Lakes in Sedona, AZ


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    Are you looking for lakes in Sedona to cool off in summer or simply chill out? The reason could be anything. There are several waterparks and lakes near Sedona waiting for you, where you can enjoy myriad recreational activities. 

    Does Sedona have a lake?

    Yes. Sedona is all about lakes, rivers, and falls, making it a hyperphysical landing place in summer. 

    Are there any lakes near Sedona?

    There are so many lakes near Sedona. The most popular ones are Watson Lake, Willow Lake, Goldwater Lake, Dead Horse Ranch State Park, and Francis Short Pond. 

    Best Season to Visit Sedona

    Sedona offers four absolutely mild seasons, making it a year-round tourist hub. However, most crowds arrive in Spring and Fall. 


    If you are looking for the best months to visit Sedona, March and May are the peak months when most crowds arrive. Every tourist has their own reason to come here. 

    You can not say Sedona is only famous for giant orange-red rocks, though it is. There are so many other things that you’ll get to experience here.

    You can meet here with your inner self and go on a spiritual journey. In short, Sedona helps you spiritually transform your life, experience outdoor activities, and get lost in its mesmerizing sceneries. 

    Indeed, this place has so many things to offer, but everything revolves around Sedona Arizona Lakes, that we are going to reveal in this article. 

    10 Best Lakes in Sedona, Arizona

    As soon as the summer knocks on our door, the first thing that anyone would imagine is chilling in chilled water, surrounded by a green landscape, blue sky, and peaceful environment. 


    Do you want to experience it all? The most beautiful lakes in Arizona are waiting for you. 

    Not only in the summers, but you can also visit here any time of the year and enjoy your vacations. You can either come with your family or partner or come alone. The place is just perfect for everyone. 

    Sedona is well known for its lakes, waterparks, and rivers, where you can enjoy swimming or other water activities or camping or picnicking, or simply chill out. 

    This article covers the top 10 Sedona, Arizona, swimming holes that you’d never wanna miss. 

    1. Crescent Moon Ranch

    When talking about lakes near Sedona and Crescent Moon Ranch is not on the list. That’s never gonna happen.


    It is a beautiful trail open all year, so you can come here anytime. The place is dog friendly, but make sure that your dog is on a leash. 

    You can reach Crescent Moon Ranch by taking West Arizona 89a and Upper Red Rock Loop Rd.

    You only have to keep your eyes on Red Rock Crossing signs and within 12 minutes, you will be able to reach your destination. 

    You can visit here any day as it stays open all weekdays and weekends between 9 am to 5 pm. 

    Though the water of Crescent Moon Ranch is drinkable. It is advisable to bring your water bottle if you are health conscious. 

    Opening Season/TimeYear round – 9 am to 5 pm
    Good For KidsKid-friendly
    Distance from Sedona7.2 mi
    Dogs AllowedAllowed. But must be on a leash


    300 Red Rock Crossing Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

    How to Get there

    Via W Arizona 89a and Upper Red Rock Loop Rd

    Things to Do

    Swimming, camping, picnicking, barbecuing, hiking, and photography

    There is no entrance fee at the Crescent Moon Ranch. However, you do have to pay a parking fee, which is between $9 to $11 per vehicle. 

    Though it is busy year-round, the busiest time is Summer and weekends. If you want to avoid crowds, you must visit Spring through Fall. 

    2. Oak Creek

    Don’t forget your camera and swimsuit if you are coming to Oak Creek. It has a depth ranging from 800 to 2000 feet.


    If you have a vehicle, you are obliged to pay $10/day/vehicle for 1 to 5 people and $2 per person. 

    The water flows year-round and is considered to be safe for activities, such as fishing, swimming, plants, and wildlife. So you can plan here to visit any time of the year.

    Oak Creek Lake covers the 30-mile route from Flagstaff to Sedona, located in Northern Arizona, offering never seen panoramic beauty. 

    Opening Season/TimeOpen year-round/ 8 am to 4.30 pm
    Good For KidsYes. For children from 4 to 10 age
    Distance from Sedona4.3 mi
    Dogs AllowedYes. But remain on leash at all times


    South of Flagstaff, Arizona State Route 89A

    How to Get there

    Via US-191 N and I-70 E

    Things to Do

    Swimming, fishing, hiking, picnicking, wildlife watching, photography, and picking berries

    Fall is the best time to visit Oak Creek. This is the time when you get to see changing leaves colors, the less crowded trails, and the pleasant climate, allowing you to capture breathtaking photos. 

    Moreover, if you are coming here for hiking, make sure that you come in the morning and on weekdays when the crowds are less. 

    3. Slide Rock

    If you are looking for a destination where you can swim carefree, Slide Rock should be top of your list.


    Yes, with the availability of different depth swimming pools, you can choose the pool you feel is suitable for you. The water is normally between 4 to 8 ft. 

    Don’t worry if you come into the category of a hiker. Slide Rock has approx. 0.3-mile long trail. 

    Moreover, it does not cost you a single penny if you can find free parking. On the west side of 89A, you can park the vehicle at no cost.

    The space can accommodate four to five vehicles easily. However, if you park at Slide Rock, you have to pay $10 per vehicle. 

    The best time to visit Slide Rock is when the weather is hot, which is between June to September, and you need to cool down.

    However, if you are a person who is not fond of crowds, you should plan to visit during Spring, Fall, and Winter. 

    Opening Season/TimeOpen year-round
    Good For KidsKid-friendly
    Distance from Sedona6.9 mi
    Dogs AllowedYes. But remain on leash and attended to all times


    6871 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

    How to Get there

    Via Interstate 17 North to Highway 179 and take highway 89A

    Things to Do

    Swimming, picnicking, hiking, biding and sliding in Oak Creek

    4. Bell Rock

    After exploring the best kayaking in Sedona, it’s time to witness the most iconic rock formation in Sedona. For which Bell Rock is famous for.


    If you take highway 179 to come to Sedona, this is the first thing you’ll observe. This place is worth the visit if you are looking for a sumptuous place to hike.  

    Well, the Bell Rock trail is moderately difficult. However, while completing the ascent to the top, you have to be a little attentive.

    But before that, you have to purchase a $5 daily pass if you want to hike here. 

    Opening Season/TimeYear-round/24 hours
    Good For KidsKid-friendly
    Distance from Sedona7.3 mi
    Dogs AllowedYes. But must remain on leash


    South of Sedona in Yavapai County

    How to Get there

    Take Sedona’s south of the downtown area off highway 179 

    Things to Do

    Hiking, walking, and running

    Undoubtedly, spring and fall are the best time to visit Bell Rock though it is busy. The good thing is you do not have to pay extra for parking, as it gets considered in that $5 pass.

    The sad part is you can’t camp here. But it has a lot of other things to offer that will amaze you for sure.  

    5. Seven Sacred Pools

    Also known as Pools of ‘Ohe’o is worth a visit. Take Soldier Pass Trail No. 66 to reach Seven Sacred Pools.


    This road is parallel to the hiking trail. By taking this road, you can drive straight to Devil’s Kitchen and the Seven Sacred Pools. It will hardly take 26 minutes to reach there. 

    The trail is 1.8 km and quite easy to hike. You could easily get lost in the surrounding scenery and contrasting colors that you hardly notice any pools over there.

    So keep your eyes open. However, you can not swim in it, but you can enjoy the view while hiking and capture beautiful memories.         

    Opening Season/TimeOpen 24 hours per day
    Good For KidsEasy for kids
    Distance from Sedona2.0 mi
    Dogs AllowedAllowed. But must remain on leash


    Historical landmark in Yavapai County, Arizona

    How to Get there

    Take Soldiers Pass Trail and get straight to the Soldier Pass 4WD Road

    Things to Do

    Hiking, walking, camping, and running 

    The entry is free though you have to pay a parking fee which is $30 per vehicle as an entrance fee.

    It is busy almost all year. So it is better to visit early morning to avoid the afternoon rush.

    6. Lynx Lake

    Lynx Lake is similar to the lake in Phoenix, AZ, a beautiful getaway to spend your time with friends and families.


    It is a hub of different recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, boating, and picnicking. The only activity you can not perform here is swimming. 

    It does not cost you much. You have to pay $5 per vehicle. If you visit Wednesday, entry is free.

    Walkers would enjoy walking through Lynx Lake, which is approximately a 4.2 km loop trail. It is a facile route that would take around 49 minutes to complete. 

    Opening Season/TimeYear round/Summer time – 7 am to 10 pmWinter time – 7 am to sunset
    Good For KidsGood for all ages
    Distance from Sedona65.0 mi
    Dogs AllowedAllowed. But must remain on leash. 


    ​2900 S Goldwater Lake Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303

    How to Get there

    Head south on N State Rte 89A toward Forest Rd

    Things to Do

    Hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, boating, and picnicking

    Lynx Lake is one of the lakes in Sedona that you’ll rarely find less crowded. However, the best time to visit Lynx Lake is March through September. 

    7. Watson Lake

    If you are looking for a worth-visiting lake in Sedona, AZ, you must consider visiting Watson Lake.


    It is a historic downtown district, allowing you to perform several activities except swimming, creating moments for a lifetime. 

    Planning your visit on Wednesdays would be a good choice for your pocket as you can access Watson Lake free of cost. On other days, you have to pay $6 per vehicle. 

    Opening Season/TimeYear-round/7 am to 8 pm 
    Good For KidsKid-friendly
    Distance from Sedona70.1 mi
    Dogs AllowedAllowed. But must remain on leash


    3101 Watson Lake Rd

    How to Get there

    Head south on N State Rte 89A toward Forest Rd

    Things to Do

    Hiking, canoeing, boating, fishing, kayaking, picnicking, rock climbing, and camping

    Watson lake stays busy during summer weekends. If you want to avoid crowds, consider visiting during Winter and Spring time, mostly in the mornings. 

    8. Fossil Creek

    Located at Camp Verde, 22 miles away from the southeast. Be careful while driving as roads are off-paved and quite dirty.


    Fossil Creek is 2.6 miles long, which is perfect for hiking. However, hiking would be moderately challenging for you. 

    There are so many outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Fossil Creek, excluding Camping.

    They do not offer camping permission anywhere on the premises. 

    Opening Season/TimeYear-round/ 8 am to 8 pm
    Good For KidsHiking would be difficult
    Distance from Sedona55.1 mi
    Dogs AllowedAllowed. But must remain on leash


    Camp Verde, AZ, USA

    How to Get there

    via AZ-179 S and Fossil Creek Rd

    Things to Do

    Swimming, sunbathing, hiking, camping, snorkeling, and many other activities

    Visiting during Spring-Summer (April 1 to October 1) would cost you $6 per vehicle per day.

    On the other hand, if you visit Fall-Winter (Oct 2 to March 31), you do not have to pay any fee. Only permits and reservations are required.  

    If you want to escape the hot months, summer is the best time to visit here though it is busy. 

    9. Crystal Lake

    It has an elevation of 5320 to 5440 ft. If your sole purpose is to hike here, Crystal Lake would be the best place.


    You can even camp here; however, the space for camping will be provided to you on a first-come first served basis. 

    Camping and hiking are not your cup of tea? Don’t worry! If you are an angler, you can fish here and enjoy the stupendous nearby environment. 

    Opening Season/TimeYear-round/day time
    Good For KidsYes
    Distance from Sedona226.3 mi
    Dogs AllowedDogs are allowed


    16470 S Cordes Lakes Dr, Mayer, AZ

    How to Get there

    Via I-40 E – Head northeast on Nf-416 toward Nf-157

    Things to Do

    Hiking, camping, paddling, boating, fishing, cross-country skiing & snowshoeing, hunting & trapping, and wildlife 

    Depending on the time you visit, you may face crowds or not. If you visit during summer, you are most likely to see too much crowd. Usually, June and August are the best time to visit Crystal Lake. 

    10. Willow Lake

    Willow lake is a place where people of every age can enjoy and relax. It is the best water park in Arizona.


    The only thing not allowed here is swimming, as the lake is too shallow and water levels are inconsistent. 

    It is located at Willow Creek Road, a few miles away from Prescott, Arizona. It has an average depth, which is 60 ft (18 m).

    Further, Willow Lake is surrounded by a three-and-a-half mile trail, which is positioned at a marked high water level line. 

    You can have a good walk on this trail or jog or roam on a bike, etc. If you don’t want to walk alone, bring your dog and go for a walk. 

    Opening Season/TimeYear round/May 29 to Sept 4 – 6 am to 10 pmWinter hours – 7 am to dusk
    Good For KidsYes
    Distance from Sedona70.6 mi
    Dogs AllowedAllowed


    Willow Lake Road, Arizona 86301

    How to Get there

    Head south on N State Rte 89A toward Forest Rd

    Things to Do

    Canoeing, kayaking, bird-watching, camping, relaxing, boating, fishing, hiking, and picnicking 

    There is no fee to get entry into the park. However, if you have a vehicle, you are obliged to pay $2 as a parking fee.

    It is mostly crowded on summer weekends. However, the best time to visit Willow Lake is from March to October. 

    Another notable thing is you can camp here but under one condition. You must be 200 feet away from the lake. 

    Lakes in Sedona FAQs

    Can you go swimming in Sedona?e

    Yes. You can swim in Sedona, where swimming is permitted in the lakes.

    So while planning your tour, ensure that your selected lake or water park permits swimming. 

    Is Sedona colder than Phoenix?

    Yes. Sedona’s temperature is approximately 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix’s. 

    Is Sedona water safe?

    Absolutely yes. Sedona’s water is amongst the cleanest in the country, making it safe to drink. 


    So these are our best picks!. We went above and below and found these top 10 lakes in Sedona that you would love to visit and you should. 

    For your convenience, we have added everything that we thought are essential while planning any holiday or weekend tour or vacation. 

    So go through the above points, do your research as well. Grab all the essential things while going on a trip, but before that, select the place that you’d love to visit from our given list. 

    However, you should visit each of them one by one. Now, the choice is yours.