Moving to Alabama


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    Are you making your moving to Alabama also known as the “Yellowhammer State,” the “Heart of Dixie,” and the “Cotton State.” then get ready to experience low costs, breathtaking waterways, amazing shorelines, mouth-watering food, and some of kindest people you would have ever met.

    Right from the country’s entrenched history, love for football, or innumerable outdoor activities, you’re going to enjoy being a part of the Heart of Dixie.

    And the best part is being one of the largest cities in America it was deemed as the most affordable city too.

    So, before moving to Alabama, sit down once and read this relocation guide. We have put everything together for you to know about your new place which will help you feel at home.

    What should you know before moving to Alabama?

    Things to know before moving to Alabama are as follows:

    • Alabama has 5 auxiliary interstate routes and 6 interstate roads joining airports and seaways.
    • Alabama has the lowest cost of living than the national average.
    • College football is the famous sport of Alabamians
    • Health history and healthcare facilities are the worst in the country
    • The best time to move is when there’s less rain and a modest temperature
    • Don’t relocate in March, April, May, or November as the storms get anticipated
    • Keep necessary arrangements to ensure smooth move-in like enough storage spaces, toolbox, first-aid kid, etc
    • The schools and education system in Alabama are ranked less than the national average so, find the best school for your children before allocation
    • Alabama has amazing dining destinations with some delicious dishes and cuisines

    After reaching Alabama you have to

    • Apply for moving to Alabama car registration and driver’s license within 4 months of arrival.
    • Register your vehicle and go for an emission test.
    • Apply for a pet license if you own a pet
    • Search for trash or recycling methods.

    Where is Alabama Located?

    Alabama is in the Southeastern United States, bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.

    The capital city of Alabama is Montgomery and the largest city in Alabama is Birmingham.

    Alabama Rankings Overview

    • In college football, Alabama stands as a powerhouse, holding the 5th position in the Associated Press Top 25 and the 4th spot in the ESPN College Football Rankings.
    • Overall state ranking places Alabama at 44th among U.S. states.
    • The University of Alabama, the state’s flagship university, is ranked 170th in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges in National Universities.

    Population in Alabama

    The population is approximately 5,074,296 with a median age of 39.3. There was a 2.14% population increase.

    Diversity in Alabama

    Alabama’s population is diverse, with significant White and Black or African American residents.

    • White alone: 68.9%
    • Black or African American alone: 26.8%
    • American Indian and Alaska Native alone: 0.7%
    • Asian alone: 1.6%
    • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone: 0.1%
    • Two or More Races: 2.0%
    • Hispanic or Latino: 4.9%

    Is Alabama a good state to move to?

    Alabama, also known as the heart of Dixie, is situated in the southern part of the US. The state has some beautiful inland waterways, highly populated towns, and vast forests. 

    The people of Alabama are very welcoming and have closely knitted colonies or communities in urban and rural areas. Alabama enjoys hot sunny weather throughout the year.

    Is Alabama a good state to move to

    Alabama’s economy was predominantly dependant on agriculture but now it is diversified to other sectors like aerospace, manufacturing, technology, and finance.

    Students can enroll in top highly rated colleges and avail plenty of job opportunities. Therefore, Alabama is a good option to move to for any ex-pats who want to live in America.

    Is it expensive to live in Alabama?

    Alabama’s cost of living index is around 87.9[6] or 88.2[2], meaning it is about 12-13% lower than the national average of 100.

    For a single individual, the average cost of living in Alabama is approximately $39,657 per year.

    The median household income in Alabama from 2018-2022 was $59,609, while the per capita income during the same period was $33,344.

    Median family income varies based on family size, ranging from $52,138 for a single individual to $85,687 for a family of four.

    To live comfortably in Alabama, the estimated living wage is around $15.91 per hour, translating to approximately $33,092 per year for a full-time, year-round worker.

    For a family of four, the living wage is estimated to be $80,777 per year.

    The main costs of living in Alabama include housing and utilities ($6,683 per year), healthcare ($6,545 per year), food and beverages (non-restaurant) ($3,261 per year), gas and energy goods ($1,215 per year), and other personal expenditures ($21,954 per year).

    The average home in Alabama costs around $207,145, and median rent ranges from $664 for a studio to $1,250 for a five-bedroom (or more) home.

    Cost of livingAlabama indexUnited States
    Other amenities94.5100

    Living Cost in Alabama

    The cost of living not only involves renting prices for tenants or homeowners but also includes healthcare costs, transportation costs, entertainment costs, food prices, gas prices, child care, taxes, registration fees, and utility costs.

    Whatever the salary of an individual be, they have to pay and deal with all this spending every now and then.

    What should I know about living in Alabama?

    Before moving to Alabama, you must know that it is a great place to live in due to its lower property tax rates, lower income tax rates, low crime rates, and allows a slower pace of life than other US states which makes it a good place to live in with family.

    The average cost of living in Alabama is 82.3 which is much lower than the US average of 100. A value below 100 means the cost of living in Alabama is inexpensive than the US average and vice-versa.

    How much money do you need to live in Alabama?

    As you know that Alabama is an inexpensive state so you nearly need $3,326 per month or $39,920 a year to live in Alabama.

    What is the cheapest city in Alabama to live in?

    The cheapest cities to live in Alabama are

    • Hamilton
    • Russellville
    • Attalla
    • Roanoke
    • Valley
    • Pinson
    • Lincoln
    • Clay
    • Southside
    • Daleville

    Business opportunity

    Alabama has always continued to be a powerhouse of business and industries that have developed to attract new business statics and keep the existing businesses flourishing.

    When new professionals or entrepreneurs start their business careers, the state provides excellent backups in terms of opportunities and training.

    In the 14th annual ranking report of business facilities, Alabama has been ranked with the best business environment and had stated, “Alabama knew how to play small and big games, they have always nailed the fundamentals of economic development”.

    What is a good business to start in Alabama?

    There are plenty of good sectors to contemplate in Alabama which include tourism, livestock, farming, electronics, banking, and construction.

    Besides that, you can also start your own business as per your passions and skills. Catering, candy making, cookies making, and clearing are a few such low-cost businesses that you can start anytime from home.

    How much does it cost to start a business in Alabama?

    The cost of starting a small-scale company in Alabama is $208 only. This fee has to be paid online to the secretary of state, Alabama while filling the limited liability company (LLC) form.

    Is Alabama a good place to start a business?

    Alabama is a good place to start a business. If you want to start a business in Alabama then you are at the right place because Alabama allows showcasing your passions and skills.

    The financial incentives help new business owners to take their businesses off the ground. Alabama government also helps small business owners by making an online presence full of manpower, resources, plants, and machinery.

    Regardless of the type of business you want to open, Alabama provides assistance from local and state levels that might help you.

    How is the job market in Alabama?

    Alabama ranks as the 7th best job market in the nation in 2023. Job growth tied to foreign direct investment in Alabama has surged, showing a 12% increase compared to an overall employment growth of 1%.

    The average annual salary in Alabama is approximately $48,955.

    Alabama’s unemployment rate is relatively low, standing at 2.2% in 2023, well below the 2.6% rate in 2022. The state’s labor force participation rate remains steady at 57.0%.

    The median household income in Alabama is $59,609, and the average salary in Alabama is approximately $48,955.

    Alabama women have a median weekly earnings of $788 translating to around $40,976 annually. The average hourly pay for a female in Alabama is $13.55.

    Job Market Alabama

    What are the top employers in Alabama

    1. Alfa
    2. University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
    3. Regions Bank
    4. Southern Company
    5. NASA
    6. Encompass Health
    7. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
    8. Auburn University
    9. Redstone Arsenal
    10. Walmart

    What are the most common jobs in Alabama

    The most common jobs in Alabama, based on employment statistics, include:

    1. Retail Salespersons
    2. Registered Nurses
    3. Cashiers
    4. Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
    5. Movers,
    6. Mechanics
    7. Electricians

    Highest paying jobs in Alabama

    1. Cardiologist
    2. Dermatologist
    3. Anesthesiologist
    4. Orthopedic Surgeon
    5. Family Medicine Physician
    6. Finance Services Director
    7. Medical Director
    8. Chief Medical Officer
    9. Associate Medical Director
    10. Executive Director, Information Technology

    How much are the taxes in Alabama?

    Alabama ranks 39th in the nation for overall tax burden. Residents contribute 7.35% of their total personal income to state and local taxes.

    Alabama has a complex tax system with different rates and rankings for various types of taxes.

    Sales Tax: Alabama’s state sales tax rate is 4.00 percent. The local sales tax rate can go up to 7.50 percent, resulting in an average combined rate of 9.25 percent.

    Property Tax: The average Alabama homeowner pays $674 per year, about a quarter of the national average of $2,795.

    Income Tax: Alabama’s individual income tax is graduated, ranging from 2.00 percent to 5.00 percent.

    For singles, heads of families, and married persons filing separately, rates are 2%, 4%, and 5% based on income brackets.

    Gas tax: 24 cents per gallon (regular gasoline) and 25 cents per gallon (diesel)

    How is the economy in Alabama?

    Alabama’s economy is growing but at a slower pace than some other states.

    In Q1 2023, Alabama’s real GDP growth rate was 0.1%, down from 3.9% in the previous quarter.

    Over five years leading to 2023, Alabama’s GDP grew at an annualized rate of 0.8%, ranking 27th among all states.

    The state’s economy is expected to grow by about 1.4% in 2023.

    Economy in Alabama

    What is the main industry in Alabama?

    Real estate is the main industry in Alabama followed by health care services, which is the second largest industry to give total economic output.

    Alabama’s main industries are diverse, including aerospace, bioscience, agriculture, beverages, automotive, and chemicals.

    How rich is Alabama?

    Alabama stands 38th in higher per capita income i.e. $18,189 in the year 2000 among all the US states. the GDP per capita was $40,598, but adjusting for inflation, it was $38,737 in 2019.

    Its self per capita income was $26,338 in the year 2003 which was the 40th highest per capita income in the country.

    Is Alabama’s economy growing?

    Yes, Alabama’s economy has been grown by 4.8% in the year 2020 which was more than the national average of 4% that made Alabama rank 13th in personal income growth.

    The gross state product (GSP) of Alabama had reached $202 in 2019 with a rise of 1.7 percent over the last 5 years still 2019. According to the forecast released by CBR, the quarterly economic business of Alabama are shown the state’s economic growth of 6.8 % in the first 3 months of 2021.

    Does Alabama have a good education?

    Alabama holds an overall education ranking of 44th in the nation.

    Alamaba has fourteen four-year public universities, numerous two-year community colleges, and 17 private universities offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

    The estimated cost of attendance for a full-time dependent undergraduate student at the University of Alabama in the 2023-2024 academic year ranges from $33,452 to $55,746, depending on residency status.

    Alabama’s college net tuition revenue was double the national average in 2021, amounting to $13,685 per full-time student. Alabama students spent approximately $26,500 to $32,000 to cover college costs that year.

    Alabama accommodated 743,012 students across 1,479 schools in 138 school districts.

    The state employed 41,977 teachers, resulting in an average student-teacher ratio of approximately 1:17.

    What are the best schools in Alabama?

    Best Middle Schools in Alabama

    1. Homewood Middle School – Homewood
    2. Liberty Park Middle School – Vestavia Hills
    3. Pizitz Middle School – Vestavia Hills
    4. Mountain Brook Junior High School – Mountain Brook City
    5. Fairhope Middle School – Fairhope
    6. Auburn Junior High School – Auburn
    7. Oak Mountain Intermediate School – Shelby County
    8. George W Long High School (Grades 7-12) – Dale County
    9. Phillips Preparatory Middle School – Mobile County
    10. Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School – Jefferson County

    Best Elementary Schools in Alabama

    The best elementary schools in Alabama, according to various sources, include:

    1. Crestline Elementary School – Birmingham
    2. Cherokee Bend Elementary School – Mountain Brook
    3. Mountain Brook Elementary School – Mountain Brook
    4. Eichold-Mertz School of Math and Science – Mobile
    5. Mt Laurel Elementary School – Shelby County
    6. Forest Avenue Elementary School – Montgomery County
    7. Cary Woods Elementary School – Auburn
    8. Dean Road Elementary School – Auburn
    9. Brock’s Gap Intermediate School – Hoover
    10. Horizon Elementary School – Madison

    Best High Schools in Alabama

    1. Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School, Montgomery
    2. Mountain Brook High School, Mountain Brook
    3. Homewood High School, Homewood
    4. New Century Tech Demo High School, Huntsville
    5. Vestavia Hills High School, Vestavia Hills
    6. Spain Park High School, Hoover
    7. Brewbaker Tech Magnet High School, Montgomery
    8. James Clemens High School, Madison
    9. Oak Mountain High School, Birmingham
    10. Auburn High School, Auburn

    Best Universities and Colleges in Alabama

    1. University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL
    2. Auburn University – Auburn, AL
    3. University of Alabama in Huntsville – Huntsville, AL
    4. Birmingham Southern College – Birmingham, AL
    5. Samford University – Birmingham, AL
    6. Auburn University at Montgomery – Montgomery, AL
    7. University of South Alabama – Mobile, AL
    8. Tuskegee University – Tuskegee, AL
    9. Alabama A&M University – Normal, AL
    10. Jacksonville State University – Jacksonville, AL

    Health System

    The health care policy consists of services given by medical professionals to treat the patients and prevent physical and mental illness.

    This healthcare system in Alabama includes making and implementing rules, laws, and regulations in managing the health care system of the state.

