What Is Minimum Wage In Nebraska

Minimum Wage in Nebraska

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    Nebraska, a province in the US Midwest is a well-known state of the US known for agriculture production and natural beauty. It has a great quality of life, a booming job market, and reasonable housing prices. Have you ever thought about Nebraska’s minimum salaries and tipped wages? How much can a least tipped pay employee in Nebraska predict, etc.? Will the minimum wage in Nebraska go up or down ever? And much more.

    As you know, the minimum wage varies by state. When it comes to paying your employees in Nebraska, there are several considerations. That’s why we had made this checklist just for you to keep up with the Nebraska least.

    Minimum Wage in Nebraska

    What is the Nebraska state minimum hourly wage?

    The minimum wage in Omaha Nebraska is $9.00 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The national minimum wage of $7.25 is not enough to cover this. As a state employee, you’re entitled to the higher minimum pay in your area. Employers in Nebraska must show an approved Nebraska minimum wage poster prominently to notify personnel of their rights in Nebraska labor law. With 4 or more employees, employers must pay a fair wage, except for small enterprises with total annual sales of $110,000 or less. Students-learners and new employees under the age of 20 can receive a training pay of 75% of the Nebraska minimum wage for the first 90 days.

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    Minimum Wage in Nebraska in 2022

    Employers in Nebraska must show an approved Nebraska minimum wage poster prominently to notify employees of their obligations by Nebraska labor law. Ohama Nebraska’s minimum wage was last increased in January 2016. Previously, Nebraskans decided to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $8 in 2015, and subsequently to $9 in 2016. Before that historic vote, Nebraska’s minimum wage was $7.25. There are no plans to raise Nebraska’s minimum wage in 2022.

    Nebraska Minimum Wage Increase Initiative

    A Willis Towers Watson survey found that U.S. firms anticipate hiking wages by 3.4% in 2022. This growth is predicted across all sorts of jobs, devoid of seniority. The Nebraska Minimum Wage Increase Initiative may be on the ballot in Nebraska as state law on November 8, 2022. This is how the initiative would raise the state’s minimum wage one step at a time:

    • On January 1, 2023, it will cost $10.50.
    • On January 1, 2024, $12.00 will be the price of gas.
    • January 1, 2025, will be $13.50.
    • It will cost $15.00 on January 1, 2026.

    Details about this initiative

    The details regarding Nebraska’s minimum wage increase initiative are as follows:

    • The objective of this petition is to change and increase the minimum wage law in Nebraska from $9 per hour to $10.50 per hour on Jan 1st,2023, $12 per hour from Jan 1, 2024, $13.50 per hour from Jan 1, 2025, and to $15 per hour on Jan 1, 2026, to meet the increase in the rate of change in the cost of living.
    • Thereafter, the minimum wage shall be increased on January 1 of every successive year after January 1, 2027, to meet the demand of increasing living costs.
    • For people getting compensation or tips such as waiters, porters, bellhops, etc, employers must pay minimum wages of $2.13 per hour including tips given to them for service rendered.
    • Any person employing interns in and as a bona fide vocational training program shall pay intern wages @75% of the minimum wage rate which is otherwise become applicable.

    Object Statement

    One of the initiative’s goals is to make it easier for people to get information about it. On January 1, 2023, the state minimum wage will rise from $9.50 an hour to $10.50 an hour; on January 1, 2024, it will rise from $12.00 to $13.25; on January 1, 2025, it will rise from $13.50 to $15.50; and, on January 1, 2026, it will rise from $15.00 to $16.00 an hour. The minimum wage will be adjusted annually thereafter to reflect increases in the cost of labor.”

    Minimum Wage


    Senate Minority Leader Nordquist (NP-7) formed Nebraskans for Better Wages to promote the effort. Proponents hired FieldWorks, a ballot initiative campaign consulting firm, to gather signatures.


    • Senator Megan Hunt (D)
    • Senator Terrell McKinney (D)
    • ACLU of Nebraska
    • Heartland Worker Center
    • Holland Children’s Movement
    • NAACP Lincoln Branch
    • Nebraska Civic Engagement Table
    • Nebraska State AFL-CIO
    • No More Empty Pots
    • Out Nebraska
    • Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska
    • Power of People Omaha—Political Action Committee
    • South of Downtown Community Development Organization
    • Voices for Children in Nebraska
    • YWCA Lincoln

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    Economic Justice Director for Nebraska Appleseed, Ken Smith, claimed if passed, this proposal will affect around 20% of workers in Nebraska. This reduces poverty and income disparity for low-wage workers and their families. Neither rent nor groceries should be a choice for Nebraskans. The minimum wage increase will help many underpaid Nebraskans provide for their families. In the courtroom, in the Capitol, or the community, we believe we can do the most good,” Smith says.

    Rabble Mill is also a member. The communications director said, “Rabble Mill is a nonprofit that aims to enhance the lives of historically underrepresented and excluded young people statewide”. Phillips says “salaries determine whether or not young people can afford college, whether or not families can provide for their children, and whether or not individuals can save money for significant expenses like houses or retirement”.

    “While Nebraska’s slightly higher minimum wage does not offset the rising cost of living,” Phillips added.

