How to Move a Mobile Home For Free?


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    Moving a mobile home is a challenging task for you, right? So, why don’t you choose mobile home mover companies? They are cost-effective and professional and help you move from one location to another just like that.

    How to move a mobile home for free in Texas?

    Well, the fact is that you need money to move to a mobile home. However, you can save a few amounts on your moving if you know a few hidden tips.

    First, you can contact moving companies for their quotes and move your stuff from your home to a new destination on your own. These two tips can reduce your costs.

    How can I move my mobile home for free?

    We have cleared that you cannot move to a mobile home for free. However, mobile home parks let you move in for free.

    Still, you have to pay a moving fee. This moving fee entirely depends on the pick-up and destination location.

    1. How to move a mobile home?

    For moving a mobile home, several laws are available that depend on the county, city, or state you want to move to in the United States.


    Therefore, before making your move, calling last-minute movers or moving companies can provide you with relaxation while moving. Here are some of the rules that you must follow.

    Acquire Moving Permit

    Before booking a truck to move your mobile home, ensure you get the permit for the place you want to move in. However, every city and state has different procedures to get a permit. 

    If you are planning to move a mobile home in Texas, you have to reach out to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a permit.

    You can also get information by calling 1-800-299-1700 or visiting their official website.

    Similarly, to move a mobile home in Alabama, you need to get a permit from the office of the License Commissioner.

    So before making your moving mobile home decision, ensure that you have a respective place permit.

    Hire Transport Company

    Most people don’t understand that hiring a mobile home moving company or transporting company is easier than they can even think.

    So, we suggest looking for a company whose experience and actions speak louder than their words.

    Of course, you have to pay some of their charges but you’ll be relaxed while mobilizing. Here are a few tips to choose the best transport company for you in your area.

    • Start searching for free quotes
    • Check out the years of experience they have in moving
    • Must be professional movers
    • Check the moving license

    Understand Zoning

    Now, the most important thing here is to understand zoning appropriately. Zoning is a way that confirms whether you should move your movable property to your dream destination.

    However, HUD, Housing and Urban Development, has rules and regulations that every moving homeowner considers.

    This body has divided many states into three categories: Zone I, Zone II, and Zone III, and the mover must agree to their rules before thinking on move mobile home free.

    Prepare The Mobile Home To Be Moved

    Once you get the permissions, all you have to do is prepare your home to move. Ensure to cover all your windows and doors to protect them while moving.

    Similarly, move your belongings, memories, and other necessary things to a new place before moving.

    In the entire process, mobile movers can help you move all your items. But they may charge some extra amounts to do so.

    Yet, if you hire them for moving and packing, you will get affordable rates from those mobile home movers.

    Meet all the Legal Requirements

    Sometimes, moving to a new location may have more strict laws than the current location. Also, you may see some new standards on your moving destination.

    Here, the moving companies can help you meet all legal requirements, rules, and other constraints.

    It also includes the zoning permission regarding the moving companies. You may need more paperwork or legwork if your home is older than 10 years.

    Ensure to meet the legal requirements.

    2. How much is a permit to move a mobile home?

    According to a recent survey, moving home prices with a complete service can cost you between $3,000 to $14,000.

    These prices can be affected by the distance and items you want to move. Similarly, the average cost of moving a double-wide home can cost you between $4,000 to $10,000.

    However, moving a mobile home is not easy, as it includes multiple aspects to look over.

    One of the most important things here is understanding how to get a permit for a move. So, first, ensure to get permission from HUD.

    Once it’s done, meet with the building commissioner to inform them about your moving and find an affordable mobile home moving company.

    Distance movers and helpers can charge you high costs if the distance is beyond your reach.

    After this, contact the new authorities (park manager) waiting for you at the new location.

    3. How much does it cost to move a manufactured home?

    The cost of moving a mobile home is based on several factors that you should take care of.


    Mostly, which service you would want to choose, “transport-only” or “full-service,” is a big question as moving companies charge accordingly.

    Transport-only services are easier, where the movers mostly come and hook your home and shift it to the desired locations.

    In contrast, full-service movers will help you disassemble your furniture and other essential items and assemble them once they transport a mobile home to a new place.

    If you want to know how much to move a mobile home with a transport-only facility, below table is your answer.

    House TypeSingle-WideDouble-WideTriple-Wide
    House Size500 – 1300 sq. Ft.1000-2300+ sq. Ft.2000-3000 sq. Ft.
    Avg. Cost of Moving (60 miles only)$700 to $1,000$2,000 to $2,500$2,600 to $3,500+

    If you want to know how much is it to move a mobile home with full-service, check out below.

    House TypeSingle-WideDouble-WideTriple-Wide
    House Size500 – 1300 sq. Ft.1000-2300+ sq. Ft.2000-3000 sq. Ft.
    Avg. Cost of Moving (60 miles only)$3,000 to $5,000$4,000 to $10,000$10,000 to $14,000+

    However, if you want to get the per-mile cost to move your portable home, you can contact the company to ask them.

    Every company has a different quote sheet. Averagely, home transport companies charge $4 or $5.50 per mile to move your home with the towing vehicle.

    Still, these prices are determined based on current fuel prices.

    4. What is the age limit for moving a mobile home?

    Housing and Urban Development stated that a house constructed before 1976 cannot move even if you want to drive it for a short distance.

    These houses are the oldest and unable to meet modern safety standards. 

    However, every county has several age limits on moving a mobile home as per current standards.

    Also, HUD states that if you maintain and repair your mobile home regularly, it will stay strong and last between 30 to 50 years.

    5. The cheapest way to move a mobile home

    Finding the cheapest moving and storage service at your doorstep is quite demanding. Similarly, you must search a lot to meet with such a mover. So, here’s what you need to do.


    The best and highly recommended cheapest way is to move your home to that location, where the lowest permissions are required.

    Because more permits, more costs you will have to pay. Second, you must search your surroundings to get affordable quotes to select the best one to move.

    Third, we would suggest asking for discounts on moving services. Discounts can minimize your moving costs.

    Today, multiple moving companies provide several offers and discount packages to move your home to your location.

    So, if possible, you can choose one of them to move by saving costs.

    Lastly, ensure getting a complete service package from mobile home moving companies where everything is predetermined and mentioned accurately.

    It will help you avoid further clashes between you and moving companies. Also, you can safely move your mobile home without a headache.

    These points would prove beneficial if you are looking for affordable or cheapest ways to move a mobile home.

    How to move a mobile home for free FAQs

    Can you move to a mobile home?

    Yes, of course! Contact a mobile home mover near you, get your quotes, finalize them, and move your home to the dream destination.

    Can I move into a mobile home myself?

    No! It involves multiple complexities; therefore, needs professional hands along with supervision. Thus, choosing a moving company to move your mobile home is always worth it.

    Can you move a mobile home with furniture in it?

    No! You must remove your furniture and other items from the home before moving your portable home.

    Can you move a mobile home with a pickup truck?

    Yes! However, choosing an experienced moving company with a pickup truck for transporting your mobile home is always a great option.

    What factors affect the cost of moving a mobile home?

    Considering these highly changing trends, mobile home moving costs can be affected by distance, size, weight, toll taxes, materials, etc.


    Moving a mobile home for free is possible! Perhaps, you need to pay between 500 to 3000 or more dollars to move your mobile home.

    But, this is only for the service you want to take from movers.

    However, if you know the right way to cut down on the extra charges or fees you pay while moving a mobile home, you can save your amounts.

    Select an affordable mover and the least permit-required locations to save your dollars. Or you can go through this entire article on how to move a mobile home for free.

    You will meet with a few laws, costs, and other essential things to know before making a move. Read it, find the best moving service, and move your mobile home safely.