    Health System Alabama

    The system also includes a wide variety of sectors such as health information technology, health insurance, and Pharmaceuticals.

    What is Alabama ranked in HealthCare?

    According to Wallethub’s recent study, the country has been ranked 46th for health care, which means Alabama is the 6th worst state in providing medical services, health insurance, and routine checkups.

    According to the “America’s Health Rankings 2022 Annual Report,” the Alabama is placed 46th in overall health, showing an improvement from its 2019 rank of 47[1].]

    Does Alabama have good health care?

    The healthcare rankings in Alabama are based on 3 broad factors: quality of services, access to care, and overall health of the nation.

    Alabama lacks all these three factors as the majority of the population doesn’t have health insurance and can’t avail of routine checkups due to high costs.

    Does Alabama have affordable health care?

    The monthly premium health insurance in Alabama is $8748 per year or $729 per month. Alabama’s citizens have to use a federally enabled health insurance marketplace, where they have to enroll in the financial incentives, coverage, and exchange plans at to reduce copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

    How is the housing market in Alabama?

    Homes in Alabama typically cost $175,586, but the median sale price was $274,200 in September 2023.

    Is housing cheap in Alabama?

    Despite a higher median family income that is 19.4 % than the median family income in Alabama, the state has an affordable market due to its low real estate price rates than the national average.

    A typical single-family home in Alabama has a median value of $221,926, showing a 1.4% increase over the past year.

    The median listing price per square foot in Alabama is $238.

    Alabama’s homeownership rate has generally been higher than the national average, standing at 69.4%.

    The U.S. Census Bureau reported a renter-occupied housing unit rate of 30.6% in Alabama. This indicates that about 30.6% of occupied housing units were rented during this period. Regional variations show, for instance, a 36.6% rate in the Auburn-Opelika area.

    What are the average rental prices in Alabama?

    Median rent for all bedrooms and property types is $1,400. The median gross rent from 2018-2022 was $925.

    • A studio apartment in Alabama has an average rental price of $1,499.
    • The average rental price for a 1-bedroom apartment in Alabama varies from $495 to $4,324, averaging $1,099.
    • For a 2-bedroom apartment in Alabama, the average rental price ranges from $375 to $4,690, with an average of $1,188.
    • Renting a 3-bedroom home in Alabama costs from $480 to $1,500, with an average of $1,450.
    • The average rental price for a 4-bedroom home in Alabama is $1,995.

    How safe is it to live in Alabama?

    As of 2023, Alabama has the fifteenth highest crime rate in the United States, with 453.6 incidents per 100,000 people, resulting in 22,322 total crime incidents Alabama’s crime rates surpass the national average.s

    Alabama’s violent crime rate rose from 4.5 to 6.0 per 1,000 residents.

    Aggravated assault is the most common violent crime, with over 24,000 cases reported.

    Robberies make up 9% of violent crime, 45% lower than the national average.

    Murder constitutes 2% of all violent crimes, mirroring the national percentage.

    Some Alabama cities, like Bessemer, have notably high crime rates. Bessemer’s violent crime rate is 33.18 per 1,000 population, with a 1 in 30 chance of becoming a victim.

    Larceny is the most common property crime in Alabama, exceeding the national rate.

    Despite crime statistics, 58% of Alabama respondents express safety concerns, surpassing the national average of 50%.

    Top Safest Neighborhoods in Alabama

    1. Warrior
    2. Kimberly
    3. Southside
    4. Hamilton
    5. Priceville
    6. Fairhope
    7. Dothan
    8. Rainsville
    9. Rainbow City
    10. Mountain Brook
    11. Vestavia Hills
    12. Daleville
    13. Pleasant Grove
    14. Pelham
    15. Glencoe

    How is the weather in Alabama?

    Alabama features a humid subtropical climate marked by hot, humid summers and mild winters accompanied by year-round precipitation.

    Alabama undergoes all four seasons, with spring and part of summer being the wettest period.

    The state maintains an average annual temperature of 64 °F (18°C).

    Alabama witnesses an annual average of 56 inches (1,400 mm) of rainfall.

    Snow is infrequent, occurring about twice a year. On average, Huntsville accumulates 1.77 inches of snowfall annually, while Birmingham and Montgomery receive less than an inch.

    The yearly count of sunny days varies across cities, with Birmingham experiencing 210, Huntsville 201, Mobile 218, and Montgomery 214 sunny days.

    July and August are the hottest months, with average high temperatures reaching 91°F.

    January stands as the coldest month, featuring average low temperatures ranging from 30°F in the northern part to over 45°F along the coast.

