Moving to Iowa

Moving to Iowa

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    The midwestern state of Iowa in the United States is ranked as one of the most ideal places in the nation to live and enjoy life. The land of Iowa is surrounded by the Mississippi & Missouri rivers, the rolling plains & cornfields, and the scenic beauty of nature. The affordable cost of living, good job opportunities, and a lot of other factors would help you in making up your mind about moving to Iowa

    The state has exciting attractions, outdoor activities, family-friendly sports, museums, and spooky places including the abandoned place in Des Moines Iowa, and a lot more to attract visitors. Thus, we have mentioned below some of the necessary points that you should be aware of before actually settling down in this midwestern state. So, without any further ado, let’s get into this interesting article.

    Moving to Iowa

    Is Iowa a Good Place to Live in

    Well, this small state plays an important role in the political sector of the US. It is listed as one of the best states when it comes to the cost of living, education, healthcare, job, economic stability, and infrastructure.

    If you are planning to move to Iowa; then, we assure you that you will make a good living and live a happy & contented life. And you will also enjoy your golden years of retirement with happiness and satisfaction in this state. Iowa is a lovely & peaceful state that does not have high traffic issues & the crime rate here is quite less. Thus, making it a perfect place to live and settle down.

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    Quick Facts About Iowa

    Some of the interesting facts or things to know about Iowa are necessary for you before moving to the state. They are:-

    • According to, it is the 9th best state to live in.
    • ‘Hawkeye State’ is the official nickname of Iowa.
    • It is a land-locked state and is not surrounded by any waterbody.
    • Iowa was the 3rd state to permit same-sex marriages.
    • The first bread-slicing machine was invented in Iowa.
    • According to WalletHub Study, Iowa ranks at 10th position in terms of state taxes.
    • Buying a house in Iowa is better than renting one.
    • On most of Iowa’s farming land, corn is grown.

    Living in Iowa

    If you are moving to Iowa; then, one of your major concerns would be about the cost of living in the state and its pros & cons. Keep reading below to know more about the same.

    Living in Iowa
    Living in Iowa

    The cost of living in Iowa is much lower than the other major states of the US. According to the US News, this state is ranked as the 12th best state in the US. Iowa is a superb place to live, earn money, and spend a comfortable life as this place offers many perks and services to the residents. If you are curious to know more about the cost of living, then switch on to the next head.

    Cost of living in Iowa

    Below drawn are a few tables, which state the cost of living in some popular metro cities of Iowa.

    Des Moines

    Food$ 733
    Housing$ 875
    Transportation$ 1,229
    Healthcare$ 921
    Childcare Services$ 1,161
    Other necessary items$ 649
    Taxes$ 898

    Sioux City

    Food$ 707
    Housing$ 806
    Transportation$ 1,195
    Healthcare$ 1,212
    Childcare Services$ 1,164
    Other necessary items$ 610
    Taxes$ 883

    Cedar Rapids

    Food$ 706
    Housing$ 774
    Transportation$ 1,219
    Healthcare$ 946
    Childcare Services$ 1,107
    Other necessary items$ 597
    Taxes$ 831


    Food$ 724
    Housing$ 780
    Transportation$ 1,190
    Healthcare$ 1,196
    Childcare Services$ 1,097
    Other necessary items$ 607
    Taxes$ 906

    Living in Iowa Pros & Cons

    Before moving to Iowa, you should be aware of the pros & cons of living in Iowa. To know the list of the same, keep reading below:-

    It is an affordable stateUnpredictable weather
    Iowans are friendly peopleBrutally cold winters
    Has one of the best education & healthcare servicesThere are not too many entertainment options in the state
    The Cost of houses is also less as compared to other statesThis state lacks seafood
    High job opportunitiesThe state has some weird laws
    Low crime rateThere is not a lot of nature to watch in the state
    Four varied seasonsIt is difficult to find shops & stores in small towns

    Is it worth living in Iowa?

    Yes, Iowa is worth living state as it is a peaceful state with high job opportunities, low criminal activities, affordable cost of living, and many more pros.

    Is it expensive to live in Iowa?

    The average rate of living index in Iowa is 83.7, which is less than the average rate of living index of the US, i.e., 100.

    What is the average cost of utilities in Iowa?

    The average cost of utilities in a rented apartment costs $240 per month and in a purchased house is $400 per month.

    How much does it cost to live in Iowa a month?

