the decision of whether to use a full-service moving company or whether to save money by working with a moving container company is entirely up to you. If you’re preparing to migrate, you’ve certainly thought about a variety of various options for your new home.

    With moving containers, you have the freedom to book and schedule your move with the moving company of your choice whenever it is most convenient. Whenever you request it, the moving company will bring your moving container(s) to your home or office. Later, you must load your items into the container or containers as soon as possible and within the time-frame indicated. Once your belongings have been loaded into the containers, you will contact the company to arrange for them to be picked up and transported to your new home or office.

    6 Best Moving Container Companies

    Transporting items in containers and pods is one of the most cost-effective methods of relocation, and their popularity is expanding significantly. With so many options accessible today, it might be tough to select the most appropriate service provider for your requirements and budget. We Movingist made it simple for you by conducting the necessary research. The following are the top six moving container firms for the year 2022.

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    Quick summary tables that will help you find the best service for your needs:

    The best six moving pod companies that Movingist has featured on this page are all leaders in their respective industries. Their availability is widespread, and they all have a good reputation. Additionally, they are significantly less expensive than using full-service moving firms. As part of this guide, we’ll examine the service levels, pricing, and customer evaluations of each company, among other things.

    Here’s a quick summary to assist you in your search for the finest service provider for your needs. Remember to obtain quotations from a variety of organizations in order to discover the most competitive price.

    Famous forBest OverallMost FlexibleBest for Long DistanceBest Protection OptionsBest for Small MovesFlexible
    Average Cost (Local)N/A (Long-distance only)$400 – $900$450 – $1,100$500 – $1,200$500 – $1,200$1,250 – $1,740
    Average Cost (Long Distance)$1,200 -$2,200$1,300 – $2,300$1,400 – $2,400$1,600 -$2,700$1,600 -$2,700$1,925 – $3,225
    Move TypesLong Distance OnlyLocal & Long DistanceLocal & Long DistanceLocal & Long DistanceLocal & Long DistanceLong Distance only
    Service AreaAll US StatesAll US States + CanadaAll US States Except MT, ID, ND, SD, NEAll US StatesSelect Cities NationwideAll US States
    Container Sizes8-27 ft7-16 ft8-16 ft8-15 ft8 ft8-16 ft

    *All of the prices given above are based on a two-bedroom, 400-mile moving distance scenario. Before planning a relocation, you should obtain quotations from various service providers to see how much your individual move would cost. These projected rates are not intended to be used in place of a personalized quote.

    6 Best Moving Container Companies

    Transporting furniture between homes using moving containers such as U-Pack, PODS, and 1-800-PACK-RAT is soon becoming the norm. Long-distance moves or moves involving multiple steps benefit from these low-cost storage options. There are now many enterprises to pick from in an industry that started with one (Containers). There are also a variety of portable storage pods available. It’s important to compare your portable moving choices so you get the greatest deal.

    1. U-Pack

    U-Pack is one of the most well regarded moving container services now available on the market. Clients benefit from the company’s “pay for what you use” pricing model as well as its three-day loading and unloading periods, which provide them with greater flexibility when organizing their transfer. U-Pack has remained a consistently popular alternative for movers due to its worldwide availability and the possibility of renting an enclosed trailer for large-scale relocations.

    U Pack Moving Container Companies

    U-Pack Moving Cost Table:

    U-Pack’s pricing methodology helps to keep costs low, and their extensive allocation enables them to serve a diverse range of clients in a variety of geographic locations. In today’s market, they are one of the most well-known companies in the world.

     1 bedroom            2-3 bedrooms4-5 bedrooms
    Local Move            N/A            N/A            N/A
    < 250 Miles$945 – $1,430$1,075 – $1,665$1,225 – $1,925
    Cross Country$1,485 – $2,570$2,420 – $3,885$3,535 – $6,635

    Pros & Cons:

    Customer feedback is overwhelmingly excellent, and U-Pack provides instant online quotations to make your life easier (after all, who has time to wait on hold these days?). U-Pack also offers free shipping on orders over $100. Negative aspects include the inability to store the U-Pack ReloCube at your property (which can be a problem if you plan to unload the container over a period of many days) and the fact that U-Pack primarily provides long-distance moving services.

    The pros and cons of hiring U-Pack moving container services are as follows:

    Only pay for the space you really utilize.Insufficient choices to relocate inside the area.
    Deliveries in a timely mannerParking can be a difficult
    covering the whole countryOnly three days remain to load and unload the container.
    Competitive rates for transfers ranging from 100 to 250 milesA freight trailer that is 8 feet tall is difficult to pack.
    There are no upfront fees or deposits required.Cross-country moves tend to be more expensive.
    Monthly storage available 
    Online shipment tracking 

    U-Pack Container Options:

    The U-Pack service is only offered for long-distance relocations. The company will deliver a container to your residence, and you will have three days to load it with your belongings. They will then pick up the container and transport it to your new location, where you will be responsible for unloading the container.

                 RelocubeMoving Trailer
    Container Dimensions5’10″x6’1″x7’9″27’x8’x9′
    Types of MovesNationwideNationwide
    CapacityStudio apartment3+ bedroom home
    Cubic Foot305 cf1,800 cf
    Weight Limit2,500 lbs22,000 lbs

    *8’ Relocube.The Relocube is a small moveable container that can be simply tucked away in a parking space if necessary. A studio apartment or a single room can be packed into it, although it has a limited capacity. Having said that, you can order a number of cubes according to your need.

    *27’ Moving Trailer. The U-Pack Moving Trailer is 27 feet long and provides 1,800 cubic feet of packing capacity, making it one of the largest pod-type moving alternatives available today. When relocating long distances, an enclosed trailer is ideal for residences with two or more bedrooms.

    Final Remarks

    U-Pack has been a leader in the “do it yourself” moving industry for a long time, and they rank highly on our list of the best moving pods. Relocube is ideal for modest removals, and their moving trailer option makes larger moves simple.

    The company’s “You load, we drive” service is available to customers virtually anywhere in the continental United States, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada. We particularly appreciate the fact that there is no initial deposit required and that you can track your shipment online. You can also store your belongings for a short or lengthy period of time.

    While we always recommend receiving multiple quotes when searching for a moving cube firm, U-Pack does have a reputation for beating the competition on pricing for moves within a 100-250-mile radius of their facility. Another advantage is that the company only charges you for the space that you really use, which is a pleasant reward.

    U-Pack often only handles long-distance travels of more than 100 miles, which is a disappointment. U-Pack will also not be an option if you require more than three days to load or unload your moving cube, which is rare. Off-site storage is the only option available to you.

    Even if you don’t consider any of these drawbacks to be deal-breakers, U-Pack is a firm that should be considered if you’re seeking the most affordable long-distance moving containers.

    2. PODS

    To ensure that you have a pleasant customer experience, PODS goes above and beyond its responsibilities. PODS’ customer service specialists consistently obtain the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the business, and the company offers three different container sizes to give you additional options when shipping your items.


    Additionally, PODS provides both local and long-distance services and is available in practically every state. In contrast, it does not include taxes in your estimate, and you must get a price for moves that are greater than 50 miles away from your current location. As a result of the exceptional customer service given, this is less of a disadvantage when compared to other businesses.

    PODS Moving Cost Table:

    A PODS move will cost you approximately $3,160. Initial pricing for PODS is a little high, but the moving container provider makes up for it with a substantial reduction. Due to the fact that moving can cost thousands of dollars, those savings mount up quickly. When you compare PODS to the industry average for small or midsize homes, you can save an average of more than $300 on your purchase.

