Cost of living in Pennsylvania

Cost Of Living in Pennsylvania

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    Pennsylvania is a perfect combination of everything a tourist wants to explore, from glorious US history to food, famous restaurantmoving to pennsylvania checklists, tourist attractions, and more.

    It also has affordable tax rates that help you live comfortably. And better healthcare that calls every relocator from worldwide to start their new life.

    Cost Of Living in Pennsylvania
    Cost Of Living in Pennsylvania

    However, it was pretty challenging for us to figure out the average cost of living in Pennsylvania as it involves many things like transportation, food, healthcare, etc.

    Still, we have curated a complete report on which you can rely, which is given below. These are the most updated prices, but we never know when they will rise.

    Is Pennsylvania has low living costs?

    Yes! The US national average of 100 is more than 1% of Pennsylvania’s current expenses. Thus, note that you will need to spend less on things you use or consume. However, there is a possibility that you will find expensive places to explore.

    Similarly, the rent is also affordable starting from $699 for a studio apartment to $1,595+ for a four-bedroom apartment or more.

    Price references –

    What’s the cheapest area to live in Pennsylvania?

    Republic, Pottsville, Greenville, Oil City, West Mifflin, etc., are the cheapest areas where one can easily make accommodations comfortable.

    For example, suppose you want to start living in the Republic on rent. Here you will need to pay $606 to $2,200, depending on your chosen bedroom size. Also, you can find cheap housing in the places mentioned above.

    Price reference –

    In addition to that, there are many safest counties in Pennsylvania where you can witness a low crime rate if you are relocating there. Plus, you can travel in most areas of the state at night without worrying about theft or robberies.

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    Cost Of Living in Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania is amongst the excellent places to make your dream of lavish living true. Similarly, one can easily find better employment opportunities in this state to work. However, when it comes to living costs, most get confused and budget improperly. We have all the latest costs below to help you in the best possible manner.[1] 

    1. Groceries Prices in Pennsylvania

    The US National Average for the cost of groceries is lower than the state, which stands at a stable rate of 100%. Plus, the grocery rates in Pennsylvania are higher than the national average of 100.3%.

    Groceries Prices in Pennsylvania
    Groceries Prices in Pennsylvania

    The below table shows some actual grocery prices in PA.

    Essential GroceriesPrices
    Milk (1 Ltr.)$1.12
    Rice (1 Kg)$4.06
    Eggs (Regular 12)$3.06
    Chicken Breast (1 Kg)$11.8
    Fruits (Apples & Bananas)$4.94 kg & $1.55 kg
    Veggies (Tomato)$5.1

    Table Price Reference –

    Are groceries expensive in Pennsylvania?

    Yes! If you live in Pennsylvania with a family of four (2 Adults & 2 Childs), you are required to pay $9,903 on average.
    Price Reference –

    How much are groceries in Pennsylvania?

    A person living alone in the state must pay from $229 to $419 monthly for groceries, depending on the food, age, and gender. However, for two people the amount varies between $458 to $838 for the monthly groceries.
    Price Reference –

    How much should I budget for groceries in Pennsylvania?

    According to the above sources, you must budget between $229 to $419 monthly if you are a single person. Also, you have to spend between $458 to $838 monthly if you are living with two children. The average annual budget for groceries can rise to $9,903.

    2.  Price of Utilities in Pennsylvania

    The US national average of 100 is higher than the cost of utilities in Pennsylvania of 98.2%. Thus, it is evident that the prices related to utilities are less than the US national average.

    Price of Utilities in Pennsylvania
    Price of Utilities in Pennsylvania

    The following are some utility prices you can see.

    Internet Service (50 – 940 Mbps)$29.99/mo for months
    Landlines Telephone Services$0 – $39+
    Energy (average cost)$16.51 ¢/kWh
    Regular Fuel (Avg. per gallon)$3.776
    Heating Oil (150-299 gallons)$2.90

    Table References –

    For Internet –

    For Landline Telephone Services –

    For Energy –

    For Fuel –

    For Water –

    Heating Oil –

    How expensive are utilities in Pennsylvania?

    A single person needs to pay the average amount of $115 for utilities in PA. But the price rises for a family of four to $353 per month on average.
    Price References –
    For one person
    For a family of four –

    How much is the electric bill in Pennsylvania?

    The electricity bill was only $213 a few months back, in June 2022. It is calculated on the basis of average monthly consumption by the user and the electric rate.
    Price Reference –

    How much is water and sewer a month in Pennsylvania?

    According to the world population review, a person must pay $31 per month for water usage. Similarly, $176 per quarter must be paid by the family (2 adults & 2 children) towards sewer bills.
    Price Reference –

    3. Cost For Healthcare in Pennsylvania

    You can find a slight difference between the US national average healthcare and the healthcare in this state. The US national average for healthcare is 100, less than Pennsylvania’s healthcare rate of 101.1%.

    Cost For Healthcare in Pennsylvania
    Cost For Healthcare in Pennsylvania

    In addition to that, a colossal benefit is waiting for you there. It offers an affordable cost of Obamacare, a healthcare plan for residents of all ages. It helps to reduce your heavy loads of paying higher towards healthcare. Due to this, the cost of assisted living in Pennsylvania has become reasonable for every elder.

    The normal cost of essentials is stated below in the table.

    Essential HealthcarePrices
    Medication (Rx Drug)$454.21
    Insurance (per person)$479
    Home Doctors Visit$114.14
    Dentist Visit$97.60
    Veterinary Visit$53.24

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    Table Price References –

    For Medication, Doctor’s Home Visit, Dentist Visit, and Veterinary Visit.

    For Insurance –

    Is Pennsylvania healthcare more expensive?

    Yes! A person only needs an average amount of $441 to spend on healthcare or health insurance. However, the prices vary depending on the zip code, age, gender, etc.
    Price Reference –

    Is health care free in Pennsylvania?

    No! Healthcare is not free! But, many healthcare plans are available at cheaper rates. So, a person can choose the cheapest and avoid expensive healthcare plans.

    How much does Obamacare cost in Pennsylvania?

    Precisely, the cost ranges from $306 to $455, depending on the type of plan you choose. However, you can choose plans like Bronze, Silver, Benchmark, and Gold. And the prices are $306, $439, $455, and $427, respectively.
    Price Reference –

    4. Pennsylvania Home Prices

    You will see a massive difference of 19.5% between the US national average of 100 and Pennsylvania’s 80.5% for housing. However, you need to pay $130 to $280 per square foot to build a house here, depending on the construction material.

    Pennsylvania Home Prices
    Pennsylvania Home Prices

    Once you build a house here, don’t forget to update your address as per the moving to Pennsylvania checklist.

    Price Reference –

    What is the average cost of a house in Pennsylvania?

    The state only offers homes at the average housing cost of $245,153. Note that housing prices are rising, and the state prices are lower than the other expensive places in PA.
    Price Reference –

    Which Pennsylvania Island is cheapest to buy a house?

    Allegheny Island is the most affordable to buy a house in Pennsylvania. We have found Allegheny the cheapest one compared with Wade Island. However, you can explore more than 200 islands in the state.

    Will Pennsylvania home prices drop?

    No, it is pretty challenging! In the last year, house selling prices have increased with a massive effect. Also, if we check out the current situation of home prices, the prices are rising due to increasing demand. So, there is no possibility that home prices will drop soon.

    5. Education in Pennsylvania

    This Keystone State is among those that offer a better education system for regional and international students. Also, the literacy rate is about 87.40%, showing that literate people are more in numbers than illiterate.

    Education in Pennsylvania
    Education in Pennsylvania

    They also provide free education programs for needy students. On top of that, students can search for when does it usually start snowing in Pennsylvania to bunk and enjoy the snow activities. And guess what? They can get a break from their daily routine syllabus for a certain period.

    Is education free in Pennsylvania?

    Yes! You can get a free education at the traditional public schools in the state. And the surprising part is that these public schools spend nearly $17,142 every year on average.
    Price reference –

    Is college cheaper in Pennsylvania?

    Yes! Bloomsburg, Slippery Rock, Lock Haven, Mansfield, and Clarion are the best examples of cheaper colleges or universities here.

    Are universities in Pennsylvania expensive?

    Yes! Franklin & Marshall College, Haverford College, University in Pennsylvania, and Dickinson College are expensive universities. However, you can choose from the affordable or cheapest universities for your education.

    6. Pennsylvania Tax Rates

    With only 3.07% of tax rates, this state is a benefit to starting your life. However, according to the Tax Foundation, the state ranks 29th on the State Business Tax Climate Index 2022.

    Pennsylvania Tax Rates
    Pennsylvania Tax Rates

    The following are different tax rates in Pennsylvania.

    Taxes in PennsylvaniaAverage Tax Rates
    Property Tax1.58/%
    Income Tax3.07%
    Sales tax6.00%
    Local sales tax2.00%

    Table Reference –

    For Property Tax –

    For Income Tax –

    For Sales Tax –

    Is tax cheaper in Pennsylvania?

    No! But you can enjoy the lowest taxes in most counties, such as Greene, Blair, and Susquehanna Counties. The tax rates are 0.04%, 0.09%, and 0.13%, respectively.

    Are taxes higher in Florida or Pennsylvania?

    The taxes are higher in Florida compared to Pennsylvania. The combined (Sales and State) taxes are 7.01% in Florida. On the other hand, the PA has a combined average tax rate of only 6.34%, showing a slight difference from Florida.

    7. Pennsylvania Public Transportation

    It has a wide range of public transportation facilities to offer every resident, covering the best places to live in Pennsylvania for families, offices, shopping malls, etc.

    Pennsylvania Public Transportation
    Pennsylvania Public Transportation

    Due to this, from urbanized areas to rural areas, you can roam anywhere without paying much.

    How much does transportation cost in Pennsylvania?

    A single person can take a local transportation ticket for $2.34 only. However, a taxi ride will require $24.1 for 5 miles. Also, the transportation cost can increase up to $161 for one person annually.
    Price Reference –

    How much do bus rides cost in Pennsylvania?

    According to Wanderu, a person can get the cheapest ticket for a bus ride for $5 only, and the expensive ride is available for $86. However, the top routes roaming may charge you $52 on average.
    Price Reference –

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    8. Average Cost For Energy & Fuels

    Energy and fuel are essential factors in computing the cost of living in Pennsylvania.

    Average Cost For Energy & Fuels
    Average Cost For Energy & Fuels

    Note that the commercial prices for energy and fuels are lower than the US national average. But, these charges are higher than the US national average for a resident.

    What are the fuel prices in Pennsylvania?

    The current average price for regular fuel is about $3.776. These prices fluctuate in the case of Mid-Grade, Premium, and Diesel from $4.151, $4.418, and 5.014, respectively.
    Price Reference –

    Why are gas prices so high in Pennsylvania?

    Due to the implementation of the state tax on regular lead-free gas gallons, the prices of gas are increasing here.

    9. Miscellaneous Things in Pennsylvania

    “What is the cost of living in Pennsylvania” includes different costs.

    Miscellaneous Things in Pennsylvania
    Miscellaneous Things in Pennsylvania

    However, in the miscellaneous items, we have included the cost of movie tickets, clothing, branded sneakers, gym membership, and simple haircut prices.

    Miscellaneous thingsAverage Prices
    Movie Ticket (For one person)$12.6
    Clothing (Pair of branded jeans)$45.05
    Branded sneakers$80.2
    Gym Membership (One month)$39.6
    Simple haircut$20.8

    Table price reference –

    Comparison table of living things

    This blog section considers some of the above mentioned prices to give you a quick recap.

    Living thingsAverage costs
    Groceries$229 to $419 monthly
    Utilities (energy)$16.51 ¢/kWh
    Healthcare $441
    Education$17,142 annually
    Combine tax rate (State + Sales)7.01%

    Cost of living in Pennsylvania FAQs

    Is Pennsylvania expensive to retire?

    Yes! The state stands at #22 for the highest retirement spending. Also, the estimated average retirement spending in the state is $1,019,615, making it an expensive retirement state.
    Price Reference –

    How much does it cost to live in Pennsylvania per year?

    Averagely, a person must pay $44,650 annually to live a comfortable life here. It includes transportation, healthcare, housing, and other factors.
    Price Reference –

    What are the benefits of living in Pennsylvania?

    The state has multiple benefits for residents, from affordable living costs to excellent taxes, outdoor locations, better weather, a peaceful environment on the beaches, etc. All these perks make it the perfect choice to start your life.


    Living in Pennsylvania offers an easy breezy life that doesn’t cost more. You can quickly start living here at $44,650 annually, making a living more affordable.

    With skiing trails, outdoor locations, beautiful beaches, and better homes at affordable rents makes it the most desirable choice to live.

    However, concerning the average cost of living in Pennsylvania, one might think twice or thrice before deciding to move. For them, we have curated this blog, containing in-depth details on the living cost.

    It includes transportation, spread over the state transportation, taxes, and miscellaneous costs. Also, these costs are most updated till the date, but you may find a slight difference in a few prices, like housing, which constantly fluctuates.

    Ultimately, we hope the blog will help you find out the best of what you expect from this blog.

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