Moving to Florence, AL

Moving to Florence, AL

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    Are there any particular reasons to call Florence, Alabama, your new home? If this is the case, this blog post will help you decide if Florence is worth your dreams!

    One of the major cities of the Quad Cities or The Shoals, Florence is considered the primary economy herb of North Western Alabama. Home to the University of North Alabama Tennessee River, Helen Keller’s hometown, and Frank Lloyd Wright House, the city features several attractions, historic epitomes, and the essence of a modern city.

    If you are considering moving to Florence, Alabama, read this block post to get every NOOK and corner to your next chapter.

    Population & Diversity of Florence, AL

    One of the most populated cities in America, Florence, is situated along the Tennessee River in the northwestern corner of Alabama.

    With a diverse population of approximately 40,194 residents as of 2023, Florence sits in Lauderdale County, Alabama, USA. 

    To know the diversity and population of Florence, AL, even better, check out the few stats.

    • Florence has a diversity score of 69 out of 100. 
    • The poverty rate in Florence is 20.13%, with 41.31% of the Black race remaining below the poverty level.
    • The gender ratio of Florence’s population comprises 46.41% of males and 53.59% of females.
    • The median age in Florence is 35 years.
    • The most spoken languages in Florence are English and Spanish.
    • The median household size in Florence, Alabama, is two people.

    The largest ethnic groups in Florence, AL, are:

    • White (Non-Hispanic)- 72.7%
    • Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)- 18.5%
    • Two or more races (Non-Hispanic)- 2.79%
    • Asian (Non-Hispanic)- 0.989%
    • A small Hispanic population-2.85 %

    Is Florenc AL safe?

    Florence is one of the unsafe cities in Alabama, ranking #26 out of 117 in America’s Best and Worst Cities for crime (small metro areas). Despite having higher crime rates than the US and state average, the city is considered 68% safer without any safety concerns.

    Here are a few crime and safety statistics for Florence, AL.

    • The overall crime rate in Florence, Alabama, is 37 for 1000 presidents, one of the highest compared to other similar-sized communities in Alabama. 
    • The chance of becoming a violent and property crime victim in Florence, Alabama, is 1 in 256 and 1 in 30, respectively.
    • Florence has a 76.5% higher crime rate than other US cities.
    • The most occurred crimes happening in Florence are robbery, rape, assault, vehicle theft, larceny, and arson.

    The table below depicts the crime rate of Florence, AL, compared to the state and the US average.

      Crime TypeFlorenceAlabamaUS
    Violent crime31.926.822.7
    Property crime55.74334

    The safe neighborhoods to live in Florence, AL, are:

    • Central Heights/Murphy Cross Roads
    • Kimbrough Crossroads/Lovelace Crossroads
    • Cloverdale/Johnson Crossroads
    • St. Florian
    • Mansion View

    Cost of Living in Florence, AL

    Florence, Alabama, has an affordable cost of living compared to the US average of 18% and 2% of the state average. Almost all the major living components are at lower cost, providing a comfortable quality of life on a modest budget in Florence.

    Let’s look at the cost of living in Florence, Alabama.

    • The average cost of living in Florence is $1361 per month, almost equal to the national average.
    • For a comfortable living in Florence, an annual average salary of $25200 for a single individual and $33120 for a family of 4 is recommended.
    • Florence imposes a median after-tax salary of $2252 per month to make up for the living costs of 1.7 months.

    The table below depicts the breakdown of the cost of living in Florence compared to Alabama and the US average. 

    Category FlorenceAlabamaUS  average 
    Overall 82.184.1100
    Food and groceries92.994.4100
    Healthcare 117.8118.9100
    Housing 47.956.6100
    Utilities 97.3101.2100
    Transportation 77.485.9100
    Miscellaneous 83.571100

    Here is a table comparing the cost of living in Florence, Alabama, with other cities in Alabama :

    CityCost of Living IndexHousingUtilitiesTransportationGroceriesHealthcare

    Job Market in Florence, AL

    Florence has a favorable yet limited job market with a captivating mix of teaching, tech, and health services jobs brewing in the city. The city is also a booming center of tourism, agriculture, commerce, trade, and crafts, which help to bring jobs and economic activity to the area.

