Can You Leave The State on Probation?


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    Any individual needs to adhere to the several laws created by the court for the person on state probation

    While the probation laws vary from the crime committed and the situation, the same can be extremely confusing as well as frustrating for the individuals at certain times. 

    Yes, you can leave the state on Probation. But, the ability to leave the state on probation depends on the permit provided to you by the probation officer.

    The travel approval is based on the reason for travelling or in extreme emergency cases. 

    But while being out of state on probation, the probationer must keep constant communication with their probation officer. 


    Some specific information and rules must be in your knowledge if you are planning to leave the state on Probation.

    When on probation can you leave the state?

    The probationer can leave the state only if the probation officer thinks that the person is now no longer a threat to society and is entirely fit to move to another state. 

    Thus, the power of travelling while on probation is granted to him when he gets the permit and fulfils the terms and conditions attached to it. 

    In the article discussed below, We have covered all the necessary information you must need to know about leaving the state on Probation, travelling on probation, moving out of state on probation without permission,

    how to receive permission for travelling on probation, how to get a probation permit for another county and everything you must be aware of. 

    So, let’s get into the details! 

    1. Can You Travel on Probation  

    The case of probation does restrict your inter-state travels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that travelling from one state to another is not possible. 


    If you are wondering can you leave the state if you are on probation? Then, yes of course you can do so. 

    Probation can be granted by the probation officer appointed by the state court. And he could do so only if he or she feels that the probationer is no longer a threat to their state. 

    A probation Permit is granted for misdemeanours, first-time offenders, or less-serious crimes. Probation is often a primary punishment that occurs after completing prison time.

    It is just a kind of supervision, whose rules are meant to keep a constant check on wrongdoers to keep a constant check on their behaviours. 

    Individuals can travel on misdemeanours, as these crimes are considered more fatal than Felonies.

    They are often convicted with plea deals, negotiation, or mitigating the possible damage caused. 

    Persons charged with misdemeanours often live more successful lives than the ones charged with a felony, and they are also allowed to travel inter-state for making arrangements for better future life or to find the best paying jobs in Oklahoma

    2. Traveling on Probation Without Permission 

     If you are wondering can you travel on probation? Then you should surely contact the probation officer first and wait for his permission, before planning your visit to some other state or county.

    Falling to this event, the individual may be given a banned status from travelling as a risk of committing another crime or fleeing away. 

    But if a person serving on his probation period moves out of the state without informing the probation officer or taking valid permissions, and without following the said norms.

    Then in a case, this act of yours would be considered a probation violation.

    And the court in such a case, could either cancel the person’s probation or send them back to jail for completing their original sentence. 

    Also, an arrest warrant can be issued in their name on a probation violation, and they can then be detained in custody.

    If a person on probation moves to another country without permission. This act can make you fall into the category of more heinous crimes with several penalties.

    You may also be pressed with the charges of, ‘Fleeing to Avoid Prosecution’. 

    The person under probation is granted certain benefits, such as reduced length of sentences imposed or striking off the criminal record altogether.

    But, if the probationer moves out of state on probation without permission, then he would tend to lose those benefits. 

    If by mistake you have breached the terms of your probation, then in such a case notifying your probation officers as early as possible should be your first and foremost duty. 

    Be absolute about what happened and send the necessary documents to prove your explanation and innocence. 

    If you are arrested or taken into custody, then you should speak to an attorney as quickly as possible for navigating the legal procedure and knowing your rights under the law. 

    3. How to get permission to travel while on probation?  

    Probation is an arrangement made by the keepers of the law. In this set up the offenders or the accused are allowed to stay within the community while being under the constant eye of the probation officer. 


    Rather been kept in the closed enclosure of jail. During the period of state probation, the individual may be allowed to move out of the state, for purposes such as; 

    • If they are in search of how to get a job in a different state, due to unemployment because of being convicted. 
    • If they are looking for viable options through which they can complete their education. 
    • If they have to fulfill certain family obligations
    • In cases of health and safety concerns.
    • Or if any natural disaster occurs in the area of the probationer. 

    If you are wondering, can you move out of state on probation in Texas? Then, you would be extremely happy to know that the state of Texas is a part of the Interstate Compact Agreement for Adult Offender Supervision. 

    Thus, you could move from Texas to another state while serving your probation period.

    For travelling while on probation, the individuals have to first speak to the probation officer and ask them for a duly signed permit.

    If the individual doesn’t ask for the permit or inform the officer in charge then it is believed that he is either trying to escape or planning another offense. 

    In such a case he may be banned from traveling and will be asked to complete his sentence in jail.

    Thus, the probationer must be in constant touch with the probation officer and share all his journey details with him, and duly follow all the guidelines and rules of travelling during probation. 

    Motion to travel while on probation– A permit is probably the most important document that probationers must possess if they are thinking can you leave the state if you are on probation

    The court has duly set up certain restrictions on the motion while on probation.

    So, you need to faithfully follow all the set norms and only move out of state if you have a proper permit approved by the probation officer in hand. 

    Probation travel permit- The defendant must request the probation officer to hand over to him a duly signed probation travel permit.

    He only does this when he is completely satisfied with the reasons for leaving the state on probation explained by the defendant. 

    Through the permit, the individual is not allowed to stay out of the state for more than 30 days. 

    4. Probation transfer to another county  

    The defendant can request the probationer to transfer the permit to another county in the same state.

    The Department of Probation is likely not to object to the probation transfer permit if the moving requirement is viable or due to work or educational purposes. 

    Although each jurisdiction has its own rules, if you submit a valid transfer request with a compelling reason, then it would be fulfilled for sure. 

    In cases such as, where the person convicted is residing in the other county but was caught held off in any place during vacation.

    In such a case, your probation order would be transferred as early as possible. 

    The transfer permit and the other paperwork would all be done by the probation officer on behalf of the convicted. 

    Only if he or she is fully satisfied with the transfer reason. After that, the transfer permit must be approved by the supervisor in the probation department. 

    If your request gets accepted there will be a survey through the probation office in your proposed domicile.

    They will also hand you over a set of instructions that needs to be followed on reporting to the new probation officer. 

    5. Probation transfer denied  

    Generally, it is not possible to move to another state during the serving of probation period.


    However, under the Interstate Compact Agreement, the leaving the state on probation permit request cannot be denied. 

    The process is lengthy and complicated and you need to work with the parole & probation officers and lawyers to assist you in completing all the paperwork to leave the state on Probation. 

    But, your request of traveling while on probation might get declined, if the officers on duty are not satisfied with your reason or explanation.

    This might also happen when while assessing the defender’s report, they seem to be unfit or have not either duly fulfilled or violated the said rules and regulations. 

    In such a case, not only would the application of probation of the defender be denied but also the probation officer would file an affidavit alleging the violation of probation laws in the name of the accused.

    The individual might then get arrested due to the warrant issued in his name. 

    6. How long does it take to transfer probation to another county?  

    The process of transferring the probation permit from one state to another may occur when the individual was being convicted or kept hold of in another state but originally belongs to some other state. 

    Several factors, regulations, and laws are also involved in the process of probation transfer of any individual.

    This process might take certain weeks or months, depending on the approval of both the sending and receiving states’ probation offices and the completion of the necessary paperwork and some other documents. 

    This transfer of state probation process might seem to be extremely complex and thus require extreme patience and help from an attorney.

    Moreover, you need to fulfil certain additional requirements for probation transfer, such as; a stable residence and job in the receiving state. 

    Can you leave the state on Probation FAQs

    If you are on probation can you leave the state?

    Yes, if you are on state probation, then you can surely leave the state only after explaining a valid reason for travelling to another state and getting a duly signed permit from the probation officer.  

    Can you leave the country on probation?  

    Yes, you can travel to another country on probation only after presenting an accurate explanation and getting permission from the probation officer. 

    Can you leave the state on probation in PA?  

    Yes, If someone is on probation in the state of Pennsylvania, then they can move to another state or county with due permission from the probation officer. 


    We hope you got the answer, as we have collected all the necessary information and discussed your queries in detail regarding the topic, ‘ Can you leave the state on probation

    Now, We hope that you might conclude that it is allowed to leave the state on probation but only after completing all the required paperwork and obtaining a permit from the probation officer. 

    So, make sure to complete all your paperwork and then start planning to travel to another state.