Does it snow in Arizona? (Where and When)

Does it snow in Arizona? (Where and When)

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    Don’t let Arizona’s sunshine, warm weather, and sunny days fool you as this state gets intensely cold during the winter months. Arizona enjoys a fair share of snowfall every year and the amount might surprise you. The state receives more than 75 inches of snow each year in the northern regions and an impressive 260 inches at the ski resorts. 

    Does it snow in Arizona? (Where and When)

    Arizona sits at a lower elevation and is popular for its desert landscapes. But we should not forget that Grand Canyon and other northern and southeastern places are located close to the Mountains of Colorado; hence receive ample snow each year. 

    There are several great places in Arizona to enjoy a snowy winter, including Flagstaff, Arizona Snowbowl, Grand Canyon, etc. Wondering about does it snow in Arizona? Here’s the comprehensive guide that will walk you through the climate of Arizona along with some parts where you can get the chance to play with these gorgeous flurries.  

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    Arizona Climate Overview

    The US state of Arizona covers a very large surface of 113,990 square miles, making it the sixth-largest state in the country. It means that there are many variations in climate and weather throughout Arizona. 

    About half of the state experiences a semi-arid climate, one-third is arid while the remaining is humid. The Range and Basin region of the state boasts an arid and semiarid subtropical climate.  Moreover, the climate of Arizona is significantly influenced by the high Mountains, Colorado and flat-top hills of mesas, and the Colorado plateau. 

    The parts of the state that sit at a low elevation experience mild winters and scorching hot summers. Whereas, the elevated regions witness significantly a cooler climate throughout the year. 

    The hottest recorded temperature in Arizona is 128 degrees Fahrenheit at Lake Havasu City and the coldest temperature recorded is -40 degrees Fahrenheit at Hawley Lake. A cool breeze from Canada and northern states enter into Arizona, making the weather chilling and freezy. 

    Where Does It Snow In Arizona?

    Planning to enjoy white flurries but have no idea where does it snow in Arizona? Visitors can witness snowfalls typically in the northern part of this US state. Some of the best-known places for enjoying snowy weather in Arizona are Flagstaff, Williams, Grand Canyon, Arizona Snowbowl, and more. 

    These cities host all types of winter adventures and serve as a true magnet for outdoor lovers from far and wide. Additionally, Arizona is also home to some great ski resorts and beautiful snow parks. While the northern region enjoys massive snowfall, you can witness some traces in other parts of the state as well. 

    Thinking about when does it snow in Arizona?

    Continue scrolling the page and find out the average snowfall and months in which Arizona cities get snowfall. 

    CityMonthAvg Snowfall (in inches)
    FlagstaffOctober – May90.1 inches
    WilliamsNovember to April74.3 inches
    Grand CanyonNovember to May49.6 inches
    PrescottDecember – April12.2 inches
    PaysonNovember – March14.6 inches

    1. Flagstaff

    The beautiful city of Flagstaff is one of the best places for enjoying the snow in Arizona. It sits at a 7000-foot elevation, hence, this spot receives impressive snowfall every year. You will be glad to know that there are certain periods when you’ll get snow each day. The average snowfall in Flagstaff is over 100 inches, making it one of the snowiest cities in the United States. 


    For well over half of winter, Flagstaff has at least an inch of snow on the ground which then starts accumulating during January and February. The city receives snowfall from October through December and January through May. 

    The three months between December and February are popular among winter sports enthusiasts. This city is home to several ski resorts that give you a chance to enjoy winter adventures. Flagstaff Snow Park in Fort Tuthill Country Park has a 100% chance of snow annually. 

    This city is touted for offering the best skiing opportunities to visitors. So, if you are looking to hit the slopes on your Arizonian vacation, Flagstaff has got you covered. Thinking about when does it stop snowing in Flagstaff? The season’s last snowfall typically happens in April or May. 

    2. Williams

    The second best winter wonderland in Arizona where you can enjoy kick-off winter sports is Williams. The average snowfall it receives is around 74.3 inches. Williams experiences significant variation in seasonal snowfall. 


    The snowy period of the year lasts for 5.8 months, from November to April with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow is January with an average snowfall of 5.3 inches. It is home to plenty of winter sports, including skiing, ice hockey, squash, and more.

    The cold season in Williams lasts for 3.5 months from November to March and the coldest month here is December with an average low temperature of 23-degree Fahrenheit. Winters are freezing, snowy, and mostly cloudy in Williams. 

    3. Grand Canyon

    Wondering about where can I see snow in Arizona? Grand Canyon turns out to be the best answer. This place looks stunning and impressive at any time of year but it becomes a beautiful Winterland between the months of December and April. With an elevation of 7000 feet, it enjoys incredible snowfall and winter storms annually. 

    Grand Canyon
    Horseshoe Bend At Sunset

    The average snowfall in Grand Canyon Village, Arizona is about 49.6 inches. The weather of this place is quite cloudy between November to March with December being the coldest month. Most days of snowfall in Grand Canyon leave at least an inch of fresh snow on the ground. The cold season in this place lasts for 3.5 months.

    The snowfall in Grand Canyon usually arrives in November and the season’s last snowfall can happen anytime from March to May.  

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    4. Prescott

    If you are hunting for a genuine Winter Wonderland where you can find the finest skiing opportunities and other adventures, consider visiting Prescott, Arizona. This place is the best answer to the question “Where does it snow in Arizona?”

    The Frontenac Castle in Old Quebec City in the beautiful autumn season

    Prescott is packed with a variety of winter sports and festive things to enjoy. You will surely see around a foot of snow each winter but what makes it worth visiting are the amazing activities. The average snowfall Prescott valley receives every year is 12.2 inches. 

    The gentle snowfall averages of 5-6 inches per month in December, January, and February make this place an ideal winter playground. Keep in mind that it doesn’t snow often in Prescott but when it does, an inch or more of fresh snow hits the ground. 

    The snowy period here lasts for 3.9 months, from December to April with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Prescott is January with an average snowfall of 2.3 inches. 

    5. Payson

    Like Flagstaff, Payson gets particularly frosty during winter. If you are wondering Does it snow in Arizona, add Payson to your itinerary and enjoy the best snowfall of the season. The average snowfall Payson receives is 14.6 inches. 


    The cold season here lasts for 3.5 months, from November to March with an average daily high temperature below 60-degree Fahrenheit. The coldest month of the year in Payson is December and the month with the highest snowfall is February an average snowfall of 5.51 inches. 

    What time of year does it snow in Arizona? The best time to enjoy snow in Arizona is during winters, from early December through the end of March. You can enjoy winter sports and snowfalls mainly in the eastern and northern regions of Arizona. Places like Flagstaff and Coconino County are the best to enjoy significant snowfalls. 

    Does it snow in Arizona in December? Yes, absolutely. You can enjoy Arizona snow from mid-December to the end of March. Winter is the best time to see snow in Arizona and hence, you have plenty of time to get to this US state for snow spotting. It gets too cold during the winter months and you should pack the right clothes to enjoy snowfall. 


    So, that’s all about it. We hope the guide gives the best answer to your query – Does it snow in Arizona while dropping enough hints about when to visit here. 

    Undeniably, the best time to witness the true colors of Arizona is during winters when most of the state is covered with white flurries. Winter in this US state runs from December to mid-April, giving you ample time to enjoy snowfall. 

    However, if you genuinely want to experience the best of winters, plan your vacation to Arizona during January or February and enjoy plenty of winter activities while witnessing incredible snowfall. These months tend to be the coldest; hence don’t forget to pack warm clothes and shoes.  

    Flagstaff gets the most Arizona snow, thus you should add this beautiful city to your itinerary to fully enjoy the winter with all its adrenaline-gushing activities. So, wait no more and pack your bags right away to capture the snow-laden landscape that will surely sweep you off your feet. 

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