Highest Paying Jobs in Oklahoma

Highest Paying Jobs in Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma, a home to 4 million people is a state that has a significant and appreciable economy. It provides many job opportunities with a well-paid salary, and is also committed to hiring skillful, creative, and diverse personnel in every sector as well. Incidentally, these well-paid jobs in Oklahoma are achieved from a wide range of job opportunities and varying average salaries.

    So, let us know about the highest paying jobs in Oklahoma that can make you earn more than median household in oklahoma i.e. $53,840 per annum.

    Highest Paying Jobs in Oklahoma

    What is the highest-paying job in Oklahoma?

    Medical doctor and nurse anesthetist are the highest paying jobs in Oklahoma that pay an annual average salary of $210,911 and $225,660 per annum respectively, which are more than the national average.

    What careers get paid the most money in Oklahoma?

    After staying in Oklahoma for some time, you might wonder what are the best outdoor recreation places to visit or abandoned places in Tulsa Oklahoma. Likewise, if you are about to start your career in this state, you must know what careers get well paid and get respect and gratitude in Oklahoma. 

    Well, all medical and engineering professions occupy top spots and earn more money in Oklahoma. So, opting for engineering and medical careers after intermediate school will make the most in Oklahoma.

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    Top 9 Highest Paying Job

    Oklahoma has the nation’s highest economy on GDP which is less than the US average, the city is a place for some job positions that earn the highest annual wages. While most are related to the medical or health industry, others are a part of various employment fields. This is the reason behind ex-pats, seeking for Oklahoma passport appointment so that they can fly to Oklahoma and get a well-paid job according to their qualification and expertise.

    If you are to move to Oklahoma City, what profession would you choose? Search for any of the top careers in demand given below.

    1. Owner/Operator

    In Oklahoma City, the job situation for owner-operators is favorable. The number of positions held by owner-operators has increased by 45% over the past year. The average owner-operator makes between $130,000 and $233,000 yearly. This compares to the national average range of $124,000 to $245,000 for owner-operators.

    Owner Operator

    How can owners/operators make good money in Oklahoma?

    Owners/operators make good money in Oklahoma because they follow the following steps to grow their business in no time.

    • Grab the best-paying loads.
    • Work with trustworthy brokers or agents.
    • Make smarter moves while negotiating with rates.
    • Maintain good relationships with people.
    • Plan as many trips as they can, but in advance.
    • Minimize fuel cost.
    • Cut down deadhead distance.

    What owners/operator pays the most in Oklahoma?

    CEVA Logistics pays $97 per hour to its owners/operators which is one of the highest in Oklahoma, followed by Coca-Cola Company ($94 per hour).

    2. Consultant And Sales Representative

    It’s possible to find work as a consultant and Sales Representative. It is one of the highest-paying trade jobs in Oklahoma. If you want to be a successful sales consultant, you need to be competitive, self-motivated, and a good communicator. As a sales consultant in Oklahoma City, you will find a huge opportunity for a job. You can expect to make a median annual salary of $64,653.

    Consultant And Sales Representative

    Do sales consultants make good money in Oklahoma?

    According to ZipRecruiter, Sales consultants in Oklahoma make good salaries that range between

    • 25th percentile: $18,911
    • 75th percentile: $63,037
    • 19th percentile: $122,924

    What job categories do people search for Territory Sales Representative jobs in Oklahoma City?

    Job categories that people search for while searching for Territory Sales Representative jobs are as follows:

    • Sales Representative
    • District Sales Manager
    • Territory Manager
    • Territory Representative
    • Field Representative
    • Territory Service Representative
    • Account Manager Sales
    • Development Representative
    • Business Development Representative
    • Sales Merchandiser
    • National Account Sales Manager 

    3. Industrial Truck Driver

    OTR drivers are on the road for weeks at a time, but they make the most money. Local drivers stay in their state and can usually go home every night, but they get the least pay. In Oklahoma, a truck driver makes an average of $54,338 per year. As of July 24, 2022, there have been reports of 9,4k salaries.

    Industrial Driver

    What companies are hiring for industrial Truck Driver jobs in Oklahoma?

    The top 10 companies that are hiring for industrial drug driver jobs in Oklahoma, in 2022 are

    • Timco Logistics
    • Prochem Energy Services
    • Pinch Flatbed
    • Nationwide Cargo
    • Aviagen
    • Risinger Brothers Transfer, Inc
    • Dot Transportation, Inc
    • The Sherwin – Williams Company
    • True Transport Inc.
    • Cardinal Logistics 

    What should I search on Glassdoor to find industrial Truck Driver jobs in Oklahoma?

    You can also search for the below-listed options while searching for industrial truck driver jobs on Glassdoor.

    • Director Transportation
    • Transportation Supervisor
    • Logistics Operations Manager
    • Associate Manufacturing Engineer
    • Limousine Driver
    • Itl Driver
    • Tanker Driver
    • Freight Coordinator 
    • Logistics Consultant 

    4. Family Practitioner

    Family Practitioner makes sure that people who are hurt or sick get the right care, diagnosis, treatment, and time to heal. The average family practice salary in Oklahoma is between $179,072 and $233,316, but the highest salary is $203,305. Salary ranges can be very different depending on the city and many other important factors, such as education, additional skills, and experiences.

    Family Practioner

    What companies are hiring for Family Nurse Practitioner jobs in Oklahoma City?

     The top companies that are hiring family nurse practitioner jobs in 2022 are as follows:

    • PMO Medical
    • Oklahoma Institute Of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
    • Signify Health
    • Turn-Key Health Clinics
    • Today Clinic
    • Physician Housecalls
    • Oklahoma Heart Hospital
    • Nexcare
    • Southwest Orthopedics And Reconstructive Specialists
    • Valir Pace Foundation 

    What should I search on Glassdoor to find Family Nurse Practitioner jobs in Oklahoma City?

