Moving to Kentucky


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    Kentucky, The Bluegrass State, is quite famous for its relocation options. Most people from around the world and surrounding countries from the US relocate themselves to this beautiful city.

    Due to its growing economy, various job markets, affordable tax rates, better healthcare, and better education, Kentucky is the perfect choice to relocate. Thus, your moving to Kentucky plans will never disappoint you.


    Also, you can move to Kentucky due to its fewer crime rates and housing facilities at fewer rates. Despite that, you can find some best places to live, enjoy, and spend a day on your holiday.

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    Iconic Kentucky Foods


    Kentucky is a paradise for many food lovers around the world. With the unique taste in its spices, Kentucky has something special to serve you straight from the kitchens of its several restaurants.

    What food is famous in Kentucky?

    You can taste the healthy dishes in Kentucky. However, the famous foods are Burgo, Hot Brown, Derby Pie, Rolled Oysters, Spoonbread, Benedictine, Barbecue, etc. Also, you can eat renowned desserts like Modeska Janine, Fried Pies, and Fruit Cobbler, and the list is quite long.

    Interesting Facts About Kentucky


    As the state’s name is unique, the facts are also unusual in The Bluegrass State (Kentucky). And the most amazing fact about Kentucky is that it is known as the World’s Horse Capital.

    What are 5 interesting facts about Kentucky?

    These are the most interesting facts about Kentucky.

    • You can experience the Kentucky Derby for two minutes. It is known for its sport’s fastest two minutes. Also, they are profitable moments too.
    • Mr. Abraham Lincoln was born here in 1809.
    • The residents are fewer in number compared to Bourbon Barrels.
    • Beethoven, a pianist, gave his first live performance here.
    • You can see the entertainer’s dummy’s largest collection in the world in Vent Haven Museum, Kentucky.

    What is a weird fact about Kentucky?

    You will surely smile when you know about the weird facts about Kentucky. Some of them are given below.

    • You can’t throw an egg on a public speaker in Kentucky. Or else you will have to spend a year in prison.
    • Carrying an ice cream cone under your pocket is prohibited in Lexington.
    • Kentucky stands in second place, being known as the oldest tourist destination in the US.
    • The use of arrows and bows for fishing in Kentucky is illegal.

    Estimate Your Moving Cost


    The local movers will charge you about $501 to $985 for shifting to a studio or one-bedroom apartment. But you have to pay an average of $4,890 for the distance of 1,000 miles for a two or 3-bedroom apartment.

    How do you calculate how much it will cost to move?

    The estimated cost of moving to Kentucky is simple. You have to find out the hours of moving and the local rates for moving from the movers or moving company. After that, you can multiply the moving numbers by the moving company’s prices. And the answer will be your estimated cost.

    What is the most cost efficient way to move?

    There is no more efficient way to move than hiring a moving company. Once you contact them, they will take care of the luggage you want to shift with you. Similarly, they will help you pack, in transit, and drop off your luggage on time at the place you want at an affordable cost.

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    Kentucky Residency


    Kentucky is a great place to live and spend your days. Also, establishing a residency in Kentucky is easy. You have to follow a few certain steps to get a residential status.

    What qualifies you as a resident of Kentucky?

    During the tax year, you must complete 183 days in Kentucky. A person is never considered a resident in Kentucky until he completes the 183 days. Similarly, you will only become a resident if you get the official Domicile in Kentucky.

    How long do you have to live in Kentucky to be a resident for college?

    According to a few assumptions, a student must complete twelve months in Kentucky to become a resident. But, it’s not a complete truth. According to Louisville, establishing a residency for college doesn’t need any specific limit on living in Kentucky.

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    Doing Business in Kentucky


    For businesses, you can easily rely on Kentucky. You can start your own business in Kentucky by registering your business activities. Similarly, the business must be legal.

    Is Kentucky good for business?

    Yes! You can experience the best logistical advantages and low utility costs in Kentucky, making it the best option to run business activities. Also, Kentucky is the middle center of everything you can commence your business activities with.

    How do I look up a business in Kentucky?

    Finding the business type according to your needs can be challenging. However, you can start looking for what people want the most and start a business.

    For example, suppose you are living in an area, and the fruit market is miles away from the area. So, in such cases, you can start with the fruit business. It will be a profitable move.

    Do I need to register to do business in Kentucky?

    No! You can start your business without a business license in Kentucky. However, for a few types of companies and depending on the place of your business, you will need to take a business license in Kentucky.

    Kentucky Laws and Regulations

    Kentucky is one of the states where couples live in a Domestic Partnership, and Common Law is prohibited.


    What kind of law does Kentucky have?

    Kentucky has several laws. Some of them are:

    • If a homeowner wants to keep tenants, he can ask them for the security deposits and add other contractual terms to the agreement.
    • A dog assaulting a car is not allowed.
    • A moving vehicle is not allowed to hunt.

    What weird laws does Kentucky have?

    The following are the weird laws in Kentucky.

    • You can’t fish with a bow and arrow in Kentucky.
    • You are prohibited from bullying store clerks or fellow shoppers.
    • A woman is allowed to marry the same man three times only.
    • After the dark, buying and selling of the horses in Franklin, Kentucky, is not allowed.

    Kentucky Health Plans


    You are allowed to take healthcare plans for medical emergencies by calling on toll-free number (855) 459-6328, given by the Kentucky government.

    Is there free healthcare in Kentucky?

    Yes! According to the rules and regulations of KCHIP, you can take free or low-cost healthcare in Kentucky.

    Who qualifies for a medical card in KY?

    A person living in Kentucky with US national citizenship can qualify for the medical card in KY. Also, a permanent citizen or legal alien characterized by low income can ask for a medical card.

    What is the monthly income limit for Medicaid in KY?

    The Kentucky Medical Program was created to provide medical help to residents in Kentucky. However, the residents must have a resource limit of $2,000 and the income limit of $217.

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    Transportation and Vehicle


    The transportation system in Kentucky is spread over all counties and is available at an affordable rate. You can complete your journey without any issues in Kentucky.

    What is the Kentucky Department of Transportation called?

    There is a transportation authority in Kentucky called Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet. It comes with a mission to provide a transportation system to improve the quality of life and provide economic opportunities.

    What does the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet do?

    Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet takes decisions on improving and controlling transportation in Kentucky.

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    Driving License in Kentucky


    KY provides flexibility in the case of the resident’s driving license renewal. You can apply for a driving license if you don’t want to go through an online process.

    What is required to get a driver’s license in Kentucky?

    You have to provide an application to Kentucky state law possessing the following documents to get a Driver’s license in Kentucky.

    • Legal full name of the applicants.
    • Date of birth of the applicants.
    • Social Security Number (SSN) of the applicants.
    • Residency proof of the applicants.
    • If you are a promoted child, you must provide a Verification Letter from the Family Services Custody and Cabinet to Driver Licensing Regional Office.

    Can I renew my driver’s license online in KY?

    Yes! KY provides the facility of renewing your driver’s license online. However, you must commence your renewal process before your existing license expires in six months. Otherwise, you have to wait a year to renew it online.

    How much is the new driver’s license in Ky?

    First, you must choose between the license ID of  4 years or eight years. You have to pay the charges according to it. Therefore, the standard driver’s license is $43, and the standard motorcycle license is also $43.

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    Best Places in Kentucky


    The following are the best places in Kentucky.

    • Louisville
    • Lexington
    • Williamsburg
    • Mammoth Cave National Park
    • Paducah
    • Frankfort
    • Red River Gorge Geologic Area
    • Covington
    • Bardstown


    According to USNews, Kentucky has an overall rank of #41, and below are the following rankings in several fields.

    • It stands at #44 in the Healthcare system.
    • It stands at #36 for the Education system.
    • It stands at #40 for its Economy.
    • It stands at #29 for the Natural Environment.
    • It stands at #18 for Infrastructure.
    • It stands at #48 for Fiscal Stability.
    • It stands at #20 for Opportunities.
    • It stands at #13 for Crime & Environment.


    Moving to Kentucky may look challenging, but it’s not, actually! You might be hesitating about the cost of living, healthcare, transportation, laws, regulations, etc., but there’s nothing to worry about.

    Kentucky has a low cost of living, offers better healthcare opportunities, education facilities, housing affordability, etc. Therefore, you can easily build your dream home in Kentucky to live a comfortable life. The state’s economy is slowly growing, with some best employers with the best job opportunities.

    Also, you can easily explore some places nearby Kentucky to spend your special evening with your partner. So, overall your Kentucky relocating plan is filled with benefits and adventures.

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