Moving to Mobile, AL

Moving to Mobile, AL

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    To amplify your career pathway with the University of South, its rich history, culture, or entertainment, or conceivably, the temptation of fresh seafood makes you consider moving to Mobile, Alabama. This picturesque waterfront corner of the Gulf Coast is indisputably worth considering as your new abode! 

    The oldest city in Alabama is home to the Mardi Gras and has the only saltwater port that draws the city’s economic stability. 

    The Gateway to Gulf has a lot to offer, whether it is the lively metro area, southern charm, and hospitality, or an excellent education system, Mobile is a beautiful place to stay and has created a gateway for ex-pats from all over the world to start their new chapter in this vibrant city. 

    So, let’s take you through the entire score of relocation to Mobile, AL, to make you know the place better and conclude if the port city is for you or not!

    Population & Diversity of Mobile, AL

    Mobile, the first city and the 3rd most populous city of Alabama, was founded in 1702, even before Alabama was announced as a state. 

    The city settles down in Mobile County, on the southwestern part of the state, by the Montgomery highway. 

    • The population of Mobile approximates 183,289 residents as of 2022.
    • The city comprises 47.22% male and 52.78% female.
    • Mobile has a variation score of 82 out of 100.
    • The poverty rate in Mobile, AL, is 19.8%
    • The most spoken languages of Mobile AL are English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

    The population of Mobile, Alabama is composed of the following:

    • White (Non-Hispanic)-52.4%
    • Black or African American (Non-Hispanic)- 40.5%
    • Asian (Non-Hispanic)-1.8% 
    • White (Hispanic)-2.6%

    Is Mobile, AL, safe?

    Living in Mobile requires a sense of security and avoiding common crimes because the city has a higher property crime rate than the national average.

    • The number of violent crimes in Mobile, AL, is 2042 per 100,000 residents.
    • The property crime rate in Mobile, AL, is 7854 per 100,000 residents.
    • The most common crimes caught in Mobile are vehicle theft, arson, robbery, and burglary.
    • The chances of becoming a victim of crimes in Mobile is 1 in 108 violent crimes and 1 in 34 property crimes.
    • About 66% of residents of Mobile feel safe living in the city.

    Let us look at the crime rate in Mobile, AL, compared to the state and national average, as mentioned in the table below.

    Crime typeMobileAlabamaUS
    Violent crime30.828.622.7
    Property crime67.54334


    Cost of Living in Mobile, AL

    The central plus point for staying in Mobile after learning about its escalating crime scenes is its low cost of living, which is 16% lower than the national average and equal to the state average. 

    To avoid compromising your quality of life in Mobile, AL, you need to earn a minimum annual income of $29,000 as an individual and $40,000 if you have a family. 

    This breakdown becomes an average cost of living in Mobile, AL, of $2110 per month for singles and $4513 per month for a family of four.

    Here is a table comparing the cost of living in Mobile, AL, with other cities in Texas :

    CityOverall IndexDifference
    Dallas, TX10117.9% less
    Houston, TX95.513.2% less

    The table below describes the cost of living in Mobile, AL, in comparison with the state and the national average:

    CategoryMobileAlabamaUS average
    Overall 84.194.2100
    Food and groceries 93.696100
    Healthcare 116.7123.8100
    Housing 51.376.6100


    Job Market in Mobile, AL

    Concerning employment opportunities, the oldest port city in Alabama, Mobile, provides many jobs in manufacturing and logistics, as commercial activities are every day here.

    Here are some critical job and salary-related facts you need to know in Mobile.

    • The prominent employment sectors in mobile are engineering, architecture, natural gas, and aerospace.
    • Overall, mobile has had a positive % job growth of 1.5% over the past year.
    • Mobile Alabama is about to witness a future job growth of 27.2% in the next decade.
    • The unemployment rate in Mobile is 6.3%.
    • The median household income in Mobile is around $59,751 per annum or $29 per hour. 

    Top Employers In Mobile, AL

    • Austal USA
    • University Of Mobile
    • Infirmary Health
    • Boeing
    • Airbus
    • SAAD Healthcare
    • Hummingbird Trading
    • Hargrove Engineers+ Constructors

     Most Common Job Titles In Mobile, AL

    • Ship Designer
    • Port Unit Manager
    • Associate Professor
    • Medical Consultant
    • Assembly Supervisor
    • Chief Technician

    Highest Paying Jobs In Mobile, AL

    • Aeronautical Engineer
    • Sailor
    • Chief Architect
    • System Engineer
    • Civil Engineer
    • Head Proctor
    • Lead mechanical engineer

    Tax rates in Mobile, AL

    The tax rates in Mobile, AL, can pinch an average employee easily. However, these rates are justified because of extensive commercial and manufacturing activities in the city.

    • Sales Tax: 10%( A combination of 4% of State tax, 5% of city tax, and 1% of county tax)
    • Income Tax:  2-5%
    • Property Tax: 20% of fair Market Value

    Housing market in Mobile, AL

    Mobile’s real estate and rental market is a big savior for people moving to Mobile, AL. The housing market is both competitive and affordable. Though the market growth has significantly declined, it is a great time to buy property in Mobile. 

    • The median sale price of a new home in Mobile is $239,983, or $133 per sq. ft., as of 2023.
    • The median rental price in Mobile is $1157 per month.
    • The median home sale price in Mobile AL has risen up by 6.6% since 1st year and is trending up by 2.2% every year.
    • The home appreciation of mobile in the past decade was 70%.
    • Mobile’s homeowner and renters ratio is about 64.2% of homeowners and 36.8% of renters living in their apartments.

    The table below gives you an explicit knowledge of Mobile, Alabama’s housing and rental market.

    Housing costsMobile, ALUS
    Median home cost$239,983$338,100
    Rental cost of a studio$755$1080
    Rental cost of 1 bedroom$8020$1180
    Rental cost of 2 bedroom$1157$1430
    Rental cost of 3 bedroom$1350$1860

    Top neighborhoods in Mobile, AL

    Here is a list of the best places to live in Mobile, AL, regarding safety, livability, and affordability. 

    • Malibar Heights
    • Hutleigh Woods
    • Di Grado
    • Jackson Heights
    • Spanish Fort
    • Saraland
    • Parkhill
    • Llanfair

    Education system in Mobile, AL

    Mobile provides an extensive educational system with the best study atmosphere and curriculum to the city’s students.

    Mobile County Public Schools is known for its quality education system and is the largest school district in the state.

    It has a total of 92 schools, with an overall enrollment of over 53,000 students in grades pre-k to 12, with a teacher-student ratio of 20:1. The school districts have a minority enrollment of 70%. 

    Top-rated public schools in Mobile Alabama

    • Wp Davidson High School
    • Old Shell Creative Performing Art.
    • Sara Land High School
    • Satsuma City High School
    • Bakar High School
    • Washington County High School
    • Hutchens Elementary School 

    Public Transportation in Mobile, AL  

    Mobile has several public transportation services offering buses and shuttles in specific routes and schedules throughout the city.

    The average time taken for a one-way commute in Mobile is 22 minutes. 

    The available transportation services of various modes in Mobile are mentioned below:

    • Wave Transit System: A government-operated shuttle service that services 11 routes in the city.
    • Greyhound Buses is an intercity bus service running to and from Mobile. 
    • Downtown Trolleys: MODA-free downtown Trolleys provide free transit services to tourists and visitors in the city.
    • Personal vehicle: Cars, bikes, and cycles.
    • Car rentals: Cabs, Lyft, Limos, Uber, Kid One. 

    Weather and climate in Mobile. AL

    Mobile is where you’ll get a blessed morning with beautiful sun playing hide and seek with fluffy clouds. However, you must adapt to high humidity and extensive year-round showers. Over the entire year, the average temperature typically ranges from 42 to 90°F and occasionally drops below 28°F or rises above 95°F.

    Let’s look into the figures and stats of the climatic conditions in Mobile.

    • On average, Mobile receives 215 sunny days, 55 inches of rainfall, and no snowfall every year.
    • The best time to visit Mobile, AL, is October, March and April.
    • The most uncomfortable months in Mobile are July, August, and September.
    • From May to September, July is the hottest month in Mobile, with an average temperature of 90°F-74°F.
    • January is the coldest month in Mobile, from December to February, with an average low to high temperature of 42°F and 60°F. 

    Here is a table showing the average weather in Mobile, AL by month:

    MonthAverage High (°F)Average Low (°F)Average Precipitation (in)

    Things to Do in Mobile, AL

    Check out the list of best things to do and things to see in Mobile, AL.

    • Add a never-ending experience to your life book by visiting the USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park and History Museum Of Mobile.
    • There is nothing better place than Exploreum Science Center for a knowledge-hungry person.
    • Mobile flea market is a top destination for bachelors looking for good-quality used items.
    • Never miss the exciting and goosebumps giving water rides at Airboat Adventures.
    • Experience historical architecture and engineering by visiting the incredible Colonial Fort Condé.
    • Forget tensions and life issues by going on a picnic with your family at beautiful Bienville Square.
    • Being a part of the Mardi Grad Festival is an honor for every person living in Mobile.
    • Know the rich cultural history of Mobile and its festivals at the Mobile Carnival Museum.
    • Bellingrath Gardens and Home is a soothing place for every person feeling bored and alone.
    • Visit Mobile Bay if you love seeing commercial activities and, most importantly, gigantic ships.

    Pros and Cons of Living in Mobile, AL

    Lastly, here is a list of the pros and cons of living in Mobile, AL, to let you know both the drawbacks and benefits of living in Mobile.

    Based on the search results, here is a table summarizing the pros and cons of living in Mobile, AL:

    Pros of Living in MobileCons of Living in Mobile
    Low cost of livingHigher-than-average crime rates
    Good educational systemEconomic decline
    Highly diverseLimited job opportunities
    Great location on the Gulf CoastTraffic congestion
    Beautiful beachesLimited public transportation
    Cultural environmentHigh poverty rate

    Final Verdict

    Mobile, AL, is a great neighborhood to consider if you are contemplating a moving to Alabama, whether for study, work, or retirement settlement. The city offers breathtaking views, a lower cost of living, great food options, excellent education, and more! The city’s offerings are accessible at all times and in all places. Keeping aside the drawbacks, if your heart says to start a new chapter in Port City, don’t miss a chance to enjoy the southern charms and the scenic nearby Gulf coast. 

    Image Credit: Tim D Williamson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons