Moving to Hoover, AL

Moving to Hoover, AL

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    Are you deliberating a step towards the Green Valley of Alabama? Welcome to the definitive blog post on moving to Hoover, AL. 

    Being consistently ranked on the list of #100 best places to live in the US, the six-largest, fastest-growing suburban of Alabama offers outstanding quality of life and amenities. This certainly attracts individuals and families to make a fresh start in such a dynamic city. 

    So, if you’re getting ready to dive into the fascinating world that awaits in Hoover, AL, make sure you’re prepared for the city by learning more about it before you make a move.

    Population & Diversity of Hoover, AL

    Home to over 92,393 residents, the Hoover territory lies in the central region of northern Alabama, neighboring Birmingham, AL. 

    The Hoover, AL population spans Shelby and Jefferson counties, becoming a part of the combined Birmingham-Cullman-Talladega Metropolitan statistical area. 

    The population and diversity of Hoover, AL, are characterized as follows:

    • The median age of residents in Hoover is 37.9 years. 
    • The diversity score of Hoover AL is 85 out of 100.
    • Hoover has a male-female ratio of 47.67% and 52.33%, respectively. 
    • The poverty rate in Hoover is 6.65%.
    • The most spoken languages in Hoover are English and Spanish.

    The racial makeup of Hoover, AL is divided into several groups, which are as follows:

    • White (Non-Hispanic)-68.3%
    • Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)- 18.4%
    • Asian (Non-Hispanic)-5.28% 
    • White (Hispanic)-3.27%
    • Other races-2.16%

    Is Hoover, AL, safe?

    Hoover is one of the safest places to live in Alabama, although the property crime rates are relatively higher than the national average. 

    • About 51% of Hoover’s residents feel safe in living here.
    • The chance of you becoming a victim of violent and property crime in Hoover becomes 1 in 1028 and 1 in 75, respectively.
    • The most common crimes witnessed in the city are theft, assault, and burglary.

    The crime rate in Hoover, AL, in comparison with the state and national average, on a scale of 1 to 100 are mentioned as follows:

    Crime typeHoover AlabamaUS
    Violent crime10.126.822.7
    Property crime36.44335.4


    The safest places to live in Hoover, AL:

    • Indian Springs Village
    • Elvira
    • Hoover Southeast

    Cost of Living in Hoover, AL

    Hoover is one of the most expensive cities to live in Alabama. Let’s break down the living cost details of Hoover, Alabama. 

    • Hoover’s cost of living is 6% higher than the national average and 22% higher than the state average.
    • The above-average salary of $34,369 for a single individual and $76,800 for a family of four helps to offset these costs, providing residents with a balanced quality of life in Hoover, AL
    • This segregates an average hourly wage of $16.55 for a single individual and $54.15 for a family of four to cover monthly living expenses.
    • The average cost of living is $1935 per month, with rent considering overall affordability in Hoover. 

    The table below describes the cost of living in Hoover, AL, in comparison with the state and the national average:

    CategoryHooverAlabamaUS average
    Overall 105.984.1100
    Food and groceries 102.194.4100
    Healthcare 122118.9100
    Housing 120.956.6100


    Here is a table comparing the cost of living in Hoover, AL, with other cities in Texas :

    CityCost of Living Index
    Hoover, AL105.9
    Houston, TX96.5
    Austin, TX119.3
    Dallas, TX101.6
    San Antonio, TX91.6

    Job Market in Hoover, AL

    The job market in Hoover, Alabama, is one of the most lucrative in Alabama. This is why the city is becoming a prominent destination for skilled youths. 

    • The steel and manufacturing industry and financial, health, and telecommunication companies are the major employment sectors in Hoover.
    • Hoover has seen positive job growth of about 2.0% over the previous year.
    • The future job growth in Hoover is predicted to be 32.5% in the next decade, slightly less than the US average of 33.5%. 
    • The unemployment rate in Hoover, AL, is 1.9%.
    • The median household income in Hoover, Alabama, is $95,985.

    Top Employers In Hoover, AL

    • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Of Alabama
    • Regions Financial
    • Hoover City Schools
    • Walmart
    • BLG Logistics
    • ProctorU
    • AT&T of Alabama
    • Hunter Street Baptist Church
    • Avadian CU
    • Crown Automobile

    Most Common Job Titles In Hoover, AL

    • Sales associate
    • Customer service representative
    • Registered nurse
    • Software engineer
    • Project manager
    • Accountant
    • Administrative assistant
    • Financial analyst
    • Marketing Manager
    • Human resources manager

    Highest Paying Jobs In Hoover, AL

    Job TitleSalary (per year)
    Software engineer$92,000
    Financial analyst$81,000
    Marketing Manager$80,000
    Human resources manager$78,000
    Project manager$76,000
    Registered nurse$68,000
    Administrative assistant$38,000
    Customer service representative$32,000
    Sales associate$28,000

    Tax rates in Hoover, AL

    Hoover is a tax-friendly city. The residents pay multiple taxes in Hoover, but the major ones are listed below.

    • Sales Tax-9.5% (which combines State sales tax of 4%, City sales tax of 3.5%, Jefferson County tax of 1%, and Jefferson County special tax-1%)
    • Income Tax-1.5-5%
    • Corporate income tax-6.5%
    • Property Tax- 20% of fair market value.
    • Lodging Tax- 3%+ $2 per room per night

    Housing market in Hoover, AL

    Hoover’s housing, real estate, and rental demand are costly and luxurious. Here are some vital stats on the housing and real-estate market in Hoover.

