Moving to Indiana

Moving to Indiana

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    Indiana is one of the important states in the US. It is located between the states of Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Lake Michigan. There are some great schools and universities that provide quality education. There are some beautiful places and amazing waterfalls that attract many tourists here. Indiana is also known as the “Crossroads of America”.

    Although there are some pros and cons of living in Indiana, it is a better place to live. The cost of living in Indiana is comparatively lower making it easier to live for the expats. There are some lucrative job opportunities for the experts. The economy of Indiana state is steadily increasing which can bring many opportunities. Here, we will guide you on some of the important aspects of Indiana state.

    Is Indiana a Good State to Live in?

    Indiana is a very nice state in the US where you can live comfortably. It is safe and secure for the expats to live here. The cost of living in Indiana is lower compared to the other states in the US. There are many restaurants in this state that provide different types of dishes. You can easily get dishes from different countries in the world.

    There are some occasional events here that can give more fun. Some traffic jam issues are experienced on the busy roads, but still, it’s manageable. Indiana is surely a better place for expats to live comfortably.

    Moving to Indiana

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    Interesting Facts about Indiana

    If you are planning for moving to Indiana then it will be beneficial to know some facts about it. This will make you more comfortable living in Indiana.


    The rental rates are comparatively lower in Indiana, so it is much easier to rent than to buy a home. The average monthly rate is around $780 which is much more comfortable for the individual to stay. An average rate of 1 BR is $659 and 2BR is $829.  You get plenty of options for living in Indiana state as per your choice.


    The flat state-wide income tax rate is 3.23% of the income earned.

    The other tax rates are mentioned below:

    Property Tax – 0.87%

    Sales Tax – 7%

    Living Costs and Pros & Cons

    Indiana is one of the better places in the US to live. It is a safer destination, the cost of living is lower, and there are multiple job opportunities.

    Living in Indiana

    Living in Indiana will be a very pleasant experience with all the basic facilities you can get easily. The lower cost of living in Indiana makes this place one of the favorite places for expats to live. There are many popular educational institutes here like Purdue, Notre Dame, and a few other places. The residents here are welcoming and friendlier.

    Cost of living in Indiana

    You must surely be keen to know the cost of living region-wise in Indiana.

    Below is the table that will show the cost of living in Indiana in some main areas.

    CategoryFort Wayne Metro Northern Indiana) [per month]Indianapolis Metro Area (Central Indiana) [per month]Columbus Metro Area (Southern Indiana) [per month]
    Other necessities$582$633$620
    Grand total$6,338 per month$6,857 per month$6,716 per month

    Pros and Cons of Living in Indiana

    Lower Housing RatesComparatively lesser places for fun
    The cost of living is lowerDiversity is lesser in comparison
    It is well-connected with other places in the USThe weather conditions are more extreme
    It is a safer place to livePublic transportation is comparatively lower
    Many of the music events do occur on the occasional basis 

    What should I know before moving to Indiana?

    Some of the important things that you must know before moving to Illinois are the cost of living, housing cost, education or job opportunities, transportation, etc.

    Is it expensive to live in Indiana?

    Compared to the other states in the US, the cost of living in Indiana is lower. The inexpensive cost can make the living better for the expats to live here.

    What is the average cost of living in Indiana?

    The average cost of living in Indiana is around $7,000 per month.

    How much does it cost to live comfortably in Indiana?

    A monthly cost of around $8,000 per month can make living more comfortable in Indiana. With this cost, one can easily manage the basic need and other important requirements.

    Is Indiana a Tax-Friendly state?

    The taxes in Indiana are very friendly for the people. We will look in more detail about the taxes in Indiana state here.

    Is Indiana a Tax Friendly State

    Taxes in Indiana

    Below table shows the taxation in Indiana in more detail:

    Type of TaxesTax Rate
    Individual Tax Rate3.23%
    State & Local Tax Burden9.5%
    Top Corporate Income Tax Rate5.50%
    State Sales Tax Rate7%
    Property Taxes [% of owner-occupied housing value]2.05%
    State & Local Property Tax Collections Per Capita$2239

    State income tax in Indiana

    In Indiana, you are liable to pay the taxes when your income is more than exemptions. In case, if you have a company in Indiana and making the money then you need to pay the taxes. The personal income tax rate in Indiana is 3.23% and the sales tax rate is 7%. If you are buying a few items like gasoline, cigarettes, etc. then they are taxable.

    In some cases, the installment tax payments are also allowed for some individuals with criteria. Generally, the taxes are paid through an online method.

    Tax-free weekend Indiana

    Although there are some states in the US that offer that tax-free weekend, the Indiana state does not offer any specific tax-free weekend. However, there are some items that are given tax exemption. Here are some items which are exempted from the taxes: raw materials, machinery, utilities & fuel, medical services, newspaper, transportation services, etc.

    Is Indiana a tax-friendly state?

    Indiana State is a tax-friendly state only to some extent. The tax rate is moderate compared to the other states. There are normal taxes on the wages and some items are exempted from the taxes.

    What is the state income tax rate in Indiana?

    The state income tax rate is 3.23% flat on the income earned. While 7% is the sales tax rate here.

    Is Indiana a high-tax state?

    The income tax rate of 3.23% is moderate for Indiana state. At the same time, the local county tax rates differ to some extent. The local county rates range from 0.50% to 2.90%.

    How to Become an Indiana Resident?

    When you are going to Indiana, it is important to know the residency and other related details. This will help the expats to look for the proper housing here.

    Indiana Resisdent

    There are many benefits of living in Indiana, so many people are aspirant to becoming Indiana residents. For getting the Indiana resident, the individual must have resided in the Indiana state for an entire year. You need a driving license or a voter id card for applying for an Indiana resident. It is very easier for getting a residency in Indiana state.

    Indiana residency requirements

    Firstly, you need to be a US citizen or complete 21 years of age to become an Indiana resident. If you want to get a residency in Indiana state then you need to provide some basic requirements.

    Below is the list of some basic requirements for the Indiana residency:

    • A bill that is computer-generated for Credit Card companies, utility companies, doctors, etc.
    • Current Name and Address proof
    • Bank statement
    • Pre-printed pay stub

    How long does it take to become an Indiana resident?

    Staying for at least 183 days in the state is necessary to become an Indiana resident.

    How do you establish residency in Indiana?

    You can get Indiana residency by paying the taxes, registering for the voting, or staying for at least 183 days in the state.

    What makes you a resident of Indiana?

    The resident of Indiana must maintain legal residence in the state for at least 1 year. Submitting the required documents and getting domiciled in the Indiana state can make you an Indiana resident.

    General & Weird Laws

    It is important to know the law of Indiana to avoid any unlawful activities. Knowing the laws of Indiana can make your stay more comfortable.

    Indiana Laws

    General Laws in Indiana

    There are some of the general new laws for Indiana state.

    Here is the list of some general Laws in Indiana State:

    • You do need the state’s permission to drain the isolated wetlands. Only wetlands connected to the waterways are governed by federal regulations.
    • A $1.03 billion or 9.1% of the student tuition fees will be received by the high schools and the elementary schools by the state.
    • Every citizen has the right to worship, during public health emergencies and disasters. No local or state official restricts a person from worship.
    • For attending Indiana public universities, military veterans are entitled to pay the in-state tuition fees.
    • The person who has tax debts cannot bid for the properties at county tax sales.

    Weird laws in Indiana

    Here is the list of some weird laws in Indiana:

    • It is illegal to ride a horse over the speed of 10 mph
    • You cannot catch the fish with your bare hands
    • If you sniff glue then it is illegal
    • You cannot keep the mustaches if you are kissing another human
    • After eating the garlic, you cannot enter any public closed room place for at least 4 hours.
    • The barber cannot threaten the children of cutting their ears while cutting their hair
    • You cannot force a monkey to smoke

    What are the new Indiana laws? Here is the list of some of the new Indiana laws:

    • Heavy penalties for rioting
    • Licenses for the free handgun
    • The crackdown on the unemployment insurance fraud
    • Marijuana reformation bill
    • You cannot eat the watermelon at Beech Grove park

    What things are illegal in Indiana? Here is the list of things that is illegal in Indiana State:

    • Riding the horse at more than ten mph
    • Men cannot stand in the bar
    • Throwing old computers at their neighbor’s space
    • Eating garlic and visiting a closed public place
    • Liquor to be sold with cold sodas

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    Housing Market in Indiana

    As an expat when you are going to Indiana State, it is important to know the housing facility here. We mention some important housing-related information that can make it easier to get suitable housing.


    The housing market in Indiana

    The housing rates in Indiana state are comparatively affordable. It is cheaper to rent than to buy a home. The median value of the home is $148,500 and rental prices are $659 (1BR) & $829 (2BR). Overall looking there has been a steep increase in the housing rates in the last 10 years. However, last 2 years there is a little decrease in the housing rates here.

    In comparison with the other states, the housing rates in Indiana are lower. Any expat can easily afford the house to stay at some of the locations.

    Average house price in Indiana

    Below are the housing prices at different city areas:

    CityPrice (for median home)
    Fort Wayne$189 K
    South Port$199 K
    NoblesVille$309 K

    Is there a housing shortage in Indiana?

    There is no housing shortage in Indiana state. Actually, there are many areas in Indiana where the housing rates are comparatively very lower.

    Is housing cheap in Indiana?

    The housing rates in Indiana state are moderate. The prices of the houses are lower compared to the other places in the US.

    Job Market Trends

    There are some of the better opportunities in Indiana state that you can explore. We put below some important information regarding the jobs in Indiana state.

    Job Market

    Job Market in Indiana

    Indiana state has better job opportunities in the sectors like energy, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, steel production, professional services, and several other major industries. In larger cities, there are bigger corporations where there are opportunities for bigger jobs. Compared to the national average, the unemployment rate in Indiana is lower.

    There are many steel-producing companies here. In Indiana, you can find many big medical device-making and pharmaceutical companies. A person with good qualifications and expertise can get a nice job in Indiana state.

    Highest paying job in Indiana

    The salary range of the jobs in Indiana state ranges as per the designation, profile, and the industry you work in. If you are looking for high-paying jobs in Indiana, then the below table will give the relevant information.

    (Data as per

    Job TitleAverage Salary
    Consultant And Sales Representative$198,564
    Executive Vice President Of Sales$174,636
    Public Health Physician$151,111
    VP Of Operations And Engineering$150,136
    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist$148,524
    VP of Of Technical Operations$146,636
    Family Practitioner$138,614

    What jobs are in demand in Indiana?

    The jobs which are in most demand in the Indiana state are Consultant, sales representative, operations manager, Information Technology professional, certified nurse, Office manager, etc. Apart from the above-mentioned sectors, there are other jobs in demand.

    What is the average annual income in Indiana?

    The average annual income of the person in Indiana is $42,000. This amount is lesser compared to the US average annual income of $49,808 in the country.

    Indiana Health Department

    When you are going to Indiana, it is important to know the health aspects here. We will look below for more detail about the health facility in Indiana.

    Healthcare Department

    Healthcare in Indiana

    The healthcare facility in Indiana state is very nice. Here, you can find the hospitals that provide treatment for most of the health issues. The healthcare facility is provided by both private and public. The private is owned by an individual or group of people where the aim is to make profits by providing high-standard healthcare facilities.

    The cost of healthcare is high for private hospitals. Government-aided agencies operate public health care. The public hospitals have free and very costly treatment for the people.

    Health Insurance in Indiana

    The healthcare insurance of Indiana State is very nice and covers most of the disease and other treatments. The insurance premiums are also affordable that provide greater benefits. The insurance is provided by the private companies and the government too.

    The coverage and the premiums of the private companies are higher than that of the government insurance. In general, the insurance covers several aspects like critical illness, accidents, dental treatment, vision treatment, and several other health issues.

    Does Indiana have free healthcare?

    The Indiana Medicaid is made to provide the basic adequate healthcare facility. These medical treatment programs are designed to give a maximum advantage at a lower cost.

    What is the cost of healthcare in Indiana?

    The cost of healthcare in Indiana can vary as per the insurance plans chosen. However, the general basic cost of healthcare in Indiana state is between $105.10 and $112.45 for the basic hospitals.

    How much is health insurance a month for a single person in Indiana?

    The health insurance premium will generally vary as per the plans opted by them. However, the average premium for health insurance is $390 per month.

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    Is Indiana Good For Education Rank?

    The education system of Indiana state is very nice, with a better syllabus structure. We will look in more detail at the education system of the Indian state here.


    Education in Indiana

    The education system of Indiana state is excellent with a nice literacy rate. Indiana’s Department of Education looks after the education that is dedicated to providing quality education. There are many notable universities here that provide quality education. There are many renowned universities that are excellent. Many individuals from the neighboring states visit Indiana to get a college education.

    Higher education in Indiana

    Some of the highly ranked universities in Indiana state provide impressive education. The state funding to the highly ranked education runs with some of the nice policies. The syllabus of Indiana state is designed to provide education from a proficient point of view.

    Indiana education ranking

    Indiana State ranks at number 22nd in the country in terms of education. Indiana University is one of the nicely-recognized universities in the US.

    Top 10 Colleges & Schools in Indiana

    Here we list some of the top colleges and schools in Indiana State which provide quality education.

    Top 10 colleges in Indiana state

    • Purdue University
    • University of Notre Dame
    • Indiana University
    • Butler University
    • Taylor University
    • Ball State University
    • Wabash College
    • Hanover College
    • Valparaiso University
    • Saint Mary’s College

    Top 10 schools in Indiana state

    • Carmel Clay Schools
    • West Lafayette Community School Corporation
    • Zionsville Community Schools
    • Hamilton Southeastern School District
    • Southwest Allen County Schools
    • Brownsburg Community School Corporation
    • Northwest Allen County Schools
    • Plainfield Community School Corporation
    • Avon Community School Corporation
    • School Town of Munster

    Where does Indiana rank in education?

    As per the US News survey, Indiana ranks 22nd in the country in terms of education.

    Is public school free in Indiana?

    Most traditional public schools are free in Indiana which is aided by the government.

    How much are school fees in Indiana?

    The average school fees cost is $23,430 for the Indiana residents and $50,450 for the non-residents.

    Does Indiana Have Public Transportation?

    The transportation network of Indiana state is well-built with nice facilities of public transport. We will look below in more detail about the transportation network in Indiana state.


    Transportation in Indiana

    The major developed regions in Indiana state have a very good transportation network. However, outside the major developed cities in the state, the transportation network is not so good. As per the Best and Worst States to Drive-In by WalletHub, the ranking is 3rd of the Indiana state. The five different interstates intersect in Indianapolis which has earned the nickname to this place as “Crossroads of America”.

    Indiana is located in a centrally located place that it is a gateway from the west coast to the east coast. It is very easier to travel along with other areas in the US when you are in Indiana State. Many freight rail lines also pass through Indiana. There are 11 major airports in Indiana State.

    Major Medium of Transportation in Indiana

    Along with a good transportation network, there are different mediums of transportation in Indiana. The prices of the transportation are affordable with public transportation.

    Here is the list of the major medium of transportation in Indiana:

    • Air
    • Highways and roads
    • Railroad
    • Amtrak
    • Mass Transit
    • Ports (Great Lakes / St. Lawrence Seaway, Inland Waterway System)
    • Personal Vehicle
    • Bus systems (Greyhound Lines, Megabus, etc.)
    • Ridesharing
    • Taxi and Limo Services

    Public transportation in Indiana

    Although the public transportation network is not good outside the city region, it is well-developed in the cities and the developed areas. The public bus is one of the major modes of transportation. The cab, trains, air routes, etc. are the other modes of public transportation. Public transportation is relatively cheaper in Indiana state that enables to travel comfortably at a lower cost.

    Does Indiana have public transportation?

    Yes. Indiana has public transportation at a very affordable cost. Terre Haute Transit Utility, Union County Transit, Chicago Dash and V-Line, Wabash County Transportation, etc. are examples of some transit systems.

    How much does it cost to ride the bus in Indiana?

    The cost rates of the bus rides are fairly affordable in Indiana state.

    Below is the cost ride with the bus in the Indiana state:

    Time PeriodCost
    2-Hour Transfer Ticket $1.75
    One Day$4.00
    10 Trips$17.50
    31 Days$60.00

    Driving License Requirements

    When you are moving to Indiana and planning to have a vehicle, then getting a driving license must be definitely on your mind. We put below some of the important information about the driving license.

    Driving License

    How to get a driver’s license in Indiana?

    The primary criterion for getting a driving license in Indiana state is your age. You must complete 21 years of age for getting a standard driver’s license. However, if you are lesser than 21 years of age, then you must have completed at least 16 years and 90 days, so you can get a probationary driver’s license.

    After getting the probationary driver’s license, you can do the driving course for learning to drive. When you get a probationary driving license then you will have some restrictions. Some of these restrictions include driving in specific hours only, not using the phone while driving (exception for calling 911), etc.

    Indiana driving license requirements

    There are some basic requirements for applying for a driving license.

    Below is the list of requirements for a driving license:

    • Proving the completion of the driving education
    • Provide the details of Supervised Driving
    • Clear the vision screening test
    • If you are under 18 years, there must be a parent to take the responsibility for driving
    • Pass the driving test
    • Providing the social security number
    • Pay the required fees

    Driving age in Indiana

    The driving age in Indiana is more than 21 years of age. However, if you are lesser than 21 years of age, then you need to satisfy some criteria for getting a driving license. The primary criteria for getting a probationary driver’s license is you must have completed 16 years of age and a parent must take the responsibility of driving.

    Can you drive by yourself at 16 in Indiana?

    You do not get a standard license before the age of 21 years. However, you can get a probationary driver’s license for learning after attending the age of 16 years and 90 days.

    What do I need to get my driver’s license in Indiana?

    Some of the requirements of getting a driver’s license in Indiana are:

    • Your current out of state driving license
    • Identity proof, Social security number, and residency of the state
    • You need to pass the vision clearance test

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    Best Place to Live in Indiana

    There are many benefits of living in Indiana in terms of cost affordability, safety, and easy housing facility. You can also find many of the amazing places in Indiana to live.

    Best Place to Live in Indiana

    Here is the list of best places to live in Indiana:

    1. South Bend – South bend is the cultural and economic hub of northern Indiana. There are some nice public schools and better universities for education. This place is attracting many expats to live. The nightlife and the better amenities can make the living better.

    2. Fort Wayne – Fort Wayne is a mid-sized city with better amenities to live here. This city is one of the lower cost of living in Indiana. There are many colleges and schools with a nice quality of education.

    3. West Lafayette – West Lafayette is a nice place in Indiana with some better facilities. The education is of better quality and there are many companies starting their business here.

    4. Carmel – This is one of the most populated places in Indiana state to live. It is a cleaner place that provides better basic amenities to the people. Its closer proximity to Indianapolis has made it the reason for economic development. You can find many fantastic schools and universities for education.

    5. IndianapolisIndianapolis is the most developed and populous city in Indiana state. The schools are high-rated and provide quality education. This place is culturally diverse with better amenities. Indianapolis also attracts many tourists.

    6. Fishers – Fishers is a very cool place where the housing rates are comparatively low. The healthcare facility is better along with better amenities. Proficient individuals can explore some of the newer job opportunities here. The people in fishers are friendlier which makes living more enjoyable.

    7. Columbus – Although a small city, Columbus is quite a favorite place for many expats. The affordable housing rates make it easy for any person to live. The culture here is a little diverse and you can find many historic architectures here. This is a pleasant place for living.

    8. Bloomington – Bloomington lies in the southern part of the state. The schools and colleges are at high rates making it better for education. You can find much delicious food here with a nice variety. This place is a better place to live.

    9. Crown Point – Crown Point is a lesser populated place in Indiana state. It has better basic amenities, education, healthcare, transportation, etc.

    10. Gary – Gary is a very wonderful place to live where you can experience fresh air. Indiana Dunes National Park is a popular place here that attracts many tourists.

    Looking for places to hike in Indiana? Check out our quick guide on the best hiking places in Indiana!

    Culture & Climate in Indiana

    When you are going to Indiana, it will be better if you are acquainted with the climate and culture here. Below we list some of the important aspects of the culture & climate.

    Culture and Climate


    Indiana has a varied culture where diversity is observed in religion, ethnicity, etc. Here, you will find entertainment, commerce, and variety in the food items. There is some amazing nightlife in some of the important cities. Indiana being the central area, it is well-connected with the other states. You can see some the nice architecture in Indiana state. Many traditions are followed in this state and celebrated in some regions.


    There are four seasons experienced in Indiana state. The winters are very chilled, while a little hot climate is experienced in the summer season. Snow is also experienced during the winter season when the temperature falls below 0-degree. The sunshine is experienced mild in some of the regions. Overall, the climate is much more favorable for people.

    What are some of Indiana’s traditions?

    There are some of the wonderful traditions celebrated in Indiana state.

    Below is the list of some traditions in the Indiana state:

    • Little 500. WFIU Public Radio
    • Tractor Pulling
    • Hog Roast
    • The Covered Bridge Festival
    • NCAA. Manningmbd

    Does Indiana have four seasons?

    Yes. The Indiana state experienced four different seasons. The humidity and the precipitation are of moderate level.

    Does it snow a lot in Indiana?

    Snow is experienced during the winter season in Indiana state. However, not much snow is experienced; only moderate snow is experienced here.

    Overall Rankings of Indiana State

    The below table shows the ranking of the Indiana state:

    Serve Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities16

    Moving to Indiana – The Bottom Line

    The above guide will help you know many important things about Indiana. Several benefits of living in Indiana can make your stay comfortable here. The lower cost of living in Indiana makes it simpler for the expats to get housing. The amazing culture and pleasant climate can make your stay comfortable.

    Good transportation networks can make you move to any location in the US easier. Various tourist attractive places can make your holiday enjoyable. You can get food of different types. Indiana is a wonderful place to work, live, educate, and raise a family. Come to Indiana to have a wonderful stay.

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