    Look at the stats and figures of the job market and salary in Florence, Alabama.

    • Florence, Alabama, has an annual average salary of $44,493 or an average hourly pay of $20.
    • The unemployment rate in Florence is 3.2%, lower than the US average of 6%. 
    • The projected job growth in Florence is 27.4% over the next decade, lower than the US average of 33.5%.
    • Florence has had a total of 15,529 job vacancies as of 2023.

    The top employers in Florence, AL, are:

    • University of North Alabama
    • Lauderdale County Schools
    • Healthcare Authority of Lauderdale County and the City of Florence, Alabama (Coffee Health Group)
    • Helen Keller Hospital
    • Florence City Schools
    • Gentiva Health Services
    • North American Lighting
    • Southwire
    • Constellium
    • Tarkett Alabama, Inc.

    The most common job titles in Florence, AL, are:

    • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Sales Associate
    • Registered Nurse (RN)
    • Cashier
    • Security Officer
    • Maintenance Technician
    • Production Operator
    • Warehouse Associate
    • Administrative Assistant

    The highest-paying job profiles in Florence, AL, are as follows:

    OccupationAverage Salary (per year)
    General Dentist$155,710
    Nurse PractitionerUp to $128,400
    Financial Managers$107,830
    Construction Managers$102,080
    Physical Therapists$93,030

    Tax rates in Florence, AL

    The details regarding the taxes imposed on the salaried employees of Florence are mentioned below:

    • Sales tax: 9.5% (comprises of 4% Alabama state sales tax, 1% Lauderdale County sales tax, and 4.5% Florence City tax) 
    • Income tax: 4.5%
    • Property tax: $3.33 per $1000 of real asserted value.
    • Lodging rental and sellers use tax: 1.5%-5.0%

    Housing market in Florence, AL

    According to the Alabama Economic and Real Estate Report 2023, the housing market in Florence remains affordable and competitive, with a score of 75 out of 100. The city’s real estate market is trending downward, with declining interest rates, thereby increasing average prices and new housing supply to support an eventual rebound.

    We have compiled Florence’s latest housing and rental stats for your reference.

    • The average home price in Florence as of 2023 is $272,240, or $133 per sq. ft.
    • The average listing home price influence has increased by 9.1% since last year.
    • Homes in Florence get sold after 58 days of remaining in the market.
    • The median age of Florence houses is 37.1 years.
    • Building a house in Florence costs $266,000 or around $133 per sq. ft.
    • The average rent of an apartment in Florence is between $650 and $960 monthly.
    • The ratio of house owners and renters in Florence, Alabama, comprise 48.3% of homeowners and 34.14% of renters. 
    Housing costsFlorenceUS
    Median home cost$272,240$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$510$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$650$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$720$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$810$1860

    Top neighborhoods in Florence, AL

    The best places to live in Florence, AL, are as follows:

    • St. Florian
    • Mansion View
    • Wilson Lake Shores
    • Oakland
    • Sheffield

    Education system in Florence, AL

    Florence has several top-rated schools and colleges and has a well-fortified education system, which is described below:

    • Florence features the Florence City school district, Lauderdale County school district, Florence City, and Florence High School, which have 30 schools and 18,300 students studying in pre-k to 12th grade. 
    • Schools have a minority enrollment of 50% with 40.3% of economically disabled students enrolled.
    • The district has a teacher-student ratio of 1:17 and a graduation rate of more than 99%. 
    • The teachers in these schools obtain the highest possible degrees in the respective field, and 81.4% have three or more years of teaching experience. 
    • Out of four major colleges and universities, the University of North Alabama is known to be one of the best colleges in teaching degrees in Alabama. This government-operated university was established in 1830 and is one of the oldest 4-year degree colleges in Alabama that offers over 140 measures combinations and degrees to over 10,600 students enrolled every year. 