                 1 bedroom            2-3 bedrooms            4-5 bedrooms
    Local Move$225 – $435$345 – $650$330 – $830
    < 250 Miles$465 – $815$760 – $1,970$930 – $2,130
    Cross Country$2,110 – $4,110$3,060 – $4,960$5,560 – $7,660

    Pros and Cons:

    PODS goes above and above to ensure that you have a positive client experience. PODS’ customer care representatives consistently receive the greatest ratings in the industry, and the company offers three different container sizes to give you more options. Also available in nearly every state, PODS provides both local and long-distance services.

    On the negative side, it does not include taxes in your estimate, and you must call for a quote for moves that are more than 50 miles away from home. This is less of a disadvantage as compared to other companies, however, because of the excellent customer service provided.

    The pros and cons of hiring PODS moving container services are as follows:

    Storage for 30 days is provided.For long-distance relocation, there are no internet quotations.
    The ability to load and unload at will.  It’s possible to charge more than the competition.
    Insurers offer a variety of coverage options.Park the container somewhere safe.
    Tracking of shipments via the internetTo avoid disappointment, make your reservations as soon as possible.
    Discounts for military personnel 
    Booking and quotation via the internet 
    Locations across the country 
    On-site or at a nearby location 
    Moving services for short and long distances are available. 

    PODS Container Options:

    With a one-month rental included in all bids from PODS, you’ll have plenty of time to organize your load-up, unload, shipment, and delivery schedules to your specifications. In addition, the steel design of all units guarantees security and solidity during your relocation. To finish up, PODS is one of the most well-respected and well-known moving container companies in the world today.

     7 ft12 ft16 ft
    Container Dimensions6’6″x6’x7’6″11’6″x7’x7’6″15’6″x7’6″
    Types of MovesLong-distance onlyLocal onlyLocal & long distance moves
    CapacityStudio apartment2-3 bedroom home3-4 bedroom home
    Cubic Foot390 cf749 cf1,008 cf
    Weight Limit5,200 lbs4,700 lbs4,200 lbs

    Final Remarks

    PODS goes above and above to make sure you have a great experience. PODS customer service representatives are frequently rated as the best in the industry, and the company offers three container sizes. PODS offers both local and long-distance service in practically every state. On the other hand, it does not cover taxes and requires a phone call for relocation above 50 miles. This is less of a drawback than other organizations due to the superb customer service.

    PODS Moving and Storage, the company that invented the moving container, comes in at number two on the list. There’s a lot to like about PODS, including their three container sizes, flexible storage options, and moving and storage services for both local and long-distance customers.

    Let’s start with some local relocations. If you’re moving within 50 miles of your current location, a 12ft or 16ft container will suffice. The 7ft and 16ft sizes are available for moves that are more than 50 miles away.

    All containers are designed to accommodate open-ended, monthly storage. Additionally, you have the option of storing on your property or in a PODS storage facility nearby. The use of PODS is an excellent choice if you’re staging a home or require a significant amount of time for loading and unloading.

    On their website, PODS also provides the opportunity to acquire additional insurance policies as well as the possibility to hire moving workers to assist with the loading of your container.

    The fact that PODS is a household name in the moving and storage industry might sometimes indicate that their pricing is greater than competitors. This is especially true if a PODS site is more than 50 miles away from your home or business. Because of their popularity, they can also fill up quickly. PODS, on the other hand, is a wonderful alternative, and we recommend that you constantly check their pricing.

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    3. 1-800-Pack-Rat

    Over the past 15 years, 1-800-Pack-Rat has been offering moving container services for both local and long-distance moves. It is one of the top relocating container companies, owing to its all-steel containers and a variety of discounts. Are you searching for a self-serve Mover of the Year! 1-800-PACK-savings RAT’s save you an additional 10 %—bringing the service in line with other low-cost players like U-Pack and U-Box.

    1-800 Pack Ret

    The second selling point for 1-800-PACK-RAT is robust shifting containers, so that’s even more amazing. It is also famous for affordable moving containers and a variety of user-friendly online resources and tools, the company has partnered with HireAHelper to keep it easy to find movers. Their moving container options are comparable to those of their primary competitor, PODS, in that they cater to both local and long-distance moves.