    If you are moving to Iowa with a family then you need at least $ 3,423 and as a single person $ 955 excluding rent.

    Taxes Rates – Iowa

    If you are moving to Iowa, in search of better job opportunities then you should also be aware of the taxes charged by the state. Keep reading below to gather essential information about the same.

    Taxes Rates - Iowa
    Taxes Rates – Iowa

    The taxes charged in Iowa are quite high because of the staggering income earned by the people. The income tax charged in Iowa is the 3rd highest in the country and the property tax charged here is the 11th highest in the US. Sales taxes charged here are moderate and not as high as income & property tax. The tax rates charged under various heads in mentioned in the table below:-

    HeadsTax Rates
    Income Tax0.33% – 8.53%
    Sales Tax6%
    Property Tax$1,529 at every $100,000 of assessed house value
    Automobile rental tax5%
    Hotel & Motel tax1% – 7%

    Tax-free weekend in Iowa

    Believe it or not but Iowa has a tax-friendly weekend every year, in August. Starting from 12:01 a.m on the first Friday and ending on the midnight of the first Saturday. These two days are celebrated as a ‘Sales Tax Holiday’ in Iowa. But a few necessary points that should be kept in mind are:-

    • It is only applicable on clothes and shoes costing below $100.
    • Accessories, jewelry, and watches are not a part of this.
    • You can purchase as many items as you want and each of them should be below $100.

    Iowa income tax brackets

    Are you wondering about the taxes charged by the state on the income earned? Well, go through the table below to gather information about the same:-

    Income RangeTaxes Due
    $0 – $1,743$0 + 0.33%
    $1,743 – $3,486$5.75 + 0.67%
    $3,486 – $6,972$17.43 + 2.25%
    $6,972 – $15,687$ 95.87 + 4.14%
    $15,687 – $26,145$456.67 + 5.63%
    $26,145 – $34,860$1,045.46 + 5.96%
    $34,860 – $52, 290$1,564.87 + 6.25%
    $52, 290 – $78,435$ 2,654.25 + 7.44%
    $78,435 and more$4.599.64 + 8.53%

    Is Iowa a tax-friendly state?

    It is a moderately friendly tax state.

    What taxes do you pay in Iowa?

    Taxes charged in Iowa are; income tax, property tax, sales tax, hotel & motel tax, motor-vehicle tax, automobile rental tax, fuel tax, and a few more.  

    Residency / PR in Iowa

    If you want to settle down permanently in the state of Iowa, then you should be well aware of the residency laws of the state. Jump to the next couple of heads to know more about the process and requirements of the same.

    Residency PR in Iowa
    Residency PR in Iowa

    How to get residency in Iowa – Process

    For getting a residency in Iowa you should be there in the state for 90 days in your permanently purchased, rented, or leased abode, before applying for residency in Iowa. But before applying for residency in the state you have to fulfill requirements such as:-

    • Register and Title your vehicles in Iowa.
    • Get a driving license in Iowa.
    • Find a permanent abode in the state.
    • Open a bank account.
    • Must pay income taxes in the state.
    • Must register yourself to cast a vote.

    Residency requirements for Iowa

    The requirements or the proofs you should have before applying for residency in Iowa are:-

    • Vehicle registration papers.
    • Driving license
    • Bank details
    • Lease or Purchase Agreement.
    • Copy of income tax return document.
    • Utility & medical bills
    • Employee ID card or copy of paycheck received from the employer.

    How long do you have to live in Iowa to establish residency?

    You have to be physically present in the state for 90 consecutive days, before applying for the residentship process.

    How do you become a legal resident of a state?

    For qualifying for Iowa’s resident license and privileges offered by the state to the resident, you should be available in the state for 90 days straight before applying for a resident’s license.

    What qualifies as a resident of Iowa?

    For being a resident of Iowa you should have a permanent abode in the state and you should be domiciled in the Hawkeye State for a minimum of 183 days or more.

    Iowa Law & Rules

    If you are moving to Iowa, then you should know the general and weird Iowan laws before settling down in the state to save yourself from any lawsuits or penalities. Keep reading below, to know more about the same.

    Iowa Law & Rules
    Iowa Law & Rules

    General Laws in Iowa

    Some general Iowa laws that you should know before moving to the state are:-

    • In Iowa if a pregnant lady wants to abort her child then she should do that before 20 weeks of pregnancy and if a girl is minor then parents’ consent for the same is also necessary.
    • Iowans can purchase and carry guns to any public place without seeking state permits.
    • In Iowa children upto the age of 11 should sit in a child restraint car seat.
    • For seeking a divorce in Iowa, you just have to go to court and ask for divorce by stating that your marriage is broken and it cannot be mended.
    • In Iowa, the custody of the child after the parents are divorced can be either taken by both the parents or one single parent.

    Weird laws in Iowa

    Some weird Iowa laws that you should know before moving to the Hawkeye state are:-

    • A mustached man can not kiss their girl in public.
    • Kissing longer than 5 minutes in a public place is considered illegal.
    • Palm reading is illegal within the limits of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
    • If you do not know a girl in Ottumwa, you cannot wink at her.

    What things are illegal in Iowa?

    Some acts that are considered illegal in Iowa are-

    • In Des Moines, dancing is sometimes considered illegal.
    • In Mount Venom it is illegal to play softball after 10:30 p.m.
    • No ice cream trucks are allowed in Indianola.
    • In Bettendorf, it is illegal to advertise beer.

    Why are ice cream trucks banned in Iowa?

    Ice-cream trucks are banned especially in Indianola city of Iowa because in the year 1967 a small girl was hit and killed by an ice-cream truck after buying the sweet treat from it.

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    Housing in Iowa

    After moving to Iowa, you should begin your hunt for finding a perfect abode to live in. You can either purchase a house or live in a rented place, the choice is yours. To more about the housing industry of Iowa keep reading below.

    Housing in Iowa
    Housing in Iowa

    There are tons of properties options for the buyers of Iowa. Thus, to find the perfect house for yourself & your family you need to hire the right agent. The prices of houses in Iowa are increasing by approximately 6.7% every year. You can either purchase a house through your money or contact an Iowan bank for assistance in return for a mortgage whose rates are 2.30% for 15 years and 2.87% for 30 years.

    The average median value of houses in Iowa is $176,499 and the average median rental value of an average apartment is $1,075. Now you have to decide whether you want to rent or purchase the house.

    How to buy a house in Iowa

    Buying a house is not an easy task, various factors affect your decision and dream of buying a perfect house. These factors may be, the current trend of the housing market, local economy, the current housing markets trend, cost of the house, and availability of legal aid or assistance. The below-mentioned steps will help you buy a house after moving to Iowa.

    • Decide on a budget by evaluating your finances.
    • Select the city or the neighborhood where you want to live.
    • Hire a real estate agent who could help you in the best possible ways during the process.
    • Seek help from the bank to get security in exchange for a mortgage.
    • Start house hunting and make a list of your favorites.
    • Hire someone for doing professional checks and appraisal processes in the house you have finalized.
    • Close the deal & take the keys after taking a final walkthrough of the property.

    Average house price in Iowa

    CityCost of House
    Des Moines$ 176,730
    Iowa City$ 246,929
    Davenport$ 142,000
    Sioux City$ 146,160
    Ames$ 275,834
    Bettendorf$ 261,543
    Johnston$ 339,494
    Clive$ 345,060
    Coralville$ 279,632
    Urbandale$ 294,460

    What credit score is needed to buy a house in Iowa?

    According to, for buying a house, in Iowa, your credit score should be or higher than 640.

    How much does a new house cost in Iowa?

    A median home value in Iowa is $175K, but if you are planning to build a house in iowa by purchasing land then it could cost you $500K-$600K.

    Job Market in Iowa

    If you are planning to move to Iowa in search of better job prospects; then, you are making the best decision as according to the US News, Iowa ranks at the 7th position in terms of the job market and employment opportunities. If you want to know more about the job market and the best-paying jobs of Iowa; then, keep reading below.

    Job Market in Iowa
    Job Market in Iowa

    Iowa is one of the best states in the US that has a strong job market and low unemployment rates. The unemployment rate of Iowa is 3.90% which means people there are living a happy & contented life in Iowa. The top industries under which you can apply for a job in Iowa are; agricultural & livestock, renewable energy, food processing, machinery production, various services, bioscience, finance, automation & engineering, insurance, and more. Keep reading below to know the best-paying jobs of Iowa.

