Best Time To Visit Washington, DC

Best time to visit Washington, DC

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    Planning a trip to Washington? Here is what you should know about the dos and don’ts for your journey!

    Some factors that would prove essential to figure out the best time to visit Washington, DC, are;

    Best time to visit Washington, DC
    Best time to visit Washington, DC

    Firstly, the things you want to focus more on would be ideal weather conditions, less crowd, and the expenditure on accommodation. Secondly, the scenic beauty and festivals that occur for the tourists’ amusement. This is necessary for a vacation and even while moving to Washington.

    Further, Washington is known for its abandoned places. So, if you are one of them who enjoys haunting stories, visit abandoned places in Washington. But for this, you need to extend your stay.

    How many days do you need to explore DC?

    Three to four days. The district has a lot to offer. It is enriched with politics and history with its incredible monuments, memorials, parks, museums, and affordable accommodations during your stay.

    What is the best time to visit Washington state?

    September to November and March to May are the best times to visit Washington, as this is when the weather and tourism conditions are pretty favorable.

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    Visit Washington By Months

    By the time we decide when is the best time to visit Washington, DC, according to a month, there happen to be eventual variations. Naming a few of them – related to the density of visitors, occurrence of seasons with many fun activities for the tourists as a part of local attractions, and expenditure that might occur during the visit. So let us find out what condition suits you the best.

    September-November in Washington

    September to November is considered the best time of the year to visit Washington, DC.

    During this period, some major festivals and events are happening, which is a point of attraction for tourists. Let’s have a look at them.

    Crab and seafood festival – An event for about 3 days involving food and art. Music and children’s cooking competitions.

    Tacoma Greek Fest – A family fun event with awareness and conservation of Greek culture, food, and music by St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.

    Autumn leaf festival – An event with food, music, dance, and planting of roses, with parades and the royal lady being crowned.

    September-November in Vermont
    September-November in Washington

    Washington State Fair – A fun fair including music, carnival rides, beer, and food stalls, the fair runs for around 8 to 10 days in September each year.

    Birdfest – Children’s activities and workshops related to environmental awareness and responsibilities with local wildlife are fun family events.

    One world kite festival – Happening every second Sunday of October, the flying kites represent international friendship and diversity.

    Ale Festival – The festival promotes brewed beer in the Yakima Valley, with beautiful landscapes.

    Michelmasse Festival – The festival depicts the early ages’ living history, food, clothing, and religious practices, giving an idea of what it looked like in the early times. It is a fun acting activity for the whole family.

    Oysterfest – Carried as a fundraiser activity, containing oyster shucking competitions with food stalls and beer with music and entertainment.

    Is Washington, DC, busy in September?

    No. The crowd seems to be a lot lesser due to schooling, but some local attractions could show signs of the crowd during thanksgiving.

    Is it cold in Washington, DC, in September?

    Washington, DC, shows an ideal temperature around September, with a temperature range between 15 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius, being neither too high nor too low.

    Is November a good time to visit Washington?

    Yes. In November, the crowd is less, and the weather conditions are also quite suitable, neither too high nor too low.

    Does it snow in Washington, DC in November?

    Yes. The month of November might show some signs of the fall of snowflakes.

    December-February in Washington

    December to February will be a suitable time to visit Washington, attracting tourists to its amusing nature. 

    Not convinced? The below events and festivals might convince you.

    Scottish Christmas Parade – An event, representing and promoting Scottish culture with delicious delicacies and light fare with the bagpiper’s parade.

    First night Alexandria – Do not miss a firework celebration – a fun activity for the whole family.

    Ford’s Theatre – A Christmas carol is presented at Ford’s theatre, the theatre where President Abraham Lincoln was shot dead.

    December-February in Vermont
    December-February in Washington

    National Chanukah Menorah lighting ceremony – The festival depicts Jewish freedom and heritage, where a candle is lit on the menorah each night, honoring Jerusalem’s holy temple.

    National Christmas tree lighting – An event celebrated on the 2nd of December, the national tree is lit up with lights, and smaller trees in the surrounding, known as the “Pathway of Peace,” are worth seeing.

    Planning a trip to Washington might turn into a snowy destination against your wish; thus, before visiting, you should know does it snow in Seattle, Washington.

    Does it snow in DC in December?

    Yes. December is the first month in Washington, where snowfall is expected.

    How do people dress in Washington, DC in February?

    Locals prefer a heavy coat with accessories such as a scarf, gloves, and hat.

    What is the weather like in Washington in February?

    The weather in February usually remains cold, with some chances of snowfall twice or thrice a month.