    Customers can choose from 8-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot lengths. They don’t directly offer labor assistance, but they do have information available on their website. As a substitute for loading the pod yourself, consider working with a teammate. Hire a Helper or go with a different business. As for storage, PACK RAT containers can be utilized both in-house and off-site. You can order moving materials from 1-800-PACK-RAT, but you’ll likely save money if you buy them elsewhere.

    Moving Cost Table

    After calling 1-800-PACK-RAT for an estimate, we were given a price range of $2,300 – $2,600 for a move of about 400 miles. This is based on the assumption that a house of that size has a typical quantity of inventory. After your first month, storage costs between $280 and $290 each month.

     Studio Apartment1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
    Local move$250 – $550$180 – $535$220 – $650$350 – $820
    < 250 Miles$500- $950$500- $950$710 – $1,960$1,055 – $3,470
    Cross country$1000 – $2000$1,230 – $3,825$2,420 – $4,635$5,125 – $6,925

    Pros & Cons

    Even better, 1-800-PACK-RAT provides local and long-distance delivery services (some companies do only one or the other). Probably the most significant negative is that 1-800-PACK-invoices RAT’s might be difficult to understand (it divides your invoice into so many separate fees that you may leave feeling as though you aren’t completely certain of your ultimate pricing).

    The pros and cons of hiring 1-800-PACK-RAT moving container services are as follows:

    Packing is a breeze with these container doors’ barn-style designs.Shorter range in comparison to primary opponents.
    There is an opportunity to purchase an additional $10k of insurance.Long-distance movers should be cautious of gasoline fees when planning a long-term relocation.
    The container door is secured with a free lock.Dialing in for moving quotes from long distance companies
    Storage for the first thirty days is included in the standard price.Planning to have the container delivered and picked up one day ahead of time if you’re having friends or movers help you load and unload.
    Containers that are 16 feet long are larger than those of most competitors.The greater charge was added to the quota.
    With a simple phone call, they were able to get to their final destination on time.The cost of moving with 1-800-PACK-RAT may be more expensive than with other moving companies’ moving pods.
    Plenty of offers and all-steel containers.Confusing payment structure.
    A total of 60 PackRat locations can be found around the United States.High pre-discount prices
    Best Price Guarantee while booking. 
    The simplest way to move or store your stuff. 
    Insurance benefits and retirement benefits. 
    Vacation policy. 
    Easy work, good equipment, cool supervisor 

    1-800-Pack-Rat Container Options

    The fees charged by 1-800-PACK-RAT may be a little costly when compared to other moving pod options, but their savings more than compensate for this. When making your reservation, don’t forget to inquire about their Best Price Guarantee. This company ensures the ease and safety of your transfer by providing a large network of storage warehouses to serve your moving needs, as well as all-steel containers with a variety of covering options.

     8 feet12 feet16 feet
    Moving typeLocal & long distant movesLocal moves onlySingle-family home
    Storage AvailableYesYesYes
    Internal dimensions8’3″x7’3″x6’10”                      11’10″x6’11″x7’7″15’10″x6’11″x7’7″
    Cubic Footage404 cubic feet620 cubic feet830 cubic feet
    CapacityStudio/small apartment2-3 rooms of furniture3-4 rooms of furniture
    Popular UsageCollege studentsApartmentsLocal & long distance moves
    Weight Limit4,000 lbs6,000 lbs6,000 lbs
    Container MaterialMetalMetalMetal

    Final Remarks

    1-800-PACK-RAT is the only firm that provides steel containers for portable storage: they are the only one in the world. It is possible to relocate in a smooth and secure manner thanks to an all-steel container with numerous coverage options and a network of storage warehouses. PackRat can accommodate moving pod orders for both local and long-distance moves within a 50-100-mile radius of each of its service centers. While they can still assist you if you live outside of their service area, their services will be contracted out instead to one of their partners instead of directly to you.

