Cost to Build a House in Iowa

Cost to Build a House in Iowa

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    The state of Iowa has a lot of small charming towns and cities full of growth opportunities. These opportunities benefit the budding entrepreneurs who have come to settle down in the competitive job market. Thus, this has now become a major reason to move to Iowa.

    Apart from this, Iowa is the best state to move to, as there is an affordable cost of living and low bill payments, and you will also be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.

    So, before settling down here, you should surely be aware of the cost of building a house in Iowa. The cost of so not only depends on the sq ft of the house but also leans upon the grade of construction materials used. There is also some extra cost available with this that indicates renovation & framing works and also provides some extra foundation to the building. Despite this, the average cost per square foot to build a house in Iowa is quite less and reasonable if compared to the other states of United America. 

    Cost to build a house in iowa

    Interested to know more about the same? Keep scrolling below to gather some precious and useful information about the same.

    Is it cheaper to build a house up or out? Before actually starting to build a house or planning up the number of stories & other deep details, you should sketch out a wider footprint of the house to be built and decide on a budget. Designing up a footprint is extremely important, as it lets you know about the complete available space and how you can use it in the best possible way.

    There are three best possible ways to efficiently use the sq ft of land you own to either build up, down or out. This solely depends on the type of house you want and how much you want to spend. According to us, building up is the best & the most affordable option, as this type of construction uses less labor and material than building out. For example, you have made your house in the area of 1,000 sq ft. on the ground level. Now you want to build up 1,000 sq ft of the house more; you simply need framing labor and some more wood. Whereas, if you decide to build out, you will need more footers, a roof system, concrete, and fill rock, and a large amount of money will be spent on evacuation costs too. 

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    How do I estimate the cost of building a house?

    Builders are the one who gives you an estimate of the cost of the house. They do so by considering and keeping the following factors in mind, they are:-

    • Prices are charged high if the house has multiple stories.
    • A high price is charged if the owner wants to accessorize the house with a pool, deck, and patio.
    • If the land is not flat or you want to build the house in a mountainous region, then the prices charged will be higher than usual.
    • If the design or the footprint of the house chosen by the owner is difficult and if they also demand high-end finishes ad costly materials to be used. Then the prices of the house will automatically go up.
    Cost to build a house

    Average Cost of Building a House

    Before starting to build a home, you should set certain goals for your house. You buy some land, make a layout for your house by hiring an architect or builder, and also create a budget. A lot of factors impact the building up of the house. If you are planning to custom-build your house, then in such a case, it would take 7 to 10 months to complete the job, and the cost for the same will be around $260,678 on average.

    Average Cost Per Square Foot

    The average cost of building a house depends on the square foot of area you own and the design of the house which you have finalized. The easy the home style will be, the more affordable it will be.

    Below are certain details about some of the most popular types of houses that can be built in Iowa, along with the average price per square foot to build a house in Iowa.

    • Saltbox homes- These are known to be the most affordable and low-cost homes in Iowa, made in a saltbox type of architecture. In this type of construction, the wooden framework acts as a skeleton and other lightweight construction materials. Saltbox houses also have two stories and a gable-type roof. The average amount per square foot fixed for building a saltbox-style architecture is $107.02- $133.77. The total amount of money you may require for building up said house on a land of 1500 square feet is:- $165,881-$207,351.
    • Mid-range homes- You might be wondering; about how much it costs to build a house in Iowa in a mid-range segment. The cost of a square foot is $ 133.77- $294.30. The average cost to build a 1,500 sq ft house in a mid-range segment is $207,351 to $456,172.
    • High-end Homes- Have you ever dreamt of living in a high-end and luxurious home. Well, if yes, then building up a grand colonial-style house in the upscale neighborhood of Iowa is indeed a costly affair. As in this high-end house, all the furnishing, fittings, fixtures, and materials used will be quite expensive. The per square foot cost of building a luxurious home is $294.30- $428.08. Whereas the total cost for building the same 1,500 square feet of the house might amount to $456,172- $663,524.

    How much does building a 2000 sq ft house in Iowa cost to build?

    If you own land of 200 sq ft and want to construct a new house on that piece of land, then the average cost of building will be $201,000-$310,00. Whereas the per square feet price of a building is $100-$155.

    How much does a home addition cost in Iowa?

     For estimating the cost of renovation or adding up a newer portion in the house, you have to first agree to the footprint or the rough sketch of the house. After that, determine whether the framing work or extra foundation will be required in the additional portion of the house or not. This is considered to be a less costly process than building a new home altogether, as in the work of renovation or addition, the floor area is smaller and the cost per sq ft, is roughly the same as before.

    Cost of a 2-4 Bedroom Home

    The no. of bedrooms you decide to keep in your house also determines its cost. According to the newly established zoning laws, every house in Iowa should not be less than the area of 1,100 square feet, with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Most of the houses in Iowa are spread on the land of 1500 square feet, along with an attached single-car garage to the house. Given below is a table stating the cost of building a 2-4 bedroom house on different square feet of land.

    Square FeetCost to build 2-4 bedroom house
    1,200 sq. ft$128,868
    1,500 sq. ft.$161,085
    2,000 sq. ft.$214,780
    2,500 sq. ft.$268,275
    3,000 sq. ft$322,170

    How much does it cost to customize your house?

    While purchasing a new house, there can be a lot of discrepancy issues regarding the design, choices, location, finishes, and many more. Thus, building customized houses is in trend these days. The cost to build a house in Iowa with customized designs and furnishings amounts to around $200-$500 per square foot.

    To build up a customized house, you need to hire an expert architect who can offer you the best accommodation styles and comfort. He will be responsible for taking full care of how the house will look and customizing such a design that fits your budget and fulfill your needs.

    Customizing a house is an exciting opportunity where you can design in your own space in a specific manner. All the features, whether it be doorknobs to showers, kitchen counters to furniture, everything you can put according to your favorite color scheme and palette. Hence, given below are certain points that should be considered while customizing a house.

    • Size of the house and the number of stories you want in it.
    • Type of layout and lifestyle you want in the house.
    • Colour palette or scheme you want to follow.
    • Any specific design, style, or references, if any.

    Additional Costs

    Apart from building the walls and laying a strong foundation, various other additional costs are involved in building a customized house. Below are some factors that make up the additional cost of building a house in Iowa. They are:-

    • You will need to pay a certain amount to get the land cleared and ready for construction purposes.
    • The bigger the square foot of land you own, the hefty amount of money you will have to pay for the same.
    • The cost of the house also depends on the number of stories you add up.
    • If you want to include a pool & deck in your home, or want to get fencing & landscaping done, then you will be charged extra for the same. The average pool price in Iowa houses is $40K-$50K, and fencing amounts to $1,330-$5,550.

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    Building a New Custom House

    Building a new custom house in Iowa includes two major costs. Construction cost and location cost are the two median estimated costs that constitute the entire building process.

    Location Cost

    Location is a major factor that is part of the costs of building a house in Iowa. In this state, if the property is closer to the city center, its demand will be high, and thus the rates will be expensive. Whereas, if you choose a location near the suburbs or city outskirts, then the property prices will be much more affordable.

    Construction Costs

    A variety of sub-costs are included in the construction costs. These might include; site costs, exterior costs, fittings costs, electricity costs, plumbing costs, and other costs spent in the foundation work. The costs or the pricing may vary according to the size of the house, no. of stories, and other interior finishes. When every cost is totaled up, the final cost of a customized house can be estimated as $500K or more. To have a clear idea about the costs, you should constantly touch the contractor and ask him about the breakup of all the costs individually.

    Tips for Building a House

    Listed below are certain tips which you should thoroughly go through to get extensive knowledge about how much it costs to build a house in Iowa.

    Decide What You Want

    Building a house of your dreams that can satisfy you mentally and physically is a financial commitment. You might have a fixed budget, under which you have to make certain choices and make important decisions. So, in this process, you should take your time, as a house is a place that serves your lifestyle needs.

    build a house in iowa

    Save Your Budget

    Building your house in a rush is not considered a wise decision. Rather, it is better to save a little budget for the future and not have everything you want in one go. You save in your little budget today and spend the remaining for renovation purposes in the future.

    Develop a Plan

    Building a house is not a one-step process. Rather, you need to plan and execute every phase in a pre-planned manner carefully. From buying land to making a rough sketch of the house, this is a many-step process that will be successful when attempted in a proper timeline.

    Hire Professional Builders

    If you want a perfect house with outstanding designs and patterns, then hiring professionals for the job is a must. For this purpose, you need a good amount of capital, as the average cost to build a 1,500 sq ft house in Iowa taken by professionals is around $18,321.

    Average costs to build a house in Iowa

    Below is a table that clearly states the cost of building a house in Iowa’s different cities. The information is as follows:-

    CitiesCost per sq ftCost of Mid-range HousesCost of High-end Houses
    Des Moines$ 111.00$ 166.50$ 444.00
    Davenport$ 119.00$ 178.50$ 476.00
    Cedar Rapids$ 113.00$ 169.50$ 452.00
    Dubuque$ 100.00$ 150.00$ 400.00
    Ames$ 119.00$ 178.50$ 476.00
    Mason City$ 109.00$ 163.50$ 436.00
    Ottumwa$ 109.00$ 163.50$ 436.00
    Ankeny$ 110.00$ 110.00$ 440.00

    Cost to build a house in Iowa – FAQs

    How long does it take to build a home in Iowa?

    The average time to build a house depends on the land area, design, and customization you demand. It almost takes around 9-months to build a custom house in Iowa. While it takes near to about 7-months for the architect to prepare a personalized production plan.

    How much does it cost to build a 2500-square-foot house in Iowa?

    Are you wondering how much it costs to build a house in Iowa on a land area of 2,500 sq. ft? Well, it takes a hefty sum of around $268,275.

    The Bottom Line

    In the land of Iowa, the architectural game of people here is quite strong. You can witness the same in many of the abandoned mansions of Iowa. You should save a hefty sum of money before building a house in Iowa. When you look at the Iowa minimum wage history, you will realize that the state’s employers’ wages are quite low.

    Thus, hiring up a designer is the best you could do for yourself, as they are experts in what they do and will design the best-customized house with their exemplary craftsmanship skills. So, now that you know the cost of building a house in Iowa, you should start saving your hard-earned money to build your dream house.

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