How to Open a Dispensary in New York 


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    Do you know “how to open a dispensary in New York?” Are you wondering about that? This is what you need. This article is all about the latest news and information related to opening a dispensary in New York. 

    Last year, on 31st March 2021, New York was permitted and became the 15th state to legalize recreational cannabis. Governor Andrew M. Cuoma approved a law allowing recreational cannabis for teens aged 21 years and older. That boosted the tax revenue up to $436 million out of that $336 million may be collected from New York according to Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA). 

    But, who is behind this regulation of cannabis in New York is still a question for many. So, before we talk about “how to open a dispensary in New York,” we would like to inform you about that. 

    Who is responsible for the regulation of Cannabis in New York? 

    As you all know, the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act was signed in March 2021, allowing people to take cannabis in New York. 

    However, Article 2 of the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA) runs the regulatory process in New York State. All of those processes are organized by the Office of Cannabis Management Legal Division. The law is responsible behind the opening of the new Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). And it is ruled by a Cannabis Control Board to manage everything related to adult-use, medical, and hemp cannabis. 

    Are dispensaries legal in New York? 

    First, we would like to remind you that people are not allowed to sell or offer cannabis in New York yet. It is legal to use cannabis for people 21 of their age and older. However, there are a few restrictions too. You can’t use them anywhere you want in New York. You can use the cannabis in your private home or at the upcoming state-licensed on-site consumption site. 

    Also, dispensaries will open in New York only after the official act gives permission. All the rules are renovating the cannabinoid hemp and medical marijuana programs in the state. 

    Furthermore, if you are interested to know about “How to move to New York?” Our team’s blog is waiting for you with all the details. 

    Now is the time to accelerate your car towards “How to open a dispensary in New York.” 

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    How to Open a Dispensary in New York?

    A new governor, Kathy Hochul declared something interesting for New York in March 2022. The state would start taking retail dispensary applications in the upcoming Summer of 2022. It indicates that you can open a dispensary store soon. 

    However, you must check whether your city or town allows it or not. After that, you can apply for a cannabis retail business license. Also, consider that you must provide the details with an application for your dispensary business. It should include the workforce and job creation plan, operation plan, quality control and assurance plan, security plan, etc. Besides that, you should consider what type of licenses you need to open a dispensary in New York, along with the cost. 

    How much does it cost to open a dispensary in New York?

    The New York dispensary license cost in 2015 was based on the “New York Medical Marijuana Regulation and the Compassionate Care Act Bill” S854A. The following fees were applicable during that time. 

    Open a dispensary in new york
    • Application fees of $10,000 (Non-refundable).
    • Registration fees of $20,000 (It is refundable if registration is not issued to the applicants.) 

    Currently, the application fees and costs of opening a dispensary are not decided by the Office of Cannabis Management. It is not yet clear what application fees are charged to them until the OCM improves the rules. Therefore, it is difficult to say something about those charges. 

    Moreover, you should consider a New York dispensary license cost budget of between $400,000 and $1,000,000. It is based on the size, facilities, and other factors like operations.

    How profitable is a New York Dispensary?

    A Fact-book says, opening a dispensary in New York can make an average profit of $974 per square foot of its space every year. 

    Also, you can get an average profit of $1.8 million from $3 million in revenue, said Statista Research. That means more than 50% profit. Good deal, isn’t it?

    That is not enough yet! It is unbelievable that 15% of dispensary owners announced an annual income of less than $100,000. 27% have declared a sales report from $100,000 to $250,000. Also, there are other 15% who reported sales from $500,000 to $1 million. 

    In addition to that, a quarter of dispensaries declared income of more than $1 million. So, you can observe how profitable a dispensary store in New York City is.

    1. Who can submit an application

    Today, New York is not taking applications for medical dispensaries, and the retail program is created to approve the following people. 

    • They have been convicted of Marijuana-Relevant crimes or had a relationship with a person so convicted. 
    • They have had a minimum of 10% ownership in a profitable business in the past. 

    In addition to that, you should also have a New York residency. The people who fit into these criteria can apply to open up a dispensary in New York. 

    2. Application Fees & Registration Costs

    You should not miss the following costs when you are thinking about “How to apply for a dispensary license in New York.” These costs are related to opening a dispensary in New York and based on 2015 applications. 

    • Application Fees – The New York dispensary license cost for applying is $210,000. Suppose you are canceling it, they will refund you only $200,000. 
    • License Fees – The cost of a dispensary in New York is $200,000. You can renew it every two years. 

    In addition to that, if you want to know about New York City tap water, you will get all the information here. 

    3. When will they start Accepting Applications? 

    Recently, the Cannabis Control Board sanctioned the requests for the license for adult-use cultivation. Also, the farmers can start to apply for the same from March 15. New York is now aiming at making corrections of the wrongs of the war on drugs, New York Assembly Majority Crystal Peoples-Stokes said. 

    What licenses are needed to start a dispensary in New York? 

    As per the list provided by Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act, we can see different types of adult-use cannabis licenses. A few of them are as follows. 


    Adult-Use Cultivator License

    The adult-use cultivator license allows people to grow and sell cannabis to the holders of processor licenses. If you are applying for this license in New York, you may also need a Processing License and Distribution License.

    Adult-Use Retail Dispensary 

    It helps companies to transfer cannabis products via a licensed dispensary. There is a condition that you cannot show your interest to other dispensaries if you already have three.

    Adult-Use Distributor License

    Such licenses help to allow the holder to buy products from the processors and distribute them to dispensaries. They can also deliver it to on-site consumption buildings. 