    4. Zippy Shell

    It is only a matter of time before Zippy Shell becomes one of the best pod moving companies in the business. The company, which has its headquarters in Australia, is currently available in 28 states across the United States. You can only use them if you live near either of these facilities, but if you do, they’re a great alternative.

    Zippy Shell

    Zippy Shell’s metal cage containers, which make it simple to park on congested city streets, are revolutionizing how people get from one city to the next. Other services offered by the firm include the ability to order moving labour and supplementary insurance for use with their containers. Zippy Shell is a great solution for young professionals who are moving to a new city frequently.

    Even though Zippy Shell has a limited-service area, it has a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service. They’ll also provide you with the same level of protection as full-service movers, thanks to their great insurance options. We’ve never seen a container quite like Zippy Shell’s. Because of the cagelike construction, you can secure your valuables every few inches, preventing them from falling during transit.

    Even if you don’t require all of your containers at once, Zippy Shell gives the option of staggered delivery. Then, what’s not to love about this?

    Moving Cost Table

    Take a look at some common prices for Zippy Shell. For a two-bedroom move across town, we received a price range of $2,500-$3,800 when we called around for quotes. Each apartment will have to pay an additional $159 per month for storage. You should contact them to get a free estimate. Personal moving quotations can never be replaced by an estimate.

     Studio Apartment1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
    Local move$200 – $250$205 – $255                $335 – $665$355 – $755
    < 250 Miles$500 – $950$560 – $960                $750 – $1,660$1,160 – $3,160
    Cross country$1,800 – $3,900$1,830 – $3,955                       $2,855 – $4,560$5,240 – $7,100

    Pros & Cons

    We’ve never seen a container like Zippy Shell’s. It is possible to secure your goods to the moving company’s cage-like design by tying them down every few inches. The delivery of your containers can even be staggered if you don’t require them all at once. This is a no-brainer, really. Unfortunately, Zippy Shell is only accessible in 28 states and your rates ($159 per month) do not include container rental expenses.

    The pros and cons of hiring Zippy Shell moving container services are as follows:

    Containers of the best quality.Pre-discount rates are high.
    delivering goods both locally and remotely.a muddled system of payment.
    There are a lot of deals to be had.Smaller containers than competitors.
    Price is very similar to PODS.Load/unload the container in 3 days.
    Containers that can be legally parked on city streets.The website is sparse in content.
    Containers are made of metal cages that allow air to circulate.It’s not possible to deduct the monthly storage fee from the total monthly cost.
    You may quickly add moving labour assistance to your service.Very little inaccurate information has been provided by their customer support representatives.
    There are many options for insurance coverage.Other companies’ cancellation policies are more generous.
    Local and long-distance moving services are available.Limited-service area. (28 states)
    Guaranteed and expedited shipping options are available.Excluded from the quoted price are rental fees.
    Moving from one state to another is easier than it would have been had the expense not been prohibitive. 
    The moving process is so much more transparent and simpler. 
    Easy to reach Paul Vicente at Zippy Shell. 
    Drivers are helpful and responsive. 

    Zippy Shell’s Container Options

    Containers made by Zippy Shell feature a steel-cage construction, which has never been seen before. What is the significance of this? It has everything to do with how secure your belongings are. Things can shift around inside the container during transit, causing damage to the contents. You can also jam the doors from the interior of the container with your things, making them impossible to open.

    The Zippy Shell solves this difficulty by using steel bars that are positioned every three or four inches to support the structure. The only thing you have to do is wrap a tie-down or a rope around your belongings and attach it to a caged bar.

     8 feet15 feet
    Moving typeLocal & long-distance movesLocal & long-distance moves
    Storage AvailableYesYes
    Internal dimensions9’7”x6’4”x6’4”15’7″x6’4″x6’4″
    Cubic Footage385 cubic feet625 cubic feet
    CapacityStudio/small apt2-3 rms to include furniture, boxes, and misc.
    Popular UsageCollege studentsCity Apartments
    Weight Limit4,500 lbs4,500 lbs
    Container MaterialMetal cageMetal cage 

    Final Remarks

    In particular, for relocation out of major metropolitan areas such as New York City or Chicago, Zippy Shell continues to be one of our top container moving firms. Their containers are street legal and can be parked in the same manner as automobiles, which eliminates the need for a slew of permit problems.

    The company provides a container in the 15-foot length. It is important to note that the internal capacity of the containers is slightly smaller than that of competitors when comparing Zippy to the competition.

    An additional feature that we appreciate about Zippy Shell is that it is extremely simple to add loading and unloading assistance, and their standard plan offers 30 days of storage. They also provide a variety of insurance alternatives to cover your belongings in the event of an accident on their premises.

    It is highly recommended that anyone who is really contemplating using a container for their next relocation include Zippy Shell to their list of prospective possibilities and obtain an estimate from the company.

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    5. SMARTBOX Portable Storage

    SMARTBOX portable storage is one of the leading storage and moving container companies that provide one or more container rentals at a flat rate. They offer local and country mile moving services with their moving containers and also fill up your belongings and store them at any warehouse or your home.

    Crane lifting up container in yard

    These service options are ideal for local shipping or long-distance moves for corporate as well as general consumers. The average size of a SmartBox moving container is 8ft x 7ft x 5ft with a holding capacity of 3,000 pounds of furniture and belongings and deliver it anywhere, locally or internationally.

    Moving cost table

    Have a look at some common prices for Smart Box portable storage. It approximately charges $3020 on an average move, $1450 for a local move, and $5550 for a long-distance move. The prices of a Smart Box are 20% more than the industry average.

    1 bedroom2-3 bedrooms4-5 bedrooms
    Local move$125-$240$220- $390$360- 3755
    Less than 250 miles$1055-$1855$1655- $2410$2100-$3100
    Long distance move$1520- $2540$2140- $3116$2950- $4300

    Pros and cons

    SMARTBOX provides you with a single final pricing right from the start. Aside from offering discounts to college students, SMARTBOX also provides waterproof covers for its storage containers. There are, however, certain downsides. In addition to its exorbitant charges, SMARTBOX receives negative feedback from customers who have difficulty reaching its telephone representatives and who believe that the product is not widely available.

    Easy and simple storage and shipping Deal and quote shipping prices according to your convenience. Offer lower prices that match your preference. Provide secured waterproof containers that help in protecting your belongings from temperature changes. Storage at home or warehouse facility Free container logs for a long-distance move Rental available for long term  Price tags, taxes, and moving charges sometimes rise high when you hold your container for so long at a place. Cancellation policies are not the best The SMARTBOX web page is quite glitchy and inconvenient to use. Small-sized wooden container only Restricted to limited locations  

    SmartBox Portable Storage’s Container Options

    Because of its compact containers and availability only in urban areas, SMARTBOX is an excellent solution for college students and people who live in smaller dwellings. Of course, this supplier can provide assistance to clients who have larger homes, but their expertise lies in assisting people who have more modest living arrangements.

    CapacityOne bedroom or small apartment
    Usage bySingle individual / Small family/college students
    Types of movesLocal as well as long-distance moves
    Storage availabilityYes
    Dimensions7’8″ x 4’8″ x 6’6″
    Cubic footage230cf
    Container materialWooden

    Final remarks

    SMARTBOX Portable Storage was formed not long after the popularity of shipping containers began to expand in the United States, but the company has struggled to thrive in comparison to other storage companies that entered the market later in the game.

    It is SMARTBOX’s mission to provide low-cost solutions, which is why they have been listed on this list. The organization takes pride in offering competitive prices and a price matching policy. SMARTBOX might be a terrific method to save money for college students or others who are extremely frugal in their moving expenses.

    The most serious problem with SMARTBOX is the scarcity of available places. Please keep in mind that if you’re going a long distance, you’ll need a SMARTBOX location on both ends of your journey. If that is not the case, you will be unable to use them.

