Moving to Phenix City, AL

Moving to Phenix City

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    Wondering about Moving to Phenix City? Remember the 1955 American semi-documentary crime film, “The Phenix City Story”? That was the actual scene of Phenix City during the 1940s and 50s. The whole city was involved in structured crime, gambling, corruption, and prostitution and was named “the Wickedest City of America’.

    Today, the city has entirely changed for good, from Sin City to the most significant manufacturer of textiles and bricks and home to the Chattahoochee Valley College. It had become one of the most affordable places to live in Alabama in terms of real estate and livability.

    So, are you planning to move to Phenix City, Alabama, or are you simply interested in the city’s livability? Read our blog post for detailed information.  

    Population & Diversity of Phenix City, AL

    Home to approximately 37,727 residents, Phenix City is in the eastern part of Alabama. 

    It inherits the Columbus metropolitan area that lies between Lee and Russell counties.

    Here’s a simple summary of the diversity and the population of Phenix City, Alabama, as of 2023.

    • The most common language spoken in Phenix City is English and Spanish. 
    • The male-female population ratio in Phenix City comprises 48.75% males and 51.25% females.
    • The median age of Phenix City residents is 35.8 years.
    • The poverty rate of Phenix City is 26.39%.
    • The population diversity score of Phenix City is 88 out of 100.

    The racial composition of the Phenix City population is mentioned below:

    • White- 43.4%
    • Black or African American- 46.8%
    • Asian- 5%
    • Other races-5%

    Is Phenix City, AL, safe?

    Phoenix City, Alabama, has a long history of extreme crime scenes, dating back to the 1940s and 1950s. While violent crime is still under control, property crime is a big concern for Phenix’s residents. 

    According to Phenixcityal, the crime stats of Phenix City, AL, are stated below:

    • The overall crime rate in Phenix City, Alabama, is 46.05 per every 1000 residents, 85% higher than the national average.
    • The most common types of crime in Phenix City are Burglary, robbery, vehicle theft, assault, and rape.
    • The chances of becoming a victim of violent and property crime in Phenix City are 1 in 145 and 1 in 24, respectively.
    • The overall crime has been decreased by 12% over the past few years in Phenix City.

    The table below gives precise information regarding the number of violent and property crime rates in Phenix City per every 1000 residents compared to the state and national average.

    Crime typePrattvilleAlabamaUS
    Violent crime50.126.822.7
    Property crime60.94335.4


    There are several safe and family-friendly neighborhoods in Phenix City, Alabama, irrespective of its higher crime rate, mentioned below:

    • Crawford / Hugley
    • Flournoys / Fort Mitchell
    • Moffits Mill
    • Phenix City West
    • Phenix City Northwest
    • Ladonia West

    Cost of Living in Phenix City, AL

    Phenix City is an attractive option for living in Alabama, with an 18.1% lower living cost than the US average. 

    • Phenix City’s cost of living is 2.7% higher than Alabama’s average.
    • To afford these expenses and live a comfortable life in Phenix City, you must earn a minimum annual salary of $30,800 and $32,040 for a single individual and a family of four, respectively. 
    • You can expect to spend around $1663 monthly for a single individual and $4137 per month with a family of four, including rent in Phenix City. 

    The table below depicts various categories of the average cost of living index in Phenix City, AL, to the national average. 

    CategoryPhenixUS average
    Overall 81.9100
    Food and groceries 94100
    Healthcare 123100
    Housing 47100


    Here is a table comparing the cost of living in Phenix City, Alabama, with other  cities in Alabama :

    CityCost of Living IndexCompared to the National Average
    Phenix City81.9-18.1%

    Job Market in Phenix City, AL

    If you have moved to the city for employment or job transposition, Phenix City is a great place to work. 

    Before you draw a conclusion based on assumptions, here is a summary of the job market, income, and salary in Phenix City, according to Job Archives, Phenix City, Alabama.

    • The average annual salary in Phenix City is $39,621, and an hourly rate of $19.05.
    • The average salary of an entry-level job in Phenix City varies between $36,299 and $66,940.
    • The unemployment rate in Phoenix city is 2.7%, compared to the US average of 6%.
    • The city has witnessed a job market growth of 2% over the last year.
    • The future job growth over the next decade is predicted to be 30% compared to the US average of 34%.
    • The city follows the concept of Equal Opportunity Employers. All the applicants and employees in any organization in Phenix City are treated equally, irrespective of race, sex, religion, color, or any other factor. 

    Top employers in Phenix City, Alabama

    • Vectorply
    • Chattahoochee Valley Community College
    • Johnston Textile Inc.

    Most common jobs in Phenix City

    • Pharmacy manager
    • Optometrist
    • Dentist
    • Physician Assistant
    • Director of operations
    • Director of Nursing
    • Physical Therapist
    • Occupational Therapist
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Senior Manager

    Highest paying jobs in Phenix City, Alabama

    • Sales tax – 9.75% (A combination of 4% state sales tax, 1% Autauga county tax, and 4.75% city tax.
    • Income tax – 5% based on income levels.
    • Property tax – 1.18% of the asserted value.

    Tax rates in Phenix City, AL

    Phenix City is a tax-friendly state that imposes three types of taxes predominantly on its residents, which are as follows:

    Housing market in Phenix City, AL

    If your relocation is meant to buy a property in Phenix City, here is what you need to know regarding the critical metrics of the housing market in the city.

    • The Phenix City real estate market is affordable and competitive, scoring 83 out of 100. 
    • Phoenix City has had a remarkable growth in the job market of 19.9% in recent years. 
    • The median listing housing price in Phenix City in 2023 is $280,000, and the median sale price per square foot is $131.
    • The properties in Phenix City are sold nine days after arriving on the market.
    • The average rent for a home in Phenix City is $1130 per month.

    The table below illustrates the housing and rental prices of Phenix AL compared to the US average. 

    Housing costsPhenix ALUS
    Median home cost$165,000$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$935$1080
    Rental price of 1 bedroom$1125$1180
    Rental price of 2 bedroom$1350$1430
    Rental price of 3 bedroom$1500$1860

    Top neighborhoods in Phenix City, AL

    Here is a list of the best places to live in Phenix City, Alabama, based on affordability, safety, readily available homes for buying and renting, proximity to amenities and outdoors, and more:

    • Phenix City North
    • Crawford
    • Dobbs Dr
    • Phenix City N Byp
    • Saddlebrook

    Education system in Phenix City, AL

    The education system in Phenix City might not rank high, but it has positive reviews from the city’s parents.

    The Phenix City School District has 12 public schools serving kindergarten through 12th-grade students. These schools have a total enrollment of 7265, of which 70% are minorities and 45.6% are economically challenged students. These schools possess a teacher-to-student ratio of 17:1.

    According to the public school review, the best public and private schools in Phenix City are:

    • Lake Wood Primary School 
    • Lake Wood Elementary School.
    • Ridgecrest Elementary School
    • Sherwood Elementary School
    • St. Luke School
    • Brookstone School
    • Hallie Turner Private School

    Phenix City also has the best college for teaching degrees in Alabama, the Chattahoochee Valley Community College. The institution is a public junior college founded in 1973.

    The college now has nine permanent buildings offering high school students the opportunity to start their careers through various scholarship programs. 

    Public Transportation in Phenix City, AL  

    The joy of gushing around the Phenix City only happens by opting for preferable public transportation, ditching the battling transit system, like a true adventurer. 

    The list of several public transportation options active in Phenix City, Alabama, are:

    • Phenix City Express bus services.
    • ALTRANS fixed route bus services.
    • Lee-Russell Public Transit is available on a call for disabled and seniors.
    • Phoenix city school transportation department for students attending public schools.

    Weather and climate in Phenix City, AL

    Phenix City has a humid subtropical climate with long, hot summers, mild, short winters, and partly cloudy skies year-round. 

    The average temperature in Phenix City varies from 35° to 92°F, and occasionally dropping down below 28°F and rising above 97°F.

    Here’s a synopsis of the weather conditions in Phenix City, AL, using the data from WeatherSpark. 

    • The summer season lasts from May to September, with average daily temperature above 85°F.
    • July is the hottest month in Phenix City, with temperatures varying between 92-73°F.
    • The winter season lasts from November to February, with an average high-low temperature of 64°F-38°F. 
    • January is the coldest month in Phenix City, with temperatures varying from 35-60°F. 
    • On average, Phoenix City receives 216 sunny days, 1 inch of snowfall, and 50 inches of rainfall per year.
    • The best time to move to Phenix City, AL, is April, May, September, and October.

    Here is a table showing the average weather in Phenix City, Alabama, by month :

    MonthAverage HighAverage LowAverage Precipitation
    January58°F36°F5.2 inches
    February63°F39°F5.1 inches
    March70°F46°F6.3 inches
    April77°F53°F4.8 inches
    May84°F62°F4.5 inches
    June90°F70°F4.3 inches
    July91°F73°F4.9 inches
    August91°F72°F4.2 inches
    September86°F66°F4.1 inches
    October78°F53°F3.9 inches
    November68°F44°F4.8 inches
    December60°F38°F5.2 inches

    Things to Do after moving to Phenix City, AL

    List the best things to do and places to see in Phenix City, Alabama, for all ages. 

    • Take the 1.2-mile-long loop trail to walk, run, cycle, or skate at Phenix City RiverWalk.  
    • Visit the Fort Mitchell Historic site to see the exhibits and artifacts of the history.
    • Pay a visit to the National Civil War Naval Museum, National Infantry Museum and Soldier Centre, Ma Rainey House and Blues Museum, Chattahoochee Indian Heritage Centre, and Columbus Museum.
    • Enjoy whitewater rafting and walk along the banks of the Chattahoochee River.
    • Enjoy racing events at the East Alabama Motor Speedway.
    • Enjoy functions and events at Phenix City Amphitheatre.
    • Go for walks at Idle Hour Park.
    • Check out beautiful views while golfing at Lakewood Golf Course. 

    Pros and Cons of Living in Phenix City, AL 

    Last but not least, the blog post will remain incomplete without knowing the benefits and drawbacks of Phenix City, which are mentioned below:

    Pros of Living in Phenix CityCons of Living in Phenix City
    Low cost of livingHigher crime rate than some other cities in Alabama
    Good schoolsHot, humid summers
    Diverse communityLimited entertainment options
    Proximity to amenitiesGrowth and sprawl issues
    Strong economyMixed reviews on quality of life
    Above average Livability score High sales tax
    Race and political diversityToo close to an airport
    Industry diversitySparse suburban feel
    Low property taxEducation levels lower than the national average
    Good for familiesMedian household income is more bass than the national average
    Top-rated public and private schools

    Final Verdict

    Phenix City is an affordable city to select from for those thinking about moving to Alabama and settling down. While you get budgeted properties for investment, lower cost of living, and excellent livability in Phenix City, its crime rate can be a significant concern, not a place to raise a family. However, after weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the city, the opportunities and amenities that the city offers are superabundant to call Phenix City your new home. 

    Image credits: Jimmy Emerson, DVM