Ojai Hot Springs


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    Ojai Hot springs are a thermal treasure of the Golden State of California. It is not only favored by the locals but also by visitors and enjoyed with esteem. 

    Located in Los Padres national forest, the hot spring offers 5 mineralized pools with varied temperatures and looks.

    Rustic rocks, rock structures, and huge boulders with thick vegetation border the springs.


    Each offers a felicitous revitalizing warm detox and superb natural views to thrive.

    Why do people love Ojai?

    Ojai’s picturesque landscape and quiet environment draw people’s attention who want sustainable and sacred enlightenment.

    The place is home to ayurvedic medicine stores, yoga and meditation retreats, and vegetarian cuisines. 

    What is Ojai Ecotopia?

    The hot springs of Ojai are known as Ecotopia Hot Springs. It is a rough and ready hot spring reserve park situated near the Matilija river in the Los Padres forest, CA.

    Hot Springs at Ojai (Ecotopia)

    Ojai Hot Springs is located in the heart of the Los Padres National Forest, surrounded by stunning natural beauty.


    Matilija Canyon, where the Hot Springs is located, boasts rugged rock formations, towering cliffs, and lush vegetation.

    Visitors can enjoy soaking in the Ojai natural Hot Springs while surrounded by the sounds of the nearby Matilija Creek and the diverse wildlife that calls the area home.

    Coordinates GPS34.4483° N, 119.2429° W
    Best Season to visitSpringtime
    CampingNo, camping is only allowed in designated campgrounds or backcountry areas.


    Ojai Hot Springs are in Matilija Canyon, 5 miles north of Ojai. At the end of Matilija Road is the trailhead for the Matilija Canyon Trail, the most popular way to reach the Hot Springs.

    To get to the trailhead from downtown Ojai, travel 6 kilometers. Overall, it can be long to get to the Hot Springs in Ojai California, but the hike through Matilija Canyon is beautiful.

    Trail to Ecotopia Hot Spring

    The trail to Ecotopia hot spring is a 2-mile (3.2 km) round-trip hike at the Matilija Canyon Trailhead.


    Ojai hot spring hike is a rewarding experience that allows hikers to explore the stunning wilderness of Los Padres National Forest while relaxing in natural Hot Springs.

    The trail is moderately challenging, with some steep sections. However, Hilltop Hot Springs may be a better option if you prefer a shorter path, as the hike is only about half a mile long.

    The Pool

    The pool at Ecotopia Hot Springs is a natural rock pool fed by hot spring water. The pool is located along Matilija Creek, surrounded by lush vegetation and towering cliffs.

    The water in the pool is typically around 100°F (38°C), creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere for visitors to soak in.

    Best Time to Visit Ojai Hot Springs

    The best time to visit Ojai Hot Springs is in the cooler months between October and April when the weather is milder,


    and the Hot Springs provides a warm and relaxing contrast to the cooler temperatures. Visit early or on weekdays to avoid crowds during peak times.

    Ojai Hot Springs is open year-round, but you can visit Lake Tahoe Hot Springs during winter.

    How to get to Ojai Hot Springs?

    From the town of Ojai, head north on Highway 33 for about 15 miles. After passing Matilija Canyon Road, park in the dirt turnout on the left side of the highway.

    From there, it’s about a 2-mile hike on the Matilija Trail to reach the Hot Springs.

    While Ojai Hot Springs is 40 miles northeast of Hot Springs in Santa Barbara, the mountains above Santa Barbara are worth exploring.

    Visitors’ tips

    • Pack lots of water and snacks for the hike to the Hot Springs.
    • Bring a towel, bath suits, and extra dry clothes.
    • Don’t burn yourself from pool water.
    • Carry sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat.
    • Don’t use chemical things and eateries inside the pool.
    • Do a half-body soak and dry yourself after the bath.
    • Don’t soak overtime.

    Ojai Hot Springs FAQs

    Are Ojai Hot Springs free?

    Ojai Hot Springs can be accessed at a rate of $20 for a few hours. 

    Which Season are Ojai Hot Springs open?

    Ojai Hot Springs is accessible to people from early morning to early evening throughout the year.


    People applying to move to California DMV and relocating to the Golden State are highly recommended to take a tour of the naturally mineralized Ojai Hot springs.

    The place not only offers a 2 hour private soaking period but also allows you to tour nearby farms, visit natural attractions, water recreations, camp, hike, swim, and more.

    Besides that, this cute little town, Ojai, is worthy enough to spend a long vacation at any time of the year.

    So, make a plan and get out on a long trip to California’s hidden paradise – Ojai.