Moving to Montgomery, AL

Moving to Montgomery, AL

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    Are you contemplating a move to Montgomery, Alabama? This will be a biased blog post about moving to the capital city of Alabama. It’s the epicenter of everything revolving in the state and is a fantastic place for people of all ages to relocate. 

    Embodied in 1819, Montgomery is known to be the birthplace of the civil rights movement and home to the First White House of the Confederacy. The capital of dreams welcomes you with open arms to discover a city with historical gist, southern appeal, and modern transformation.

    So, witness the enchanting journey from your old abode to Montgomery through this comprehensive relocation guide. We are glad to accompany you in this enthralling transition. 

    Population & Diversity of Montgomery, AL

    The second-largest city in Alabama, Montgomery sits in Montgomery County, in the state’s central region, present along the shorelines of the Alabama River. 

    The city is home to about 201,022 residents, over 162.279 square miles of the Montgomery metropolitan statistical area covering 2786 square miles in Alabama.

    To know the diversity and population of Montgomery, AL, even better, here are a few pieces of information.

    • The population of Montgomery, Alabama, comprises 47.1% males and 52.9% females as of 2023.
    • The median age in Montgomery is 36 years.
    • The poverty rate in Montgomery, AL, is 21.2%.
    •  Montgomery, Alabama, has an 80 out of 100 diversity score.
    •  The most spoken language in Montgomery is English.
    •  Montgomery has a homeownership rate of 54.1%.
    • The median household size in the capital city of Alabama is 2.5 persons.

    The ethnic division of Montgomery’s population comprises of:

    • White- 30.59%
    • Black or African American- 61.61%
    • Two or more races- 2.98%
    • Asian- 3.24%
    • Native American- 0.13%
    • Other races- 1.4%

    Is Montgomery, AL, safe?

    Montgomery holds one of the highest crime rates in Alabama and the USA compared to other cities of the same size because it offers location, population density, floating population, and unplanned population growth. 

    Let’s quickly look at Montgomery, Alabama’s crime and safety stats.

    • The overall crime rate in Montgomery, AL, is 8425 crimes per 100,000 residents.
    • Montgomery’s crime index of Montgomery is 9 out of 100, which implies that the city is safe for 9% of American cities.
    • The chance of you getting trapped in either violent or property crime in Montgomery is 1 in 162 and 1 in 28, respectively.
    • The most complained crimes faced by Montgomery’s residents include aggravated assault, robbery, rape, Murder, vehicle theft, burglary, and arson.
    • New residents and visitors are advised to avoid problematic areas, stay in well-populated areas, avoid working alone at night, and study the area’s layout to prevent Montgomery’s crimes.
    Crime typeMontgomeryAlabamaUS
    Violent crime33.926.822.7
    Property crime61.74334

    The safe neighborhoods in Montgomery, AL are:

    • Wynlakes
    • Halcyon
    • The Grove
    • Old Cloverdale
    • Cloverdale
    • Garden District
    • Cottage Hill
    • Eastchase.

    The unsafe/most dangerous neighborhoods in Montgomery include

    • West Montgomery
    • South Montgomery
    • West End
    • Chisholm 
    • Washington Park

    Cost of Living in Montgomery, AL

    As per the most recent numbers, Montgomery is highly affordable in terms of living costs, which are 21% higher than the national average and 5% less than the state average. 

    As a capital city, its economically efficient living qualities attract a broad demographic and expats to choose Montgomery, compared to the state’s other cities with higher living expenses, including Hoover and Tuscaloosa.

    Let’s look at the cost of living facts and stats in Montgomery, AL.

    • For a comfortable living in Montgomery, Alabama, an average annual income of $24,120 for an individual and $34,000 for a family of 4 is recommended.
    • The average monthly monthly cost in Montgomery, Alabama, is $1648.
    • The affordability of living expenses in Montgomery is primarily due to Reduced housing costs that are more budget-friendly compared to other Alabama cities.

    The table below summarizes the cost of living expenses in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Category MontgomeryAlabamaUS  average 
    Overall 7984.1100
    Food and groceries92.994.4100
    Healthcare 120.9118.9100
    Housing 37.556.6100
    Utilities 101.8101.2100
    Transportation 81.485.9100
    Miscellaneous 82.671100

    Here is a table comparing the cost of living in Montgomery, Alabama, with two cities in Texas, Dallas and San Antonio. 

    CityCompared to the National AverageHousingUtilitiesTransportationHealthcareGroceries
    Montgomery, AL13% lower28% lower0% higher10% lower15% lower2% lower
    Dallas, TX7% higher44% higher2% higher1% higher1% higher3% higher
    San Antonio, TX4% lower22% lower3% lower9% lower10% lower4% lower

    Source: Best Places, Forbes Advisor, and Payscale.

    Job Market in Montgomery, AL

    If you are relocating to Montgomery and searching for jobs, be confident; you’ll get one soon. Job vacancies are solid in popular industries like trade, agriculture, Health care construction, military, finance, transportation, and insurance.

    Here is a few job- and salary-related information about Montgomery that you might need.

    • Montgomery has a positive percentage of job growth of 1.1% from the previous year.
    • The unemployment rate in Montgomery is 5.8%.
    • The average annual salary in Montgomery, Alabama, is $46,000, or an hourly wage of $22.12.
    • The future job growth over the next decade is predicted to be 30.3, slightly lower than the national average of 33.5%.
    • Montgomery has created 12,183 job vacancies in the year 2023. 

    Top employers in Montgomery

    • Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base 
    • State of Alabama 
    • Montgomery Public Schools
    • Baptist Health
    • Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama
    • Alfa Insurance Companies 
    • City of Montgomery
    • Business & Enterprise Systems
    • Jackson Hospital & Clinic, Inc.
    • Montgomery County Commission 

    Most common jobs in Montgomery

    • Cashier
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Sales Associate
    • Internship
    • Assistant Manager
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Server
    • Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Registered Nurse
    • Retail Sales Associate
    • Crew Member
    • Firefighter

    The highest-paying job profiles in Montgomery, AL, are as follows

    Job TitleAverage Annual SalaryEntry-Level Salary
    Nurse Practitioner$106,100 – $143,200$85,000 – $100,000
    Box Truck Owner Operator$57,900 – $165,900$40,000 – $60,000
    Senior Software Engineer$110,000$85,000
    Senior Project Manager$105,000$80,000
    Senior Financial Analyst$95,000$75,000
    Senior Accountant$85,000$65,000

    Tax rates in Montgomery, AL

    Montgomery imposes higher taxes on the salaried employees of the cities. The following are the types of taxes imposed on the residents of Montgomery, AL.

    • Sales tax: 10% (Comprised of 4% Alabama state sales tax, 2.5% County sales tax, 1.5% city sales tax, and 2% special tax)
    • Income tax: 5%
    • Property tax: 0.41% of asserted value.

    Housing market in Montgomery, AL

    Montgomery presents a competitive and affordable housing market for renters and buyers, making it an excellent location for real estate investments and rental living.

    Here, we have accumulated the latest housing and rental facts for you in Montgomery.

    • The housing market of Montgomery scores 46 out of 100.
    • The median home cost in Montgomery as of 2023 is $185,000 or $105 per square foot.
    • Montgomery’s median home sale price has risen by 8.9% over the past year and is trending up by 2.9% every year. 
    • The median age of Montgomery’s houses is 40 years old.
    • The home appreciation in Montgomery in the past decade was 36.8%.
    • The average rent of an apartment in Montgomery is $1171 per month. 
    • Building a house in Montgomery, Alabama, averages around $2225,000 and $342,500, or $100 to $220 per square foot. 
    Housing costsMontgomeryUS
    Median home cost$185,000$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$1140$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$750$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$1114$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$1215$1860

    Top neighborhoods in Montgomery, AL

    The best places to live in Montgomery, AL, known for its historic scenes, beautiful homes, and people-friendly atmosphere, are as follows:

    • Old Cloverdale
    • Garden District
    • Cottage Hill
    • Edgewood
    • McGehee
    • Cloverdale-Idlewild
    • Deer Creek
    • Millbrook
    • Pike Road
    • Wynlakes

    Education system in Montgomery, AL

    Montgomery features some of Alabama’s highly-ranked public schools and degree colleges, detailed below. 

    • Montgomery’s school district has 52 schools, with 27,399 students from pre-k to 12th grade. 
    • These schools have a minority enrollment of 90%, and 56.3% are economically challenged students enrolled.
    • The district has a teacher-student ratio 1:20, higher than the state average of 1:19.
    • Montgomery also features 162 private schools that excel in academic performance and equity.