    Adult-Use Nursery License 

    It allows companies to make, distribute, and sell all types of cannabis cones, young plants, and more. You may request a cultivation license and a nursery license which is allowed. 

    Apart from that, there are more licenses you can opt from Adult-Use Micro-Business License to Adult-Use Small Business. 

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    What are Business License Requirements for Cannabis in New York

    We have mentioned this before. People should possess a minimum of 10% ownership for at least two years in a business. Also, they should have two years of net profit. 

    Or suppose you have earned a part of a non-profit, a non-profit that includes the following points.

    • It should have people with Marijuana convictions in New York on its council or as its officials. 
    • It has a minimum of two years of net assets or profit.
    • It has a minimum of five full-time employees. 
    • It serves people with marijuana arrests and convictions at high rates. 
    • It comes with a history of doing work for people with Marijuana convictions. 

    So, above all are business license requirements for cannabis in New York. Let’s know something more. 


    How do I get a CBD license in NYC?

    The Office of Cannabis Management (NYC) runs hemp utilized and sold for cannabinoid content such as CBD. Therefore, there is a function to provide a license for those who are processing, making, and marketing Cannabinoid Hemp. 

    You will need a declaration stating you are following the rules and regulations of the Cannabinoid Hemp Program of New York State. Also, you will need to pay $300 for the Cannabinoid Hemp Retail License to sell the cannabinoid hemp products in every location. A distributor also needs to pay $300 to get the distributor permit. 

    (Note that the licenses are valid till one year from the issuing date)

    Can you get a medical card in New York? 

    The medical card of New York allows a patient to get a registry ID Card. Further, it allows them to buy medical cannabis from New York dispensaries. So, a patient can get a medical card only if he has a residency in New York State. Along with that, they have to provide a driving license and non-driver’s ID card. 

    There are a few more documents to attach to get the medical card in New York, but the above are essential. Apart from that, you have to get the patient certificate from the marijuana program. That means you can’t get a medical card if your medical condition is normal.

    What are the rules and taxation acts for open dispensaries in New York?

    There are many rules and taxation acts present in the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. Some of them are as follows.

    • The Act allows recreational cannabis for people 21 or above of their age. 
    • Retail sales of cannabis can be started in 2022. 
    • The Act allows you to plant six cannabis plants at home for your personal use. Also, if you have a family having more than one adult, you can plant up to twelve cannabis plants. 
    • Grovers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturing processors will meet with the licensure system. (We will inform you about that after the details come in.) 
    • The Cannabis Delivery Services also appear in this bill.

    So, all these were the essential conclusions from the Marijuana Regulations and Taxation Act. Furthermore, you can get all the essential information on “restaurants Corning NY” here. 

    How can I get funding to open a dispensary in New York? 

    First, we have seen estimated costs to open a dispensary in New York. Now, here’s to tell you about the funding to open a dispensary in New York. 

    There are many options to get funding and open a dispensary. A few amongst them are stated as below. 

    Business Fundings 

    There are many options for business funding to open a dispensary, but they all rely on your financial needs. Also, you can choose from a variety of choices for cannabis business loans to raise funds and open a dispensary. 


    Crowdfunding relates to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States. So, people can purchase a share by investing up to $2,200 in a small business, and it will help them with their dispensary opening tasks. 

    Business lines of credit 

    Many alternative finance providers are available to provide lines of credit. People can use this funding to open cannabis businesses or dispensaries in New York. 


    Real estate funding 

    You can use the real estate funding to get a space, land, or building that you will require to open a dispensary. 

    Along with that, private equity fundings, venture capitalists funding, personal loans, home equity loans, and many other options are available. The above all are the main sources to raise your funding and open dispensaries in New York. 

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    Open A Dispensary in New York FAQs

    How do I write a business plan for a dispensary? 

    You can get more investors or management members if you have a well-written business plan. But, if you are worried about writing a business plan for a dispensary, don’t be. Here are a few tips for writing a business plan. 

    • It is important to write a professional, straightforward, and enthusiastic business plan. Consider them while writing. 
    • Ensure that you are not using buzzwords, acronyms, and industry jargon. Instead, you can use short sentences.
    • Make use of bullet points that help people to get every possible information. 
    • It is better to show the dispensary progress, market shares, project results, etc., through pie or bar charts. 
    • Use only 1-2 types of font and avoid using small fonts. 
    • Last but not least, you should not have any grammatical and spelling errors. 

    Despite that, you should consider your writing. Make sure that your intentions and write-ups are matching to each other. Otherwise, your intentions and their outcomes may be different, leading to a big loss.


    New York is a blend of top sites such as the Statue of Liberty and museums to explore. People can make vacation plans and enjoy many things in New York. But, when it comes to How to Open a Dispensary in New York, things change. Therefore, this article has covered all the essential points you should know before opening a dispensary. 

    Do not forget to check the following bullet points:

    • Get all your relevant details on how to open a dispensary in New York. 
    • Cost details on how much it costs. 
    • If you are doubted whether a dispensary is profitable in New York or not, then get your answer here. 
    • You can find people who can submit the application for dispensary opening. 
    • Know the application fees and regulation costs here.
    • Read more about when will New York start accepting applications? 
    • Which licenses are needed to start a dispensary? 
    • See the business license requirements for cannabis.
    • How to get your CBD licenses? 
    • Medical Card details. 
    • Rues and Taxation Act for opening a dispensary in New York. 
    • Get funding ideas from the funding section. 

    So, we hope that this will help you if you want to open up a dispensary in New York State. 

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