Moving to Vestavia Hills, AL

Moving to Vestavia Hills, AL

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    Vestavia Hills, also called Vestavia, is an Alabama city in the Birmingham suburb, situated in both Shelby and Jefferson counties. Established in 1950, the town comprises Liberty Park, Vestavia, and Cahaba Heights. 

    Home to the Temple of Sibyl, Vestavia Bowl, Shelby County Wine Trail, and George B. Ward’s mansion, Vestavia Hills offers a fantastic mix of culturally fascinating communities, Italian-inspired architecture, and history that epitomizes the ethics of southern hospitality.

    So, if you are ready to be part of this exciting journey of moving to Vestavia Hills, AL, read our blog post for more information!

    Population & Diversity of Vestavia Hills, AL

    The population of Vestavia Hills, AL, is about 38,231 as of 2023. The city has an entire area of 19.41 square miles, of which 19.40 square miles are land and 0.07% is water.

    Population distribution in Vestavia includes:

    • Vestavia’s population comprises 48.53% men and 51.47% women. 
    • The Poverty rate of Vestavia Hills is 3.84%.
    • Vestavia Hills’s population diversity score is 67 out of 100.
    • The Median age of Vestavia Hills is 40 years.
    • The most spoken language of Vestavia Hills is English.

    The racial makeup of Vestavia Hills Hills’s population comprises:

    • White- 85.37%
    • Black or African American- 6.29%
    • Two or more races- 2.09%
    • Asian- 4.62%
    • Other races- 1.48%

    Is Vestavia Hills, AL, safe?

    Vestavia Hills, Alabama, is one of the top 100 safest cities in the US. It has a relatively lower crime rate than the national average.

    Here are a few critical details about the crime scenes in Vestavia Hills.

    • The overall crime rate in Vestavia Hills is 8 per 1000 people.
    • The common crimes in Vestavia Hills are assault, rape, murder, armed robbery, larceny, grand theft auto, and arson.
    • Vestavia Hills ranks in the #65 percentile regarding safety.
    • The chance of becoming a violent crime victim in Vestavia Hills was 1 in 1617.
    • The Vestavia Hills property crime rate is 7 in 1000.

    The crime rate of Vestavia Hills in comparison with the state and national average are mentioned as follows:

    Crime typeVestavia HillsAlabamaUS
    Violent crime10.326.822.7
    Property crime21.94334

    The safe neighborhoods in Vestavia Hills, AL, are:

    • Vestavia Hills West
    • Grants Mill
    • Vestavia Hills Southeast
    • Cherokee Forest/City Center
    • Vestavia Hills Southwest

    Cost of Living in Vestavia Hills, AL

    Vestavia Hills, AL, has a higher cost of living than the national average, ranking 1496 out of 9294 in the global list. To know if heck out some key Vestavia Hills, AL, cost of living statistics.

    • Vestavia Hills has a cost of living index of 113.7, higher than 100 nationally,  ranking 1364th in the US and 4th in Alabama.
    • The average cost of living in Vestavia Hills is $1,954 and $ 5,207 per month, including rent for a single individual and a family of four, respectively.  
    • You must earn $51,600 and $92,880 per year as a single person and for a family in Vestavia Hills to cover living expenses and enjoy life.  

    The table below summarizes the cost of living expenses in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, in comparison with the state and national average.

    Category Vestavia HillsAlabamaUS  average 
    Overall 8784.1100
    Food and groceries103.294.4100
    Healthcare 122118.9100
    Housing 148.656.6100
    Utilities 101.2101.2100
    Transportation 85.485.9100
    Miscellaneous 8371100

    Here is a table comparing the cost of living in Vestavia Hills, AL, with other cities in Alabama:

    CityCost of Living IndexGoods & Services IndexGroceries IndexHealth Care IndexHousing IndexTransportation IndexUtilities Index
    Vestavia Hills118101969816397101

    Job Market in Vestavia Hills, AL

    The job market in Vestavia Hills is active And becoming more diverse with the growing population. 

    Vestavia Hills witnessed an expansion in the job scenario by 2.0% last year.