    You can search for the under-listed options while searching for Family Nurse Practitioner jobs in Oklahoma on Glassdoor as follows:

    • Nurse Anesthetist
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist
    • Nursing Instructor
    • Nursing Faculty
    • Advanced Practice Nurse

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    5. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

    From 2020 to 2030, the number of jobs for nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners is expected to grow by 45%, which is much faster than the average for all jobs. The average salary for a Certified Nurse Anesthetist in Oklahoma is $188,172, but the range is usually between $174,828 and $203,475. It is one kind of LPN job even though rehabilitation is the highest paying LPN job in Oklahoma with annual compensation of $50,000.


    Is CRNA in high demand in Oklahoma?

    CRNA is a high-demand position in Oklahoma as the nurse anesthetist in Oklahoma earns 10% less salary than the national average i.e. $97.34 per hour ($202,470).

    Is CRNA a stressful job in Oklahoma?

    CRNA is a very stressful profession, not a job because they have to deal with patients’ lives. They have to make decisions regarding their life or death. Within no time, they have to take quick decisions, deal with stressful situations and have to do good work under immense pressure.

    6. Operator And Truck Driver

    The job market for owner-operator truck drivers is very active in Oklahoma City. The range of what an operator truck driver makes on average is very wide. Depending on your skills, you may have many chances to move up and get paid more. In Oklahoma City, an operator truck driver makes an average of $198,927 per year. This equals $3,826 per week or $16,577 per month.

    Truck Driver

    How much do truckers make in Oklahoma?

    Truckers in Oklahoma earn an average base salary of $65,600 per year.

    What is the highest-paying truck driving job?

    The highest paying truck driving job in Oklahoma is a professional truck driver position that has an average annual salary of $72,664, followed by a commercial truck driver job position ($72,479) and a truck driver over the road ($69,950).

    7. Nurse Anesthetist

    A nurse anesthetist helps patients before, during, and after surgery by giving them painkillers. Nurse anesthetists give their job 3.8 out of 5 stars for happiness, which puts them in the top 16 percent of jobs. The average salary for a nurse anesthetist is $183,580. However, the top 25 percent made $208,000, and the bottom 25 percent made $154,540.

    Nurse Anesthetist

    Are nurse anesthetists in demand in Oklahoma?

    The Nurse Anesthetist job position is in high demand in Oklahoma, but not that higher than CRNAs. The employment rates for nurse anesthetists had increased by 15% whereas CRNAs’ jobs had grown by 45% during the period 2020-2030.

    Is it worth being a nurse anesthetist in Oklahoma?

    If you are a certified registered nurse anesthetist, you can lead an excellent lifestyle in Oklahoma. The mean annual salary of a nurse anesthetist is around $190,000 per year, which is wholesome money to live a life in Oklahoma.

    8. Clinical Physician Assistant

    Clinical Physician Assistants in Oklahoma work in a wide variety of communities and specialties. The average salary for a clinical physician assistant in Oklahoma City is $103,292. Salary ranges can be very different depending on many important factors, such as education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have worked in your field.

    Physician Assistant

    How much do Clinical Physician Assistants make in Oklahoma?

    The average wage for a clinical physician assistant in Oklahoma City is $100,000 as of July 2022.

    Can a physician assistant own practice in Oklahoma?

    A physician assistant can own practice with multiple osteopathic or allopathic physicians. If a PA works under a clinic, their ownership is 51% or 49% owned by others, and the rest under your influence.

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    9. Director Of Engineering, Quality & Program Management

    Based on the most recent salary estimates, eBay and PayPal are the companies that pay directors of engineering, quality, and program management the most. In Oklahoma, the average salary for a quality manager is $75,595, and the starting salary for an engineering director can be anywhere from $155,210 to $193,997.

    Director of Engineering

    What cities in Oklahoma are hiring for Quality Manager jobs?

    The cities of Oklahoma that are hiring quality manager jobs are Norman, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Durant, Enid, Stillwater, Broken Arrow, Ardmore, and Weatherford. Oklahoma City provides the highest number of quality manager jobs in Oklahoma.

    What should I search on Glassdoor to find Quality Manager jobs in Oklahoma?

    You can search for the under-listed options in Oklahoma while searching for quality manager jobs on Glassdoor as follows:

    • Quality Engineer
    • Quality Auditor
    • Quality Director 
    • Value Stream Manager
    • Quality Assurance Engineer
    • Validation Manager
    • Quality Supervisor
    • Quality Assurance Director
    • Process Improvement Manager 

    Highest paying jobs in Oklahoma FAQs

    What is a good wage in Oklahoma?

    People relocating to Oklahoma or already being there must know the minimum living wage a person must earn to support their family. An annual average salary of $25,500 and an hourly wage of $18.75 is an ideal wages for an individual to earn in Oklahoma. Wages below this are considered outliers.

    What is the best job to have in Oklahoma?

    Registered nurses and medical officers are the best jobs to have in Oklahoma, followed by truck drivers and owners/operators.


    Oklahoma City is one of the most affordable places to live and work in the United States. It is also one of the best places for first-time homebuyers. It’s no surprise that the city is also popular with families. There will always be a substantial number of employment accessible in critical industries like healthcare, public safety, law enforcement, education, and food and agriculture. So, it is easy to find out what is the highest paying job in Oklahoma City right now by thorough investigation!

    Besides this article, if you want to learn more about the clearest lakes in Oklahoma, that you need to visit to spend some quality time on your weekends, click on the above link, read the entire article, and pick your favorite spot right away!

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