Best Time To Visit Alabama

Best time to visit Alabama

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    A southeastern US State, Alabama is widely known for its beautiful gulf coast beaches and southern hospitality. Since Montgomery was the first capital of the Confederate States during the civil war, Alabama is also known as The Heart of Dixie.

    Wondering about the best time to visit Orange Beach, Alabama? Here is everything you should know about the best time to explore the scenic beauty of the Cotton State.

    Best time to visit Alabama

    Where is the best weather in Alabama?

    Although the entire state of Alabama enjoys pleasant weather year-round, the best places to enjoy good weather conditions in The Heart of Dixie are Ozark, Phenix City, Prichard, Millbrook, Tillmans Corner, and Atmore, Dothan, Fairhome, and Prattville.

    Plan your trip to any of these cities in Alabama and explore the true beauty of the state.

    Alabama enjoys an average of 220 sunny days a year with an annual average temperature of 67.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Is it safe to travel to Alabama?

    Alabama’s violent and property crime rate is way higher than the national average, making this US state one of the most dangerous places to visit. Even though some Alabama towns have a higher crime rate than other areas of the state, there are several individual communities that score very high on the Safety Index.

    Some of the safest cities in Alabama to visit – are our Rainbow City, Daleville, Pleasant Grove, Pelham, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, and Southside. If you have a plan to relocate to Alabama, make sure to check the safest place and plan your visit accordingly.

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    The Best Time to Go To Alabama

    Planning your next trip to the Cotton State and wondering about the best time to visit Alabama? Although this southeastern US state enjoys pleasant climate conditions throughout the year, there are certain months in which you can witness the true colors of the state.

    Continue scrolling the page and find the ideal time to plan your trip and visit the best lakes in Alabama.

    Weather in Alabama

    Alabama has temperate weather conditions throughout the year with an average temperature of about 64-degree F. The state enjoys four seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Owing to the pleasant climatic conditions, visitors can also plan their vacation in shoulder months.

    The weather in Alabama is great for outdoor activities like hiking and golfing. Summer is the high season for tourists while the winter months are ideal for budget-conscious tourists. February is the best time to visit Alabama for budget-savvy travelers.

    Since Alabama is located in the southeastern part of the US, the average annual snowfall in the state is around 2-inches.

    Summer in Alabama (June Through August)

    The summer months in Alabama are among the hottest in the United States with an average high temperature of 90-degree F. The heat and humidity are tempered slightly by winds in the extreme south region of the state.

    Summer in Alabama

    Summers in this US state runs from June through August. The weather in Alabama on a summer day will be hot, humid, and hazy.  The best time to enjoy warm-weather activities in the state is from late June to early September. The summer season in Alabama lasts for 3.3 months with July the hottest month of the year.

    What is the hottest month of the year in Alabama?

    July is the hottest month of the year in the US state of Alabama. This month experiences an average high temperature of 78-degree F and a low of 63-degree F.

    Is Alabama nice in the summer?

    No. The summers in this state and warm, humid, and partly cloudy. The average nighttime humidity is the highest in the southwest regions.

    How humid is Alabama in the summer?

    The average humidity in Alabama is around 71.6% with the average dew point being 54.0-degrees F. The least humid month in Alabama is February while the most humid in July. 

    Key Events

    Planning to enjoy your next trip to Alabama during summer? Check the key events held in the summer months here and enjoy the most out of your vacation.

    Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Labor Day Invitational (August)

    Make your registration for this leading tournament in advance and enjoy one of the largest big game tournaments. It is hosted by MBGFC, which is located at the Gulf Coast Masters at Orange Beach, Marina.

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    Fall in Alabama (September through November)

    While the fall season runs from September, fall colors traditionally peak during late October and early November. During the fall period, days remain sunny yet breezy. The air temperature ranges between 80°F and 40°F. Daily high temperatures in the Fall season decrease by 9°F.

    Fall in Alabama

    Fall is also the best time to visit Alabama, owing to pleasant outdoor conditions with a drop in humidity and wind speeds. The fall foliage in Alabama is positively radiant and one of the best places to see the state’s gorgeous crimson colors is along Little River Canyon.

    Does Alabama have a fall season?

    Yes, absolutely. Alabama enjoys a pleasant fall season from September through November.

    Where is the fall leaves in Alabama?

    There are plenty of places, including Scottsboro Area, Florence Area, Centre Area, Little River Canyon National Preserve, Muscle Shoals Area, Gadsden Area, Phil Campbell Area, and more.

    Do the leaves change in Montgomery Alabama?

    Yes, since Montgomery Alabama is in the deep south, the leaves change but a little later than most other cities. It usually begins changing color in the first week of October or so.

    Key Events

    Check the key events to enjoy in Alabama during Fall Season before planning your visit.

    Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Labor Day Invitational (September)

    It is a major tournament hosted by The Mobile Game Fishing Club. It is one of the largest Big Game tournaments in the United States. 

    National Shrimp Festival (October)

    The National Shrimp Festival is held in Gulf Shores, Alabama in October. It is mainly the project of the Coastal Alabama Business Chamber. It is one of the country’s premier outdoor festivals featuring over 300 vendors. 

    Oyster Cook-Off and Craft Beer Weekend (November)

    Visit Alabama in November and get a chance to enjoy dozens of craft beers and live music. Its all-inclusive ticket includes delicious oyster dishes, BBQ, seafood, Mexican, and Caribbean cuisines. 

    Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival (November)

    This event takes place in Pensacola, Orange, Beach, Gulf Shores, and along the coast annually. Plan your trip to Alabama in November as it is the best time to visit Gulf Shores, Alabama. 

    Winter Alabama (December through February)

    Winters are generally mild to cold in Alabama, with average low temperatures below freezing in the northeast. January is the coldest month, with the temperature typically varying from 19°F and rarely below 4°F. The winters are freezing, snowy, windy, and mostly cloudy. 

    Winter Alabama

    The cold season lasts for 3.3 months, from December through February. The state is in a sub-tropical zone; hence winters are mild and temperate.  

    What’s the coldest month in Alabama?

    January is the coldest month in Alabama, with an average low of 20°F and a high of 32°F.

    How much snow does Alabama get?

    Alabama receives the least snowfall as compared to the United States. The average snowfall in Alabama is 0.7 inches, while the US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

    Key Events

    Christmas Lighted Boat Parade (December)

    The Christmas Lighted Parade is held on the 2nd Saturday in December each year. The boats leave LulU’s Gulf Shores at dusk and head to the Wharf in Orange Beach.

    Merry Market Unique Gifts and Arts & Crafts Expo (December)

    The event is mainly hosted by Merry Market Unique Gifts and Arts & Crafts Expo, which is found in Orange Beach, US. It features more than 70 vendors selling clothing, food, jewelry, etc.

    Polar Bear Dip (January)

    It is held during winters when participants enter a water body despite the low temperature. This cold-weather winter event is also known as ice swimming.

    Super Chili Bowl Cook-Off (February)

    A time treasured event, Super Chili Bowl Cook-off features hundred of chili, chicken rub, chef choice, brisket, beans, and dessert cooking teams from all over the state to compete for prize money.

    Orange Beach Seafood Festival & Car Show (February)

    The Orange Beach Sports Association hosts this festival every year. It is the major fundraising event for the Makos Academics Arts & Athletics Club and Orange Beach School.

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    Spring (March through May)

    Wondering about the best time to visit Birmingham? Plan your trip to Birmingham in Springs and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and golfing. Spring Season lasts for 3 months in Alabama and runs from March through May. It is one of the busiest tourist seasons in the Cotton State; hence, you should make bookings in advance to avoid any hassle.

    Spring Season

    The morning in Alabama during the Spring season is refreshing while the evening tends to be breezy. The coast receives 6” of rainfall and is significantly wetter.

    Does Alabama have natural springs?

    There are around 656 springs in Alabama. Locals and visitors visit regularly to collect water from the overflowing springs in the state. 

    Key Events

    Here are listed some of the key events that you can enjoy during the Spring season. Learn more about them here and plan your visit accordingly. You can also find the best college for a teaching degree in Alabama if you want to pursue studies in the Cotton State.

    Orange Beach Festival of Art (March)

    It is the island’s first rite of spring and mainly celebrates visual, performing, musical, and culinary arts. The festival features more than 100 vendors and gourmet culinary fare.

    The Wharf Boat and Yacht Show (March)

    This event showcases over $100 million in boats and marine products and more than 300+ sport and console boats on land, making it the finest boat show on the Gulf Coast.

    Zydeco & Catfish Festival (April)

    This annual festival boils up to a lot of fun. Locals and visitors are invited to sink their taste buds into hot, juicy catfish throughout the day.

    Hangout Music Festival (May)

    It is an annual three-day music festival held at the public beaches of Gulf Shores. Also known as Hangout Fest, it is the world’s first and only musical festival on the white beaches of Gulf shores.

    The Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Memorial Day Tournament (May)

    Held at Orange Beach, this tournament is organized by Mobile Big Game Fishing Club annually. It holds the designation of one of the largest tournaments in the nation.


    That’s all about the guide to the best time to visit Alabama. We hope our research will help you make the right decision so you can discover the true colors of the Heart of Dixie. Whether you visit Alabama during the peak tourist season or plan your trip in the shoulder months, this state offers a unique charm throughout the year. 

    Look no further!! Check the best time to explore the scenic beauty of the Cotton State, find the best steakhouse in Tuscaloosa Alabama, and get the reservations done to make the most of your trip. 

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