Places To Hike in New Jersey

Best Hikes in New Jersey

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    Have you heard of the Garden State of the US? If so, what are the best hikes in new Jersey?

    Well, New Jersey is known as the Garden state of the US. It is situated in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern regions of the US. It is the fifth smallest state with diverse geography, iconic shores to pine-like ridges. There are many adventurous places to hike in New Jersey. It may not offer extremely spectacular views like other states, but it is a POPULAR hiking destination.

    Best Hikes in New Jersey

    Does New Jersey have hiking?

    New Jersey is one of the smallest states by area and encompasses diverse geographical landscapes and iconic shorelines. It offers great hiking and adventurous outdoor activities. The hiking trails are scenic, with many waterfalls and lakes on the way. The hiking trails are just an hour or two from the cities of Philadephia and New York City. Mount Tammany, Batona Trail, and Pochuck trail are the best hiking trails in New Jersey.

    How long is the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey?

    The Appalachian Trail in New Jersey is 74 miles long, starting from the point at Abram S. Plus, the trail is surrounded by Hewitt State Forest in the north and Worthington State Forest to the south. The trail runs through Wawayanda State Park through its western and southern ends. The Appalachian Trail is the second longest trail in the state after Delaware and Raritan Canal Trail. Read things to do in Wildwood, NJ, off-season to learn more about other adventurous trails and outdoor activities.

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    Best 10 Trails and Hikes in New Jersey

    New Jersey is home to scenic trails, lakes, and waterfalls. Above all, it is a popular hiking destination in the US. The top 10 best rails and hikes in New Jersey are listed below. Read on to learn more about the places to hike in New Jersey in detail.

    1. Mount Tammany

    Mount Tammany offers the best views in New Jersey, with panoramic views of the Delaware River and Mount Minsi on the Pennsylvania side. If one desires serenity, tranquility, and solitude, Mount Tammany is not the place for you. The peak is extremely crowded during summers and weekends. The trail is open to the public throughout the year, but hiking is not recommended during icy weather or winters. Boots and walking sticks are highly required to complete the trek. There is a huge possibility of such hiking in central NJ. 

    Mount Tammany

    It is a steep 1.2 miles to the summit and 3.5 miles for a round trip.

    Parking facilities are available in picturesque Dunfield Creek Parking in the Delaware Water Gap. There are about 20 parking slots, and it fills up quickly.

    Mount Tammany is in Delaware Water Gap, Warren County, New Jersey.

    How hard is Mt Tammany?

    Mt Tammany is moderately difficult and has rocky terrain on the descent and ascending. It has a short but steep trail. Therefore, the steepness makes it hard for inexperienced hikers.

    How long is Mount Tammany trail?

    Mount Tammany trail via Red trail is 2.3 miles and is of high difficulty, having a total length of the trail is 3.5 miles. The best time to visit Mount is from March to November.

    2. Batona Trail

    Batona Trail in Pinelands National Reserve is fondly known as Pine Barrens by locals. The trail is characterized by cedar bogs and pine trees. The trail is very different from the usual ones in New Jersey and is 50 miles in length. Activities like camping, fishing, and bird-watching can be carried out here.

    The Batsto Lake White trail is a moderate hike and is well marked with white blazes and minimal elevation. The trail stretches for 4 miles, and there are a lot of ticks in the area. Insect repellants are a must for every hike.

    The Hike length of Batona Trail stretches about 53.5 miles across New Jersey’s Pine Barrens.

    Parking is available at Bass River Trailhead and Batsto Village.

    The location of the Batona trail is in Wharton State Forest across the Pine Greens in New Jersey.

    Where does the Batona trail start and end?

    Batona is New Jersey’s only existing long hiking trail. It runs through the pinelands of Wharton State Forest in South Jersey. It is relatively flat terrain and conducive for easy hiking.

    How long does it take to hike the Batona trail in NJ?

    Batona Trail in NJ is an easy hike, and it takes an average of 1 hour and 44 minutes to complete the hike. The trail is open throughout the year.

    3. Pochuck Trail

    Pochuk Trail is New Jersey’s best boardwalk and is away from the ocean. The trail is very easy and stretches through wetlands of wildflowers and wildlife. Pochuk Trail is one of New Jersey’s hidden gems. Also, the boardwalk and 110 feet suspension bridge are kids friendly. The trail is a part of the Appalachian Trail in Vernon. The Pochuck Trail is one of the best hiking trails in New Jersey.

    Pochuck Trail

    The smallest trail is 1.8 miles in length, consisting of just the boardwalk. The longest hike length is 4.5 miles for a roundtrip and includes a trail walk to RD 94 and the boardwalk.

    Parking Slots are available near the Pochuck boardwalk at RT 517 at the intersection of AT. There are three primary spots, and check out the restrictions on parking in advance

    The location of the Pochuk trail is near 141 Clove Road, Vernon, New Jersey.

    How long is the Pochuck Mountain?

    Pochuk Mountain is a ridge in the Appalachian Mountains along with the New Jersey and New York highlands. The Mountain is 1194 feet in height and shares a historical significance with the rocks at the bottom being more than a billion years old.

    Where does Stairway to Heaven?

    Stairway to Heaven is located near Pochuk Mountain and has steep inclinations of rocky terrain over the way up.

    4. Hemlock Falls Loop

    Hemlock Falls is one of the nearest outdoor locations for a hike in South Jersey. The trail leads to the 25-foot Hemlock Falls in South Mountain Reservation in Essex County. It is just outside the metro urban circle and is flocked by huge crowds. To know more about New Jersey and its other attractions, read the article on moving to NJ.

    Hemlock Falls Loop

    The Hemlock Falls Loop Trail is 2 miles in length from the Summit Field parking area, and there is another route of 5 miles along the Lenape Trail. The best season to visit Hemlock Falls Loop is in summer and spring.

    Parking spaces are available at Moccasin Creek State Park or the trailhead near Tulip Springs.

    The location of Hemlock Falls is in South Mountain Reservation, South Orange, Essex County, New Jersey.

    Where do you park for Hemlock Falls in NJ?

    For ease and convenience, one can park in Tulip Springs Area, which is less than two miles away from Hemlock Falls in New Jersey.

    Can you swim at Hemlock Falls?

    Yes, one can swim at Hemlock falls. The 1.5-mile-long trek leads to the falls, which have nice swimming areas. One can swim at nearby Moccasin Creek Falls too.

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    5. Sunfish Pond & Raccoon Ridge

    This location gives breathtaking panoramic views of ridgelines, Racoon Ridge, and the charming glacial Sunfish Pond. It is a two-way trip, and the views are spectacular. The hike is difficult and does not attract many crowds. The trail is one of the best hiking trails in New Jersey, with waterfalls.

    Sunfish Pond

    The trail length is about 6.6 miles from Sunfish Pond to Racoon Ridge.

    Parking spaces are available at Coppermine Trail Parking and Camp Mohican Road, which intersects the Appalachian Trail.

    The location is in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Worthington Forest, Hardwich Twp, New Jersey.

    Can you swim in Sunfish Pond in NJ?

    Swimming is strictly prohibited in Sunfish Pond in New Jersey due to the ecological importance of Sunfish Pond and the acidic contents of water.

    Can you fish in Sunfish Pond in NJ?

    Yes, one can fish in Sunfish Pond in New Jersey as there are varieties of sunfish, bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow or white perch, and rock bass. Fishing can be done throughout the year, but ice-fishing is popular and a must-try.

    6. Burnt Meadow Trail

    If you are looking for a spectacular view and solitude, Burnt Meadow Trail is the place for your expedition. The trails offer breathtaking views and are recommended for beginners. The trail ascends Long Hill and offers a partial view to the east. But, it is a moderately challenging trail and takes about 1 hr 25 minutes to complete the trek. The cost of living in New Jersey for a single person comes to about $3412 in a month.

    Burnt Meadow Trail

    The trail is 2.9 miles in length for a roundtrip near West Milfort. New Jersey.

    Parking spaces are available at Burnt Meadow Trail Parking near the southernmost crossing.

    The location of Burnt meadow Trail is in Brownfield, Maine, New Jersey.

    7. Terrace Pond North (blue trail)

    Terrace Pond North offers breathtaking views of glacial ponds, ridgelines, swamps, cascades, and floating walkways. Recent improvements on the trails have made them more accessible and more effortless. The blue-blazed trails lead to the secluded Terrace Pond across rock croppings and steep inclinations. Article on the best elementary schools in New Jersey will give insights into popular schools in the area.