    The State process

    In Nebraska, 7% of registered voters must sign a petition to prepare an initiated specific law for the vote. Nebraska is the only state wherein petition sponsors need not know the precise amount of signatures necessary until they submit them. Nebraska legislation also mandates that petitions have signatures from 5% of registered voters in each of the state’s 93 districts.

    State Process

    Signatures should be put a minimum of four months before the next national election. Signatures do not carry over; they expire four years after the start of campaign filing. Complainants have up to two years to circulate petitions based on when the proposal application is filed.

    To get an introduced state law on the ballot in 2022, you must:

    • Signatures: 85,628
    • Signatures must be received by July 7, 2022.

    The secretary of state receives signatures. The secretary of state distributes signed petitions to each county, which verifies them. The secretary of state verifies the signatures after obtaining them from county officials.

    Wage For Employees

    While making your move you might be thinking should I move to Nebraska or is it worth to move Nebraska, be sure about that fact, Nebraska is a safe place to live and a nature lover’s dream. It is also scored third in the labor market index and 13th in the economy. Because of its low unemployment rate of 2.8%, it outperformed the national average of 5.8% in economic growth.

    Any agricultural and farm employees

    In 2021, Nebraska had 44,800 farms and ranches, with a typical acreage of 1,000. People who work on farms in Nebraska make about $13.89 an hour, on average.

    • Top-level agricultural and farmworker earnings begin at: $20.11/ hour or $41,840/ year
    • Mid-level agricultural worker earnings begin at: $13.89/ hour or $28,900/ year
    • Starting level agricultural worker earnings begin at: $10.15/ hour or $21,110/ year

    Government employees

    All top cities having Federal Government jobs pay less than Nebraska’s average. An employee’s location and remuneration should be based on the prospect of a lower cost of living.

    • Federal Civilian: Annual salary- $140,527 & Hourly salary- $67.56
    • Director Federal Government: Annual salary- $93,444 & Hourly salary- $44.93
    • Director Government Relations: Annual salary-$86,864 & Hourly salary- $41.76
    • Director Government Sales: Annual salary- $86,851 & Hourly salary- $41.76
    • Director Government: Annual salary- $83,655 & Hourly salary- $40.22

    Apprentices and learners

    People under the age of 20 who aren’t seasonal or migrants can get paid 75% of the federal minimum wage for their first 90 days of work, as long as they’re not seasonal or migrants. In Nebraska, the average hourly wage for an apprentice is $19.71, or $19.71 per hour. 43 salaries have been reported, as of March 17, 2022.


    Volunteer nonprofit workers

    When the estimated yearly pay for a Volunteer Coordinator in Nebraska was calculated in 2022, the average annual salary was $29,721 a year. That performs out to about $14.29 an hour if you need a simple salary calculator. As a rough figure, this is $572 a week or $2,477 a month.

    Immediate-family employees

    Nebraska is 26th out of 50 states in terms of Family Support pay. Do you know how much the minimum wage is in Nebraska? We found 7 cities where the average Family Support wage is higher than Nebraska’s average. Omaha tops the list, followed by Fremont and Norfolk. Norfolk tops the Nebraska average by 9.4%, and Omaha adds $4,807 to the $41,907.

    Certain physically or mentally disabled workers

    In Nebraska, full-time disabled workers earn around $40,400 annually. Annual Household Income is $51,100 for homes with working-age disabled individuals.

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    Are there plans to change the minimum wage beyond?

    One thing you need to be aware of is that Nebraska’s minimum wage is not going to grow up beyond 2022, according to current proposals. However, new bills to raise the state minimum wage continue to be introduced by Nebraska legislators. An attempt to raise the state-mandated minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2026 was proposed in August 2021 by a coalition of Nebraska partners and campaigners. Nebraska’s minimum wage is still up in the air despite the efforts of this bill to get enough signatures to be put on the ballot in November 2022.

    What is Minimum Wage in Nebraska

    How should small business owners prepare for changes to the minimum wage?

    Any rise in the Nebraska minimum wage will not negatively impact your business. Preparing for future changes in the minimum wage includes the following.

    • Saving money doesn’t mean reducing staff. Square Payroll software, for example, can help you save money. Payroll services for small businesses include automatic payroll and simple team administration.
    • Analyze your hiring methods. Paying for new personnel and onboarding can be pricey. When recruiting new employees, be sure to cast a wide net.
    • With rising staff costs, it may be time to consider boosting prices. It’s called market equilibrium in business. With bigger income comes the same buying power.


    In Nebraska, we discovered many jobs that pay above average. We have the same burning urge to learn more about Nebraska’s highest-paid professions. Non-exempt employees in Nebraska can be paid no less than the current $9.00 per hour Nebraska minimum wage which is an interesting fact about Nebraska. For a full-time minimum wage worker in Nebraska, $72.00 per day, $360.00 per week, and $18,720.00 per year1 are earned. Annually, a two-person household falls below the poverty level. To notify employees about the minimum wage and their rights under Nebraska labor law, all companies must exhibit an approved minimum wage poster prominently.

     If you have read the article and FAQs but still have not found the answers to your queries, drop down your query in the comment section below.  Want to learn more about how to become a notary in Nebraska? Click on the link and read on!

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