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    First and foremost, you can take one room to start packing the necessary items and sell or donate the rest of the items you no longer need. This way, you will cut off those items to carry forward to the new location. However, the best way to move is to take help from Last Minute Movers.

    They will help you pack, load, and unpack things from one location to another. They will assist you with extra hands, wheels, and minds to make your moving stress-free.

    10 Best Last-Minute Moving Companies of 2023

    Mostly, people move because of their new jobs, promotions, and family reasons. But when all such circumstances appear in lives like storms, most people can’t get enough time to reschedule everything and move peacefully.


    Fortunately, moving companies are there to help everyone dealing with such situations. So, before going in deep, we have arranged a quick snapshot of all the top-rated and cheapest moving companies for you below.

    Last-minute Moving CompaniesFamous ForRatings from Google & YelpAverage PriceWebsite
    International Van LinesLocal, Long-distance, & International Moving4.9Local –$600 to $1,500
    Long-distance –$1,900 to $4,900
    American Van LinesLocal, Long-distance, & Military Moving4.1Local –$700 to $1,600
    Long-distance –$2,300 to $5,300
    North American Van LinesHousehold, Long-distance, International, National, etc.4.0NAVL
    HighTouch Moving SystemLocal, Long-distance, & Commercial Moving4.9HTMS
    Samba MovingLocal, Long-distance, & Commercial Moving4.8SM
    EQ MovingLocal residential, Long-distance, Flat rate, Commercial, etc.4.8Local – $400 to $1,600EQ
    The Professionals Moving SpecialistsFull-service storage solutions, students, residential, commercial, emergency Moving, etc5.0TPMS
    Last-minute Moving LLCResidential, Commercial, Overnight Storage, Dumpster Rental, etc.4.7LMM
    Last-minute MovingLocal, Long-distance, & International Moving4.0LMM
    Last-minute MoversLocal, Long-distance, International, & Commercial Moving3.5LMM

    1. International Van Lines

    With striking awards earned from Forbes, Fox, Business, Today, and other organizations, IVL became the top-most moving company in Coral Springs, Florida. They have a brand new fleet and professional movers to cover 50 states, making your move seamless.


    Being the best moving company, they serve in more than 145 countries globally and assist you in moving with their services, like professional packing, loading, crating, and more. Due to this, they have national and International relocation services for all your needs. This also means they are perfect for long distances.

    In the case of availability, they are available on call and provide storage, packing, and insurance amenities worldwide. You can check out the below costs that help you estimate easier.

    DescriptionUp to 250 milesUp to 500 milesUp to 1,000 milesUp to 2,000 miles
    For 2 Bedrooms$1,700 to $4,700$1,900 to $4,900$2,100 to $5,100$2,400 to $5,400
    For 4 Bedrooms$3,200 to $6,200$5,100 to $8,100$5,700 to $8,100$6,200 to $9,200

    2. American Van Lines

    For the fourth consecutive year, AVL has become one of the best companies that stands among “America’s Best Customer Service 2023” for traveling and transportation services. Also, with renowned awards from famous organizations, it operates in every part of the United States.


    For urgent basis moving, you could easily choose AVL. It is the best option for your long-distance move. They are mainly known for their excellent commercial, corporate, antiques, and piano moving tasks, providing enough storage to store your belongings.

    They have been trusted for decades and serve state-of-the-art professional services for loading, local & international moving, storage, packing, crating for artwork, etc. The best part is that they provide services in every corner of the USA.

    DescriptionUp to 250 milesUp to 500 milesUp to 1,000 milesUp to 2,000 miles
    For 2 Bedrooms$1,400 to $4,400$2,300 to $5,300$2,600 to $5,600$4,600 to $7,200
    For 4 Bedrooms$4,800 to $7,800$5,600 to $8,600$7,400 to $10,400$10,800 to $13,800

    3. North American Van Lines

    Since 1933, NAVL has been a highly recommended moving company, having 500 agent locations in the United States. It provides GPS tracking to streamline your moving journey from an existing place to a new one.


    You can easily choose this company if you need a mover today with complete benefits and services. They provide residential and corporate moving, full-service packing and unpacking, packing supplies, custom crates, moving storage, appliance connections, auto transport, etc. 

    They help you move to any part of the United States, making them most preferred for local and national moves. To get more ideas about their prices, see the following table for two and four-bedroom houses moving.