    Terrace Pond North

    The hike length of Terrance Pond North is 7.5 miles of lollipop trail with an elevation of 950 feet.

    Parking facilities are available at the Parking Area P7 on Clinton Road. However, parking charges and permit rates apply.

    The location of Terrace pond is in Wawayanda State Park, West Milford, New Jersey.

    Can you swim in Terrace Pond?

    Terrace Pond is secluded and remote, where swimming is prohibited. The areas are left unguarded, and hence swimming must be avoided here.

    Where do you park for Terrace Pond North?

    Parking is available on Clinton Road at Parking Area A7. There are other areas too where parking facilities are made available. Parking rates and permit fees are applied.

    8. Wyanokie High Point

    Wyanokie High Point is one of the best hikes in New Jersey, offering spectacular views of Wanaque Reservoir, waterfalls at Otter Hole and Chikahoki, and multiple scenic spots. The trail leading to Wyanokie High Point is challenging to traverse. With more than 5400 acres, Norvin State Forest has the maximum number of trails in the state.

    Wyanokie High Point

    The hike length of the trail is 7.5 miles, and the Point tends to get crowded except during off-season hours and winters. The elevation gain is about 557m.

    Parking facilities are available near trailhead parking at 150 Snake Den Road, Ringwood, and Route 511 onto West Brook Road.

    The exact location of Wyanokie Point is in Norvin Green State Forest, New Jersey.

    How high is Wyanokie Point?

    Wyanokie Point has an elevation of 960 to 980 feet. The trek is of moderate difficulty, and it takes an average of 4 hrs to complete the trek.

    9. Torne Mountain

    Torne Mountain is an easy hike with spectacular views. It is of moderate difficulty at the southern end of Norvin Green State Park. Plus, there are two mountains, Wyanokie Torne and Osio Rock. Torne Mountain is known for breathtaking views and easy accessibility. Moreover, the mountain does not experience many crowds.

    Torne Mountain

    The hike length is 1.6 miles or 2.7 miles, with rugged rocks and scrambling paths.

    Parking facilities are available near Torne High Point with private and public access. Private parking is available at Torne Camping across Kano & Fiskecamp.

    The location of Torne Mountain is in Norvin Green State Park, West Milford, New Jersey.

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    10. Buttermilk falls

    Buttermilk falls is in the State Park in Tompkins County and takes its name from the Buttermilk Creek as it flows down the steep valley towards Cayuga River. Camping reservations and parking facilities are available. Larch Meadows is a wetland through which the trails of the Falls wind.

    Buttermilk falls

    The length of the hike is about 2.5 miles and is moderately difficult. The elevation is about 1104 feet.

    The trailhead parking and parking lots are available at Johnson Avenue. 

    How long of a walk is Buttermilk Falls?

    Buttermilk Falls has three falls-lower, upper and middle. The time required to reach the park depends on these levels. It takes an average of 5 mins to hike to the upper falls and about 10 mins to traverse to the lower falls.

    Is Buttermilk Falls a hard hike?

    The Buttermilk Fall trail is of a moderate-difficult level, being mainly used for camping and hiking activities. The trail is best accessible from April to November. 

    Places To Hike In New Jersey FAQs

    Where can I hike in Monmouth hike NJ?

    One can hike in Monmouth, NJ, around the Swimming River Reservoir and Marlu Lake. The trail is 6.7 miles in length and is easy to hike. The grassy areas are quite muddy with zero elevation changes. Monmouth is one of the easiest places to hike in New Jersey.

    Is hiking in the Catskills good?

    Yes. Hiking in Catskills provides a diverse and beautiful landscape of terrains in the Northeast, making it perfect for beginners and hikers of all levels to hike the terrain and reach the point. Catskills attracts families throughout the year and is a popular hiking destination. 


    New Jersey provides a range of hiking and camping options for hikers of all levels. The terrains are beautiful, and the landscapes are extensive. Parking facilities and services are available for hikers and wayfarers. 

    New Jersey is a must-visit place if you are into hiking and other allied outdoor activities. Now that you have learned about the popular places to hike in New Jersey, what is your favorite place? Let us know in the comments below.

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