    March-May in Washington

    The main reason for tourists gathering during March is primarily the Cherry Blossoms. In case you miss this, don’t worry; just check out some unique attractions apart from it!

    Francophonie Festival – An event, representing the culture of French countries by exhibiting the heritage in the form of food, music, literature, and art.

    DC State fair – Organized by local residents in the neighborhood, the fair contains a day full of competitions, workshops, and activities with several food stalls.

    Cinco de Mayo Festival – A view of Mexican culture through music, dance, art, and crafts, with Mexican delicacies.

    Chinese New Year Parade – The Chinese community living in DC celebrates the Chinese new year on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, depicting Chinese culture through dances, kung-fu, and musical bands.

    March-May in Vermont
    March-May in Washington

    Fiesta Asia – An all-day-long fair including activities like music, art, culture, and interactive workshops with food delicacies from Asian cuisine.

    National Cherry Blossom Festival – A mesmerizing sight to see where around 3000 cherry trees blossom out pink, with fun activities carried out for about 4 weeks with a kite festival, concerts, and a parade.

    Virginia Scottish Games – A two-day fest involving fun activities such as lifting logs and heavy weights, fiddling, cars and bike show, and a dance competition.

    Latino Festival – A show that depicts Latino culture with a full-day celebration such as beauty pageants, art and crafts, and live dance performances with Mexican cuisine.

    Even after Washington has many occasions for celebration, with good weather. The residents still choose to relocate to locations like California in search of more future opportunities, knowing that moving from Washington to California is more expensive.

    Is Washington, DC crowded in March?

    No. It is less crowded during early March. So, you are safe to plan your trip nearby.

    What’s happening in DC in March?

    Festivals like Cherry Blossom and Chinese New Year you can witness in March.

    Is May a good time to visit Washington, DC?

    Fleeing after the summer season, May is an excellent time to visit here.

    Is Washington, DC busy in May?

    Yes. Fleeing for the summer season, May is an excellent time to visit here, allowing a lot of tourists to peak at the moment.

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    June-August in Washington

    June to August is an exceptional duration for the residents of Washington. Still, it is not the best time to visit Washington, DC, for summer-sensitive people.

    As of the 4th of July, the celebration of Independence Day is a must-to-witness opportunity, with the fireworks show at night. Some yet other activities gather crowds before and after Independence day; you can find out below!

    June-August in Vermont
    June-August in Washington

    Awesome Con – An event carried out for three days, considered DC’s own comic con, with several fans dressed up as their favorite superheroes with many fun activities.

    Capital Pride – An event carried out by the LGBTQ community to celebrate their rights in the form of parties.

    Smithsonian Folklife Fest – An event that represents different folklife cultures through various forms such as clothing, books, culture, and music. This happens every year, considering and learning a new culture every year.

    Otakon – An event at Walther E. Washington convention center for anime and manga fans with many fun activities such as cosplays, books, movies, and games.

    Is June a good time to visit Washington, DC?

    Yes. Even though it’s the summer season which is a hot and humid climate, tourists still continue to visit DC. However, if you are not a summer-friendly person, avoiding a visit will be a great decision.

    What is DC like in June?

    DC starts gaining temperature, from 17 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celcius and turns hot and humid during June.

    How hot is Washington, DC in August?

    Washington, DC, remains hot and humid during ⅓ of the month, and the temperature might rise around 90F.

    How humid is Washington, DC in August?

    The overall relative humidity might remain up to 72%.

    Popular Times to Visit Washington By Season

    Depending on the seasons, DC’s climate gets divided into 4 parts of almost equal periods and classified as winter, spring, summer, and fall. However, the best time to visit Washington, DC, can be found after looking at the pros and cons of each specific season.

    Washington in Winter

    Winters in DC are usually from January, considered the coldest month of the year, which then carries forward till February and shows some signs of snowfall and rainfall.

    Vermont in Winter
    Washington in Winter

    The weather remains pleasant during the day in the 30s and 40s and eventually reduces to around the 20s at night.

    Is Washington, DC nice in winter?

    As winters are icy in DC, you should carry heavy clothing and accessories during winters, with chances of rainfall as well.

    Does it snow in DC in winter?

    Yes. Winters are considered very cold there, with snowfall and rainfall. In January, the temperature can drop below the freezing point.

    Washington in Spring

    Consider spring when planning a trip to Washington, DC. The season occurs during the year’s March, April, and May months.

    Washington in Spring
    Washington in Spring

    During these months, Cherry blossoms start to appear, so you have to face the crowd. Springtime is the most pleasant time of the year.

    What is Washington, DC like in the spring?

    During the spring season, the temperatures are moderate, making it the most delightful weather.

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    Washington in Summer

    Summers are likely to last from May to September. The peak hot month is July. So do not plan to visit DC during this season of the year.

    Vermont in Summer
    Washington in Summer

    If you do so, you have to either stay indoors or consider going to places like monuments and museums with an air conditioning facility to reduce the heat’s effect.

    What is Washington, DC like in the summer?

    It is scorching and humid during the summer season.

    Is Washington, DC busy in the summer?

    Yes. Even though it is hot and humid, you will find tourist attractions are busy with crowds.

    Washington in Fall

    The fall season is the driest season, with no chances of rain. The fall season occurs around October and is free from heat waves, unlike the peak summers.

    Vermont in Fall
    Washington in Fall

    As an added benefit, tourists from the previous summer also have left. Therefore, tourist crowds are no more a problem.

    Is Washington, DC pretty in the fall?

    Yes. It looks pretty during fall as the leaves of trees turn red and yellow.

    What is Washington, DC like in the fall?

    It attracts many tourists during the fall season as the leaves of trees turn red and mesmerizing.

    Best Time To Visit Washington, DC FAQ’s

    What is the best time to avoid DC traffic?

    The traffic is mainly seen from around 6 am to 9 am and 2 pm to 7 pm. Apart from these busy hours, you will not get any traffic. On the other hand, you can take the available metro buses for a secure ride throughout the place instead of a personal vehicle.

    What is the cheapest month to go to Washington, DC?

    During winters, in March, while the climate is wet and cold, a drop can be observed in the tourists who seem to avoid gatherings. As a result, accommodation prices might drop, making it cheaper to visit during March.

    Is DC expensive to visit?

    Yes, it is. On the other hand, some things are freely available to view and visit, saving costs and making DC affordable.
    However, based on some basic aspects, a trip to Washington can prove budget-friendly. An average trip for seven days can cost accordingly, as the below table shows,

    Average Trip For Washington

    Types Of Trip And Overall CostFood, Local Travel, And Sightseeing (Per Day Cost)FlightsLodging and Hotels (Per Night Cost)
    Solo trip Cost for a week is $1600 to $2680$69 to $125$421 to $953 (economy)$117 to $140 (3-star hotel)   $116 to $142 (one bed vacation rental)
    Couple’s trip Cost for a week is $3052 to $5984$138 to $250$842 to $1906 (economy)$117 to $140 (3-star hotel)   $116 to $142 (one bed vacation rental)
    Family vacation Cost for a week is $4660 to $8992$276 to $50$1684 to $3812 (economy)$234 to $280 (3-star hotel)   $174 to $227 (one bed vacation rental)

    Budget Trip For Washington

    Types Of Trip And Overall CostFood, Local Travel, And Sightseeing (Per Day Cost)FlightsLodging and Hotels (Per Night Cost)
    Solo trip Cost for a week is $751 to $1847$30 to $60$421 to $953 (economy)$66 to $79 (1-star hotel)   $20 to $50 (one bed vacation rental)
    Couple’s trip Cost for a week is $1382 to $3220$60 to $120$842 to $1906 (economy)$66 to $79 (1-star hotel)   $20 to $50 (one bed vacation rental)
    Family vacation Cost for a week is $2716 to $6440$120 to $240$1684 to $3812 (economy)$132 to $158 (1-star hotel)   $32 to $70 (one bed vacation rental)

    Luxury Trip For Washington

    Types Of Trip And Overall CostFood, Local Travel, And Sightseeing (Per Day Cost)FlightsLodging and Hotels (Per Night Cost)
    Solo trip Cost for a week is $3,091 to $10,082$124 to $238$1,221 to $2,716 (first class)$167 to $302 (4 or 5-star hotel)   $500 to $950 (vacation rental)
    Couple’s trip Cost for a week is $5,180 to $14.464$248 to $476$2,442 to $5,432 (first class)$167 to $302 (4 or 5-star hotel)   $500 to $950 (vacation rental)
    Family vacation Cost for a week is $10,360 to $26,648$462 to $952$4,884 to $10,864 (first class)$334 to $604 (4 or 5-star hotel)   $800 to $1,520 (one bed vacation rental)


    The month of fall, occurring around September to November, has a beautifully scenic nature, nearly ideal climatic temperature, and has comparatively less crowd than on busy days. So you can conclude that fall is the best time of the year to visit Washington, DC.

    Analyzing the above conditions, some ideal things you should look at for a visit would be;

    • low crowd in the tourist places
    • excellent and affordable charges of accommodations
    • reasonably suitable weather conditions and
    • able to enjoy the trip within about three days.

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