    On the other hand, Montgomery is Home to 8 colleges, Including five private, two public, and one community college. 

    Public schools in Montgomery, AL

    • Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School
    • Forest Avenue Elementary School
    • Brewbaker Tech Magnet High School
    • Booker T Washington Magnet High School
    • Bear Exploration Center
    • Pike Road High School
    • Prattville High School
    • Stanhope Elmore High School
    • Macmillan International at McKee Magnet School
    • Baldwin Arts and Academics Magnet School

    Private schools in Montgomery, AL

    • Success Unlimited Academy
    • Saint James School
    • Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School
    • Evangel Christian Academy
    • Eastwood Christian School

    Colleges and universities in Montgomery

    • South University Montgomery 
    • Alabama State University
    • Auburn University, Montgomery
    • H Council Trenholm State Community College.

    Public Transportation in Montgomery, AL  

    Montgomery is a vehicle-dependent city with an excellent public transportation and private travel services. 

    About 84.8% drive their vehicles to cover a one-way commute in 19.5 minutes. 

    Here are a few details about the transportation facilities available in Montgomery, Alabama. 

    • MATS provides bus services to 14 routes with 686 bus stops in Montgomery County every 30 minutes daily. The MATS fleet has 32 buses with real-time bus tracking options through the TransL OC app.
    • Montgomery Area Paratransit System (MAPS) for seniors and disabled.
    • The M buses are for fixed routes and disabled services.
    • On-time taxi for medical emergencies.
    • Independent shuttle services like Paul’s Taxi, On-time transportation, Checker and Deluxe cab company, & King’s Airport shuttle service.
    • Montgomery Regional Airport for air commutes.

    Weather and climate in Montgomery, AL

    Montgomery, Alabama, characterizes a humid subtropical climate, with short, mild winters; long, humid, hot summers; and warm autumns and springs. 

    Over the entire year, the average temperature in Montgomery varies between 39°F and 92°F and most often rises above 97°F and reduces below 25°F.

    Here’s a detailed overview of Montgomery weather facts.

    • On Average, Montgomery receives 51 inches of rainfall throughout the year, 221 sunny days, and 0 inches of snowfall per year. 
    • Every year, the city gets affected by tornadoes and hurricanes. 
    • From May to September, July is the hottest month in Montgomery, with Average High-low temperatures of 92-73°F.
    • From November to January, January is the coldest month, with Average high-low temperatures of 58-39°F. 
    • February to August is the wet season in Montgomery, with a 33% chance of receiving precipitation.

    Things to Do in Montgomery, AL

    Check out the list of things to do and places to see in Montgomery, AL:

    • The Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice
    • Montgomery Whitewater
    • Rosa Parks Museum
    • Alabama State Capitol
    • Montgomery Zoo & Mann Wildlife Learning Museum
    • Riverfront Park
    • Old Alabama Town
    • Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park
    • Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
    • First White House of the Confederacy
    • Alley Entertainment District
    • Governor’s Mansion

    Pros and Cons of Living in Montgomery, AL

    Here’s a list of the pros and cons of living in Montgomery, AL, so you can better understand what the city offers.

    Based on the search results, here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of living in Montgomery, AL:

    Pros of Living in MontgomeryCons of Living in Montgomery
    EducationLimited Job Opportunities
    Cost of LivingTornadoes and Severe Weather
    Historical SignificanceHigh Sales Tax
    Centrally LocatedCrime
    Revamped Downtown AreaPoverty Rate
    Affordable Home Prices and Property TaxesPublic Schools Need Funding
    Mild Climate and WeatherTraffic Downtown
    Outdoor ActivitiesOld Attitudes are Slow to Change
    Good schools and colleges aroundHigh crime rate
    Less commute timeHigh sales taxes

    Final Verdict

    Montgomery is a fantastic place to live if you are considering moving to Alabama. The city has much to offer as the state capital and the most populous area. From budgeted living costs great education opportunities to authentic cuisine options or stunning landscapes, residents love this place as their home. The city weighs out from other Alabama cities if you decide where to live. So, if you’re looking for Alabama cities with both city life and suburb feel, Montgomery is perfect for you!

    Image Credit: Ron Cogswell on Flickr