Are Edibles Legal in Florida?

Are Edibles Legal in Florida

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    Is CBD legal in Florida? Well, we will discuss it below.

    You may have heard many stories about edibles in Florida. Mainly, it was when the state legalized edibles. It was the point of discussion in recent years in news, articles, social media, and everywhere. But, the thing is that most people don’t know about the reality of Florida edibles properly.

    Are Edibles Legal in Florida

    Everything from food to folks is good except CBD edibles in Florida. CBD edibles can make this state a lousy option on your list, but wait! First, understand the following.

    Doctors commonly prescribe CBD edibles; however, you can see them on the streets in rare cases only. Most clinical activities are using the edibles for patients’ betterment and providing to those having a valid medical marijuana card. Otherwise, it is illegal in Florida.

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    What Are Edibles?

    Edibles are known as food or drink consisting of marijuana to consume. They are available in an easy-to-use form. It looks similar to what the locals and best retirement communities in Florida eat, such as chocolates, cookies, gummies, etc.

    Also, they are known as cannabinoids affecting the body and the mind after consumption. Despite that, it is possible to see people smoking or vaporizing cannabis in the state. However, the fact is that edible marijuana helps many medical patients, especially youngsters and elders, avoid the harmful effect of smoking or vaporizing marijuana.

    Furthermore, edibles in Florida become consumable when converted into flour, making them suitable for cooking with oil and butter. However, purchasing commercially manufactured marijuana edibles from the Florida medical dispensaries is allowed.

    Is Edible Marijuana Allowed in Florida?

    Yes! Medical marijuana edibles in Florida became legalized in August 2020, and medical smoking of marijuana was in 2019. However, there are some limits on consuming marijuana in Florida.

    Further, 29 states have legalized the use of marijuana in their boundaries, including Florida. The medical marijuana program of Florida boosted the number of medical marijuana patients to more than 200,000, treated by many physicians. Therefore, federal law registered marijuana as a “Schedule I” Drug.

    Can I Buy Edible Marijuana in Florida?

    Not exactly! That means you can buy those edibles containing marijuana, but you need a valid medical marijuana card as it is supplied to them only. You are not permitted to purchase edibles in Florida randomly without any reason. If you do so, you have to face the consequences.

    Despite that, you can buy edible marijuana in the cases of Chronic nonmalignant pain, terminal illness, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, PTSD, and many more. We will discuss a few of them below.

    Extras – if you want to reside in Florida, refer to our article on “How to become a Florida resident.”

    Medical Conditions for Marijuana Card

    If you relocate to Florida, you will see the Medical Marijuana Card system. A Medical Marijuana card is commonly used to purchase edible marijuana from Florida dispensaries. Therefore, you can use this card in Florida’s licensed medical marijuana treatment center to deal with the following medical conditions.

    Medical Conditions for Marijuana


    Cancer is the most significant illness one can have. Therefore, most doctors in Florida choose marijuana to deal with cancer. 699,000 people were registered in Florida for using medical marijuana in March 2022. Moreover, the number has increased to more than 3% of the population consuming marijuana for their cancer treatments in Florida today.


    A brain disorder commonly comes under Epilepsy, and 96,545 patients were registered in January 2022 in  Florida. Therefore, medical marijuana helps them to recover from their illness.


    It damages the optic nerve of your eyes. But, marijuana decreases the intraocular pressure to deal with the situation. However, it has a few side effects that can be overcome.


    It is commonly known as a virus impacting the body ultimately. Therefore, the immune activation and inflammation in CSF are decreased by cannabis marijuana. Today, 39.1 HIV diagnoses per 100k are active in Florida.


    It commonly occurs due to HIV. Therefore, many types of diseases related to AIDS can be sorted by the use of medicines consisting of marijuana.


    It is a psychiatric disorder commonly known as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Therefore, marijuana cannabis is used to decrease the activities in the visceral brain and helps to recover from it.