    Best paying jobs in Iowa

    The best-paying jobs in Iowa for qualified people are:-

    Psychiatrists$ 201,530
    Anaesthetic Nurses$ 192,200
    General dentists$ 145,610
    Architectural Managers$ 124,300
    IT and Computer Managers$ 123,240
    Maxillofacial surgeons$ 187,130
    Financial Managers$ 108,230
    Computer hardware engineers$ 101,830
    Administrative law judges$ 107,160
    HR Managers$ 102,520

    Best paying jobs in Iowa without a degree

    If you are not so qualified or do not have a certified degree and still want to earn a handsome amount of money, then the jobs mentioned in the table below will be the best for you.

    Commercial Pilots$ 102,710
    Supervisor of Detectives & Police$ 99,190
    Transportation, distribution, and storage supervisor$ 92,060
    Supervisor of non-retail sales-worker$ 88,810
    Insurance Agents$ 85,250
    Criminal investigators & Detectives$ 82,940
    Sales representatives of wholesale products$ 81,700
    Electric power-line repairers & installers$ 77,770
    Fire-fighter supervisor$ 76,970
    Construction building inspector$ 72,850

    What is a good salary in Iowa?

    According to the latest data, $54,554 is considered a good salary in Iowa.

    What is the unemployment rate in Iowa?

    The current unemployment rate of Iowa according to YCharts is 3.90%.

    Iowa Health Care

    Iowa provides residents with high-quality and affordable healthcare services. If you are moving to Iowa; then, you should be aware of the healthcare system there. Keep reading below, to know more about the same.

    Iowa Health Care
    Iowa Health Care

    The government healthcare system of Iowa is controlled and managed by the state board of health, Iowa Department of Public Health, and various other state-level agencies & organizations. The mission of these institutions is to promote healthcare in various local health centers and various public health departments.

    The various departments looking after public health offer various healthcare services and various programming levels. They also receive various grants & funding from other external sources, grant mechanisms, and IDPHS programs.

    In Iowa, there are a total of 145 hospitals or healthcare centers and out of those 5 are private healthcare hospitals, which cater to or services patients who have a private healthcare insurance policy.

    Health Insurance in Iowa

    Every state has a set of health insurance plans, made for the benefit of their residents according to their health needs & budget. The government-aided healthcare insurance program includes Medicacade, Medicare, and Hawk-I programs. And under the private healthcare insurance scheme, individuals can get themselves insured, a small group of 50 employees can get insured under a small group health insurance scheme, and a company with more than 51 employees can opt for a large group health insurance scheme.

    Some other Iowa healthcare insurance schemes include Multiple Employer Healthcare Arrangements, Long-term Care Insurance, and Short term Limited Healthcare Insurance.

    Health insurance in Iowa for individuals

    If you do not want to take a public healthcare policy for yourself, you can take up a private insurance policy. The healthcare plans offered by the insurance companies are based on the Essential Health Benefits Benchmark Plans. Individual Health Insurance Policies are major of two types, i.e., On Federal Health Insurance Marketplace and Off Federal Health Insurance Marketplace.

    Is healthcare free in Iowa?

    As a resident of Iowa, if you are eligible for Medicaid, then you will be provided with free or low-cost healthcare services.

    Who qualifies for Iowa Total Care?

    Iowa Total Care offers services to people of lower-income groups, children, pregnant ladies, elderlies, families with children, and adults & children with disabilities. For gathering more eligibility information you can contact the Department of Human Services.

    Is it a law to have health insurance in Iowa?

    There is no law for getting health insurance neither you will be penalized if you do not have one. But most of the people prefer taking up one for their benefit.

    Iowa State Education

    If you are moving to Iowa with your children who are of school or college-going age, then securing their future by imparting the best education to them is necessary for you as a parent.

    Iowa State Education
    Iowa State Education

    To gather some intricate details about education in Iowa, keep reading below.

    Iowa Public Education System is responsible for the education of students of Iowa. This system includes the local district schools which cater pre-kindergarten to class 12 students, area education agencies that offer support & assistance to the districts of a particular region, community colleges that provide various coursework to students of all ages, and four-year accredited universities & colleges.

    Higher education in Iowa

    Iowa provides high-quality college education to students to enable them to hold good job positions and earn higher wages. The higher education system of the state comprises a total of 65 universities & colleges. Out of which 35 are non-profit educational institutions, 11 are for-profit private institutions, and 19 are public institutions.

    The public institution’s programs may either last for 2 or 4 years and offer vocation in different niches. Private non-profit institutions offer various courses of different time duration and they do not receive any public funding. Whereas; For-Profit Private Institutions, run courses of special vocational education with the motive of earning profit.

    Iowa teaching license

    To become a teacher or educator in the educational institutions of Iowa, certification of teachers is important. Individuals who want to be teachers should possess a bachelor’s degree and complete an approved teacher education through an accredited institution.

    There are three types of teacher’s education licenses, i.e., initial, standard, and master educator. The initial license is valid for two years and is issued to newly bachelorette teachers of the state. After the completion of two years, they may apply for a standard license whose validation lasts for 5 years. After completing 5 years of standard license and teachers can earn a master’s degree in a particular niche and then apply for a Master’s Education License which is valid for 5 years.

    Top 10 Colleges & Schools in Iowa

    Universities / CollegesSchools
    University of Iowa (Iowa City)Decorah High School (Decorah)
    Iowa State University of Science & Technology (Ames)Pleasant Valley High School (Bettendorf)
    Drake University (Des Moines)West Senior high school (Iowa City)
    Grinnell College (Grinnell)Valley High School (West Des Moines)
    Luther College (Decorah)Ames High School (Ames)
    Clarke University (Dubuque)Williamsburg Jr-Sr High School (Williamsburg)
    Cornell College (Mt. Vernon)Gilbert High School (Gilbert)
    Dordt University (Sioux Center)John F. Kennedy High School (Cedar Rapids)
    Loras College (Dubuque)Ankeny Centennial High School (Ankeny)
    St. Ambrose University (Davenport)Maquoketa Valley Senior High School (Delhi)

    Does Iowa have good schools?

    Yes, Iowa ranks at the top position in terms of schools & education.

    Is education free in Iowa?

    All the children who are residents of Iowa are entitled to receive free public education till the age of 21.

    How much does it cost to educate a child in Iowa?

    The cost of studying in a public school is free on the part of students, but the government spends approx $13, 531 on each student from the present sources & funds. Whereas the average private school tuition fee for elementary schools is $4,614 and the average high school fee is $9,202.

    Where is Iowa ranked in education?

    According to the ranking of the US News, Iowa ranks at 11th position in terms of higher education and the 24rth position when it comes to school education.

    Transportation in Iowa

    Most parts of Iowa are easily accessible through personal vehicles but apart from those, there are various other methods, ways, and mediums of transport. Keep reading below, to know more about the same. 

    Transportation in Iowa
    Transportation in Iowa

    According to the US News, Iowa ranks 27th in the terms of transportation. If Iowans wants to commute from one place to another, they use means such as-

    • Roads and 4 interstate highways
    • Airports( including 1 national airport)
    • Freight railroad systems (3,825metres long rail tracks)
    • Amtrak Corporation Services.
    • Private and public bus services.
    • Car rental and ridesharing services
    • Personal vehicles
    • Taxi services

    Major Medium of Transportation in Iowa

    The major medium of transport in Iowa is either bus, taxi, or own car. Before moving to Iowa, you should be aware of how much does a public transport ride costs in Iowa.

    Bus fares for 18 and above$1
    Bus fares for Youth from K-12 Grade50 cents
    Bus fare for children under 5 years of ageFree
    Monthly bus pass$32
    Monthly pass for disabledFree
    Bus pass for a year for University Students$120
    Bus pass for a semester for University Students$100
    Bus pass for a year for University Staff/Faculty$15-$28
    Taxi for 1 Mile$3
    Taxi for 1 hour waiting$45
    Gasoline (1 gallon)$2.46
    Volkswagen Golf$ 23,936
    Toyota Corolla Sedan$ 21,247

    Public transportation in Iowa

    IPTA or the Iowa Public Transport Association includes around 35 public transit systems out of which 16 are regional and 19 are public. Iowans use public transport systems for:-

    • To contribute to the tax base of the state.
    • To go to school or workplace & contribute in the betterment of societies.
    • To achieve mobility for achieving & fulfilling personal & medical needs.
    • For strengthening local economies of the state.

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    How do people get around in Iowa?

    Most people in Iowa use a car to go around the state.

    Is there public transportation in Iowa?

    Yes, Iowa has a good network of public transport systems and there are 35 such systems throughout the state.

    Iowa Driving license

    After you have successfully moved to Iowa, you should apply for a driver’s license. To know the procedure and requirements for the same, keep reading below.

    Iowa Driving license
    Iowa Driving license

    How to get the driver’s license in Iowa and what are its requirements

    At the age of 14 in Iowa, teens can apply for Iowa Instruction Permit. Before applying for the permit they are supposed to read the Iowa Driver’s Manual carefully and pass a basic exam which is part of the application process. Along with that, you should have the written consent of your guardian or parent and signed by the notary public, and a few other documents to verify your identity.

    After obtaining the instruction permit, you can begin with the driver’s education and complete the prescribed survised driving hours and behind-the-wheel training.

    At the age of 16, you will be given an intermediate license. This license will only be given after you hold the instruction permit for 12 months, have a clean driving record for 6 months, parents consent form signed by the notary public, and complete 20 hours of supervised training is mandatory before applying for this type of license.

    When you turn 18, you can convert your intermediate license into a valid & full unrestricted Iowa driving license. For this, you should follow conditions such as; you should have possessed an intermediate license and a clean driving record for at least 12 months before applying.

    Iowa driving license test

    Before obtaining a driving license, an individual in Iowa has to take up a driver’s education program and pass certain tests. This type of education is offered by both licensed private driver’s education companies and public schools. The knowledge is either given by certified behind-the-wheel instructors or classroom educators. After gaining knowledge and completing the prescribed hours of supervised driving training & tests you will get a license.

    How much does it cost to get a driver’s license in Iowa?

    The fee to be paid while getting an instruction permit is $6 and $4 will be charged when you want to update it into Iowa’s full driving license.

    How long do you have to live in Iowa to get a driver’s license?

    You should be in Iowa for straight 30 days before applying for a driver’s license.

    Famous Food in Iowa

    The Hawkeye State has one of the great food scenes in the entire country. The recipes created in the state are just heavenly. Iowa is also known to be the birthplace of sliced bread. The state is also a leading producer of pork in the entire United States. 

    Famous Food in Iowa
    Famous Food in Iowa

    Some of the most famous dishes created and made in this state are:- Sour Cream Raisin Pie, Maid-Rite sandwiches, Iowa Ham Balls, Scotcheroos, Taco Pizza, Steak de Burgo, and a lot of corn-based dishes. You can enjoy these delicacies in the top restaurants such as:

    • Orchard Green Restaurant in Iowa City
    • Proof Restaurant in Des Moines
    • Iowa River Power Restaurant in Coralville

    What is the State food in Iowa?

    Iowa is a delightful state that has inexplicably chosen S’mores as its official state snack. 

    Does Iowa have good food?  

    Iowa has a rich and long tradition of food prevailing there. Corn, wheat, and pork products can be quite commonly found in the state. From farm-fresh classics to the local concoctions, this state gives you diverse experiences in culinary scenes. 

    Iowa Moving Cost  

    Iowa is a beautiful state to live in. Thus, before planning to move to Iowa, you should be well aware of the moving cost charged by the packers and movers to transfer all your stuff to this new state. The estimated minimal cost to move to the state is $700+ and the maximum costs depend on the distance of the state from where you are coming. 

    Iowa Moving Cost
    Iowa Moving Cost

    So, you should contact the movers’ company who are best in their businesses and get their quotes to compare the same with a couple of other options. Choose what suits the best according to your budget and start packing up.

    Apart from that, a roof above the head is the most important necessity. So, you should also be acquainted with the average cost per square foot to build a house in Iowa. The estimated amount for the same according to is $100 to $155. 

    How much do movers cost in Iowa?  

    The actual cost of moving from one state to the other depends on the exact distance and the weight of the stuff you want to transfer to. These costs may start from $700 and may end up at $4000+. 

    How do you estimate moving costs?  

    The moving cost from any particular place to Iowa can be calculated and estimated through a moving cost calculator. These costs usually are based on several factors such as distance between the two places, the weight of the packages, the cost of packing supplies, and the method of moving.  

    Iowa Business Entities

    The state of Iowa offers a broad spectrum of business opportunities to business personnel and entrepreneurs. The government allows them to run various structures of businesses. The advice regarding the same can be taken from the attorneys and accountants of the state. 

    Iowa Business Entities
    Iowa Business Entities

    The choice of business entity you become, affects the liability, the taxation process, agricultural government payments, the decision-making process, gifting or transfer options, and many more. 

    Some of the business entities in Iowa include:-

    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Limited Partnership
    • General Partnership 
    • For-Profit Corporation 
    • Professional Corporation
    • Nonprofit Corporation ‘
    • Limited Liability Company 

    Is Iowa a business-friendly state?

    According to the reports of the TOP 2022 data, this Hawkeye State has been ranked in last place in terms of business friendliness.  

    Do I need a business license in Iowa?

    The government of Iowa does not issue any general business license to business persons. Rather, any particular business or profession, in particular, needs to have licenses and other types of compliance.

    How do I start my own business in Iowa?

    Opening a business firm in Iowa is not as difficult as it seems to be. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps for the same:-

    • Choose a business idea
    • Decide its legal structure
    • Choose the firm name
    • Create your business entity in Wisconsin
    • Apply for necessary licenses and permits
    • Choose business location
    • Obtain insurance
    • File for taxes
    • Open a bank account for business

    The economy of Iowa

    According to the data collected in the year 2022, the maximum amount of income has been flown from the agricultural industry in the state. With hogs, soybean, and corn being the highest money-yielding produce. The dollars generated by this industry have been reinvested in the local economy business which acts as a multiplier effect. 

    The economy of Iowa
    The economy of Iowa

    Another important aspect of the state’s growing economy is its skilled workforce and labor. The schools and training centers prepare the students for the workplace, thus the people here are highly trained and are also available for any type of job opening, which thus drives the state economy. 

    Does Iowa Have a good economy?

    If talking in terms of the economic outlook, the state of Iowa ranks at 32nd place in the entire nation.  

    What is the main source of income in Iowa?

    Running businesses in the sectors of beef cattle and livestock can become an extremely good source of income for the people of Iowa. Apart from this, Iowa is also a leading producer of corn, soybean, and hogs, which might become good sources of income.

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    Best Place to Live in Iowa

    If you are planning to move to the state; then, you should be aware of the best places to live in Iowa. Keep reading below to gather information about the 10 best cities of the state. 

    Best Place to Live in Iowa
    Best Place to Live in Iowa
    • Iowa city– This city is a bustling home to around 71, 800 people and is considered the gem city of Iowa. It is a major city having a diverse population, in terms of both ethnicity & economic standing. If you are planning to move to Iowa, then the cost of living here is quite affordable, with ample properties to choose from & live in, exceptional schools, amazing nightlife, and endless activities to enjoy.
    • Davenport– Davenport is set on the banks of the Mississippi River and is a part of The Quad Cities. This area provides residents with excellent hiking & biking trails, amazing riverfront views, and many festivals & events. This is the largest city in the QC Metro region and offers fine-crafted breweries, fun local spots, music ventures, unique hotels, casino resorts, and various other tourist places and highlights.
    • Des Moines– This is the capital city of Iowa and has a cool & chilled-out metropolis vibe. It is a great American city, but there are some pros & cons of living in Des Moines, Iowa. The prons are; low living cost, plenty of jobs, various outdoor activities to enjoy, affordable tax rates, and low commuting time. Whereas; the cons of living in this city are; that there are very few sources of public transport & the school system here also does not have high rankings.
    • Ames– This city lies in the north of the capital city of Des Moines. This city is greatly affordable in terms of rent. Around 60% of people in this city live on a rented property, and you can also easily find one for yourself as it has ample options with an average of $785 per month. The city also has the best public schools. It is ranked as the best place to live in Iowa in terms of livability.
    • Sioux City–  This is the fourth largest city in Iowa and is a perfect combination of modern & agricultural culture and has a safe, diverse, and friendly environment. Sioux is a leading producer of pork and is also home to fun attractions & activities along with the affordable cost of living and reasonable housing prices. The city also offers various top-class public schools and amazing neighborhoods.
    • Bettendorf– This is a thriving town situated on the Iowa-Illinois border. Bettendorf is quite a family-oriented town and is one of the best places to live in Iowa for children and youngsters. This place has some really good real estate properties, that too available at value for the prize. This town is a part of the metropolis area of The Quad Cities and has a lot to offer to the visitors in the form of high-end restaurants, bars, and parks.
    • Clive– This city in the Dallas & Polk counties is considered the second-best and the most diverse suburb in the state of Iowa. Clive has plenty of job opportunities with a calm & serene city life. The place also offers plenty of green space and parks for the residents to enjoy. It is just minutes away from the Des Monies, so the residents can easily commute to the capital city for fun-loving activities and excursions.
    • Johnston– This town is home to approx $19,550 people and is a suburb of Des Moines. This is a great place to explore and connect with nature. Life in this town is happy, and people here are highly conservatives and experience a dense & deep suburb feel and live in the houses owned by them. This town also has various coffee shops & parks to enjoy in and the schools here also have high ratings.
    • Coralville– This city is famous and indeed among the best places to live in Iowa, due to the presence of high-end properties, low criminal activities, good commuter routes, and excellent schools imparting top-notch education. As Millenials, if you want to invest money in properties then Coralville will be the best option for you to do so.
    • Urbandale– Urbandale is situated in the south of Johnston and is home to approximately 42,099 people. It is a little hard to find the perfect property to live in this suburb as compared to other towns & cities of Iowa. The people of the town have a very friendly and welcoming attitude which lets the newcomer feel right at the home.

    Culture & Climate in Iowa

    If you are planning to move to Iowa, then you need to introduce yourself to the cultures, climate, and traditions of the state before actually moving in there. To grab some intricate knowledge about the same, keep reading below.


    The beliefs, behaviors of peoples, and customs all sum up to become the culture of Iowa. The art of the state also represents its diverse cultural traditions. The culture of the place is also reflected in the religion followed by people, tourist attractions, political events, and local festivals. The majority of Iowans are protestants and Roman Catholics. And the rest of the population following other religious & non-religious groups. The residents here are known for hospitality and are very talkative and speak English, Spanish, German, and French.


    The natural features and the geographical location of a place highly influence and favor the weather. Iowa is not surrounded by or near to any oceans or water bodies, neither it has any mountains, and the tree count is also constantly declining. All these factors affect the weather & climate of Iowa, and thus, Iowans experience variations throughout the year.

    Culture & Climate in Iowa
    Culture & Climate in Iowa

    Iowa experiences a humid continental-type climate. Due to which the wonderful state experiences colorful falls, wet springs, hot summers, and harsh winters.

    What are some of Iowa’s traditions?

    Some of the super crazy traditions followed by Iowans are-

    • People here eat a combination of pizza & tacos.
    • People consume ranch with everything, also with pizzas & hamburgers!!
    • People love to be outside during bad weather.
    • They put olives in beers.

    What is the weather like in Iowa year-round?

    According to, Iowa experiences long, warm & humid summers with temperatures ranging from 8 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters here are freezing windy & snowy with temperatures dropping down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Does Iowa have four seasons?

    Yes, Iowa experiences four varied seasons, i.e., summers, winters, spring, and fall seasons.

    Iowa Ranking

    Iowa is a farm state that has some of the leading sources of income through cattle, livestock, and beef cattle. This state is also a mega-producer of chicken, eggs, milk, corn, and soya bean. The Hawkeye State also ranks at the first position in the country when it comes to food processing units, cereal mills, and popcorn processing plants. Apart from that, it ranks second in the niche of machinery production, construction equipment, and farm machinery.

    Iowa Ranking
    Iowa Ranking

    Iowa ranks as the 12th best state in the US. Given below is a list of various categories and their ranking in the state of Iowa, according to the research of U.S News, which you should be aware of before moving to Iowa.

    Higher Education11th
    School Education24th
    Healthcare Quality38th
    Healthcare Access6th
    Public Healthcare Quality22nd
    Employment opportunity7th
    Economic Opportunities12th
    Public Safety15th
    Air & Water Quality18th

    Moving to Iowa FAQs  

    Why would people move to Iowa?

    Iowa is a greatly ideal state where you can move in. With friendly people, scenic views, low crime, good job & economic growth opportunities, affordable housing societies, a small town atmosphere, Iowa’s minimum wage increase, and various other factors add up to the reason for being the most coveted state in the nation. Iowa is indeed one of the best places to call home for millennials, retirees, family men, as well as students.  

    Is it worth it to move to Iowa?

    Yes, according to us, moving to Iowa is worth it as the entire state has a small-town vibe, with lots of local & fresh farm produce, and overall good quality of life.


    Hence, that was all about this extensive article. We hope that the details mentioned in this article related to moving and settling down in Hawkeye State will help you. Overall Iowa is a beautiful state, with lots of perks, pros, and cons that are worth considering. The state has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors thus, we are sure that you will live a happy life in Iowa for many years. 

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