    Top Cities to Move in Alabama:

    • Huntsville: Known for its role in the Space Race, Huntsville offers a high quality of life and is home to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.
    • Birmingham: Emerging from the iron and steel industry, Birmingham played a crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement and is Alabama’s most populous metro area.
    • Montgomery: As the capital, Montgomery is rich in history, a key player in the Civil Rights Movement, and offers various activities and attractions.
    • Mobile: A waterfront city with a Mardi Gras tradition and historic architecture, Mobile provides diverse cultural experiences.
    • Tuscaloosa: Known for the University of Alabama and its strong college football culture, Tuscaloosa boasts parks and historic sites.
    • Auburn: Home to Auburn University, this East-Central city offers a mix of activities and cultural experiences.

    Gadsden, Dothan, Florence, and Gulf Shores are also noteworthy, each offering unique attractions and qualities.

    What are the best things to do in Alabama?

    1. Tour the USS Alabama Battleship and USS Drum submarine at the Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, exploring military exhibits and aircraft.
    2. Visit the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, home to a vast collection of vintage and contemporary motorcycles from around the world.
    3. Enjoy outdoor activities at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, featuring beautiful beaches, a fishing pier, a golf course, and extensive hiking and biking trails.
    4. Learn about the Civil Rights Movement at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, with interactive exhibits and historical artifacts.
    5. Explore the achievements of the US space program at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, one of the largest museums of its kind.
    6. Play golf on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, a collection of championship-caliber courses spanning eleven sites across Alabama.
    7. Experience hands-on exhibits and an IMAX dome theater at the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, ideal for families and children.
    8. Discover the highest point in Alabama at Cheaha State Park, which offers hiking trails, camping, and stunning views.
    9. Shop for unique items at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, where airlines’ unclaimed luggage items are sold.
    10. Explore the Spectre Set Ruins in Millbrook, the remains of the fictional town from the movie “Big Fish,” and consider camping overnight.
    11. Immerse yourself in local culture by attending a tailgate party and cheering on the University of Alabama’s football team.

    These activities showcase the diverse attractions that Alabama has to offer visitors.


    Best Restaurants in Alabama

    As we have already mentioned Alabama is home to many delicious cuisines, it’s also the home to top dining destinations.

    Here is a list of the top 10 restaurants situated throughout the country that will most certainly remain on your dining bucket list for the upcoming year. Let’s check them out!

    • The Bright Star Restaurant, Bessemer
    • Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, Decatur
    • Rattlesnake Salon, Tuscumbia
    • The Golf, Orange Beach
    • Kowaliga Restaurant, Alexander City
    • Wildflower Cafe, Mentone
    • Highlands Bar And Grill, Birmingham
    • Acre, Auburn
    • 360 Grille, Florence
    • Bullpen Steakhouse, Oakman

    Pros & Cons of living in Alabama

    Based on the search results, here is a detailed table of the pros and cons of living in Alabama:

    Pros of living in AlabamaCons of living in Alabama
    Low cost of livingHigher than average property and violent crime rates
    Passionate about college footballPoor K-12 public education system
    Access to the Gulf CoastStatewide infrastructure needs improvement
    High number of accredited public universitiesHigh poverty rates
    Rich music cultureRisk of severe weather
    Rich, albeit complicated, historyHigh infestations of insects like roaches
    Low state taxesStruggling with public education
    Low unemployment ratesLimited worker protections and inclusiveness
    Good air qualityHigh rate of premature deaths
    High employment ratesSolidly conservative state, which may not align with everyone’s political views
    Authentic food and historic attractionsQuality of life for children is ranked low
    Southern hospitalityLow levels of access to healthcare providers
    Warm weather most of the yearHigh rates of depression, obesity, and diabetes
    Beautiful landscapes and outdoor parks

    Why would I want to move to Alabama?

    The 5 reasons why you should move to Alabama are as follows:

    • Alabama is an ideal place for those who stay with their families as the people are very friendly and welcoming.
    • The cost of living is less in Alabama compared to other states
    • Residents of Alabama pay very low taxes which are property taxes, state income taxes, and gas taxes
    • As it is situated within the bible belt, you may find religious-minded people everywhere
    • Alabama is home to beautiful mountains stunning sceneries and gorgeous beaches.


    Are you well prepared to land in the Heart of Dixie – Trust us! This will be the best move ever as you will find endless opportunities to explore, showcase your talent, and will feel at home in no time. Stunning beaches, sunny weather, low living costs, plenty of outdoor activities, and more are the reasons for your relocations like other droves of people seeking to relocate to Alabama.

    We hope that this A-Z guide will be helpful for you to explore everything that the country has to offer you.