    However, these conditions can be controlled in Florida by taking the marijuana from the medical dispensaries after concerning doctors. If you are interested, read more about the cost of living in Florida, which is relatively higher than the national average.

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    Criminal Penalties For Edibles In Florida

    Marijuana edibles in Florida have included the number of arrests of drug addicts. Depending on the weight of the edibles, the criminal sentence for having edibles changes. It is a mistake to think that the authorities will only weigh the number of THC edibles in Florida, which is why drug addicts are caught the most.

    Marijuana in Florida

    Whether you have chocolate or any edibles, they count everything and impose the following penalties.

    • If your edibles range between 280 to 500 grams, you are liable to pay $50,000 and 3 years of imprisonment.
    • If your edibles range between 500 to 1,000 grams, you are responsible for paying $100,000 and 7 years of imprisonment.
    • If your edibles range between 1,000 to 30 kilograms, you are liable to pay $200,000 and 15 years of imprisonment.
    • If the edibles are more than 30 kilograms caught near you, you are responsible for paying $750,000 and 25 years of imprisonment.

    That means Florida restricts consuming marijuana except for medical use. So, when it comes to restrictions, don’t forget to read about Florida Travel Restrictions. If you are planning to visit Florida, this guide will help you.

    Common Defenses for Edibles

    Marijuana penalties in Florida can be worse if the authorities catch you. However, you can hire a drug lawyer in Florida to handle your case. He will analyze the real facts and help you escape the spider web.

    The following defenses will help you better if you get arrested by the authorities for having marijuana.

    Illegal Search and Seizure

    Most cases tell the story of searching the entire vehicle, home, or private property for many reasons, including drugs. Also, most patients are saying that the law has forced them to provide consent for searching. The invalid searches can develop the evidence obtained during the examination.

    Lack of Knowledge

    This is the most common and easiest reason you can use to defend yourself. You can say that the food you were using was considered edibles in the state. Also, due to lack of knowledge, you can say that you were testing edible items like beverages, chocolates, cookies, etc., to know the nature of a particular item.

    Temporary Possession

    Last but not least! You can say that you have temporary possession of marijuana edibles. Remember that you can defend yourself by this only if you have a short possession of an edible. But, you will need complete control of the edible to have new legal custody.

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    Hiring A Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

    When you are caught mistakenly in Florida with marijuana, there is a possibility that you need to attend the court hearings. Therefore, hiring a criminal lawyer to decrease your penalty charges and help you with justice is the best option you can choose.

    Criminal Defense Lawyer

    You know that the penalties and prison duration change per the drugs you get caught with you. So, a criminal lawyer will help you defend yourself in court on behalf of you to reduce your charges. Similarly, he will be responsible for the penalties you will pay to the court if you hire a criminal lawyer.

    Are Edibles legal in Florida FAQs

    What happens if you get caught with edibles in Florida?

    Florida has restrictions on the use of edibles randomly. You can only eat edible with doctor’s prescriptions. Otherwise, you have to face the music depending on the weight of marijuana which includes a $50,000 to $750,000 fine and imprisonment of 3 to 25 years.

    Do you need a prescription to buy edibles in Florida?

    Yes! Florida dispensaries will provide you with marijuana only if you have a medical card or doctor’s prescription. There is no other way to purchase edibles in Florida without a qualified doctor’s prescription.


    Florida is a beautiful state to live comfortably without paying taxes. So, visiting Florida can be the best experience of your life. However, things are not the same every time. Although marijuana is used commonly in medical conditions, Florida is not free from marijuana.

    You will meet with a few medical patients using the marijuana prescribed by their concerning and qualified physician. However, the best part is that Florida doesn’t allow anyone randomly to purchase marijuana from the dispensaries. Therefore, this article discusses the various topics on edibles in Florida.

    We hope it will help you in the way you want. So, read this and share your opinion in the comment section.

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