    Public schools in Florence, AL:

    • Kilby Laboratory School
    • Forest Hills School
    • Hibbett School
    • Rogers High School
    • Underwood Elementary School

    Private schools in Florence, AL:

    • Mars Hill Bible School

    Colleges and universities in Florence, AL:

    • Heritage Christian University
    • Franklin University
    • Athens State University
    • University of North Alabama (UNA)

    Public Transportation in Florence, AL  

    Florence has a limited yet efficient public transportation system with several options. 

    With several car rental options, you don’t need to own a car if you don’t have one. Florence is accessible entirely by foot or public transit systems, as mentioned below.

    • NACOLG public transit services: This bus service operates on a dial-a-ride basis for a fee in the Shoals area.
    • ALTRANS: this provides fixed bus services on demand response to several areas of Alabama. To schedule a ride, visit or call the ALTRANS website or the number provided.
    • Quad City taxi and wheelchair service
    • CheckMyBus: It allows you to compare the prices of several bus companies and book tickets to and from Florence.

    Weather and climate in Florence, AL

    Florence, AL, enjoys a humid subtropical climate with four different seasons. 

    The city experiences long, humid, hot summers; mild, short winters; warm springs and autumns; and partly cloudy skies year-round. 

    Over the entire year, Florence gets an average temperature range from 33°F to 90°F and sometimes reduces below 19°F rises above 97°F.

    Check out some of Florence’s weather and climate stats and facts before relocating to Florence, Alabama.

    • From May to September, July is the warmest month in Florence, with average high-low temperatures ranging from 90°F-71°F.
    • January is the coldest month in Florence from November to February, with an average high-low temperature ranging from 51°F-34°F.
    • On average, Florence receives 56 inches of rainfall, 199 sunny days, and 2 inches of snowfall throughout the year.
    • The best times to visit Florence, AL, are May, October, and September.

    Here is a table summarizing the weather in Florence, Alabama, in all months :

    MonthAverage High (F°)Average Low (F°)Average Rainfall (in.)

    Things to Do in Florence, AL

    Check out the list of things to do and places to see in Florence, AL:

    • Pay a visit to the University of North Alabama campus.
    • Enjoy the city’s best park, which includes Deibert Park, Wilson Park, and McFarland Park.
    • Enjoy your favorite Rivertown Coffee Co. breweries and dine in downtown Florence.
    • Take a tour of the incredible architecture in Downtown Florence.
    • Play games and puzzles at Paradox Games and Escape Rooms in Florence
    • Watch a movie at the Regency Square Mall Cinema.
    • Attend a live performance at the Shoals Community Theatre.
    • Go shopping at the Florence Antique Mall or the Shops of English Village.
    • Take a tour of the Rosenbaum House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
    • Visit the Muscle Shoals Recording Studios, Ivy Green, Helen Keller’s birthplace, and the museum.

    Pros and Cons of Living in Florence

    Here is a list of the pros and cons of living in Florence, Alabama, to assist you to cross-check everything before taking the final call.

    Cost of Living – Lower than the national average and most cities in the stateHigh poverty rate
    High Math proficiency at Elementary schoolsLow Math proficiency at High schools
    Plenty of parksLimited nightlife and entertainment options
    High safety ratingLimited job opportunities
    Diverse culture and welcoming communityLimited higher education options

    Final Verdict

    Are you getting well-versed in all offerings by Florence? That’s our goal.  Florence is an excellent place to live with families if you’re considering moving to Alabama. It will offer a unique blend of city and suburb life under one roof. With its low cost of living, diverse community, and plenty of parks and outdoor activities, it will surely tick all the boxes of livability. So, have a safe move, and let us know what you feel about Florence in the comment section below. 

    Image Credit: Chris Pruitt, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons