Moving to Texas from Florida

Moving to Texas from Florida

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    Texas and Florida are the crowded states of America. Many peoples yearly move from Florida to Texas and from Texas to Florida. You are not only if you are thinking of moving to Texas from Florida.

    Texas is a fantastic alternative for individuals looking to escape the Sunshine State’s greater residential and healthcare expenses, crowds of visitors, and basic geography. Texas is an example of a rapid-growing area where digital America is constantly traveling and looking for homes and work.

    The state is overflowing with recreational entertainment options, ranging from street food to soccer fields toward an Olympic-sized ballpark swimming pool. Another thing we like regarding Texas is its sunlight. So, it’s no wonder that so many individuals opt to live in Texas.

    There are two main factors that people are moving to Texas from Florida because the housing in Texas is far less expensive than on both sides of the United States. Californians found Texas around 20 years back and have been coming in since then. The living costs are also lower.

    Also, the primary reason people travel is to find work. So, in this article, you can easily differentiate in Texas vs Florida living. Here are few things you should understand before moving to Texas from Florida. 

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    Moving Cost Florida To Texas

    The distance between Florida and Texas is 1,142 miles. It requires 2.04 hours to get from Florida to Texas by aircraft. Moving from Florida to Texas typically costs between $2,200 and $6,000, based on the size, route, distance, and scheduling of the migration. Selecting the best moving service will cost more money.

    Moving Cost Florida To Texas
    Moving Cost Florida To Texas

    Booking a truck or hiring a shifting container can save you cash; however, it may also take much more labor.

    Bedroom CostMoving Container CompanyProfessional Moving CompanyTruck Rental CompanyFreight Trailer Company
    Studio/One Bedroom$1,800-$2,300$2,000-$3120$1,100-$1,480$1,810-$2,300
    2-3 Bedrooms$2,699-$2,450$2,990-$4,650$1,280-$1,720$2,530-$3,200
    4+ Bedrooms$3,380-$4,270$3,950-$7,360$1,520-$2,136$3,330-$4,199

    Factors like the demand of a destination location and the time of your relocation cause price fluctuations. Truck hires are a very cost-effective option at first. Still, you must deal with the tension and physical effort of packing, moving the truck from Florida to Texas, and unloading.

    So, after thinking that “should, I move to Florida or Texas,” keep in mind to go through your moving cost and figure out what is best reasonable. Then match this to how much energy and time you are happy to invest in the transfer.

    Cost of Living in Texas VS Florida

    One of the important things to think about is the cost of living in Florida vs Texas. Residing in Florida is 11% extra costly than living in Texas. When contrasted to the overall mean, either Florida or Texas has somewhat cheaper living costs. Below we will compare the cost of living in Florida vs Texas:

    Cost of Living in Texas VS Florida
    Cost of Living in Texas VS Florida
    Cost of Living IndexesTexasFloridaDifference
    Food & Groceries98.1100.72.7% more
    Housing80.2106.132.3% more
    Median Home Cost$185,500$245,400$59,900
    Utilities96.5102.36.0% more
    Transportation119110.17.5% less
    Health92.497.25.2% more

    Housing Texas VS Florida

    Housing costs are another factor in moving to Texas from Florida because these costs are much lower in Texas. Still, if you have a question, “should I move to Florida or Texas?” then you can make a better decision to choose between these states after reading this section. There is a vast amount of information into deciding where to live.

    Among the most important considerations is the kind of property you can afford. That’s a lot simpler in Texas. The average in our statistics was 3.58, which means that the typical house expenses were 3.58 times the typical family’s yearly earnings. In a few of America’s top costly cities, the multiplier climbed as much as 15.

    Housing Texas VS Florida
    Housing Texas VS Florida

    46 of the 53 towns and localities evaluated within Texas had multipliers lower than the state average in our statistic. Texas has a lot of developable lands. Thus, homes are significantly affordable than any other state. When paired with Texas’s cheap living costs, this makes homes more inexpensive in Texas.

    The average price of a house in Texas has declined to $240,500 since May 2020. Austin, being the region’s center and everything, seems to have the largest average, at $317,700. It is much cheaper in other prominent cities, such as Fort Worth and Houston, where the measure is $240,800.

    In comparison, the typical house price in Florida is higher, with a national average of $252,309. Throughout Naples, among the most expensive cities in the country, the median rises to $329,100.

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    Healthcare in Texas & Florida

    Texas was rated the 34th healthy state throughout the United States during 2017 by the United Healthcare Foundation. Amongst those primary social health challenges confronting Texas are diabetes, alcohol abuse, mortality rates, child mortality, and vaccines.

    Healthcare in Texas & Florida
    Healthcare in Texas & Florida

    As the phrase goes, “everything is larger throughout Texas,” and the health care system is no exception. The Lone Star State is a hub to a few of the most effective health systems and hospitals inside the country and three of the top five most inhabited cities throughout the United States.

    As per the Texas Hospital Association, Texas has 630 health facilities with 83,000 licensed beds. Moving to Texas from Florida will not prove to be a good decision if you suffer from some health issues.

    Taxes Texas VS Florida

    Texas is among seven states that do not levy an income tax. The majority of taxes within Texas comprise sales taxes and also taxes on enterprises and industry. Texas has a property tax, although it gathers by districts, school systems, and municipalities rather than the state. Its earnings may only utilize for local purposes.

    Taxes Texas VS Florida
    Taxes Texas VS Florida

    Therefore, Texas is indeed a tax-friendly state. As per the World Population Review, since 2020, its entire local and state tax load has ranked 33rd out of all regions. The effective tax rate is just 8.18 percent. In comparison, New York ranked top in 2020, with 12.97 percent. As per its standards, the Tax Institute rates the state much higher.

    It levies a tax liability of only 7.6 percent to Texas, putting it 46th across all states.

    What Jobs Are in Demand in Texas?

    Texas is among the finest locations to work, with 50 Top 500 businesses located there and a robust energy-oriented sector. Every one of the best Texas towns has expected employment growth rates that are more than twice the average in our collection of data of even more than 500 United States cities and towns, making them appealing to job seekers.

    What Jobs Are in Demand in Texas
    What Jobs Are in Demand in Texas

    Texas is a state in motion from its foundation. Here are the best ten fastest-growing jobs in Texas:

    1. Statistician
    2. Nurse Practitioner
    3. Technician for Wind Turbines
    4. Assistant in Occupational Therapy
    5. Analyst of Operations
    6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    7. Assisting Physical Therapist
    8. Rod Buster 
    9. Physician Assistant
    10. Technician in Cardiovascular Care

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    Best Places To Live

    Many Floridians want to settle in Texas’ major cities. The best place to live is another good thing to compare between Texas vs Florida living. The towns listed below are the most incredible places to live if you move to Texas from Florida.

    San Antonio

    Recreation opportunities, as well as economic prosperity, motivate migration. San Antonio, Texas, remains a popular tourist destination, including Tex-Mex barbeque restaurants and the year-round Six Flags adventure park. San Antonio, rated #34 as among the most acceptable cities to live in, has quite a lot to give, such as more than Fifty events and events that keep everyone active all year.


    Dallas, Texas, has a high median yearly pay, a robust employment market, and cheap housing. The Dallas-Fort region also offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle as well as easy transportation to the metro center. Dallas takes pride in having a small-town atmosphere in the middle of a vast metropolis, so southern buildings lose the warmth.


    Houston is Texas’s 2nd largest city. Much employment and a reduced cost of living attract people from other areas to cities such as Dallas. Houston inhabitants earn a median income of $43,820, which is more than $3000 more than the state average.

    Pros and Cons of Moving from Florida to Texas

    Well, every state has its benefits for its residents as well as cons. Moving to Texas from Florida also has a lot of good factors and also some disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of moving to Texas from Florida.


    • Texas provides a variety of job opportunities. One of the main causes, why people are moving to Texas is for work. Texas has a diverse economy that is expanding and creating new work opportunities.
    • As per the NCES (National Center for Education Statistics), Texas young people outperform students in most other regions in terms of test results.
    • The living cost in Texas is cheap. Whenever you reside in Texas, you can afford to maintain the same quality of life as you might in many other regions.
    • Texas has among the most extensive asset security policies in the nation. In many jurisdictions, a frivolous lawsuit may lead to the loss of your house, your IRA pension funds, and other assets. Several of your property in Texas is beyond restrictions to potential creditors under federal law, so if you file for bankruptcy.
    • The weather in Texas is better. Texas could be the place for you when more bright sunny days are your notion of perfect weather.


    • Texas’ healthcare performance is poorer than in many other regions. This is the case as per the HSARHQ (Human Services Agency for Research and Healthcare Quality) and US Health. This would be more of a problem for the elderly and others with pre-existing health difficulties than for younger, healthy persons going to Texas for a well-paying job.
    • Texas has a greater total crime rate compared to the majority of other regions. As per FBI reports, this is the case. Although crime rates throughout Texas’ big cities could be significant, some might labour in the metropolis and reside in a neighboring village with significantly less crime and a fantastic quality of life.


    As we have seen, all the essential factors for moving to Texas from Florida. Moving to a different state is a significant undertaking. You can concentrate on other matters, like where you will reside and which institutions your kids will go to if you choose the right trucking company.

    We need you and your loved ones to be at ease about how your items will be unpacked and packed up. Whenever it’s correct and handy for you, the greatest time for the state moving to Texas from Florida is when it is accurate and suitable for you. However, you must be aware that summer is the busiest season.

    Therefore, when you plan to move during this time, you should schedule your transfer at least 4-5 weeks ahead of time. Don’t go with the cheapest moving company quotation, or you’ll have many problems throughout this critical shift.

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