Best Lakes in Arizona 2022


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    What things can you imagine if we take the name of one of the most beautiful states: Arizona?

    It is a state full of national historical monuments, adventures, tourist-friendly locations, national parks, and whatnot?

    Would you like to come and enjoy Arizona during the hot summer?

    Here we would suggest doing that with a big “Yes!”

    The best lakes in Arizona are waiting to welcome you during the hot summer with countless experiences and activities.

    Lakes in Arizona are amongst the most remarkable and most reliable water bodies in the United States. They are spread from the reservoirs to huge mountains and offer recreational activities for people. These activities include swimming, wakeboarding, fishing, boating, and more.

    So, in this article, we will show you the 20 best lakes in Arizona. You can get a clear-cut idea of where to spend a day and get the best of everything. We assure you that you will enjoy it like our previous blog post: “best camping places in Arizona.”

    So, let’s start our journey from below.

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    20 best lakes in Arizona 2022

    You can rely on Arizona if you are looking for the best vacation spots in the US. But, apart from the vacation spots, it offers excellent lakes for enjoying hot summer days. Check them out here! The following table will show you the exact locations, entry fees, and Google reviews.

    LakesExact Google LocationsEntry FeeGoogle Reviews
    Canyon LakeTexas hill country, Comal County, Texas, United States$104.7
    Lake Pleasant Regional Park41853 N. Castle hot springs road, Morristown, Arizona$64.6
    Bartlett Lake20808 E. Bartlett dam road, Scottsdale, Arizona$64.6
    Saguaro LakeMaricopa County, Arizona$84.5
    Theodore Roosevelt LakeGila County, Arizona$15 – $304.7
    Apache Lake229.5 Mile marker, Roosevelt, Arizona$64.7
    Lake PowellGlen Canyon NRA Arizona,$304.7
    Tempe Town LakeRio Salado & mill avenue Parkway, Tempe, Arizona 85280$104.7
    Lynx LakePrescott, Arizona$54.7
    Lake MeadHoover dam, black canyon, Arizona$15 – $254.6
    Big LakeSherburne County, Arizona$5 – $204.7
    Watson LakeWatson lake road, highway 89, Arizona$34.8
    Patagonia LakeSanta Cruz County Arizona$3 – $204.5
    Lake HavasuWestern Arizona$15 – $204.6
    Woods Canyon LakeForest service road 105, payson, Arizona 85541$230 per night4.7
    Goldwater Lake2875 S Goldwater lake road, S Prescott, NC Arizona$34.6
    Willow Springs LakeMogollon Rim, North ArizonaFree4.7
    Lake MohaveMohave County, Arizona Clark county, Nevada, US$15 – $254.7
    Chevelon Canyon LakeNorthern Arizona$0 (For camping)4.5
    Fool Hollow Lake1500 Fools hollow road, show low, Arizona 85901$3 – $74.5

    Now, it’s time to take an overview of each one of them. So, without waiting, let’s get going.

    1. Canyon Lake

    • Location – Texas hill country, Comal County, Texas, United States.
    • Entry Fee – $10
    • Google Reviews – 4.6

    As we have said, lakes in Arizona offer swimming activities to all people. And Canyon Lake is the best spot for beach hangouts, pleasing scenery views, swimming activities, etc.

    Canyon Lake - lakes in arizona

    Apart from that, people can come and enjoy fishing sessions whenever they want. You will meet with the various fish species, starting from rainbow trout, largemouth bass, yellow bass, and more. Also, recreational activities like camping, boating, and hiking add more reasons to visit canyon lake. But, the scenic views increase the adorn of Canyon Lake.

    So, pack your bags and visit Texas Hill County to get the best holiday experience on lakes.

    2. Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    • Location – 41853 N. Castle hot springs road, Morristown, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $6
    • Google Reviews – 4.7

    Recreational activities like mountain biking, hiking, picnicking, camping, etc., can be possible in Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    It is also called boaters’ dream because fishing is allowed, and many species are available. People can get species like sunfish, crappie, tilapia, white bass, etc. The best part of this park is that it offers 148 sites for RV, and you will get the proper supply of water, electricity, a dump station, picnic table, barbecue grill, fire ring, and more on a plate.

    So, spend your day full of adventure!

    3. Bartlett Lake

    • Location – 20808 E. Bartlett dam road, Scottsdale, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $6
    • Google Reviews – 4.6

    Bartlett Lake is situated on Tonto National Forest’s northern side in a small valley. You will find the sandy beaches on either side, and the lake is narrow but too long.

    Bartlett Lake

    Bartlett is amongst the most beautiful lakes in Arizona for fishing, and locals call this beauty a “Fishing Hotspot” with various fishes available. When the weather is right, people can enjoy the various outdoor activities like camping due to its excellent campsites. Sometimes, you can experience the rush here, so it’s better to arrive early and set up your single or group tent.

    So, if you want a holiday to spend on a beach with various activities, you can consider this one from Arizona.

    4. Saguaro Lake

    • Location – Maricopa County, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $8
    • Google Reviews – 4.5

    People have an assumption that Arizona has a desert climate; thus, there’s nothing to enjoy. But, this is where they are wrong!

    Saguaro Lake

    One of the best attraction points in Arizona is Saguaro Lake, situated in the Tonto National Forest.

    It comes up with picturesque surroundings, recreational activities, and natural landscapes. You can do fishing because various species like largemouth bass, yellow bass, etc., are available here.

    So, visit the 35-kilometer shoreline with incredible restaurants, boat ramps, restrooms, and picnic tables. If this is not what you want, there are “10 best hot springs in Arizona” to look at.

    5. Theodore Roosevelt Lake

    • Location – Gila county, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $15 – $30
    • Google Reviews – 4.7

    Central Arizona is famous for Theodore Roosevelt lake, an enormous reservoir. It was listed as the largest artificial lake in the world in 1911.

    Theodore Roosevelt Lake

    It is still the largest in Arizona and is famous for boaters, enthusiasts, watersports activities, etc.

    So, visit Theodore Roosevelt Lake and acquire all the edges from fishing to other activities.

    6. Apache Lake

    • Location – 229.5 Mile marker, Roosevelt, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $6
    • Google Reviews – 4.7
    Apache Lake

    It is one of the best boating lakes in Arizona, covered by the Three Bar Wildlife Area and Superstition Wilderness. You will meet with the best scenic views here and enjoy many activities like hiking, camping, water skiing, etc. It is almost 65 miles away from northeast Phoenix.

    Are you looking for a romantic date? A couple can book a stay at Apache Lake Marina and Resort, offering facilities and comforts.

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    7. Lake Powell

    • Location – Glen canyon NRA Arizona,
    • Entry Fee – $30
    • Google Reviews – 4.7
    Lake Powell

    Lake Powell stands on the stairs of Arizona’s stunning and grandest lakes. It lies on the Colorado River of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and has a shoreline of 2,000 miles.

    People across the globe visit here to enjoy lodging, hop aboard, campground staying, renting a houseboat, and whatnot. Also, from exciting panoramas and fabulous dining, the experience of dinner is excellent.

    So, if you are looking for the biggest lake in Arizona with all the concessions,  you should visit here.

    8. Tempe Town Lake

    • Location – Rio Salado & mill avenue Parkway, Tempe, Arizona 85280
    • Entry Fee – $10
    • Google Reviews – 4.7
    Tempe Town Lake

    Tempe Town Lake is about 2 miles, and you can rent a pedal boat, standup paddleboat, kayak, and others to explore it. The circling shore is perfect for jogging, biking, and other sports activities.

    You can also explore the massive marketplaces near the lake’s southern shore covered with malls, fire pits, restaurants, etc.

    The best part of this lake is that it offers the biggest celebrations in the city. So, visit here to get all the above experiences with the festival.

    9. Lynx Lake

    • Location – Prescott, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $5
    • Google Reviews – 4.7

    Get your squad ready and visit Lynx lake, situated southeast of Prescott, to enjoy your fun outdoor activities.

    Lynx Lake

    Boating, camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, sailing, and kayaking are the activities you can do here. However, swimming is not allowed on this lake. On hot summer days, the water stays cool because of 5,600 feet elevation. But, the fact is that people visit primarily for fishing as it is filled with catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, and more.

    Apart from that, you’ll find the large campground on the lake. So, stroll around the lake and enjoy your vacation with the diverse activities.

    10. Lake Mead

    • Location – Hoover dam, Black Canyon, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $15 – 25
    • Google Reviews – 4.6

    Lake Mead stands there for clear water and a wide-open space area with a lake. The best part is that it comes up with rare sights and beautiful places to explore.

    Lake Mead

    Also, Lake Mead is the first and largest national recreational area in America that lies on the Colorado River. Surprisingly, it covered 1.5 million acres of valleys, mountains, and canyons with clear blue water and striking landscapes. The outdoor activities involve boating, hiking, camping, fishing, and more. Also, it is one of the best lakes to swim in Arizona.

    So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your holidays in this fascinating water destination.

    11. Big Lake

    • Location – Sherburne county, Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $5 – 20
    • Google Reviews – 4.7

    The average depth of the Big Lake in Arizona is about nine meters, and you can do popular activity fishing here. April to May is considered the best time to fish in Big Lake, but it only opens from April to December.

    Big Lake

    The lake is covered with almost 200 camping sites where you can spend a day with your squad. Dump stations and paved roads are the benefits for the campers here.

    So, enjoy swimming, hiking, horse riding, and rock climbing, accompanied by various water sports activities here.

    12. Watson Lake

    Location – Watson lake road, highway 89, Arizona

    • Entry Fee – $3
    • Google Reviews – 4.8
    • Do you know Watson lake is the source of drinking water in Prescott?
    Watson Lake

    Prescott delivers the drinking water to its locals from Watson Lake. Watson Lake is amongst the most beautiful lakes in Arizona, with rock crystal clear waters and rock formations. Although you can’t swim, fishing is available with crappie, catfish, largemouth bass, etc. The spot is famous for kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarders, and boating. You will also get the trails for mountain biking and hiking experiences.

    So, don’t forget to pack your shoes while moving to Arizona and explore the lakes with thrilling activities.

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    13. Patagonia Lake

    • Location – Santa Cruz County Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $3 – $20
    • Google Reviews – 4.5

    Patagonia lake is the favorite destination of many campers across the globe. Surprisingly, the lake has 105 lakeside campsites for camping with a tent and RV.

    Patagonia Lake

    There are seven cabins allotted for campings on rent, and you can choose one of them. Most people visit to see the hummingbirds, canyon towhee, Inca dove, etc.

    Along with that, you can meet the authentic tastes of wines in the wineries of Arizona, just a half-hour away.

    14. Lake Havasu

    • Location – Western Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $15 – $20
    • Google Reviews – 4.6
    Lake Havasu

    It comes up with an exciting history. Lake Havasu was made in 1938 for storing water and providing the same to two cross-country canals.

    The mild weather condition during winters makes it a popular snowbird attraction. Boating and fishing are two main activities that you can do here. So, if you are a college student and want to get some fresh air in Arizona, you can visit here.

    15. Woods Canyon Lake

    • Location – Forest service road 105, Payson, Arizona 85541
    • Entry Fee – $230 per night
    • Google Reviews – 4.7
    Woods Canyon Lake

    Since 1956, it has been one of the best destinations for outdoor activities for Arizona locals. Although it is a small lake, you can enjoy fishing here.

    You can perform biking, hiking, camping, and other activities in Woods Canyon Lake during any season. It also offers campgrounds for campers. Also, the entry fees are affordable, and you can visit with your families.

    So, tie your shoelace and come to Woods Canyon Lake for adventures.

    16. Goldwater Lake

    • Location – 2875 S Goldwater lake road, S prescott, NC Arizona
    • Entry Fee – $3
    • Google Reviews – 4.6
    Goldwater Lake

    The city of Prescott Parks and Recreation controls the Goldwater Lake. Although swimming is prohibited, you can go fishing, and the other activities are kayaking and canoeing.

    The shoreline of Goldwater Lake has the benefits of picnic tables, grills, volleyball courts, and more. Also, you can enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and boating in those waters.

    So, take your families here and relish a day filled with joy in Goldwater lake. But, remember you have to pay $3 per car for parking.

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    17. Willow Springs Lake

    • Location – Mogollon Rim, North Arizona
    • Entry Fee – Free
    • Google Reviews – 4.7
    Willow Springs Lake

    The Arizona Game and Fishing Department created Willow Springs Lake in 1967 to provide comfort with recreational activities for locals.

    It covers a surface area of 150 acres and offers a fishing activity for you all. The various fish species like trout, bass, sunfish, etc., are available in this water body.

    So, visit here for peaceful fishing, kayaking, boating, etc., and make your holiday memorable. Also, try various famous dishes near the best places to live in Arizona in 2022.

    18. Lake Mohave

    • Location – Mohave County, Arizona/Clark County, Nevada, US
    • Entry Fee – $15 – $25
    • Google Reviews – 4.7
    Lake Mohave

    Lake Mohave is situated near Laughlin! The lake is formed by the Colorado River damming. In addition to this, it offers bright blue waters and many places for swimming, making Lake Mohave the “best lakes in Arizona for swimming.”

    The most exciting fact about Lake Mohave is that it lies between the Black Mountains and northeastern Arizona. They are pretty, so do not forget to take pictures to store your memorable moments.

    So, make your visit meaningful this summer with your families.

    19. Chevelon Canyon Lake

    • Location – Northern Arizona
    • Entry Fee – Free for camping
    • Google Reviews – 4.5
    Chevelon Canyon Lake

    Chevelon Canyon Lake is famous as a fishing spot, and it is a small reservoir in northern Arizona. Also, it offers the cloud nine feel of camping in the surrounded campgrounds in one of the best “lakes in northern Arizona.”

    You will also benefit from roaming into the best scenic views and fresh air. So, come to Chevelon Canyon Lake and lose yourself in this location to relax and enjoy your holidays.

    20. Fool Hollow Lake

    • Location – 1500 Fools Hollow Road, Show Low, Arizona 85901
    • Entry Fee – $3 – $7
    • Google Reviews – 4.5
    Fool Hollow Lake

    The Fool Hollow Lake is named after Thomas Jefferson Adair, who used to farm here in 1885. Adair was successful in farming when people joked that only a fool would attempt to farm on this land.

    Nowadays, it is one of Arizona’s best tourist attractions lake points. Tourists, visitors, locals, and other people can swim in this lake with a few safety precautions. Apart from swimming, you can come here for hiking, nature viewing, water activities, picnic, etc.

    So, if you are excited to know more about this lake, it’s better to visit here and get all your doubts cleared.

    That’s it! Our journey is ending here on the 20 best lakes in Arizona! But, we would like to add two tips in the form of two FAQs below.

    Lakes In Arizona FAQs

    What is the deadliest lake in Arizona?

    Lake Pleasant is the deadliest lake in Arizona. It is an artificial watering-place that attracts swimmers, boaters, and campers. But the calm surface of Lake Pleasant leads to many accidental incidents. Therefore, the Peoria firefighters train for such incidents and try to save the people.

    What is the clearest lake in Arizona?

    Lynx lake stands on the first rank in Arizona whenever you talk about the clearest lake. It is widely known for its transparent water in Arizona and is located in place of Prescott National Forest.


    Arizona is one of the best destinations to spend your summer holidays or vacations due to its massive number of lakes. These lakes are beautiful, nature-oriented, and provide inner peace to the person. Therefore, we have created this blog post stating the 20 best lakes in Arizona. Our team is suggesting the subsequent few lakes as a must-visit.

    • Canyon Lake
    • Bartlett Lake
    • Theodore Roosevelt Lake
    • Lake Powell
    • Lynx Lake
    • Watson Lake
    • Lake Mohave
    • Woods Canyon Lake
    • Chevelon Canyon Lake
    • Fool Hollow Lake

    These are our team’s best peaks for hiking, swimming, and many thrilling activities. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog. So, get yourself ready and make your holidays more pleasing on the lakes in Arizona.

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