    Wooden portable storage containers are also not the most reliable moving containers available on the market today. Their fragility makes them more prone to weather damage, and they can sometimes come apart during transportation. Something to bear in mind if you’re exporting high-end furniture or other valuables across the country.

    Overall, if SMARTBOX has a location in your area and your relocation is of modest size, you should at the very least request a free quote from them. Moving into a new home is almost always an expensive endeavor, thus it is essential that you perform as much price comparison as you possibly can.

    6. Moving Place

    Are you making your move internationally? Then don’t think much and go with moving places. Moving place is one of the best-priced moving containers that provide an excellent customer service record and has remained at the top of our list. Moving place is an ideal option for those who are moving internationally and want the best moving container prices.

    Moving Place

    It provides fast, on-date delivery and does not require more than 2 to 3 days for loading and unloading the container. If you want to move larger belongings like a car, minibusses, cargo, large furniture, etc moving place will be the best option for you.

    Moving Cost Table

    Even if you live in a small property, moving can nevertheless accommodate your relocation. ‘ You can reserve the complete trailer at Moving Place. The only catch is that you’ll have to pay for the amount of space you utilize. This implies that you don’t have to worry about wasting money if you didn’t manage to fill the trailer with your goods.

    1 bedroom2-3 bedroom4-5 bedroom
    Local moveN/AN/AN/A
    < 250 miles$1130-$1330$1250-$1740$1425-$2155
    Long-distance move$1055-$2555$1925-$3225$2950-$4755

    Pros and Cons

    In the event that you need to move on short notice, Moving Place is the best alternative for you because they are well-known for their swift and efficient delivery timeframes. But limitations only to long-distance moving make it less preferable in some cases.

    Pros Cons
    Fastest international deliveries Car Options and shipping your home goods  Reliable pricing on hauling trailers Excellent delivery and customer serviceUnavailability of online quotations Less local moving options Very less time to load and unload the container.

    Moving place’s container options

    Do you know how they say the bigger the better? Well, that’s true here. Moving Place appears to adhere to this philosophy, as evidenced by its selection of some of the largest moving trailers available. It may come as a surprise to you, however, they do not provide any little containers at all. Their smaller trailer is 27 feet in length and has a weight capacity of up to 22,000 pounds of cargo. They also provide their customers with a 52-foot van that is capable of transporting around 44,000 pounds of cargo.

    Hauling trailer52′ moving container van
    Capacity1-4 bedroom apartmentsMore than 4 bedroom apartments
    UsageSingle individual family Large movers + car
    Kind of movesLong distanceLong distance
    Storage facilityYesNo
    Cubic footage1800cf3800cf
    Container materialMetalMetal
    Weight limit22,000lbs44,000lbs

    Final remarks

    Till now, Moving Place company had remained at the top of the list of customers consistently for competitive prices and customer satisfaction for long-distance moves. The unique offering that makes it different from all other moving container companies is the option of renting a 52′ moving van for moving large furniture and belongings. It’s like you can transport your car with other home furniture to your destination. The trailer offers around 3 days for loading and unloading your belongings and delivering them with utmost dedication. Unfortunately, Moving Place does not offer local move options and instant quotations online. But keeping the drawbacks aside, if you’re moving long-distance, interstate or internationally, without having any doubts in your mind, go for Moving Place.

    How to Prepare for a Move

    Decide on a residence

    You should think about everything that makes up your house and community when choosing the greatest area to live for you and your family, whether you’re retiring, going to school, or starting over.

    Notify Family of Your Move

    Moving is one of the most stressful chores someone can do, but it’s considerably more difficult for children. It’s difficult to tell them to leave their friends, school, and familiarity. Learn how to break the news and make the move.

    Decide to Hire a moving storage container

    People who are constantly on the go are plagued by this question. There are several variables to consider when making this decision, such as the amount of time and money it will take as well as how difficult it will be for you to make the shift. It may make more sense to self-move across town rather than across the nation if you’re moving locally. It’s still a good idea to consider all of your options before making a final selection.

    Preparation is the Key to Successful Relocation

    After you’ve decided how you’re going to transfer your belongings, either by hiring a moving company or moving it yourself, the following step is to draw up a budget for the move. Keeping track of your finances and figuring out how much your move will cost you are two critical aspects of this process.

    How to prepare for move

    Select the Most Reliable Relocation Service Providers

    Before hiring a moving company, be sure to ask these questions to the company on the phone. The interview is an opportunity for you to see if the organization is a good fit for your needs or not.

    Find the Right Moving Truck Rental Size

    Rent a moving van, truck, or trailer if you’re moving across town, state, or country. Check out these suggestions for moving car rentals.

    Begin packing your house.

    Prep your boxes six weeks before your relocation date and plan carefully if you’re handling your packing. Planning and packing ahead of time save time, money, and stress.

    Packing Room by Room

    As you pack each room in your home, follow these simple instructions. Prepare for your move with these helpful hints and step-by-step instructions.

    Moving might be expensive, but there are ways to save money

    You probably can’t resist a garage sale if you’re like the majority of people. Going through someone else’s belongings has a certain allure, or perhaps it’s just the thrill of the hunt for a good deal. There are many reasons to hold a garage sale, but one of the most common is to get rid of unwanted items and make money to help pay for the cost of moving your goods to a new location.

    Moving Container Companies FAQs

    How much does it cost to move a container?

    The cost to move a container depends on the type of move you make i.e. locally or long-distance move. This also includes the time of storage, a lot of stress, and workability. Let us learn more about the average moving costs of 6 moving container companies.

    Moving container companiesAverage cost of moving
    Zippy Shell$3260
    SMARTBOX portable storage$3020
    Moving place$3000

    How much furniture can you fit in a 20Ft container?

    The total capacity of a 20 ft container is 33 cubic meters from which 25 to 28 cubic meters of space is usable. Therefore, the contents of a three-bedroom house that can easily fit inside a 20 feet container are beds boxes, television, furniture, etc.

    Which size moving container do I need?

    While relocating, storage containers and a portable moving option are important that cost less than a top-tier mover and eliminate the inconvenience of hiring a truck. Besides that, figuring out the number of containers, size, and type of moving components you will need to move your furniture is also not that easy. So, let us know a rough estimate of container size details of top moving companies for a standard moving container.

    Container sizeHome typeHome size (square feet)Container capacity (cubic feet)Weight limit (lbs)Containers required
    Small 7 to 8 feetStudio apartment400 – 600100-3752000-50002-3
    Medium 12 feet2 bedroom home600-1200375 -7502500-60003-4
    Large 16 feet3 bedroom home1200-1600750-10003500-60004-5
    Very large 27 feet4 bedroom homeMore than 1600More than 1000More than 100005-8

    What size container do I need for a 3 bedroom house?

    For a three-bedroom house, you may need 3 or 4 large moving containers of 16 ft size.


    How do you know which moving firms to use for your container move? As a result, keep in mind that the correct company will provide all of the services you require at a reasonable cost. You can count on a reputable moving container service provider to deliver your possessions undamaged and on time. For your convenience, Movingist has compiled a list of the top six moving container companies you should consider working with.

    Movingist decorated this website with some of the leading container companies with information that can ease your work from finding one. This page is for you! if you are planning a home renovation project you can be benefited from renting moving containers. Container services are popular because of their larger units’ ability to accommodate the furniture of multiple rooms.

    For an additional fee, your container provider may be able to provide you with additional moving containers. While this will significantly increase the cost of your relocation, it may still be less expensive than hiring a moving company to handle everything for you. Expect to pay twice as much if you had originally planned to hire one 16-foot unit and ended up requiring two of them. Moving containers have a major benefit over moving firms when it comes to storage.

    You may keep all your belongings in storage in a moving container for as long as you like while still having easy access to them. For long-term storage, moving companies can be expensive and difficult to obtain. The use of moving containers is a fantastic choice if you require long-term storage during your move.

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