Abandoned Places in Washington

Abandoned places in Washington

You might have heard a lot about the famous spots that are significant tourist attractions in Washington. But what if you come to know there are some places in Washington that not everyone knows about, and they were left abandoned?

Abandoned places in Washington
Abandoned places in Washington

“Many stories, many reasons, many beliefs” gives rise to such conditions. If you are an adventurer seeking these amusing answers, buckle yourself up for some fun and explore abandoned places in Washington state!

But, before visiting these locations, it is essential to find out the best time to visit Washington, DC, to avoid last moment conflicts.

Are there any abandoned towns in Washington?

Yes, there are many abandoned towns in Washington. Matildaville, Bodie, Govan Washington, and Molson are some examples of abandoned towns in Washington.

By going out there, you can witness many spooky events and apparitions. For the haunting lovers among the tourist, it is exciting to know that haunted abandoned places in Washington state exist.

How do you find untouched abandoned places?

Follow the below tips to find untouched abandoned places;

  1. Mainly choose the sites that are usually open to the public.
  2. You can only visit a site if the authority permits it.
  3. Joining a group with a good tour guide can make your experience worthwhile.
  4. If a site is accident-prone, carry some protection regarding it.
  5. Do not steal anything from the abandoned places in Washington, DC; such acts are usually prohibited, and failure to obey the rules may land you in trouble.

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Top 6 Abandoned Towns in Washington

Many abandoned towns in Washington were left behind by the residents due to various reasons.

After being abandoned, the artifacts and relics from several decades are still witnessed in the towns, depicting how things used to be back then.

1. Govan Washington

In 1942, the residents abandoned the town, leaving behind the school building, an elevator used to haul grains, and a post office.

The town is famous for its really dark history, and the residents have witnessed some horrific and shocking crimes back in the day.

In 1902, the gruesome murder of a judge and his wife with an axe in their own house in Govan.

Govan Washington
Govan Washington

In 1941, the murder of a woman on her own farm and her child went missing.

The famous Govan school witnessed around six murders that happened near the school.

The most horrifying and shocking thing is that no one was ever convicted in the case.

The town of Govan can be reached by Highway US-2, traveling 25 miles towards the East of Coulee.

Frightened? If you are a local and still residing there, consider moving to California from Washington for betterment of your life.  

Who owns Govan Washington?

The remains of the ghost town of Govan, falling under Lincoln county, are now the property of the Washington State Government.

Can you go into the Govan buildings?

Yes. It is possible to visit the famous Govan school building, which is accessible anytime. But avoid visiting at night time.

2. Bodie Washington

Bodie was initially known to be a gold mine, grabbing a lot of wealth for the residents.

But due to the raging war and residents’ unemployment, the Government had to take action. Thus, the railway tracks, including some public facilities, were taken out of the town.

Bodie Washington
Bodie Washington

The famous tourist attractions are the remains of the town. You can stop and pay a visit in, along, and around the town, with the famous two-storied house in Bodie still intact and a reason for tourist attraction.

Bodie is in the Okanogan county of Washington, 15 miles north of Wauconda.

Why is Bodie abandoned?

Due to the raging war, wildfires, unemployment, and loss of facilities became the most crucial reasons for the town to get abandoned.

When did people leave Bodie?

The residents left the place around 1940 as the town got abandoned and cast away as a ghost town.

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3. Molson Ghost Town

Originally started as a mining town in the 1900s, showing rapid growth. But, soon, a resident filed a suit, claiming most of the land that engulfed the town.

By 1909, he issued a notice to the residents ordering them to relocate from the property. As a result, the town facing rapid growth, accompanied by many ups and downs on the way, had finally turned into a ghost town.

Molson Ghost Town
Molson Ghost Town

The town attracts tourists due to its structures and artifacts left behind, which provide nostalgia of the time it used to be back several decades ago.

Molson is situated in Okanogan county, accessed through Chesaw road.

For a safe and enjoyable trip, tourists consider visiting in favorable conditions when the amount of rainfall and snowfall don’t occur as a problem. Thus, it is crucial to know how often does it snow in Seattle, Washington.

Can you go into the Molson ghost town buildings?

Yes. The buildings are available for visitors, created as an open museum. They are accessed from April to November, depending on favorable weather conditions.

Do you know what hours/days it is open Molson?

Molson is open for tourists during daytime hours for all seven days of the week.

4. Iron Goat trail

The Iron Goat trail is a famous hiking destination stretching about 6 miles. The hike is enjoyable and easy even for non-hikers, with a spectacular view of the scenic beauty.

The trail takes you through the railroads built close to the 1900s. The reason for tourist attractions is the tragic incident of the train crash in 1910.

Iron Goat trail
Iron Goat trail

The hikers going down for a hike into the tunnel have experienced strange things while on the hike. Some say to have been able to see apparitions, while some could hear screams and feel their skin getting touched.

It is near Leavenworth from Highway US-2, 64 miles from Steven’s pass.

Is there snow at iron goat trail?

Yes. The tourist location of the iron goat trail experiences snow for some months. But not more than a few inches deep.

How long is great falls billy goat trail?

The great falls billy goat trail stretches for about 8 miles (13 km approx).

5. Melmont

Melmont is a hike surrounded by fantastic rail artifacts and a wreck of the past that gets consumed by nature.

Melmont was usually used as a coal mine, and the supply was being done to the Northern Pacific. But due to changing conditions and the emergence of diesel engines, employment got trembled. 


Closely around 20 years after that, the residents left the town, leaving it abandoned.

Amusing things seen on the hike are the walls of old houses, old dynamite shacks, rusty cars, and everything covered in moss.

After the salvage of some structures burned down in the forest fire, the visitors witnessed the residues.

Melmont is accessed through highway 165 till Manley-Moore road on the left. If all these stories excite you, you would love relocating to Washington.

How long is Melmont ghost town hike?

The Melmont ghost town hike stretches to about 7.9 miles (12.7 km approx.).

How do I get to ghost town Melmont?

To reach Melmont, you must travel on Highway 165, about 4 miles south of Carbonado.

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6. Northern State

The Northern state is a ghost town in Washington, initially developed as a mental asylum.

The asylum was established because the existing two hospitals could not manage the massive number of patients during that time.

Northern State
Northern State

The hospital had reached the capacity of almost handing 2700 patients at that time. Still, after a while, when the public opinion about mental asylum started changing, the state legislature cut off the hospital’s funding, which was completely shut down in 1976.

The tourists can enjoy a hike on the surrounding grounds and also enter the hospital.

Northern state is reached about 7 miles east on highway 20 from Burlington. Another example of haunted abandoned places in Washington, DC.

When did Northern state insane asylum close?

The asylum was closed in 1976 due to a cutting of funding through the state legislature. However, Northern state asylum received an opening in 1912 and had been under work for almost 65 before shutting down completely.

How many acres is Northern state hospital?

The Northern state hospital spans an area of about 1086 acres.

Abandoned Places in Washington FAQ’s

Are there any ruins in Washington state?

Yes. The state of Washington consists of ruins. The iron goat trail train tunnel, Lake Roosevelt national recreational area, and the Hanford high school are some ruins in Washington state.

Can you buy an abandoned house in Washington?

Yes, you can find foreclosures for abandoned homes in Washington.

Is it illegal to go in abandoned buildings in Washington?

Yes. If an entry is made without permission, lawful actions are taken against the trespassers.


Haunted abandoned places in Washington state are part of tourist attractions. Visiting these locations might give you an unusual, unexplainable, or different-level feel.

The locations are worth visiting and might cause no harm or accident if you follow the laws while paying them a visit.

Due to some beliefs and reasons, you might not like to visit the places, but a trip to these places is worthwhile for adventure seekers.

The best way to do this would be to hire a tour guide, ensuring that you did not miss even a single detail making your trip worthy!

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