    DescriptionUp to 250 milesUp to 500 milesUp to 1,000 milesUp to 2,000 miles
    For 2 Bedrooms$1,800 to $4,500$2,400 to $5,400$2,700 to $5,700$4,400 to $7,400
    For 4 Bedrooms$3,300 to $6,000$5,700 to $8,700$7,500 to $10,500$10,900 to $13,000

    4. HighTouch Moving System

    Among the Last Minute Movers NYC, HighTouch Moving System is one of the trusted moving companies famous for various moving needs. Promoters established this company in 2005. Presently, they use green moving tactics to support the environment. 


    If you want to shift your state-of-the-art antiques, pianos, furniture, and belongings, you can choose them. They provide professional packers and movers to make your moving voyage relaxing.

    Similarly, they have a seamless process of moving that includes service booking, packing, moving, and delivering at the right time and to the right place across the world.

    5. Samba Moving

    Samba is among the famous last minute movers NYC, where the professional workers work wholeheartedly to help you move. They have been serving for over a decade and offer top-notch customer care.


    They are famous for their commercial, local, and long-distance moving services with proper care and skilled staff. They have a team of experts for moving safely to your desired location. Along with that, they also have a team to help you with material unpacking.

    Whether you want to relocate to a studio apartment or a large palace, they help you move hassle-free. Further, they provide great storage facilities for every client. The best part is that they have an affordable price for moving regardless of the location you move to. 

    6. EQ Moving

    Need help moving today? Get an instant quote from EQ and get 24/7 customer service from beginning to end. They are perfect if you are looking for a full-service moving company or professionals for moving your furniture.


    You can rely on this moving company to convert daunting moving into an ideal one. They are one of the leading companies in New York City to move your belongings and piano. Similarly, they offer storage, packing, last-minute, and white glove moving services to everyone.

    With high-quality packaging, transparent price quotes, and professional service, they provide luggage-tracking services as well. Therefore, they serve in different areas of New York, like Rossville, Battery Park, Flatiron, Manhattan Valley, and Times Square, and the list is quite long.

    The following are average charges by EQ Moving for a local move.

    Studio ApartmentOne-bedroomTwo-bedroomsThree-bedrooms
    $400 to $600$600 to $900$900 to $1,300$1,200 to $1,600

    7. The Professionals Moving Specialists

    If you want to hire movers for 2 hours, this one is the best on our list. The Professionals Moving Specialists charge on an hourly basis, which keeps them at the top place in the search bars. As a result, it is among the most trusted and affordable moving companies available in Chicago.


    They serve commercial and residential moving services to everyone out there who wants to move immediately. In addition, you will get professionally trained packers and movers in this company to make your moving as easy as possible.

    You can choose them to move, antiques, piano, senior moving, and more. Thus, they are available for Chicago North Suburbs, Chicago West Suburbs, and Chicago South Suburbs.

    8. Last Minute Moving LLC

    Looking for same day movers LLC? Contact this family-oriented company in Levittown, PA. Since 2017, they have worked with multiple clients and satisfied them with their different moving requirements.


    With fair price deals and affordable best possible delivery options, they serve for residential moving, commercial moving, and overnight storage. They also have some dumpster rentals to clean your dump yards.

    You can also contact them to deliver your home appliance, furniture, and materials if you want to move. To make you relax in the case of commercial shifting, they serve commercial packing services with their meticulous packers. Despite packing and moving, they also offer junk removal services in the Bucks County Area, Pennsylvania.

    9. Last Minute Moving

    A Last Minute Moving company will help you move faster, undisturbed, and in the cheapest manner. They make all your moving stressless by connecting you with the most reliable movers according to your moving needs.


    It is hard to get same day movers that most people search for nowadays. However, the Last Minute Moving company offers same-day delivery of your belongings to your new doorstep within a few hours.

    They have a company of hardworking staff members that helps you with same-day, expedited, commercial & residential relocation, local, long-distance, and international moves.

    Additionally, they offer trucks, trains, boats, and air services to move your belongings from one place to another with suitable packing and unpacking services. They are the best moving companies in New York and Los Angeles. However, they mainly serve in Hartford, Yonkers, Long Island, and other renowned areas.

    10. Last Minute Movers

    This company is known for its faster, smooth, and easy-moving plans. Along with various services, they provide 100% satisfaction in moving your goods to the right place without damage.


    They provide long-distance, local, international, commercial, packaging, and storage services, to their customers, at an affordable price range. You can request them to send a free quote before you hire them. They are the best short notice movers available in the New York area.

    Factors that Affect the Last-minute Movers Cost

    Moving needs proper management of time and energy along with a good workforce. Therefore, choosing a moving company is the best option for your instant moving. They come with proper planning and offer professional movers to move seamlessly.

    However, while deciding on the moving cost, you need to consider a few factors that would affect your moving costs. These factors are stated below.

    1. Distance

    Moving companies determine the moving prices based on the mileage of the vehicle to charge accordingly. 

    For example, if you move to other states, the companies need to drive more, which increases the risk factor. Due to this, the prices can vary. Thus, choosing long distance movers becomes beneficial because they offer affordable prices and professional-moving teams to move unrestrictedly.

    2. Services (Packing, Unpacking, Loading, Etc.)

    Today, most companies provide a complete package of services, including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.


    Therefore, it affects the cost mostly in the case of a local move. For example, a moving company will charge less if you move with regular items, like clothes and essentials.

    On the other hand, if you move with your furniture, refrigerator, and other heavy belongings, the company will add a packing charge, and the cost of moving will increase.

    3. Size of the move (House, Office, or the type of the move)

    The moving cost highly depends on the type of moving you want. The moving cost will vary whether you move locally, nationally, or internationally. It determines the transportation service cost of the moving company, which adds up to your moving cost.

    How To Plan a Last-minute Move?

    A short notice moving company will always help you if you want to plan a last-minute move perfectly without pressure.


    They will assist you in the entire packing so that your moving will be stressless. Therefore, they give the below checklists and make your moving as easy as possible,

    Following is the best way to move in 3 days or within a few hours.

    • Create the list of items you are going to carry
    • Choose essential items for packing, like documents, cash, cooking utensils, special photographs or memories, etc.
    • Start packing by purchasing packing or wrap-up items.
    • Select one room for the entire packaging.
    • Sell unused items or donate them.
    • Take help from someone for your packing stuff.
    • Click images of the packed boxes and write what you packed under the boxes.

    How to Hire Movers for Last-minute Moves?

    Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult when you are in a hurry, and you have to decide on the mover company as soon as possible. In such cases, you must pay attention to all of your requirements or questions to ask your movers before confirming them.

    It is the right way to obtain the correct mover company in your area. However, check out the below step-by-step guide to get an idea of selecting a mover for 2 hours.

    Hire Movers For 2 Hours

    • Request a quote with all your requirements for moving
    • Estimate what to move in your new location
    • Determine the charges and pay a small portion as advanced
    • Hire a company with a local or physical address
    • Ask them about the hidden charges or extra costs
    • It’s good to have a moving agreement with your movers to avoid further clashes
    • If something goes wrong, report it to the movers
    • Lastly, after going through all these processes, you can hire cheap same day movers in your areas.

    Last Minute Movers FAQs

    Can you move house in one day?

    Yes! Although one day is not enough for your move, you can shift your house in one day to the closest destination to your existing address. Ensure to move with a proper plan here.

    How much does it cost to move a couch?

    $180 to $250 is the ideal cost of moving a couch in one day, which takes one or two hours despite the travel time. Taking help from professionals is always a great option to choose from here.

    How to do a last minute move?

    Create and follow the moving checklists, check necessities in your new home, buy packing stuff, keep aside things you don’t need, pack everything you need, find helping hands for moving safely, and move on at the last minute.

    How much does it cost to move a 2000 sq. ft. house?

    You will need to pay around $32,000 to move a 2,000 sq. ft. house. However, the charges can vary according to moving type and moving distance.

    What is the fastest way to pack for a move?

    Hiring a moving company to help you pack, load, unload, and unpack is the fastest way to pack and move to your dream location.


    Moving is indeed a headache! And when it comes to last-minute moving, things become more complicated. Sometimes, it is possible to handle them, and sometimes not. Therefore, you can depend on the last minute movers to move safely with all your belongings.

    They are perfect for helping you move without any issues and making your move seamless. They provide every facility to their customers, from packing to unpacking, and professional workers.

    To help you select the best movers from your area, we have collected the best last-minute movers for your convenience. They are providing professional workers and providing free quotes for your move. So, you can contact them and make your moving journey hassle-free.