    The average salary in Vestavia Hills, AL, is $65,000 annually, or $31.25 per hour, depending on job title and industry. 

    The city has an unemployment rate of 1.9%, less than the US average of 6.0%.

    The top employers in Vestavia Hills, AL

    • Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC
    • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department
    • Tacala
    • Dixon Wells
    • Molton, Allen & Williams Corporation
    • Vestavia Hills City Schools
    • City of Vestavia Hills
    • Security Engineers, Inc.
    • Infinity Insurance Company
    • Buffalo Rock Company

    The most common jobs in Vestavia Hills, AL

    • Registered Nurse
    • Retail Sales Associate
    • Sales Associate
    • Software Developer
    • Senior Consultant
    • CDL Driver
    • Class A Driver
    • Warehouse Worker
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Delivery Driver

    The highest-paying jobs in Vestavia Hills, AL

    Job TitleAnnual Salary
    Senior Consultant$102,201
    Software Developer$70,525
    Registered Nurse$67,228
    CDL Driver$62,478
    Class A Driver$58,615

    Tax rates in Vestavia Hills, AL

    Here’s a summary of Vestavia Hills’ higher tax rates than other cities and counties in Alabama.

    • Sales tax: 10% (This includes 4% of Alabama Sales tax, 1% of Sales tax, and 4% Vestavia Hills Sales tax )
    • Income tax: 5%
    • Property tax: 0.0926% of the asserted value.

    Housing market in Vestavia Hills, AL

    One of the main benefits of relocating to Vestavia Hills is the stable real estate market with many reasonably priced, high-quality apartments.

    The city’s housing market is quite competitive, and compared to last year, home prices increased by 7.9%.

    Let’s see a simple analysis of the Vestavia Hills housing market.

    • Vestavia Hills’ housing market scores 61 out of 100. 
    • About 68% of the homes in Vestavia Hills are owned, 25% are rented, and 7% are vacant. 
    • Properties with 3 to 4 detached and single-family bedrooms make up about 63.8% of the market.
    • Vestavia Hills’ median sale price per square foot is $193, down 3.5% from last year, and its median listing price is $479900, flat.
    • The city has 143 active homes and seven new homes for sale; the average time a home spends on the market is 36 days.

    The table below illustrates Vestavia Hills, AL’s housing and rental prices compared to the US average. 

    Housing costsVestavia HillsUS
    Median home cost$524,989$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$725$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$948$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$1425$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$1962$1860


    Top neighborhoods in Vestavia Hills, AL

    The best places to live in Vestavia Hills, AL, are as follows:

    • Liberty Park
    • Cahaba Heights
    • Altadena
    • Abingdon Green
    • River Run

    Education system in Vestavia Hills, AL

    Among Alabama’s 143 school districts, Vestavia Hills City School District is ranked in the top 5%, and its High School ranks #506 nationally.

    With over 7,095 students enrolled, the city has five preschools, five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school.

    About 95.8% of teachers in Vestavia Hills City possess three years of experience or more, while 100% hold credentials. However, the school district has a student-to-teacher ratio 17:1, which is less than the state average.

    Vestavia Hills, AL, has 11 colleges: 2 community colleges that offer 2-year degrees, eight private colleges and universities, and one public college.

    Private schools in Vestavia Hills, AL:

    • Indian Springs School
    • The Altamont School
    • John Carroll Catholic High School
    •  Mountain View Baptist School
    • Briarwood Christian School

    Elementary schools in Vestavia Hills, AL:

    • East Elementary
    • Liberty Park Elementary
    • Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights
    • Vestavia Hills Elementary Dolly Ridge
    • West Elementary

    High schools in Vestavia Hills, AL:

    • Vestavia Hills High School

    Colleges and universities in Vestavia Hills, AL:

    • Jefferson State Community College
    • Samford University
    •  Franklin University
    • Herzing
    • Birmingham Southern College
    •  Highlands college
    •  Lawson State Community College
    •  Fortis

    Public Transportation in Vestavia Hills, AL 

    Vestavia Hills has a limited selection of public transportation; however, residents still have access to various alternative modes of transportation.