    • The median home price in Hoover is $455,000, around 20% more expensive than the US average. 
    • The homeownership rate in Hoover is 70.4%. 
    • The exciting thing is that you will get impressive returns as the home prices have risen more than 5.3% in the last year.
    • If you are relocating to Hoover, AL, be ready to pay the high rentals of about $1235 per month during your initial living days. 
    • About 3% of the apartments in Hoover are available for rent, and 30% of Hoover’s population are renters.

    Now, have a look at the exact rental prices in Hoover. 

    Housing costsHoover, ALUS
    Median home cost$455,000$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$1120$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$1210$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$1410$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$1785$1860

    Top neighborhoods in Hoover, AL

    The Best places to live in Hoover, AL

    • Caldwell Crossings
    • Glen Iris
    • Ross Bridge
    • Redmont Park
    • Hale Springs
    • Balmoral Estates

    Education system in Hoover, AL

    Hoover has an excellent education system with 18 top-rated public schools.

    These schools serve over 13,606 students in the city, each with a teacher-student ratio of 1:16.

    The city also features eight colleges and universities offering 4-year degrees to over 15,000 local and international students in the state. 

    Listing out some of the top-rated schools and colleges in Hoover, AL. 

    Public schools in Hoover, AL

    • Hoover High School
    • Spain Park High School

    Middle Schools in Hoover, AL:

    • Bumpus Middle School
    • Berry Middle School
    • Simmons Middle School

    Elementary schools in Hoover, AL

    • Deer Valley Elementary School
    • Greystone Elementary School
    • South Shades Crest Elementary School
    • Bluff Park Elementary School
    • Brock’s Gap Intermediate School
    • Rocky Ridge Elementary School
    • Riverchase Elementary School

    Colleges and universities in Hoover, AL 

    • Samford University
    • University of Denver
    • Colorado Christian University
    • Faulkner University
    • Naropa University

    Public Transportation in Hoover, AL

    Hoover’s public transportation is currently limited to the MAX transit bus system. 

    This bus service provides daily fixed routes from Downtown Birmingham to Lorna Road and Riverchase Galleria. You’ll need to walk for 15 minutes to get to the nearest bus stop.

    Otherwise, you can own a bike or car to move around the city. 

    Hoover has several bike-friendly routes and less traffic, which takes only 21 minutes, on average, to reach the destination.

    Weather and climate in Hoover, AL

    Hoover, Alabama, features a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. The city offers everything, from freezing snow to burying heat and relaxing autumn to favorite showers. 

    Let us check out the weather bulletin of Hoover, Alabama. 

    • The city’s summer season is sweltering and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 89°F to 72°F. 
    • July is the hottest month in Hoover, with average high temperatures exceeding 91°F sometimes. 
    • With an average temperature of 53°F to 33°F, winters in Hoover seem mild and foggy. 
    • January is the coldest month, and March receives the highest snowfall of about 1 inch per year.
    • Overall, Hoover gets 215 days, 54 inches of rainfall, and partly cloudy skies all year. 
    • The best times to visit Alabama Hoover are April, May, and October, and you can also consider March if you love snowfall.

    The table below shows the average weather conditions in Hoover, AL, by month :

    MonthAverage HighAverage LowAverage Precipitation
    January52°F32°F5.12 inches
    February57°F36°F5.16 inches
    March65°F42°F6.16 inches
    April74°F50°F4.92 inches
    May81°F59°F4.72 inches
    June89°F66°F4.72 inches
    July90°F72°F5.28 inches
    August89°F71°F4.56 inches
    September83°F63°F4.16 inches
    October74°F50°F3.92 inches
    November65°F41°F4.92 inches
    December55°F34°F5.16 inches

    Things to Do in Hoover, AL

    Listing out a-must things to do and places to see in Hoover, AL, for all ages:

    • Shake your hand with the speed at Autobahn Indoor Speedway & Events.
    • Enjoy all entertainment shows in 3D at AMC Patton Creek 15.
    • Expose your body to nature and mind to history at Ross Bridge Historical Park. 
    • Make your child’s day memorable by visiting the BumperNets arcade.
    • Take a laugh and release your stress at StarDome Comedy Club.
    • Spend quality time with your loved ones at beautiful Georgetown Lake Park.
    • Take your kid a visit to Vulcam Park And Museum.
    • Spend your time in the best way at Hoover Public Library
    • Enjoy your favorite baseball team playing at Hoover Metropolitan Complex.
    • Watch people having fun and enjoy tons of outdoor activity performances at Oak Mountain State Park.

    Pros and Cons of Living in Hoover, AL

    In the table below, check out the pros and cons of living in Hoover, AL.

    Pros of Living in HooverCons of Living in Hoover
    High standard of school educationHigh cost of living
    Low property taxIncreasing crime rate
    Growing populationPoor healthcare
    A lot of green areasPoor college education
    Racial diversityWet weather
    Low hurricane riskHigh tornado risk
    Low wildfire riskHigh sales tax
    Industry diversityLow occupation diversity
    Higher educated peopleHigher number of windy days
    Fast internetHigh property prices
    Good air quality on averageLack of quality healthcare, jobs, education

    Final Verdict

    If you have oozed by the undeniable southern charm and are preparing for Moving to Alabama, you consider Hoover your upcoming relocation destination. Hoover is a beautiful city with a lot to offer and plenty of opportunities to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an exciting day trip destination, a great suburb to live in, a top-notch education system, or an exciting nightlife, Hoover has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a great move!

    Image Credit:Gastonjason, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons