Moving to Prattville, AL 

Moving to Prattville

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    Are you considering a moving to Prattville, AL? If yes, this blog post will provide all the information about the destination. 

    Prattville, the 12th largest city in Alabama, was founded in 1839 by an industrialist and architect, Daniel Pratt. 

    It is located in Autauga County in the central region of Alabama and is a part of the Montgomery Metropolitan Statistical Area.

    The “Fountain City of Alabama” is known for having many artisan wells and waterways that feature decorative fountains, maritime transportation, and several indoor and outdoor water recreations. But there’s much more to living in Prattville. 

    So, if you want a relocation to Prattville, whether to settle down, vacation, find employment, or invest, read our blog post and discover the city’s endless offerings!

    Population & Diversity of Prattville, AL

    As of the 2020 census, The population of Prattville, Alabama, approximates 37,781 residents. The city spans over 33.8 square miles of total area, of which 32.9 square miles is land, and 0.9% comprises water. 

    The Prattville’s population breakdown comprises of:

    • The male-female ratio in Prattville is 49% males and 51% females. 
    • Poverty rate- 10.5%
    • Population diversity score- 51.8 out of 100,
    • Median age- 37 years
    • Official language- English

    The racial composition of Prattville comprises of:

    • White-71%
    • Black or African American- 21.4%
    • Limited Hispanic population- 3.2%
    • Asian-1.5%
    • Other races-3%

    Is living in Prattville, AL safe?

    Prattville is one of the unreliable cities to reside in Alabama. It has one of the highest crime rates, not only in the state but in the US, too. 

    Here are a few key stats about the crime scenes in Prattville.

    • The overall crime rate in Prattville is 32 per 1000 people. 
    • Property crime is the most notable concern in Prattville.
    • There are higher chances of getting trapped in theft, robbery, burglary, assault, and arson crimes in Prattville.
    • About 78% of communities in Prattville are considered safer for living.
    • The chance of becoming a violent crime victim in Prattville is 1 in 456.
    • The chance of becoming a property crime victim in Prattville is 1 in 34.

    The crime rate of Prattville in comparison with the state and national average are mentioned as follows:

    Crime typePrattvilleAlabamaUS
    Violent crime1428.622.7
    Property crime50.84335.4


    The Safe Neighborhoods in Prattville, AL, are 

    • Hunter
    • Millbrook
    • Coosada
    • Pine Level

    What is the Cost of Living in Prattville, AL?

    Moving to Prattville is a good idea because it has a considerably lower cost of living than the US average, ranking 2684 out of 9294 for affordability. 

    Check out some of the critical points of the cost of living in Prattville.

    • Prattville’s overall cost of living index is 11.8% lower than the national average.
    • The average cost of living in Prattville, AL, is $1602 and $3205 per month, including rent for a single individual and a family of four, respectively.  
    • To meet all the living expenses and have a pleasant life in Prattville, one must earn an average annual salary of $39,856 and $67,249 for a single individual and a family of four, respectively.  

    Here is a table for the cost of living in Prattville, AL, in comparison with the national average:

    CategoryPrattville US average
    Overall 89.2100
    Food and groceries 91.7100
    Healthcare 121100
    Housing 76100


    The table below compares the cost of living in Prattville, AL, with other cities in Alabama:

    CityCost of Living IndexHousing IndexGroceries IndexUtilities IndexTransportation Index
    Prattville, AL89.290.091.798.196.3
    Birmingham, AL89.877.294.3102.392.9
    Huntsville, AL92.085.694.998.397.6
    Mobile, AL89.577.392.6102.794.6
    Montgomery, AL89.577.392.6102.794.6

    Moving to Prattville for a job?

    Prattville has a promising and thriving job market with an average increase of 1.1% over the past year.  

    The median income for jobs in Prattville, AL, averages $43,000 per year, which is about $20.67 per hour, and varies depending on the type of industry, job position, and experience level. 

    Currently, the city has an unemployment rate of 2.7% and is likely to grow by 20% in the upcoming decades.

    The top employers in Prattville, AL

    • Autauga County Board of Education
    • International Paper
    • Prattville Baptist Hospital
    • City of Prattville
    • YMCA
    • Walmart
    • Medline Industries
    • James Hardie Building Products
    • Autauga County
    • Prattville Health & Rehab.

    The most common job titles in Prattville, AL

    • Cashier.
    • Sales Associate.
    • Registered Nurse.
    • Crew Member.
    • Technician
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Receptionist

    The highest-paying job profiles in Prattville, AL:

    Job TitleSalary
    CDLUp to $0.65 CPM
    Pilot (First Officer) Varies
    Travel Allied Health Professional Varies
    Van Driver$93,243
    CDL Driver$130,000
    Body Painter$31,305
    Manufacturing ClerkProvidence Staffing LLC

    Tax rates in Prattville, AL

    Prattville, AL, is a tax-friendly city, ranking #39 nationwide, according to the State Business Tax Climate Index 2024. 

    Prattville imposes the following types of taxes on its residents:

    • Sales tax:  9.5% (combination of 4% state sales tax, 2% Autauga county tax, and 3.5% city tax.
    • Income tax: 2-5% based on income levels.
    • Property tax: 0.42% of the asserted value.
    • Lodging, rental, and sellers use tax: 1.5-5%
    • Sellers use a tax rate of 4% of general tax, 3% on food or grocery, 2% for vehicle automotive, and 1.5% for farm sales.

    Affordable Housing market in Prattville

    One of the best parts about move to Prattville, AL, is its affordable real estate market.  

    The city’s housing market is competitive due to the influence of interest rates, property demand, and the state’s economy.

    Let’s see a simple analysis of the Prattville housing market.

    • The median home value in Prattville is $ 253,125.
    • More than 64% of the residents here are homeowners, and 31% are renters. 
    • About 76% of the housing market comprises single-family detached homes with 3 to 4-bedroom homes.
    • The city’s real estate and housing prices have increased by 14.8% over the past year and are trending up by 4.7% year-over-year. 

    The table below illustrates the average housing and rental prices of Prattville, AL, compared to the US average. 

    Housing costsPrattville ALUS
    Median home cost$250,000$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$735$1080
    Rental price of 1 bedroom$950$1180
    Rental price of 2 bedroom$1155$1430
    Rental price of 3 bedroom$1370$1860


    Top neighborhoods in Prattville, AL

    The best places to live in Prattville, AL are:

    • Wadsworth/Washington Hill
    • Prattville North
    • Highway 14 East
    • New Prospect/Oak Grove
    • Woodland Heights/Prattmont
    • Brookstone
    • Downtown Prattville
    • Glennbrooke
    • Glynwood
    • Hearthstone
    • Indian Hills
    • Meadowview
    • Overlook Estates
    • Pendlebrooke

    Education system in Prattville, AL

    Are you moving to Prattville with kids? Prattville, AL, has 15 elementary, middle, and high schools and two private schools accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 

    This School district has enrolled over 8886 students with a student-teacher ratio of 20:1. The public schools in the city rank #64 within Alabama and #4 in Montgomery County.

    The city has five private colleges and universities offering 4-year degrees to over 7566 undergraduate students.

    Here is a list of top-rated public, private, and elementary schools in Prattville, AL.

    Public schools in Prattville, AL

    • Daniel Pratt Elementary School
    • Prattville Junior High School
    • Prattville Elementary School
    • Prattville High School: Public
    • Prattville Intermediate School

    Private schools in Prattville, AL

    • Prattville Christian Academy
    • Autauga Academy
    • East Memorial Christian Academy
    • First Baptist Church kindergarten 

    Public Transportation in Prattville, AL  

    Prattville, Alabama, has an efficient public transportation system that needs to be revised.  

    Most people get along by their car and bike. This has led to slow-moving traffic, traffic jams, and road accidents. 

    The average one-way commute time to the destination is about 22 minutes, less than the US average of 26.5.

    The available transportation options in Prattville are listed below:

    • The Prattville Transit System and Autauga County Transit System operate public buses in the county and city.
    • ALTRANS provides on-request, fixed-route bus or van services to the residents of Prattville. 
    • The Greyhound bus offers intercity bus service in Prattville.
    • The Amtrak train services offer intercity train service within the city. 
    • Car rental services by Kayak, Uber, Skyscanner, Expedia, and Momondo.

    Weather and Climate in Prattville, AL

    Prattville has a humid subtropical climate with four seasons: summers, winters, spring, and fall. Over the entire year, the city gets an average daily temperature of 92°F-36°F. 

    Here are some of the critical stats regarding weather and climate in Prattville. 

    • August brings the most heat and humidity from May to September, with average high-low temperatures of 92°F-62°F. 
    • January is the coldest month in Prattville from November to February, with average high-low temperatures of 68°F to 36°F. 
    • January is Prattville’s cloudiest month, with an average cloud overcast of 51% cloudy skies. 
    • The city receives 55 inches of rainfall, less than the US average of 38 inches, and absolutely no snowfall annually.
    • Summer is the best time to visit Alabama and Prattville to enjoy summer activities, water recreation, day camping, and vacation trips.
    • The weather throughout the year remains unpredictable, bringing occasional extreme disasters like heat waves, tornadoes,  storms, and heavy rainfall. 

    Here is a table showing the average weather conditions in Prattville, Alabama, for each month of the year:

    MonthAverage High Temperature (°F)Average Low Temperature (°F)Average Precipitation (inches)

    Things to Do in Prattville, AL

    Check out the list of things to do and places to see in Prattville, AL, for all ages.

    • Visit the first cotton gin factory in the world, Pratt Cotton Gin Factory
    • Enjoy kayaking and canoeing at the Autauga Creek canoe trail.
    • Roam at the Daniel Pratt Historic District.
    • Visit the Town of Spectre Movie set.
    • Enjoy nature trails and outer regressions at Wilderness Park.
    • Go fishing or boating at Cooters Pond Park
    • Enjoy the spectacular views at the Heritage Park.
    • Go golfing at the Captain Hill Golf Course.
    • Go boating and camping at Jackson Lake Island.

    Pros and Cons of Living in Prattville, AL

    Like any other city, Prattville also has positives and drawbacks that one must know before relocating to Prattville, AL, which is as follows:

    Based on the information from the search results, here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of living in Prattville, AL:

    Pros of Living in Prattville, ALCons of Living in Prattville, AL
    Budget-friendly cost of livingLack of outdoor activities
    Diverse economy and job opportunitiesHigher crime rate
    Lower property taxesConservative mindset of residents
    Top-rated schools and universitiesLess nightlife
    Huge racial diversityLess walkable streets
    Top-class weather
    Low hurricane risk

    Final Verdict

    Prattville is a great city to choose for a living if you are considering moving to Alabama. The town offers plentiful opportunities and amenities that are more than enough to start a new beginning. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and say buy to your old abode! Your new home is calling you. 

    Image Credit: Eric Friedebach, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons