Safest Cities in Pennsylvania

Safest Cities in Pennsylvania

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    Being the state of “Brotherly Love” and “Industrial Center,” Pennsylvania has something unusual to offer every local and its tourists. With a blend of historical sites, better living, and excellent education, one can easily settle down here with his business activities.

    Safest Cities in Pennsylvania

    But is Pennsylvania safe to live in? What are the crime rates? Or does it offer the safest cities to live in?

    Well, the shout-out for these questions is – Yes!

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    10 Safest cities and towns in Pennsylvania

    Finding the safest cities to live in in Pennsylvania is not challenging as it offers enormous safety for everyone. The police department plays a vital role in keeping the state and its cities safe from thefts, robberies, property crimes, and more. Thus, the crime rates in the below cities are lower, and you can start living there.

    1. Collegeville

    Perkiomen Bridge was a famous name of Collegeville during the establishment of the first post office in 1847.

    It ranks amongst the safest places to stay in Pennsylvania and offers low poverty rates, high-income groups, and much more.

    With numerous activities for enthusiasts and adventure-loving folks, the place is uniquely known for horseback riding and car shows.


    You will rarely witness crimes like thefts, robberies, or murders, making it the safest city.

    The incredible nightlife at this place is something that you will fall in love with.

    According to the World Population Review, you will find only 5,033 people enjoying a better life here.

    Is Collegeville a nice place to live?

    Yes! A dense suburban feel, tourist attractions, and a pinch of entertaining activities make it a nice place to live.

    Why is Collegeville called Collegeville?

    Due to the existence of Ursinus College in 1869 (winded in 1880) and being home to several colleges in Pennsylvania, it is known as Collegeville.

    2. Swarthmore

    The city’s old name was Westdale, given to the memory of Benjamin West, a noted painter.

    With its small-town feel and a great place to raise a family in Pennsylvania, Swarthmore has mouthwatering food, live music, dancing, better education, etc.


    The unique tradition of Crum Regatta in one of its art colleges makes it unique for engineering program students. Also, it is home to Scott Arboretum.

    Delightfully safe living and low crime rates of 14.76% per 1000 locals make it a better choice to raise a family.

    The presence of nightclubs like Old State Tavern, movie theaters, bars, and restaurants, makes it a paradise for nightlife lovers.

    On top of that, the city has a population of 6,613, with a 35% growth rate.

    Is Swarthmore, PA, a good place to live?

    Yes! Situated in Delaware county, the Swarthmore has a family-friendly atmosphere to spend your life in. Plus, living is affordable.

    Is Swarthmore a Black College?

    No! It is not a black college, but they have a reserved quota of 8.14% for Black or African Americans. However, a few neighbors call it a black college.

    3. State College

    Happy Valley and Lion County are two famous names widely used for State College in Pennsylvania.

    Named amongst the best places to live in Pennsylvania for young professionals,  State College is a great place to start your career.

    It is a blend of historical landmarks and mesmerizing tourist attractions, known for its wineries, making you stress-free.

    State College
    State College

    It offers a safe environment for locals and tourists with lower crime rates for murders, rapes, assaults, robberies, etc.

    The smell of craft beers, musical presence, bars, and relaxed atmosphere make it an excellent choice for your nightlife.

    According to the World Population Review, the city has 40,195 people living happily.

    Is State College, PA, a good place to live?

    Yes! With an urban feel of living and great people surrounding, it is an excellent choice to live and raise a family.

    Is State College the same as Penn State?

    No! The State College was named The Pennsylvania State University in 1953. However, it has been a municipal township since its establishment in 1896.

    4. Canonsburg

    A town of celebrations, Canonsburg, is the birthplace of famous crooners Perry Como, Joey Powers, and more.

    Situated near Pittsburg, Canonsburg offers a low poverty rate and a bit noisy environment to live in. However, the best thing is one can blast the freeways by driving a car at speeds from 65 to 70 kilometers per hour. So, try to get your moving to Pennsylvania car registration process done as soon as possible after moving there.


    It is also uniquely famous for its cookware manufacturers and bonded metals.

    Note that it is 95% dangerous and 5% safe, according to CrimeGrade, which makes it less safe to live in.

    However, entertaining bars filled with chilled beers and exotic flavors. Further, party clubs are the best example of nightlife in Canonsburg.

    It has a population of 9,894 people with great attractions to roam.

    What is the most radioactive town in Pennsylvania?

    Cannonsburg! According to the results provided by Marie Curie, it was crowned “The Most Radioactive Town in America,” in the 1920s.

    What is the crime rate in Canonsburg, PA?

    10.15 per 1,000 people is the crime rate in Cannonsburg for a regular year, according to CrimeGrade.

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    5. Old Forge

    It was a coal mining borough at the beginning of the twentieth century. It has a glorious history of sports like football and basketball.

    It offers a suburban mix feel, is a small municipal township, and earned the title Pizza Capital of the World.

    Undoubtedly, the Old Forge stands out from the crowd and is uniquely known for its Pizzas.

    Old Forge
    Old Forge

    You can expect low crimes here as the crime rate is lower than the US national average.

    The presence of 30 bars with live music, exotic dishes, and great tastes in wines & beers makes your nightlife clubbing an unforgettable experience.

    With an annual growth rate of 0.21%, the current population of this town is below 10,000 (to be exact, 8,533).

    What is the Zip Code for Old Forge, PA?

    18518 is the Zip Code for Old Forge in Pennsylvania.

    What is the crime rate in Old Forge, PA?

    As per NeighborhoodScout, the total crime rate is 5.88% per 1,000 people in Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

    6. Ridley Park

    Incorporated in 1887, Ridley Park, Pa, covers an area of 1.1 square miles, surrounded by 0.93% water.

    It offers excellent, enthusiastic activities like hiking, fishing, biking, etc., for adventure lovers but has a few restrictions too. In front of Barnstormers Auditorium, you can’t walk backward while eating peanuts, as per weird state laws in Pennsylvania. So, take care of that.

    Ridley Park
    Ridley Park

    This place is uniquely known for its every denomination church within 1 square mile only.

    With a combined crime rate (property & violence) of 9 per 1,000 residents, it is amongst the best places to live in Pennsylvania.

    Further, the nightlife is filled with top-rated bars, clubs, budget-friendly food courses for couples, and everything you want for your kids.

    Similarly, you will find only 7,222 residents, with an annual growth of 0.25%.

    Is Ridley Park, PA, nice?

    Yes! Being a little town, it offers a dense suburban feel, bars, restaurants, and more, making it a nice place to live.

    What is the crime rate in Ridley Park, PA?

    According to the NeighborhoodScout, a total of 9.32% per 1,000 residents is the crime rate in Ridley Park in Pennsylvania.

    7. Carbondale

    In the early 19th century, Delaware & Hudson Canal Company owners, William and Maurice Wurts, expanded Carbondale.

    With a blend of old erected buildings and plenty of walking trails, it is one of the safest cities in Pennsylvania. It is also known as “The Pioneer City.”

    The existence of Carbondale Historical Society & Museum, Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, Merli Sarnoski Park, etc., leaves an extraordinary impact on visitors.


    The chance of becoming a victim of crime is much lower in the city, which makes it safe to live.

    You can have great nightlife there with the presence of a variety of beers, wines, pub crawls, parties, and whatnot.

    However, in the case of population, the city ranks 111th largest in Pennsylvania. It has a population of 8,816, according to World Population Review 2022.

    What is the crime rate in Carbondale?

    NeighborhoodScout disclosed a 10.42% crime rate per 1,000 locals in Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

    What is the most radioactive town in Carbondale?

    Canonsburg! There is no radioactive town near Carbondale. But, over two hundred miles from Carbondale, Canonsburg is the most radioactive town in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

    8. Monongahela

    Situated in Washington County, Pennsylvania, Monongahela is known as “Mon City” and is counted among the smallest cities.

    With peaceful sights and beautiful wineries, the city is filled with a few attractions, and the weather shows occasional rain showers. Similarly, the average snowfall reaches 17” every year according to average snowfall in Pennsylvania records.


    You will find multiple unique state parks, museums, and playgrounds for which Monongahela is known.

    According to Monongahela crime records, there are fewer chances (1 in 83) of being a crime scene victim.

    With several restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and theaters, you can experience a great night in Monongahela.

    According to the World Population Review, 4,131 residents live in this fantastic location.

    Is Monongahela, PA, a safe place to live?

    Yes! The composition of small-town activities, friendly folks, and peaceful tourist attractions makes it a better place to live.

    What is the Crime Rate in Monongahela?

    The total crime rate is 12 per 1,000 residents in Monongahela, PA.

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    9. Nazareth

    Being a part of a metropolitan area – Lehigh Valley, Nazareth was founded by German expats in 1740.

    It is among the safest places to live in Pennsylvania as it offers charming and quaint community surroundings.

    It offers better schools for education with a small-town feel, uniquely famous for its C.F. Martin & Company, a famous guitar manufacturer.


    There are fewer chances (1 in 78) of being victims of crimes like property and violence in the city.

    The pub crawls, parties, nightclubs, bars, late-night restaurants, etc., make your nightlife tremendous and enjoyable.

    Situated in Northampton County, Nazareth, a borough, is home to only 5,660 residents.

    Is Nazareth, Pennsylvania, a safe place to live?

    Yes! The place becomes safe to live in with a plethora of things to do while exploring, an excellent suburban feel, and a comfy living.

    What is the crime rate in Nazareth, Pennsylvania?

    The city is safe to live with an overall crime rate of 13 per 1,000 residents.

    10. Munhall

    It is a famous city in Allegheny County, spread up to 2.4 square miles, of which 4.55% is covered by water.

    Munhall is situated in Allegheny County, among the safest counties in Pennsylvania. It also offers an excellent lifestyle for every resident.

    The uniqueness of this city is hidden in its big yards, nearby shopping centers, entertainment options, superb dining, and libraries.


    Similarly, it has lower cases of rapes, property crimes, assaults, robberies, etc., compared to other cities.

    The budget-friendly bars, clubs for couples, pubs, restaurants, live music, etc., make this place an ideal choice for nightlife.

    However, the population graph is reducing. Presently, the city has a population of 10,648 people.

    Is Munhall, PA, a good place to live?

    Yes! Living in Munhall offers a dense suburban feel, parks to hang out, relaxing bars, magical tastes from restaurants, and much more. Due to this, the place is another fantastic option to live in.

    When was Munhall established?

    Munhall is a municipal township established in 1901. However, the existence can be seen a few years back when the Munhall post office was founded in 1887.

    Safest Cities in Pennsylvania FAQs

    What is the safest area to live in Pennsylvania?

    You can consider Munhall one of the best and safest cities in Pennsylvania. The great nightlife, better suburban feels, bars, restaurants, entertainment options, etc., make it an outstanding choice for living in Pennsylvania. Similarly, you will get low crime rates of 9.5% for violent and 19.7% for properties.

    What city in Pennsylvania has the lowest crime rate?

    Despite the mentioned cities above, you can consider Willistown Township the safest place in Pennsylvania. The sparse suburban feel, best restaurants, exciting state parks, and relaxed bars make it a wonderful place to live, with a safety index of 0.7%.


    Pennsylvania is a blend of everything you want, from mental peace to the hustle and bustle environment.

    And guess what? Every place is safe in the entire state. Therefore, finding the safest cities in Pennsylvania is not challenging!

    With lower crime rates and old building areas, it has become the choice of many relocators. Talking about Collegeville and Swarthmore, the grand living, live music, and mouthwatering foods are waiting for you here. Similarly, the earning opportunities at State College and the low property rates in Canonsburg make them the best place to live.

    Similarly, Old Forge offers a mouthwatering Pizza, while Ridley Park offers great nightlife for everyone. Despite that, the places mentioned above are great for you if you want to live in Pennsylvania’s safe environment.

    Lastly, we hope you have enjoyed every detail in this blog, and don’t forget to experience the taste of delicacies in Munhall. Satisfy your tastebuds.

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