    The city’s median one-way commute time is 20.3 minutes, lower than the national average of 26.8 minutes.

    The available transportation options in Vestavia Hills are listed below:

    • Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) is the largest mass transit provider, serving over 200 square miles with 70 fixed and 21 routes.
    • Moovit provides real-time transit information for Vestavia Hills and other cities. 
    • At Five Points West to Woodlawn, the Birmingham Xpress Rapid-Transit line will connect 25 neighborhoods over 10 miles.
    • Vestavia Hills Parks coordinates volunteer Senior Transportation that receives first-come, first-served transit to medical appointments, grocery stores, and other essential destinations.
    • The city also offers taxis and car rides. 

    Weather and climate in Vestavia Hills, AL

    The humid subtropical Vestavia Hills, AL, climate has four seasons: summer, winter, spring, and fall. Yearly temperatures range from 35°F to 90°F and are rarely below 21°F or above 96°F.

    Here are some critical stats regarding weather and climate in Vestavia Hills, AL.

    • With average high temperatures of 89°F and lows of 72°F, July is the hottest month from May 25 to September 22. 
    • January is the coldest month in Vestavia Hills from November 29 to February 24, with average high-low temperatures of 36°F to 54°F. 
    • The city is most apparent in July and cloudiest in January when the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy 53% of the time.
    • Vestavia Hills receives 56 inches of rain annually, compared to 38 inches for the US average and 1 inch of snowfall.
    • Summer is the ideal time to visit Alabama and Vestavia Hills, as 64% of the time, it is clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy.
    • Mild seasonal variations in the average hourly wind speed are observed in Vestavia Hills throughout the year.

    Here is a table showing the average weather in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, by month:

    MonthAverage HighAverage LowAverage Precipitation
    January54°F36°F5.2 inches
    February59°F39°F5.1 inches
    March67°F46°F6.3 inches
    April75°F53°F4.8 inches
    May82°F62°F4.5 inches
    June89°F70°F4.3 inches
    July91°F72°F4.9 inches
    August90°F71°F4.2 inches
    September85°F65°F4.1 inches
    October76°F53°F3.9 inches
    November65°F43°F4.8 inches
    December57°F38°F5.2 inches

    Things to Do in Vestavia Hills, AL

    Vestavia Hills is a charming city known for its friendly vibe and scenic surroundings. 

    Check out the list of things to do and places to see in Vestavia Hills, AL:

    • Visit Vestavia Hills, AL’s Temple of Sibyl, for stunning views.
    • Enjoy a variety of plants, flowers, and beautiful landscapes in Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
    • Go to Vulcan Park & Museum, the world’s largest cast iron statue.
    • Go shopping in Riverchase Galleria mall.
    • Enjoy hiking at the Moss Rock Preserve and Waterfalls, which features over 12 miles of trails and cascading falls.
    • Stop by the AMC Vestavia Hills 10, a great movie theater.
    • Do yoga, Pilates, and barre at Essential Mvmt fitness studio.
    • Explore various vintage and retro items at the Vapor Thrift Store.
    • Visit Klingler’s Café and the famous Vestavia Bowl.

    Pros and Cons of Living in Vestavia Hills, AL

    Listing out the Pros and cons of living in Vestavia Hills, AL.

    Very safe and family-friendly neighborhoodsHigh cost of living
    Excellent school systemSerious drug problem in the high school
    Top-notch public services and recreational facilitiesHistory of racism and white flight
    Diverse curriculum and caring teachersLimited public transportation
    Abundance of restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping optionsOverlooked drug problem
    Great place to raise childrenLimited nightlife and entertainment options
    High Math and Reading proficiency in schoolsTraffic congestion during rush hours

    Final Verdict

    To summarize, Vestavia Hills is a great place to revive your new chapter if you’re considering moving to Alabama. From many opportunities to choose from, a balanced cost of living, and an affordable housing market, the city offers a big city lifestyle and a quiet suburban life. 

    Congratulations, if you have decided to move here. We wish you the best and hope you enjoy all the benefits of your new Vestavia Hills home. 

    Image Credit: Sharon Phelan Evans, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons